The MatchMaker Bandits – The Great Warehouse Robbery

Author: Maximillian Excaliber

The Great Warehouse Robbery
By Maximillian Excaliber

Chapter One – “The Night Shift”

Having been built just last year, the warehouse was a relatively new building. It was owned by Charles Johnston and was being used as a shipping and receiving point for his wholesale business. The building contained a vast assortment of items that varied in both size and purpose. There were things as large as a refrigerator to as small as watch batteries; and items as mainstream as baby blankets to as kinky as anal beads.

The night shift, consisting of Eric Rogers and Sharon Taylor, was responsible for processing both the late incoming shipments and unfinished outgoing orders for the next day. Eric, having worked there the longest, was the shift supervisor, and as Sharon was a good worker, they worked well together as a team. Eric never had to do any supervising but sure did enjoy the extra pay for the title.

Mr. Johnston had called Eric in two hours early that day to meet the new employee that was to be helping him.

As working in a warehouse usually entails some heavy lifting, he was surprised to find the new employee was going to be a woman.

But Eric soon realized that Sharon was most definitely no ordinary woman.

At six foot two inches tall, the thirty-four year old, full-figured woman reminded Eric of a mythical Amazon Princess come to life. She had wavy brunette hair that flowed down just past the bottom of her firm 38C breasts, brown eyes, long pleasingly muscular legs, a deeply rich, fully tanned body and wide ‘child bearing’ hips. She had a well-toned body that would have intimidated most men; however, for some reason it did not have that effect on Eric and he found he was instantly attracted to her.

After Mr. Johnston had finished the introductions and explained to Eric that he would be working with Sharon beginning that night, he told Sharon that she was excused to go home and change for work. She was told there was no dress code to restrict her and she could wear whatever clothes she wished.

The first night she showed up dressed in very tight, but stretchy jeans, and a white V-necked blouse that had no sleeves. Beneath the blouse she wore a blue sports bra and on her feet she wore a pair of light brown leather steel toed boots. She looked like her clothing was painted on and Eric’s jaw almost dropped off his face when he saw her.

Despite his attraction to Sharon, Eric was concerned that she might have an ulterior motive for dressing the way she did and tried to keep a professional demeanor when at work.

His apprehensions did not ease because each night after that she showed up for work more provocatively dressed than she had the night before. He couldn’t make up his mind if she just liked to dress that way, was sending him signals or setting him up. He decided to play it safe and keep things strictly professional between them.

What Eric did not know was that Sharon found his 5 foot 9 inch muscular frame very sexy and had instantly fallen for him. She loved the thirty-six year old man‘s brown eyes, long lashes, short brown hair, muscular hairy legs and arms, and mustache.

Each night they worked together, she was becoming more frustrated at his failure to pick up the signals she was sending him. She had asked about him and knew he wasn’t married, dating, or gay. ‘Is he just that dense?’ she pondered to herself, ‘Or is he just not interested? All he ever seems to think about is work! What do I have to do to get his attention, come in dressed only in a cardboard box?’

After months of not getting anywhere with him, she was so annoyed that she was about to give up on him. She decided to make one last attempt to get his attention. She made up her mind that if he did not get it this time, he never would.

Chapter Two – “The Night Delivery”

It was about two o’clock in the morning and, being unseasonably hot for early fall, quite warm outside. The building’s air conditioner, while noisy as hell, was doing a good job of keeping the large warehouse quite comfortable.

‘The enticing wench has really outdone herself this time!’ Eric thought to himself as he began to lift, finding it hard to keep his mind from thinking about the pornographic way Sharon was displaying her body tonight.

Sharon had decided to show up for work wearing tiny, tight cut-off blue jean shorts and a sheer white, almost see-through, halter-top. Both were so tight he could see very distinctly not only every little curvy detail of her gorgeous body, including the reddish-brown of both her nipples behind the material of the halter top, but also a very distinctive ‘camel toe’. It was all too much for him and he had finally decided to take the risk and ask her out.

They had just set down the crate they were carrying and just when he was about to ask her out the sound of a truck pulling up came from the direction of the loading dock.

