The Tease

Author: CyberAge

Tina loved to tease the guys. She always wore low cut blouses and short skirts so she could drive them crazy with glimpses of her tits and panties. She especially loved to mess with the male teachers as they tried to teach a class. She would sit in her chair appearing to pay attention to the teacher. As soon as the teacher looked her way she would open her legs so he could see her panties. Occasionally she wouldn’t even wear panties. More than one male teacher would get so distracted that he would not be able to finish a class properly.

In spite of Tina’s flirtatious ways she seldom allowed a boy to do anything more than kiss her even though she would rub her body all over his and play with his dick through his clothes. One of the boys named Sam did manage to get his hands inside her panties once. They were at the drive-in and Tina screamed so loud that Sam quickly removed his hand. Of course Tina was still rubbing his dick which made Sam very upset with her.

“Tina, you are a prick teaser.” Sam said.

“I know but I promised my mom I wouldn’t get pregnant before I graduate so I have to be careful.”

“One of these days you are going to pay for your ways.” declared Sam. With that he drove her home and dropped her off. Later he was talking with some of his friends about Tina. “That Tina sure is one big prick teaser” he told them.

“Yeah, she likes to get you up, horny and hard and then leave you stranded” said Henry.

“I have heard that some of the girls are mad at her for showing their boyfriends too much.” offered Jake.

“You’re right Jake”, said Tony. “My girlfriend, Gloria, told me they have something planned but wouldn’t tell me what it is.”

The next day at lunch break Tina was swinging on the swings. Her dress blew up on every forward swing. Several guys were hanging around watching her dress billow up and expose her legs and panties. All of a sudden several girls ran out on the playground toward the swings led by Gloria. “OK, bitch, you have been asking for it. We are tired of you showing our boyfriends your pussy. We are going to teach you a lesson,” announced Gloria as she grabbed the chain of the swing and slowed Tina down to a stop.

“Fuck you bitch” said Tina. “Just because I got a body to flaunt and you don’t gives you no reason to be upset with me.”

Gloria grabbed Tina by her hair and jerked her off the swing. “Look bitch, I’ll show you upset”, replied Gloria as she spun Tina around and threw her across the swing seat. Two of the girls held Tina’s arms and legs so Gloria could have her way with Tina. Gloria pulled up Tina’s skirt and ripped off her panties. Suddenly Tina realized with horror what was about to happen. Gloria had a ping pong paddle in her hands which she brought down full force on Tina’s butt. Tina screamed. Gloria smacked again several times which brought equally loud screams. By this time Tina’s butt was scarlet red from the paddle whacks.

Gloria walked around in front of Tina and pulled her head up toward her with Tina’s hair. “lick my pussy bitch.” demanded Gloria. Tina looked up and saw Gloria’s naked pussy under her skirt. Gloria yanked her head closer, “Eat me bitch”.

Tina decided she had no choice but to comply as she didn’t want the paddle warming her ass again. She began licking Gloria’s pussy. She felt hands all over her body pinching her tits and tickling her cunt. Then she felt something strange between her legs. Before she knew what was going on something penetrated her pussy. It was huge and it felt like she was being torn in two. What she didn’t know was that Gloria had arranged for Tim to fuck her as Tina ate Gloria. The rumor mill had it that Tim had a super big dick but none of the girls knew just how big. When he dropped his drawers they all gasped in amazement at his twelve inch cock. He rammed it all the way in Tina.

The girls watched in awe as Tim’s hugh black dick slid in and out of Tina’s tiny pussy. Tina’s labia lips were stretched so tight it appeared they would rip. As Tim fucked her he was kneading her tits. Tina felt like she had been split in two. Just then Gloria stepped back and another guy put his dick in her mouth gagging her as he jammed it all the way down her throat. He must have been ready to cum from all the action as Tina felt his cum filling her throat and leak out her mouth. Just then Tim let go with his cum load and Tina felt her insides swimming in cum. It dripped down on the ground. During all this time all the other guys and gals had been watching the humiliation of Tina. They cheered wildly as the cum oozed out of her mouth and cunt.

Gloria gave her a couple of more whacks on the ass and told her. “Don’t you ever cross me again BITCH”. She then pinched both of Tina’s tits so hard she left them very red and bruised. Tina got up, grabbed her clothes and ran into the locker room to clean up. On her way she heard the guys clapping.

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