Family Friends

Author: Blegart Verber

I’m sure lots of guys have gotten some unwanted advances from older women in their teens. They look you up and down, making adoring little comments that sometimes borderline patronization about your height or looks. Sometimes they’ll even sneak a quick touch of the arm, especially family friends, who will use a greeting hug or kiss liberally.

My mom is a bit of a socialite, she works at a bank and drags her friends from there home all the time, expecting me to come and talk with them, no matter how mundane the conversation. It was just such a situation when my mom invited Mrs. Pearlman, the new register lady home for some lunch. When she and my mom came home I opened the door to let them in, “Hi Jeffery, I’d like you to meet Mrs. Pearlman, she’s new at the back, Sarah, this is my son, Jeffery” my mom chirped. Mrs. Pearlman looked remarkably young and sunny, she had a broad flashy smile that practically illuminated the room, sparkling eyes, a pointed nose and soft brown curly hair that just touched her exposed shoulders. “Hi Jeffery, how’re you?” she said, extending a long thin arm to shake my hand. “Fine, it’s nice to meet you”, I reached over and shook her hand, smiling back. As I did she, just as non-chalantly, lightly grabbed my forearm with her other hand. “What a nice looking young man!” she said to my mother and we all let out small, fake sociable laugh.

We sat down to eat lunch, my mom and Mrs. Pearlman talked about the bank, Mrs. Pearlman asked me the usual generic adult questions: “how old are you?” “18”, “where do you go to high school?” “Riverford High”, “what’s your favorite class?” “Either history or English” Etc…

In the middle of lunch there was suddenly a phone call, my mom left to go answer leaving the two of us alone. There was an awkward silence, though we could hear my mom talking in the background. When she came back she seemed sort of panicked, she looked at me, “dad got in an accident downtown, he’s alright, but I’m going to right now.” She then glanced at Mrs. Pearlman, “Sarah, so you mind?” She shook her head, “no, not at all,” my mom looked back at me, “take care of Mrs. Pearlman while I’m gone, okay? I’ll be back soon. Bye!” My mom flew out of the house and drove away with the wind at her heels.

Mrs. Pearlman wasn’t that tall, maybe 5’4”, a good 5 or 6 inches below me. She had a very slim body though, her thin long arms were completely bare and her simple black dress revealed just the top of her shapely breasts.

“I hope your dad is alright, car crashes can be pretty scary” Mrs. Pearlman remarked.

“Yeah, my mom seemed a little frantic, but she said he was alright and all.”

“Are you going to learn to drive soon?” she asked.

“I’ve already got my permit, but I still have to do all the driving instructor hours and everything.”

“Well, I learned how to drive when I was 20, just a late bloomer I guess.” She laughed. There was a little silence, then, “can you guess how old I am, Jeffery?” she leaned over the table a little, smiling.

“25…26?” I answered.

“No, no, I’m flattered though” she laughed, “I’m 33, as of this July.”
I was honestly surprised, she definitely looked younger. “Wow,” I said “you really don’t look 33.” She smiled and sat up straight again, “you just have to take care of your body, but you know that, you’re a strong, healthy boy.” Then, I felt her leg up against mine under the table, she looked me right in the eyes, smiling even more broadly.
“I really like you, Jeffery” she suddenly said. Placing her head in the palm of her hand, gazing at me. Now her leg was going up and down against mine. I started getting nervous and flushed, she giggled a little and took her leg back.