“Are we expecting any deliveries?” Sharon asked as she looked towards the dock.

Knowing the week’s schedule by heart, Eric replied, “Nope! Nothing is on the schedule. I’ll go check it out.” And started towards the loading dock.

“Hold up! I’ll come with you just in case something actually does need unloading.” said Sharon as she began following him.

When he reached the dock, Eric walked over and hit the button on the wall opening the door. Sharon caught up with him and was standing in front of the door just as it began to rise. As it rose, they began to see two people clothed in matching overalls standing in the center of the doorway facing away from them.

The two strangers were in before a truck that was up to the loading dock. Eric and Sharon could tell from the hair and shapes of each of the strangers that one was a man and the other a woman.

Once the door was completely raised, the strangers turned around to reveal two unique and startling things. The first was that both were wearing cheap plastic Lone Ranger masks and the second was that they were each holding pistols and had the weapons aimed directly at Eric and Sharon.

Chapter Three – “Looking For The Loot”

The female robber was a buxom full figured brunette, about five foot eight inches tall and had long wavy hair that came down about six inches past her shoulders. What could be seen of her face indicated that there was a quite beautiful woman behind the mask.

The male robber was about six feet tall, had curly jet black hair and the beefy muscular body somewhat like that of a professional football player. He seemed to be wearing a not very convincing fake black beard and mustache. Both robbers were dressed in identical gray jumpsuits.

When the male robber saw the way Sharon was dressed, he whistled and said to her, “Nice outfit Babe!”

“Keep your mind on the job Mr. Black!” The female robber said to him.

“Hey, if she’s going to put the goods in the window, I’m going to look!” he responded.

This only got him an evil look back from his companion before she said to Eric in a very sultry voice, “She must be really hot for you Honey to advertise like that. Hope you’ve been enjoying it!”

Eric and Sharon stood there stunned as the female stranger spoke again, “By the way, I’m Ms. White and this is Mr. Black. We’re here to rob you! If you both cooperate, and do exactly what we say, you wont be harmed. Understand?”

They both nodded affirmatively.

“Good!” Said the sultry voiced robber.

“Now, show us where you’re keeping the stuff from the museum job.” She said to them.

Confused, Eric said nervously to the voluptuous villain, “What are you talking about?”

“The stuff from the museum robbery! The stolen artwork! Don’t play dumb with us; we know your boss is storing it here until he can fence it!” She replied to him.

Eric looked over at Sharon and said to her, “Do you know anything about this?”

“Don’t ask me!” Sharon said and then added, “You’ve worked here longer than I have.”

Still looking at Sharon, Eric said earnestly, “Hell, I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Then he turned to the female bandit and said, “You sure you got the right warehouse lady?”

“You work for Johnston don’t you?” the female robber questioned.

Eric answered her, “Yes.”

“Yup, we’ve got the right place.” she told him.

The female bandit just stood there for a moment obviously considering what she had heard.

Finally, she said, “Well, you’re both either good actors and loyal to your boss or you just don’t know anything about his sideline.” Then she added, “Since I’m pretty sure that you girlfriend here’s acting ability is limited to faking an orgasm, I’m inclined to believe you which complicates things a bit. Now we have to locate items you didn’t even know were here!”

Angry at what the robber said about her, Sharon said without even thinking, “I don’t have to fake them woman!”

Everyone looked at Sharon in surprise for several seconds.

The masked female broke the silence by saying, “OK, I think I have an idea. Do you keep an inventory of everything here on a computer?”

“Yes.” responded Eric.

Pleased, the buxom bandit said to him, “Good! Take me to it. And you come along too Princess!”

At that, with Eric leading the way, the group headed to the desk where the computer containing the inventory database was located. Once there, the sultry bandit said to Eric, “Show me everything that you have that arrived in the past two days.”

Eric did as he was told and brought up the list on the computer.

Ms. White examined the list and said, “Can you sort the list by the size of the items from large to small?”

Eric punched a few keys on the keyboard and the list was sorted as she had requested.

“What are these four items here?” Ms. White asked after she had examined the list once again.

