Getting Ready For Daytona Bike Week 2011

Author: Harley

It was the Wednesday before Bike Week 2011 and I was cleaning up the garage after finishing servicing my Harley when the phone rang.

It was L.T. which is short for long tall and she had that name ever
since I knew her. Yes it is because she is tall, damn close to six feet
in her bare feet. She had legs that ran all the way up to her ass and
that was pretty special too. She is around 135-140 lbs. I would guess
and her tits are 34 B.

Though we do stay in touch I do not see her as much as I use to since
her husband and my good friend Dave has been killed in a construction
accident a little over a year ago. She does get invited to ride with us
when we are going on one and does but mostly does not opt for those
that just come up on a weekend.

She has a rigid frame chopper with a 96 inch EVO engine and 5 speed
transmission that Dave and I built for her a few years ago and she sure
looks good on it and rides it well. She maintains it and does a lot of
work on it herself.

After telling her we missed seeing her I asked what was up, and she said
she was having a electrical problem and having a hard time finding it
and was wondering if I could take a look at it. I told her to put a pot
of coffee on and I would be at her place within the hour. She still had
Dave’s tools in the garage but I took a couple of things I thought I
might need and my road tool kit and headed out.

She does not live that far away and I guess I got there a little quicker
than she expected as it took her a few minutes to come to the door. Her
hair was wet and it turned out she had just got out of the shower. She
had a short skirt on and a button type shirt tied up so her midriff was
exposed. It also looked like she didn’t have a bra on either. She
confirmed she had just gotten out of the shower and I commented I
should have gotten there sooner as I would have been able to wash her
back for her. She looked at me and smiled and said I will keep that in
mind. We have always made sexy comments to each other so both of us
were comfortable with that.

L.T., Dave my wife Lynn and I had been friends for a long time. L.T. is
named Lynn as well and though we had done a lot of things together
having sex was not one of them. My Lynn though she did not mind that
others played sex games that included sharing spouses had made it well
known it was not something she was interested in.

While Dave did tell me about a couple of three ways he and L.T. had had,
they were the ones when she had gotten another woman for them. He never
did mention ones with other guys though I suspected they happened as
well. All of these had happened when out of town at a biker event and
to the best of my knowledge all were one time things. He said he felt
that was safer and did not want his business all over town if things
did not work out. It made a lot of sense to me.

Lynn went and got me a cup of coffee as I started to check out the bike.
She already had it up on Dave’s old lift and the seat off so I could
get to the battery. I was sitting on one of those low stools that scoot
around the floor when she came back out and bent over me to put the
coffee on the work bench behind me. As I turned around her crotch was
even with my face and I made like I was smelling it and commented Damn
Girl That Thing Smells Good Enough To Eat even though it was just a
little to far away to really tell what it smelled like.

She sat on one of the stools as I asked her what was happening to the
motorcycle and under what circumstances. We continued to get caught up
on what had been going on in our lives as I worked and it did not take
me long to find the bad wire that was causing her problem.

As I scooted around the lift I ended looking up her skirt and right at
her shaved pussy. I must have spent just a little too long looking as
she said see anything interesting. All I could think of to say was I
didn’t know you were shaved and hell yea that thing looks good enough
to eat.

There was sort of a few seconds of silence until she said. I just shaved before you came over as I am thinking of riding up to Bike Week and see
if I can find me a stud that wants his world rocked. She added using my
fingers and toys is getting tiring and though it takes the edge off I
want some real cock.

I commented that there must be a ton of guys in town that would love to
have sex with her and she said yea there is and you would be surprised
at how many of them that were supposed to be Dave’s friends offered to
help out and service me of course most of them behind their wives back.
I do not want to get involved in that so that when I get horney like I
am now I just take a ride out of town and take care of it, she quickly
added it hasn’t happened that often but it has.

She said why haven’t you cracked on me? I know you find me attractive
because of the way you have looked at me over the years. Is it because
you were Dave’s friend or because I am friends with Lynn?

I answered neither it is because like you and Dave I prefer to go out of
town when I need more sex than I am getting from Lynn. She got this
surprised look on her face and said you and Lynn aren’t having troubles
are you. I said No I just want sex more than she does and occasionally
I like 3 ways.

I finished fixing the bad wire and put the seat back on. We then went
into the house so I could wash up and Lynn said since you are here can
you do one more thing for me. Without even waiting to see what she
wanted I said sure.

She started to walk and I followed her to her bed room, I was thinking
something mechanical needed fixing but as soon as she got into the room
she took off her skirt and said please take care of this exposing and
touching her pussy. I think my mouth fell open but it did not take me
long to start undoing my pants and removing my shirt. While I was doing
that she had taken the shirt off and got on the bed.

I started to kiss her and she said Please suck my pussy and Make Me Cum
and then we can do whatever you want. I just need to cum so bad.

Her pussy was one of those puffy ones that looked like a camels toe. I
could see moisture in her slit and ran my tongue from the bottom to the
top until I hit her clit. It was hard and sticking out. I swiped my
tongue across it before going back for another taste when she grabbed
my head and pulled it into her pussy. She said No Teasing, get on it
and suck. I did not need to hear any more as I took her clit in my
mouth and started to suck on it. She started to moan and say things
like oh yea, like that oh right there yea suck it like that. Her legs
went around my neck and pulled me harder into her pussy. Her ass came
up off the bed and she started to fuck my face while she continued to
moan and talk to me, telling me how good it felt and not to stop. Yea
like I was going to do that. I liked what was happening to her and that
I was the one doing it. I really get off on when a woman reacts like
she was when I was eating her. I was hoping it was me and not that she
had been awhile without having it done.

