Hard as Chinese Algebra

Author: Steph

“I’m never going to understand this stuff!” Marty grumbled, “You’re just wasting your time.”

Marty knew he really needed to pass this course to stay on the team but he just couldn’t make sense of any of these algebraic equations. Maybe things would have been a little less tense if they hadn’t assigned him such a gorgeous tutor. Mingmei’s soft round body qualified as a major distraction. The way her perky tits pressed against the fabric of her tee shirt, the way she brushed her long black hair away from her pretty face, the way her cute round butt wiggled in her jeans, were all far more interesting than trying to determine the value of x or y.

To Marty’s surprise, she crossed her slanted eyes and stuck out her tongue.

“You want to someday start and run the most complex offense in the conference,” she laughed, “but cannot take the time to learn simple stuff. I think you are a big fuck off.”

“Oh, c’mon Mingmei,” he protested, “this is hard stuff!”

She scribbled a complex equation on the paper in front of her.

“No,” she said, “this is hard stuff.”

She then scribbled another long, equation filled with symbols he’d never even seen before.

“And this is really hard stuff.”

Marty looked down at the paper, not able to make a bit of sense out of the strange characters.

“What the heck is that?” he asked.

She giggled and stuck out her tongue again. The way her cute nose wrinkled up when she did that was somehow turning him on.

“Oh, the second one is same as the first,” she explained still giggling, “except it is in chinese.”

She got up from her chair, stood behind him and began rubbing his shoulders. Her long, smooth fingers were amazingly strong. Marty felt his body relax under her powerful kneading touch, she seemed to be pulling the bad stress out his body. Her fragrant herbal smell and body warmth, however, was sending sexual messages to his brain. While his body relaxed his cock began to stiffen.
Her strong brown hands moved off his shoulders and slid into his open shirt. As she leaned forward, Marty felt her breasts press against his upper back. Mingmei’s long fingers rubbed his muscular chest, causing his nipples to rise in response to her firm rubbing. His erection began to strain against his shorts.

Without a word, she came around to the front of the chair and dropped to her knees. She quickly undid his shorts and soon his briefs joined them around his ankles. His long, hard circumcised white penis rose from the curly forest of brown pubic hair. Pushing her long black hair behind her head, she slowly licked the sides of his pink shaft. Tremors of lust rippled Marty’s seated frame as her tongue explored his cock and her warm strong hands rubbed his sensitive inner thighs. When her lips encircled the head of his dick he heard himself moan. Her pink tongue flicked the tip while she drew his cock deeper into her warm mouth with light sucking motions that made him squirm with delight. Marty raised Mingmei’s tee shirt, his hands moved across her smooth brown back savoring both the softness of her flesh and the hardness underneath. He unclasped her bra and found her firm round breasts. Her nipples were hard against the palms of his hand. She began pumping the base of his cock while her magic mouth continued to suck and lick the head. His hips rocked in the chair in a thrusting motion while he continued to caress her light brown breasts, the passion building in his body and churning in his balls.

Just as he began thinking he couldn’t take much more of the pumping and sucking without cumming, she released his throbbing dick and stood up. She quickly peeled off her clothing while Marty removed his shirt. Her light brown body rippled with softly rounded muscles. Her perky tits stood straight out from her chest with small dark brown circles around her erect nipples. Just below her flat belly, a line of downy black hair led down to her sparsely fringed bush and prominent pussy mound. She squatted over his seated form, her shapely, smooth, light brown legs on either side of his brown haired, strong white legs. Her long fingers grasped his cock and guided the throbbing erection into her hot, moist Chinese cunt. She slid down until he was buried deep inside her. Her arms went around his neck and she gave him a deep kiss of desire as her hips slowly began pumping against him.

Marty met the passion of her kiss and the thrusting of her hips with equal fervor. He wrapped his muscular arms around her strong back, her dark brown nipples dug into his chest from the force of the bear hug. Mingmei’s curvaceous ass rode above his balls in rapidly increasing rocking motions, the fuck lust taking hold of their young, strong bodies, driving them deeper into the sweaty haze of passion and desire. Marty’s ass came up and down off the chair as he tried to fuck this hot and powerful Chinese young woman back with the same intensity she was fucking him. Her silky oriental cunt was like molten lava against his plunging pale hardness, the pussy walls seemed to suck his dick deeper inside her hot, hungry depths while they moaned, groaned and panted their way towards unstoppable orgasm with writhing, sweating bodies slapping hard against each other. Mingmei’s head was on his shoulder, her beautiful face contorted with lust. From her parted lips she cried out incoherent encouragement and pleasure, her sleek, strong light brown body grinding against Marty’s muscular white frame harder and faster pushing him closer and closer to the edge until he could hold off the powerful cum no longer. He nearly bucked her off his body when his hips thrust forward. Her passionate moans were loud against her ear, her pussy muscles tight around his spasm wracked cock as he shot is load deep inside her pulsating cunt.

Still locked together, he heard Mingmei giggle.

“You know, Marty,” she said, “your pretty white cock was just about as hard as Chinese algebra and far more fun.”

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