Looking at the entries, Eric said, “I don’t know. There’s no description and I didn’t put them there.”

“Take me to them! You stay here Princess, we’ll be right back.” Ms. White said to them.

Eric took her to where the items were located. There they found four large sealed crates. The only markings on the crate were the letters ‘SA’. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that ‘SA’ stood for stolen art.

As she stepped back a few feet from Eric, Ms. White motioned to a pry bar laying on one of the shelves and said, “Open one; and don’t make any sudden moves either. This gun has a hair trigger.”

Using the pry bar, he opened the case. Sure enough, there inside were about five very old looking paintings. Eric looked at them for a moment and notice that they each depicted very erotic scenes of people engaged in various sexual acts.

“OK, that’s them. You can drop that now and start back to your girlfriend.” Ms. White said to him, seemingly relieved that they had found the artwork.

He headed quietly back to the desk with Ms. White trailing not far behind.

When they got there she broke the silence and said to her companion, “Found them!”

Then she said to Eric and Sharon, “We are going to need time to sort those out and we can’t worry about the two of you while we work. We’re going to leave you here handcuffed to each other until we finish. But, I want to make sure you are not in too big of a hurry to escape. So, take off your clothes. Both of you!”

Chapter Four – “Show Me Some Skin”

“What?” came the shocked voices of Eric and Sharon in unison.

Ms. White looked at them sternly and replied, “I said, Strip! Show me some skin! Get naked! Nude! Raw! Let’s see your birthday suit! Got it? Or does Mr. Black have to help you?” Then, Ms. White added a few seconds later, “If it will make you feel better, you don’t have to take everything off; you can leave on your socks.”

Hearing that, Mr. Black chuckled.

The two captives were by no means in a hurry to expose themselves and began very slowly removing their boots. They were soon prompted by Ms. White’s impatient voice saying, “Hurry up! We haven’t got all night!”

Not happy with the slow progress they were making, she reached over and untied Sharon’s halter-top revealing her ample cleavage and most of her bosom. When she did, Sharon became immediately enraged and yelled at the woman, “Keep your hands off me you fucking BITCH!” Then added, “Put down that gun for a second and I’ll kick your fat ass for you!”

At that, the mostly silent Mr. Black shocked everyone by saying, “OPPS, you shouldn’t have said that Honey!”

Ms. White looked at Mr. Black and then looked Sharon straight in the eyes and said, “You know, I was perfectly willing to leave the two of you sitting here handcuffed to each other until you said that.” She turned to Mr. Black and said, “Get their butts naked! I’ve got some shopping to do!” Then, the angry villain turned her back and walked away from the group.

Motioning menacingly with his pistol, Mr. Black said to Eric and Sharon, “You heard her, loose the clothes.”

As he removed his tee shirt, Eric looked over at Sharon to see her reaction. But, Sharon had apparently resigned herself to the futility of arguing and had already removed her all too tight shorts revealing the pair of shear nude panties she was wearing beneath them.

While he was taking off his jeans, Sharon took off her halter-top and let it fall to the floor fully exposing her ample bosom. Both being now dressed only in underpants, Eric and Sharon looked down at the floor and just stood there hesitantly.

The voice of Mr. Black saying, “If I were you, I would be done before she gets back.” brought them back to reality. They reluctantly removed their last piece of clothing and, except for their socks, stood there nude.

Eric’s eyes feasted upon Sharon as she stood there gloriously like an Amazon princess with her long wavy brunette hair now resting upon the tips of her breasts. He couldn’t help but notice that she had a very sexy, trimmed bush.

She too was surveying his body and was equally impressed by the large, muscular hairy legs, large chest and thick six-inch penis that his clothes had been concealing all these months. It was then that their eyes met for the first time since their ordeal had begun.

Meanwhile, as Eric and Sharon were undressing, Ms. White was walking around the warehouse examining the shelves, stopping only to remove items and place them into an empty box she had picked up from the floor.

