Habanera and Honey

Author: Steph

Maria had tried to see her father’s lawyer at his office but the waiting room of the Legal Aid office was always teeming with people. Finally, she used some connections in the Mexican community to get his home address. She was surprised that he lived in a scruffy apartment building near his office. She thought all lawyers were rich. This discovery just made her angrier. Not only was her father being represented by a Yankee lawyer with too clients but he had drawn the poorest lawyer in America. This was going to be more work than she thought.

Lionel heard the knock and went to the peephole. Staring back at him was a young girl with a dark complexion and a pretty face. Her big brown eyes were slightly slanted. Her dark hair went down past her shoulders and was shiny and straight. This was certainly nobody he’d met at Yale Law School and he didn’t remember her as one of his clients. He handled a lot of cases but knew this was one face he’d have no trouble remembering. When he opened the door, he was even surer that he’d never met this woman. Her body was squeezed into a tight red dress that almost looked like it had been painted on. Her proud, light brown breasts looked like they were about to pop out of the dress and the short hem length just barely covered her curvaceous rear end. Her belly was slightly rounded, her short legs were shapely. If he’d somehow been able to forget her face he knew that he’d never, ever, forget her body.

She pushed past him without an introduction and began berating him about how her father was about to be deported, how her mother was worried sick, how he wasn’t doing his job. As she ranted and raved, Lionel struggled to figure out who her father was. He would have asked but, in her present temper, Maria wasn’t letting him get a word in. When she finally stopped to catch her breath, Lionel was able to figure out which case she was talking about. He assured her that her father had been a naturalized US citizen for two years and could not be deported. At most, he might have to pay a small fine for driving under the influence and attend a few classes. It was his first offense and, though he’d flunked the Breathalyzer, he was just a hair over the legal limit.

Maria’s mood did a quick one-eighty.

“Papa can stay in America? You can do this? You are a much better lawyer than I thought. I apologize for insulting you. Please forgive my angry words. I was not being fair. How can I ever make it up to you?”

Lionel tried to reassure her that he hadn’t taken any of it personally and that he could understand why she was upset. He said he admired how she was willing to fight for her father. He said she had spunk.

Maria wrapped her arms around his neck. Her soft, sweet body was pressing up against him. Her perfume smelled of exotic flowers. Her prominent pubic mound was grinding against his crotch, causing his dick to stiffen. He later told himself he’d tried to break her grasp but deep down inside, he knew that he hadn’t tried real hard.

“You are a great lawyer and live like a poor man. You do not steal from the people. You are a saint,” Maria said in a husky voice.

Lionel’s attempt to protest was cut off by her passionate kiss. He had been so long without a woman. He soon found himself returning the kiss with fervor. His hands drifted down to her marvelous butt. He was sure she wasn’t wearing any panties. The mere thought was enough to increase his horniness. When Maria’s hand moved down to rub his crotch he was so sexually excited that he feared he’d cum in his pants.

“Senor Lawyer, you are big and hard,” Maria said with a giggle. “It is not healthy for a man to become so excited and not get relief.”

She quickly stripped him from the waist down. Holding his throbbing erection firmly in her soft hand she guided him to the couch. Lionel sat down and Maria stroked his dick gently and ran her sweet lips along his neck, moving slowly up to his mouth as Lionel freed her lovely light brown breasts from the top of her tight dress. His hands worshipfully rubbed her dark brown nipples, marveling at their erect size. Maria’s deep kiss intensified, she was moaning from his gentle touch. Lionel was softly groaning from her gentle hand job. His lust for this beautiful young Mexican girl was becoming uncontrollable.

Maria stood up for a moment and pulled her dress up to her waist. Lionel got a quick glimpse of her dark bushy cunt before she lowered it on to him. Her pussy was tight. Its hot moisture enveloped his hardness. She was on his lap, her long black hair dangling in his face, her beautiful round coffee colored breasts bouncing right in front of his eyes. She began fucking him with a heated passion Lionel had only imagined in his most secret dreams. Her hips were sliding back and forth, grinding his cock in and out of her succulent cunt. She was moaning and whispering incoherent cries of passion up against his ear while she fucked him harder and faster, pinning him down on the couch with her thrusting hips.

Lionel grabbed on to her tight round ass, amazed by the hard muscles he felt under the soft silky skin. The muscles seemed to ripple with her passionately intense fucking motions. It felt like his entire body was focused on the sweet heat of her sliding pussy and the intense pressure building in his balls. Sweat was pouring down his face, his heart was pounding rapidly, and his breath was coming out in gasps and groans. There was no stopping this mad rush to orgasm, not with this squirming young woman milking his prick for all her priceless pussy was worth. It came upon him like a powerful explosion of thunder. His fingers dug into Maria’s lovely round buttocks, his hips jerked off the couch. His cock ejaculated deep into her fiery hot cunt in spastic bursts, draining him down to his roots. He thought he was going to die and couldn’t think of a better way to do so. His nostrils drank in the smell of her flowery perfume mixed with their mingled sweat and love juices. In the distance he heard Maria’s panting moans.

Lionel did not know whether he would ever see this sexually enchanting, young Mexican woman ever again but knew, for sure, that he would never forget his first taste of habanera and honey.

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