I continued to suck on her clit until she started telling me she was
cumming. That was not necessary because I could taste her. She had come
hard and as I was continuing to suck she had a few more tremors. She
finally released her legs from around my neck and laid back on the bed
while telling me damn your good, followed by I really needed that. She
started to sit up and said now it is my turn. I put my hand between her
tits and pushed her back on to her back.

Not yet lady: You said If I got you off I could do whatever I wanted to
and I ain’t done with tasting this pussy yet.

Her pussy lips had opened up a little and I ran my tongue from top to
bottom licking up her juice. I liked what I tasted and continued. I ran
my tongue in her a few times and then replaced it with a finger. As I
moved around she would start talking Oh yea, right there oh that feels
good, a little higher, harder, yea yea yea. Her ass started to move
again as I went back to her clit. It was hard and sticking out and I
licked at it and flicked it with my tongue and each time I did she
would do a little squeal and or yelp. It was working as she continued
to get hotter, talk more and fuck my face and mouth. Oh please make me
cum again, make me cum again and I’ll do whatever you want. I was in
heaven listening to her, seeing how she was reacting and responding to
what I was doing. I started to suck harder and she got move vocal and I
tasted her cumming in my mouth again. I kept it up until she stopped
and laid back on the bed.

After a few minutes she sat up and said Okay now it is my turn, I have
wanted to do this forever. I asked then why haven’t, you or at least
have me as part of one of the three ways you and Dave use to have. She
looked at me like she was going to deny them having three ways and then
said we had discussed it but because Lynn isn’t into it we figured it
would cause problems and did not want to ruin the friendship. Now lie
down and let me get a taste of your cock.

I did as she instructed and she got between my legs and cupped my balls
in her hand and then ran her tongue from the base of it up the shaft,
she gave a few licks around the head and did it again. My cock would
jump every time her tongue got to the head. After a few minutes I said
damn it girl suck it, she giggled and said Oh you like to tease but not
be teased huh. I said in a slightly more forceful voice Suck Me.

I felt her take me in her mouth and go all the way to the bottom of my
cock, she then tighten her mouth on me as she came back up off it. When
she got to the top she sucked on the head and ran her tongue in the
slit before opening her mouth and going back to the base, tightening
her mouth and coming back up. Damn she had me rock hard and throbbing.
I reached up to hold her head and she pushed my hands away and said No
I want to fuck you with my mouth until you fill it with your cum and
she was back at it.

It did not take long before she got a mouthful. When I had finished
cumming and she had licked me clean she said I have waited for that for
a long time and damn it tastes good.

Damn Girl you’re good at that and if you ever want to do it again just
let me know.

She came up and we cuddled for a little bit and she said what did Dave
tell you about us having group sex?

Well he did say that you would bring another woman home once in awhile
and the three of you would get it on. He said he liked watching you
eating a chick’s pussy while she sucked his cock. He also said he liked
to fuck the chick while she was eating you. I told him he was a lucky
man as that set up really turns me on.

She said did he ever tell you about me having two guys? I answered No.
She said it was always when we went out of town and never with the same
guy twice, though there was a couple I would not have minded being with
again. When I get really Horney it takes a lot to satisfy me and of
course women can cum a lot more than men. I did ask him about having a
three way with you but he kept saying it was to close to home and he
was sure that the two of you would be wanting to do me all the time. I
laughed and said He Was Right.

While we had been talking she had been playing with my cock and it was
getting hard again. She said I am going to suck you and then get on top
and ride this fucker until you fill my pussy with your cum. With that
my cock got harder and she didn’t even have it in her mouth yet.

She sucked me for a bit and then got on top of me and slid my cock into
her pussy which was soaking wet. I commented that she must like sucking
cock because of how wet it made her pussy. Yes I do and I like what it
does to a cock and now I am going to ride this fucker until I cum all
over it.

She wasted no time and slid down the whole length of it. She started to
slide up and down on me and adjusted her thrusts so it hit the spots
she wanted. She obviously found what she was looking for as she started
to moan and say thing like oh yea, fuck, right there, oh yea, fuck
meeee. Shit I was just laying there and she was the one doing the
fucking but I was not about to correct her or complain because it sure
felt good to me and I did not want her to lose her sweet spot. Play
with my tits, oh fuck play with my nipples and I was all over them. Oh
fuck, oh yea like that. I’m gonna cum, make me cum oh I’m cumming, I’m
cumming and she did. Fuck me, cum in me she pleaded so I helped her get
off of me and on to her knees and slid my cock back into her pussy. I
like doing it doggy style and she did too. I was close so I just
started to drive in and out of her pussy and it didn’t take long until
it was me telling her I was cumming as I shot my cum into her.

I was drained and she was too. We lay there for awhile just holding each
other until she said, What have we done? Damn I knew I was going to
enjoy this and now I want to have it on a regular basis. I answered so
what is the problem with that and she answered I just do not want to
cause any troubles for you and Lynn. Okay let’s think about it and be
careful no one finds out and gets hurt.

We lay there for a while just enjoying each other’s touch and talking. I
finally said I best be going as I have some work to get done today but
if and when you want to get together again let me know.

She answered I can tell you that I do want to get together when we can
but I want to be careful and make sure no one finds out. Let’s work on

As I rode away I started to think of ways we could repeat what just

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