My neighbor

Author: Belle Dimond

Dear Lusty tits Magazine;

Of course I have to start this letter with the compulsory, “I never thought I’d be writing to your letters forum.” But it’s true; I guess I’m what you would call a REALLY shy guy. I rarely talk to women I don’t know, but I truly appreciate them and lust after them.

A few weeks ago a woman moved into the apartment across the hall from me. She is drop-dead GORGEOUS. 38D-26-36, I swear it. 5’8″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; big blue eyes and a killer smile.

She loves to tease me, too. If I am walking by while one of her friends is coming or going, she will say, “This is new my boyfriend, he’s shy.” And they’ll giggle. She also wears very skimpy outfits and if she is getting her paper in the morning, she makes sure I can see right down the front of her little nightie.

Many are the nights I’ve come home from work to hear her going at it hot & heavy with one of her many boyfriends. Sometimes I swear there are more than just 2 of them in there.

One saturday morning I was awakened by a frantic knocking on the door. I ran to find it was she, let’s call her Betty, she was wearing only a towel and hear hair was full of shampoo.

She came barging in, explaining as she entered, “Please, I HAVE to use your shower! Mine just busted and I’ve got SHAMPOO in my hair!”

What could I do? She was already in my bathroom by the time she finished her sentence. She left the door partially open & I heard the shower go on. A few minutes later she reappeared, soaking wet, wearing nothing but water!

In addition to being afflicted with major morning wood, I now had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The water ran off her – it had no choice, she was too hot to touch. Her nipples stood straight out as the water slipped from her hair, carressed her neck on the way down to her breasts, over her nipples, down her smooth, flat belly, over her shaven mound, and down her long, luscious legs before pooling on the floor beneath her.

“Come here,” she said. My heart was beating, I was nervous as hell, but here she was in MY apartment, on MY turf, and she wanted me. I walked over to her and reached down to kiss her. Her head leaned back and I held her tight as I kissed her long & deep; her breasts pressing into my bare chest, my cock straning against my briefs.

To make a long story short, we wound up in my bedroom very quickly. I worked her breasts over good and she loved it. I sucked and lapped at her nipples while she writhed and moaned, grabbing at my cock and basically going berserk. It was fabulous to hear in person what I had only before heard through the walls.

I could tell she couldn’t wait much longer for some real pleasure, so I kissed my way down her belly and over her hairless mound to the sweetest sight I can remember seeing. She spread her legs for me and that sopping, pink, wet cunt welcomed me.

I slowly licked up and down her lips, slowly spreading them until my tongue was nearly entering her hole on it’s trip down and flicking her clit on every trip up. Her hips were writhing even more, so I had to hold on to them to keep a grip on what I was doing.

I made a direct attack on her clit, closing my lips over it and tonguing it in circles and back & forth and up & down motions. She was going nuts, pulling my hair, screaming, bucking in my face.

Pretty soon I couldn’t take it anymore and I got on top of her. I looked down at her and watched the bliss wash over her face when I shoved my cock brutally into her waiting pussy. She groaned in ecstatcy and I fucked her in slow, hard strokes. Building, building, harder, faster.

Soon we were just like animals; her screaming and digging her nails into my back and gripping my hips with her ankles and me fucking harder and faster than I can ever remember doing, watching those gorgeous tits bounce all over the place.

She came countless times, until she was screaming constantly and finally the damn broke. I felt the head of my cock engorge and EXPLODE as I came and came and came.

It was a fuck from heaven. My gawd.

I rolled off of her and she said, “Oh lord, why did you wait so long to fuck me, you could have anytime!”

I swear it’s all true!


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