The Hitch-hiker

Author: CyberAge

Ted was tooling down the interstate when he saw the girl running as though her life depended on it. Ted hit the brakes hard, stopped near the girl and opened the passenger side door for her. She jumped into the car and shut the door hard.

“Let’s get out of here quick” she said.

Ted pushed the accelerator, spun the tires taking off and swung back onto the interstate. “You look like you saw a ghost. What happened back there?” inquired Ted.

“My boyfriend was drunk and got mad at me for not letting him have sex with me” replied the girl.

Ted looked at the girl. She was a tall good looking blonde with a medium build. Her blouse was torn so Ted could see enough of her tits to know that while they weren’t big they definitely were large enough to have some fun with. The girl was sitting huddled with her knees drawn up on the car seat. Since she had on a short straight skirt Ted was able to catch glimpses of her lacy white panties as she shuffled about trying to get comfortable. Ted had to keep his attention on the road for a bit while he maneuvered through a heavy slow moving group of vehicles. After he got ahead of the pack he glanced back over at the girl. She was dozing and had slid down in the seat a bit. Her legs gaped a bit further apart giving Ted an unobstructed view of her white lacy panties. He could see the dark patch of her pubic hair through the thin fabric. Ted settled down to driving stealing an occasional peek at the girl trying to imagine what sex with her would be like. The girl shifted in her seat and laid down. Her head was on the seat next to Ted and her legs were propped up by the window. Her dress fell down around her midriff totally exposing her panties. From this angle Ted could also look right down her loose top. The girl didn’t have a bra on so Ted could see most of her tits which while not large were perfect cone shape tits topped with nipples that poked straight out at the confining thin material of her top.

Ted wondered what the girl would say if she knew what he was seeing and thinking. At that moment the girl shifted once again in the car seat. She turned onto her side and put her right arm above her head, resting her hand on Ted’s lap. As Ted drove he realized the girl was sort of cupping his manhood without putting any pressure on him. He couldn’t tell if she was aware of what she was doing or not but the sensation in his balls was great. He felt her fingers moving – caressing his balls and the shaft of his dick. Surely she wasn’t doing this in her sleep. Ted decided he was going to find out for sure. He put his right hand down inside the girl’s top and cupped her right tit.

The girl loosened Ted’s belt and zipper. She reached inside his pants and started playing with his dick. “Have you ever had a blow job going down the interstate?” she asked.

“No but I bet it would be fun” replied Ted.

“Let me show you just how good it can be” said the girl as she pulled Ted’s pants down. She turned over so she could get better access. She took Ted’s dick out and pulled his foreskin back with two fingers. She lightly traced her fingernails over the glans area causing Ted to become quickly aroused and very hard. Then she leaned down and started licking his dick. She had his dick stretched up so she could lick up and down the entire dick including his balls. She took one of his balls in her mouth and rolled it around for a moment. While she was doing that her hand was busy squeezing the head of his dick. She then took his dick in her mouth and slowly moved her mouth down over it until Ted’s dick was completely engulfed. Ted figured he must be tickling her tonsils by this point. The girl slowly moved her mouth up and down and by putting pressure on Ted’s dick between the roof of her mouth and her tongue pushing upwards was quickly bringing him to the bursting point. Now she began milking his dick with her hands as she moved back and forth with her mouth. Ted felt his cum starting to build in the base of his dick. The girl sensed it to and quickened her pace. When Ted shot his load it hit the back of her throat. She shut her mouth tight so she wouldn’t loose any and milked Ted’s dick dry.

“Like that?” inquired the girl.

“That was fantastic” replied Ted. “I usually get a motel before midnight when I take this trip. Would that bother you?”

“I’m glad you asked as I sure need a shower and to get that big cock inside my aching pussy. responded the girl.

At the next motel sign Ted got off the interstate and checked in. “Let’s take a shower together suggested the girl” as she started to take off her dress. Ted came up and put his arms around her. One hand was on her pussy and the other on her tits. He stuck his hand inside her panties and rubbed the slit of her pussy. It was damp from her previous excitement. He slid his finger along the crack. She slipped out of his grasp and disrobed on the way to the shower. As Ted was taking his clothes off he heard the shower going full blast. The shower was a large stand up shower with room for both of them. He stepped inside the shower and closed the door. The girl had a bar of soap which she was lathering up. She took started washing Ted’s back and finished up by washing his dick with both hands. Ted took a wash cloth and proceeded to wash the girl with it. The other hand was also busy running over her body. He ran his hand up between her legs and washed her pussy. Then he washed her tits with both hands. After they got done they dried off with a towel and headed for the bed. Once they were out in the the light of the bedroom Ted took a good look at the girl. He looked her over from her head down past her perfect shaped tits to the soft down of her pubic area and the her long slim legs.

The girl laid down on the bed and beckoned Ted to join her. Her got on the bed on his knees and started to kiss her legs. He slowly worked his way up first one leg and then the other. Finally he reached her pubic area. He barely danced his tongue across it and proceeded up to her tits which he paid a lot of attention to. He kissed both of them and one by one he took each nipple in his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue and lips. He then started back down to her pussy which he traced with his tongue. The girl was enjoying every minute of it. Ted parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers and stuck his tongue in it. As he increased the speed of his tongue sliding in and out of the girl her juices started to boil over. Suddenly she exploded with her first orgasm. “fuck me now” she demanded. Ted slid up on the bed. He put the tip of his dick on the entrance to her love canal. “Stick it in me”. Ted buried his dick in her cunt with one swift plunge. The girl wrapped her legs around Ted’s waist and he began to slowly pump his dick in and out of the girl’s pussy. The girl increased the rhythm with legs to make him go faster. She also had amazing control of the muscles in her pussy. Ted felt her muscles contract around his dick each time he was on the backstroke as though to keep him from going to far. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around his dick was incredible. By now Ted was slamming her cunt hard pumping his dick in and out. She had a climax which released Ted’s cum load. When the first stream hit the girl’s cervix it sent her into a gigantic climax. Afterwards they relaxed on the bed for a while. Then they got up and took another shower and went to bed.

The next morning when Ted woke up it took him a moment to figure out what was wrong. The girl was gone. He got up and found a note on the table. All it said was “Thanks for the lift” and was signed Karen. That was when Ted realized for the first time he hadn’t even know her name until now. He smiled with the memory of the previous night as they had fucked again during the night. Thank you Karen, he thought.

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