Trouble at School

Author: Siana Rose

Note : ‘Daddy and Dee’ is not intended to condone sex with minors or incest. It is merely a figment of the author’s imagination based on a common fantasy played out by adults. If this type of fantasy is offensive to you, please return now.

“Hi, Daddy.”
Daddy was in the den, reading the newspaper. He set the paper aside and removed his glasses when his wife entered. He gave her an assessing look, then smiled impishly.
“Oh, Dee, why are you naked?” he asked, becoming more serious. She lowered her eyes. “Did you get in trouble at school again?”
Dee bit her lower lip and nodded twice.
They had played out many fantasies during their five years of marriage, but playing daddy’s little girl was still her favorite. The role just seemed to fit her character and her small-framed appearance.
“How bad?”
She hesitated, then mumbled, “Bad.”
“Deeeee.” Daddy’s voice demanded an explanation.
“The Dean—”
“The Dean?”
“Aha.” With her hands locked behind her, she swung side to side. “He said you should punish me.”
“I see.”
“But honest, Daddy, it wasn’t my fault,” Dee suddenly blurted.
“All right, Dee, you better tell Daddy what happened.”
“Um,” she began reluctantly, “you remember Johnny?”
“O’ yes, I remember Johnny. You went to high school with him.”
“Well, he had something to show me. But he said it was a secret. So he took me into the little room behind the gym that they keep locked.” She spoke like a child.
“Then how did you get in?”
“Johnny had a key.”
“He said he borrowed it from the De—”
“Aren’t you forgetting something, Dee?” Daddy interrupted.
“What?” She looked at him puzzled, then suddenly remembered. “Oh, I know—I’m suppose to lick your penis while I tell you.” Bursting with a smile, she skipped on over to him.
Daddy sat up. “That’s right, honey. You can kneel between Daddy’s legs right here.” He waited until she did, then poked his cock through the slit of his boxer shorts. When she wrapped her hand around his semi hard shaft anxiously, he instructed, “Gently, dear.”
Fighting her impulses, she brought out the tip of her tongue and licked lightly. “Like this, Daddy?”
“Yes, that’s good. Now go on, what did Johnny show you?”
Dee slowly circled her tongue around his cock, then continued. “Nothing.”
“What do you mean?” Daddy looked at her with interest.
“He said I had to show him my pussy first,” she explained.
“I see.” Daddy paused briefly. “Did you agree?”
She licked his hardening cock before answering. “Yes. Because he promised I would really like what he had to show me.”
“Dee, what did I tell you about boys?”
“But, Daddy, you only said not to let them touch me. You didn’t say I shouldn’t show them my pussy,” she argued, looking at him with genuine innocence.
“All right, Dee, we’ll have to talk about that later. But I can tell you’ll have to be punished good.”
“Yes, Daddy, I will,” she agreed in a low voice.
“And you will be.” Then in a softer tone he asked, “Do you like Johnny?”
“Aha,” she answered, showing concern for Daddy’s feelings. “I think he‘s really cute, Daddy, but I don’t love him like I do you.”
“That’s nice, honey, but it’s OK for you to love other people too.”
“Yes, baby.” Dee thought about Johnny and smiled mischievously. “Now continue, how did you go about showing him your pussy?”
“He wanted me to pull my skirt up real slow—little by little. I don’t know why, Daddy, but when I did, my panties started getting wet.”
“They did? That’s because you like Johnny so much.”
“Oh.” She feigned surprised and giggled.
Daddy sighed and leaned back. “Dee, lick Daddy’s balls too,” he instructed. Stooping lower, she spread the slit of his boxer shorts and brought out his balls. Then lifting his cock, she licked. “Yes, that’s good. What did you wear to school today?”
“My uniform,” she muttered, anticipating his reaction.
“Honey, you’re in college now. You don’t have to wear your old school uniform.”
“I know, Daddy, but sometimes I forget. You know how I am.” She crooked her head for forgiveness.
“All right, Dee. Then what happened?”
