Pizza Party

Author: Cecilia

I looked up at the clock and smirked quietly, while watching TV, flipping through channels. The pizza was 30 minutes late. This increased the chances that I would be getting my bread sticks for free. I loved being able to find triumph in disaster. I heard, finally, a tap on my door, and hopped up, knowing it could only be the delivery guy, with an excuse armed and ready. I opened the door, looking at my watch, and looked up from it to find a very lovely, petite brunette, her hair done up in a bun, which was held in place by what reminded me of chopsticks. She looked at me and smiled softly. Being bisexual, I of course, took the time to notice the girls just as much as the guys.

“Sorry I was late hon.. I totally got lost. Geeze.’ she said, handing me cheesy bread sticks. “These are free,” she said.

“Okay.’ I said, holding the breadsticks, and nodding toward the couch. “Umm set ’em down over there, I will get the money.” I said. I walked to the kitchen counter where I had left my wallet, and looked back at her as she put the pizzas down. Her shapely rear was etched into those tight cargo shorts, and her lower back was bared slightly by her small t-shirt. She turned around and I paid her, and she smiled at me, tipping her ball cap-style hat with her company’s logo on it.
“Thank you so much!” she said, noting to herself the four dollar tip. Good for late pizza, at least. She put the money away, and I opened a box. I held up a slice of pizza.
“Want one?” I asked.

“I haven’t been working long, but you are the first person who has ever asked.” she said softly.
“Well, you are more than welcome to have one. You can simply tell your boss you got lost after all. It’s fine, I will cover for you.” I said, wanting to get to know this lovely, youthful girl a bit more. She looked like she was working her way through college or something. She looked at the clock, and then nodded.

“I will just tell them I will skip lunch to make up for it,” she said, leaning down and selecting a slice of pepperoni. She munched on it, standing there, as I helped myself to a slice, looking up at her. She had very generous breasts, and a warm and playful smile. As she ate her pizza, she pulled the slice away, and a chunk of cheese and pepperoni fell right between her breasts, along the low-cut neck of the t-shirt, some sliding into her cleavage. I winced. She giggled and looked down between her breasts.

“Here. I will get you a towel.” I said softly.
“No, no… It’s okay,” she said, picking up the food, and going ahead and eating it. I moved over to her, looking into her eyes. She looked into mine.
“You want to just leave that sauce there?” I asked gently.

“No…” she said. “I just don’t want you to use a towel.” and her gaze fixed on mine. I felt a thrill of surprise run through me as she touched a finger to my lips. “I have half an hour. Make it worth it.” she said, her demeanor changing from a servile pizza delivery girl, to something far more dominant. She removed her shirt, using her fingers to pick off the bits of sauce just barely holding to it, her bra tight against her firm, round breasts. I felt a knot form in my throat. I had certainly not expected this. Finding a guy who is willing to play at the drop of a hat is nothing, but a girl, well that’s a lot more rare. I moved forward, getting her drift, moving my lips between those wonderful mammaries, and beginning to lick slowly, that delicious marinara sauce.

She released a trembling sigh as my tongue glided over her silky skin. I unfastened her bra, and felt myself becoming wet already, but I knew what I wanted. I might not have time for my own pleasure, but I could take care of that after she left. She only had half an hour, so I pulled the bra away, and she continued to eat the pizza, sitting down on my couch. A large string of melted cheese went down right over her breast, hooking over her nipple, making her cry out softly. I immediately leaned forward and suckled her tit, taking the cheese off that rose colored nub, which was so hot, but tasty. She arched her back a bit, and leaned a little harder into the couch. I felt her body tremble a bit under my touch, and I pressed my own breasts together, rubbing them, a little wantonly, but slid down that wonderful body, and unfastened her shorts, sliding them, and her panties down hastily. Just a little time is all I needed. She held her half eaten slice of pizza in the palm of her hand, seeming a bit shocked that I was really taking her up on the offer.

I pressed my lips in tight against her hot mound, and she gasped, her hand reflexively squeezing the slice of pizza to hold on tight, as my tongue darted and flitted over her clit. She looked at her hands, and giggled, and then moaned, as she brought them to her breasts, the slap of pizza sauce on her tits, as I opened my mouth and probed her tart sex deeply with my tongue, was audible over her cry of pleasure in the living room. I looked up, as she smeared the red sauce with thick, slippery sounds all over her breasts, and down her smooth tummy. I pulled away from her sex, to lick up her tummy, as she licked her own hand, panting now, as I pressed two fingers into her, and started pumping them rapidly. I had not played with a woman in a long time. This was fun, and something I needed. I managed to get most of her belly and one of her breasts pretty much clean, before I felt her tighten up suddenly on my pistoning fingers.

“Harder!” she yelled demandingly. I did as she asked, my hand thumping against her mound as I rapidly thrust in and out of her slick folds. I leaned in and suckled the sauce off her nipple, and felt her seize tight, finally, as she bucked against me, crying out positive expletives, and my hand becoming a lot wetter very quickly. I pumped for a while, until she grabbed my hand, making me stop, reeling in her hypersensitivity, as I held her, and licked away the last of the sauce. I found myself thinking, at that moment, as I licked her juices off my fingers, that pizza was about to become my favorite food.

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