“Someone young like you needs to have more fun though,” she said. I was completely silent; this was a woman who knew how to go from a pretty and nice to just about steaming hot in seconds. I was getting more flustered, practically dizzy. She got up and slowly walked around the table over to me, “you need to learn how much fun you can have.” She was now standing right in front of me; her breasts were practically in my face, she was looking down smiling. “Mrs.Pearlman…” I started, but she stopped me, when she reached out and took my hands, now looking me in the eyes, no longer smiling, her mouth just a centimeter open, she put my hands on her shoulders, and rubbed them around on her warm flesh. I breathed in deeply, she kept rubbing, down her shoulders, to her chest, and then to her warm, supple breasts, she let out a little sigh, then smiling again she whispered to me, “see how much fun we can have Jeffery?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening; my hands felt around her breasts, they were unbelievably soft, she threw off the top of her dress and began feeling my arms and chest, running her hands up and down my muscles achingly. She was leaning over me in my chair, unbuttoning my shirt as I continued to feel her body. I was breathing heavily with excitement as she threw off my shirt and ran her hands down my bare chest. Then she drew face closer to mine, I closed my eyes, feeling her cheeks, nose and lips up against mine. I could feel her tongue trace itself along my lower lip and the warmth of her breath on my face. My arms were wrapped around here, exploring the curves of her backside. Then as her hands slowly moved down, down my abs, past my naval and to my thighs, I felt her hand grip my hard cock through my jeans and a shiver of pleasure went through me. It felt so good that my hand tightened on her ass and she let out a surprised laugh and I gasped in shear bliss.

Suddenly, she dropped to her knees, in front of me, “have you ever had a blowjob, Jeffery?” she asked. “Uh, no, I haven’t” I stammered out.” “Would you like one?” she said with a seductive little laugh, pushing my legs apart with her hands on my knees. “I… yeah, sure, please.” “Okay then,” she said reassuringly. Mrs. Pearlman then undid my jeans and pulled them down past my knees. Then looking me straight in the eye with a great big smile, she took my cock out and began licking it with her tongue, up and down along the shaft. “Good, huh?” she laughed. She quickly put my cock into her warm mouth, the whole thing, it felt absolutely amazing, my dick was simply sucked into an incredible, blissful state. She moved her mouth up and down my cock, rubbing and licking me masterfully. I groaned in satisfaction, it was so good, I had never felt what it was like to have a beautiful woman give herself fully to pleasuring me like this. A huge shudder went through my whole body, I just about gasped, and suddenly white, viscous fluid flew everywhere, all over Mrs. Pearlman’ sexy small mouth.

“Mmmm….” She sat down on her legs, smiling, “that was good,” she said licking the cum from her lips while whipping off the rest. She stood up over my still throbbing body. “You know where I want it now, Jeffery?” she said, looking me straight in the eyes again. “ I want it in here,” she said, unclasping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. Her hand ran down her stomach to her waist, a single finger touching her panties. She sat down on the table, he legs bent in front of her. I stood up, unsure of just what to do; she smiled seeing my nervousness and raised her legs up above her head to take off her panties. I grabbed the underwear and pulled it up, right off of her legs, she was biting her bottom lip, giggling. I felt her legs, her long thin shins and warm firm thighs and worked my hands along them, until I spread both legs apart and felt her warm, wet pussy. She moaned and threw her head back, I took my hard dick in my hand and let it slide into her hole. It felt like nothing I could have ever imagined.

It was a warm soft feeling, like she had wrapped me into her flesh; it was so tight and good. I moved back and forth inside her, “oh God, yes” she whispered as I began to pump faster and harder. I was holding onto her thighs and she grasped my arms in complete lust. We rocked back and forth on that table, knocking over the glasses and dining ware. She called out for me to do her as hard as I could and I pounded into her, my flesh rubbing against hers, my balls audibly whacking up against her ass. She threw her head back up, looking at me in the eyes in wild enthusiasm, laughing, “God, you can fuck, oh yes, oh God.” Again I felt a shudder run through me, this time larger than before. I came inside of her, letting go a gooey mass of warm cum into her smouldering pussy, I let out a deep breath. She groaned in delight.

I removed myself from her and for sometime we just both sat in silence, breathing hard. “Ah, that was really good, Jeffery,” she said, then smiling broadly, “a lot of fun.” I said it was great too, “but I never thought my first time would be with somebody 16 years older than me.” “Well, experience counts”, she said leaning forward teasingly, “stay right there, I’ll clean this mess up” she said referring to the now completely wrecked lunch out on the table. We put our clothes back on, now rather crumpled, and I helped her clean the table. We sat and talked, now much more relaxed, until my mom came back.

I saw Mrs. Pearlman many other times after that, but we never had an encounter like the one we had that afternoon. Chemistry remained, but it was obvious that we could never have any real relationship, all things considered. Not too long afterwards in fact, she married a man 10 years older than her, sticking true to her motto that “experience counts”.

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