Dee gave him a few more licks before continuing. “Well, Johnny just kept staring at my panties and rubbing the front of his pants for some reason. I finally got tired of waiting and said, “Do you want to see my pussy, or not?”” She stated the demand, placing one hand on her hip. “That’s when he started to unzip his pants.”
“What for?”
“That’s what I wanted to know,” Dee replied matter-of-factly. “He told me he was just getting ready to show me his dick. But I didn’t know what that was.”
Dee enjoyed making up the scripts as she went along. It was fun to slip into the characters.
“Did he tell you?”
“No, he said not until he could see my pussy.”
“Well, that was fair, Dee. You did agree to that,” Daddy pointed out. “What happened next?”
Dee gave him a long wet lick up and down his shaft. “Daddy, that Johnny is so silly,” she said with another giggle. “I had to remind him that I couldn’t pull my panties down and hold my skirt up at the same time.”
“That’s Daddy’s clever little girl.”
“Maybe I’m not as dumb as everyone says I am,” Dee announced with pride.
“Of course you’re not dumb, Dee. Now, go on, honey, what did Johnny do about your panties.”
“He pulled them off himself. He did it real slow.” She giggled again. “It made me laugh because his breath kept tickling my pussy.”
“Did Johnny get mad at you for laughing?”
She looked thoughtful for a moment. “No, I don’t think so because he was smiling the whole time.”
“What happened after he took your panties off? Did he show you his dick?”
“No,” she said, frowning. “So I said to him, “There, I showed you my pussy, now you show me your dick.””
“Did he?”
Daddy waited until Dee finished licking, then asked, “Why not?”
“He wanted to see my pussy better.”
“He made me sit on a chair and pull my skirt up around my waist. But I think Johnny needs glasses, Daddy.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Well, he kept telling me to open my legs wider because he still couldn’t see my pussy good enough.”
Daddy sat up again. “Show Daddy how wide you opened your legs.”
Dee released his cock and sat on the floor. Spreading her legs forty-five degrees, she said, “This wide.”
“Now see, honey, you can’t blame Johnny,” he said wisely. “Do you remember when Daddy showed you your pussy in front of the mirror? Remember how wide you had to open your legs to be able to see it real good?”
“O’ yeah.” Dee recalled her lesson in front of the mirror with a smile. She pushed her legs farther apart. “Like this, Daddy?”
“No, honey, even wider. The best way is to bend your knees.”
Adjusting her hips, she pulled her legs in and spread herself as wide as she could.
“There, that’s it, that’s how you should show your pussy.” He took a moment to look, then said, “Go ahead, sweetheart, take Daddy’s penis again, you still have to lick it.” As Dee began to scoot closer, he added, “Keep your legs open, honey, Daddy wants to look at your pussy.”
“You know, Daddy,” she said after a good licking, “I must really like Johnny. My pussy kept getting wetter and wetter the whole time he was looking at it.”
“That’s what good pussies do. See, it’s doing it now.”
Dee glanced at herself, then giggled. “Oh, yeah, it is, isn’t it? Should I lick your balls again?”
“No, sweetheart, keep licking Daddy’s penis. Did Johnny show you his dick then?”
“Only after I told him to show it to me or I would leave. But I think he had just forgotten about it.”
“Yes, I’m sure he had. How did he show it?”
“He made me close my eyes real tight and count to ten. When I opened them, he was standing there with his penis sticking out of his pants. I think he must’ve played with it when my eyes were closed because it was already hard.”
“No, honey, penises do that sometimes.”
“You mean without anybody playing with them?”
“Yes.” Her expression remained puzzled. “Well, remember how your pussy got wet when you were pulling your skirt up for Johnny? No one had played with it, right?”
Dee pretended to contemplate for a moment. “Ohhh. You mean because I like him?”
“That’s right.”
She smiled, as if beginning to understand. “Does that mean that Johnny likes me too?”
“Yes, it does.”
“O’ goody,” she exclaimed with delight. Then more seriously, she added, “You know, Daddy, my pussy gets wet a lot.”
“And that’s when you really need Daddy to play with it, isn’t it?”
