Dirty fingers, White ass and black boots

Author: Ramo Kye

I’d had such a lousy day at work that I lied to my boss. Told him I was sick and had to go home early. But I had a lousier ride home. Flat tire. Got grease and crap all over my hands changing it. But it was still earlier than usual when I got home. My wife, Jane, wouldn’t get out of work for a couple hours.

As I pulled into the driveway, my neighbor waved to me. Lena was divorced, early thirties with light blonde hair falling to her shoulders. She was a bit overweight, but not fat. The kind of body that you want to cum all over. She was barefoot and wearing a pale yellow sundress. Even from a distance I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, and probably not any panties either.

Lena liked to wear flimsy sun dresses, cut just above the knees, that clung to her body like wet hair. One day last summer, while I was looking out of the window of our tool shed, I saw her working in her garden. Dress hoisted nearly up to her waist, thighs spread, knees planted in the mulch. She had a problem keeping her shoulder straps up as she troweled. Alternately they would fall, exposing the paleness of the tops of her breasts.

I couldn’t help it. Jerked off right there, spurting cum all over the water hose. I’d been dying to fuck her ever since.

Lena came bouncing over to the car. Her left hand held some kind of tall drink that sloshed over the brim with each of her steps.

“Oh, Danny!” She was always bubbly. But her voice was squeakier than usual. Lena, my sweet little divorced neighbor, was obviously a bit drunk.

“Can you help me? I ran out of vodka. Do you have any vodka I can borrow?”

“Sure.” We didn’t drink vodka. Hadn’t been any in the house for years. I’d figure out how I’d explain the lie later. “Come on in.”

I led her to the kitchen and pointed to the cupboard over the fridge. “We keep the booze in there.”

“Great!” Lena grabbed a chair, placed it in front of the fridge and climbed up. She was still too short to reach into the cabinet comfortably. Instead, she would gently leap, grab a bottle and read the label. Every time she leapt, that sun dress would hike a little higher up her thighs.

“You bad boy. You don’t have any vodka.” As she began to step off the chair, she started to fall. I caught her in my arms. The sundress felt smooth, and before she steadied, I’d snuck one hand across her breast.

I wasn’t very shy about it. She looked at my hand on her breasts and then smiled up at me.

Suddenly, a vacuum sucked us together. Our lips locked. Her hands started rubbing at my dick through my pants. I tugged her shoulder straps down until her breasts popped out. They were silky soft with hard nipples that poked back at my tongue. I kissed one, then the other as she grabbed for the hair at the back of my neck.

I swung her around, bending her over and down so that her elbows and face were pushed against the kitchen table. She spread her legs wide, as I pulled the hem of that tight little dress over her ass. I molded her butt cheeks between my fingers, forming dirty little palm prints with the grit from the tire change.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped and dropped my pants to my ankles. Each sound, the buckle, the fly and the pants crashing to the floor made her squeal. She was making spiral motions with her ass as I stuck a finger into her pussy. Felt warm and sticky. I spread her thighs and ass and jammed my prick into her. She moaned and pushed back against me as I thrust again and again.

Whenever she tried to lift her face and arms I thrust harder, forcing her back onto the table until I came. First deep in her, then a back thrust that sent cakes of sperm down along the white of her inner thighs.

“What the fuck is going on here!?!”

Jesus, it sounded like my wife… Oh Fuck…

“You’re cheating on me?” I heard that same voice. Obviously Jane. And then she said, “You little cunt.”


Lena got up. Panting. Face red, more from pleasure than from embarrassment. She looked at Jane who was standing just inside the front door.

“Well, you were the one who was supposed to get home early for me. I just couldn’t wait.”

Jesus. These two had been at it together for who knows how fucking long. I was getting horny again.

Jane slid into the kitchen. She was pretty sexy for a wife. Taller than me, long legs, dark brown hair half way down her back. By the time she made it to Lena her skirt, blouse and bra were off. While they kissed, my hard-on grew in my hand.

Jane was still wearing her white panties and black boots when she pushed Lena back down onto the kitchen table. She fell to one knee and started munching our neighbor’s clit like it was part of a dinner buffet. Jane made slurping noises as she swallowed a clump of my cum mixed with Lena’s juice.

Lena began kicking at the air and arching her back as though she was trying to get away and couldn’t. Jane kept on her. Her nose and lips buried in Lena’s thick bush. The sperm I’d sent down Lena’s thighs soaked into my wife’s cheeks.

I didn’t know Jane had ever eaten a woman before. But she proved to be an expert as she sent our horny, little neighbor into orgasm half a dozen times.

We went into the bedroom after that. The girls ignored me for awhile as they licked and fingered each other in every spot they could imagine. Which was okay because I hadn’t ever seen anything like this except for on midnight cable. Eventually, they both let me fuck them while the other one watched and giggled.

Wasn’t such a bad day after all!

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