“Oh, yes,” she answered with surety. “I play with it when it gets like that, but it just doesn’t feel better until you stick your penis in it. Sometimes, it wants your penis so much, it hurts.”
“That’s called being horny, honey. And that’s how it is for a penis too. It’s not happy until it gets to cream inside a mouth, or a pussy, or….”
“I didn’t know that,” Dee stated when he didn’t finish. “You mean that’s what Johnny’s penis needed to do?”
“Yes, baby, that’s what Johnny’s penis needed to do.”
Dee remained silent, smiling.
“You can lick harder now, Dee.” Daddy’s request snapped her out of her thoughts. “So what did you do when you saw his penis?”
“I asked him where his dick was. He pointed at his penis and said that was it. I told him he was wrong because that was his penis. He said they call it a dick too.” She took another lick, then looked up with her big blue eyes. “Is that true, Daddy?”
“Yes, it’s true. There are other names for penis too. Daddy will teach them all to you later. Now, I want to hear the rest of your story.”
“I told Johnny that my Daddy’s is much bigger and better.”
“You didn’t really say that, Dee, did you?” Daddy looked at her alarmed.
“I did,” she replied defiantly.
“Sweetheart, you should never tell a boy his penis isn’t big enough. Especially if you like him.”
“Yes, Daddy,” she murmured, looking sorry.
Daddy smiled. “So what did he say to that?”
She tightened her hold on his shaft and licked with a flat tongue. “He said if I touched his, it would get bigger.”
“But, Daddy, you said I shouldn’t let the boys touch ME,” she justified quickly.
“Oh, Dee, what am I going to do with you? Go on, did it get bigger?”
She shrugged. “A little. When I told him it still wasn’t as big as yours, he said if I licked his, it would get big too. I didn’t believe him, so I licked it.”
good girl. It’s always best to find out for yourself. Show me how you did it.”
Dee stifled her laughter at her husband’s expression and wet her lips. “I licked his balls first, like this, Daddy.” She demonstrated. “Then I licked his pole up and down, like this. Then I licked the head real good, just like you taught me.”
Daddy closed his eyes and moaned before speaking again. “You did exactly right, sweetheart. Now Johnny knows how good you can lick his dick.”
“But it still didn’t get as big as yours,” Dee continued. “Then I remembered how yours gets bigger when I suck on it.”
“That was good thinking, Dee. Did you suck on Johnny’s dick?”
“Well, I had just put it in my mouth when the door flew open and the Dean walked in.”
“Oh, Dee, what did he do?” Daddy opened his eyes.
“I don’t know why, but he got very angry. He made Johnny put his penis back in his pants and leave. Then he picked up my panties.” She stopped to lick again.
“What did he do with them?”
“He smelled them, Daddy. He said he can always tell how bad little girls have been by smelling their panties.”
“He’s right, you know.”
“But you never smell mine.”
“Daddy has a little secret, honey. He smells them when you’re not around.”
“Oh!” She looked lost.
“Did he give your panties back?”
“No, he put them in his pocket. The worst part, Daddy, is that now I don’t know if Johnny’s dick can get as big as yours or not.”
“Well, I’m sure Johnny will be happy to give you another chance to find out.” Dee’s eyes lit up. “Is that when the Dean told you I should punish you?”
“No, he told me to stay as I was or I’d be in even bigger trouble. He kept pointing at my pussy and telling me what a bad girl I was. I told him I didn’t let Johnny touch me, but he said he didn’t want to discuss it until after he punished me.”
“The Dean punished you? Not that you don’t deserve it, Dee. How?”
“I had to stand and bend over the chair. He made me hold the chair with one hand and my skirt up with the other. He said he had to spank me hard so I should keep my legs straight and not let go of the chair.”
“That’s a very good position for punishing bad little girls,” Daddy uttered, paternally.
“He said he was going to spank me until my bottom was red.” She stopped and looked up again. “Daddy, I thought my bottom is just my bum.”
“No, honey, it can include your pussy in that position. Go ahead and suck Daddy’s penis now,” he instructed. “But why do you ask?”
Dee opened her mouth wide and took him in, making him moan with satisfaction.

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