Finally, just as her captives had finished removing their underwear, Ms. White returned to the shipping desk where she stood with her back to them so that they could not see what she was doing. As she emptied the contents of the box onto the desk, the items fell upon the table. There was a package labeled ‘Wonderful Rabbit’, two ‘AA’ batteries, a bottle of ‘Tingling Personal Lubricant’, a roll of packing tape and a package of bungee cords.

Ms. White surveyed the items and then opened the package marked ‘Wonderful Rabbit’, removed its contents and placed it upon the desk. Next, she opened the package of ‘AA’ batteries and placed two of the batteries into the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’. She then rotated each of the dials on the remote control causing the two vibrators to hum and vibrate at varying speeds. She turned her head towards Eric and Sharon just a second to show them the wicked smile on her face.

After tearing a piece of the cardboard package into a 1 inch by 6 inch strip, she removed the batteries from the remote control and placed one end of the strip of cardboard in the remote control’s battery compartment. Then she turned both dials on the remote to the highest setting.

After that, she replaced the batteries leaving the strip hanging from the battery compartment, tore off a piece of packing tape and placed it over the battery compartment so as to secure the batteries in place but not cover the piece of cardboard. Ms. White placed the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’, bottle of ‘Tingling Personal Lubricant’, and packing tape back into the box and headed toward Eric and Sharon.

“Bed time boys and girls. Let’s all head toward the mattresses.” Ms. White said to them whimsically.

Off they all proceeded to the mattress section of the warehouse, Mr. Black and his pistol, Ms. White and her box of toys, Eric and Sharon both totally nude except for their socks and a look of concern on their faces for what might be awaiting them.

When they arrived at the mattress section, Ms. White spoke again, “OK Honey, take down four of the softest King Size mattresses you have here; stack them up in the center of the isle and be quick about it!”

Chapter Five – “Going To The Mattresses”

After Eric had stacked up the mattresses as instructed, Ms. White took one of the bungee cords from the box and laid it across the mattress. Then she turned to Sharon and said, “Lay down on your back in the center of the bed.”

Sharon looked at her in panic and said, “You aren’t going to make us have sex are you?”

“I would never do that to another woman! But it’s obvious this job has made you way too macho. You definitely need to be reminded what if feels like to be a woman. So once again, lay down!” Ms. White said in reassurance.

Reluctantly, Sharon did as she was told. She sank deeply into the soft bundle of mattresses as she lay down upon them.

Setting the box she had been holding down onto the floor, Ms. White removed a pair of handcuffs from a pocket in her overalls, bent down and locked one end of the handcuffs around Sharon’s right wrist. Then, she took another pair from her pocket and locked one end of that pair around Eric’s right wrist.

Ms. White then bent down over the box and removed the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’ and the bottle of ‘Tingling Personal Lubricant’. She next opened the bottle of lubricant and, taking care not to get the remote control wet, poured so much of the pleasure liquid onto the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’ that it dripped heavily from the sex toy onto the floor.

“Put it on Honey.” Ms. White said to Eric as she held out the device in his direction for him to take.

Stunned by what she saw Eric being handed, Sharon said to Ms. White, “You said you wouldn’t force us to have sex, damn it!”

“Calm down, Honey! Nobody’s going to make you do anything you don’t want to Princess. This is just to keep the two of you busy if you try to get free.” Ms. White responded, then said to Eric more forcefully, “Now put this on!”

Eric looked once again at the device and said, embarrassment in his voice as he looked down at his flaccid penis, “It won’t stay on!”

The normally silent Mr. Black knew exactly what Eric was talking about and said, “Yep, he’s right! That’s going to be a problem.”

When she realized what he meant, Ms. White put the bottle of lubricant into a pocket in her overalls, walked up to Eric, wrapped both arms around him and kissed him passionately on the mouth for almost a minute. Then while she allowed the palm of one hand to gently roam over his naked ass, she placed her mouth next to his left ear and whispered something into it. No one else could hear what she had whispered to Eric but when she stepped back, he was sporting a raging hard-on.

“Ahh, that’s much better. Try it now, Honey.” Ms. White said to Eric seductively as she once again tried to hand Eric the sex toy.

No longer having an excuse, Eric took the device and turned beat red as he began sliding it down the length of his penis.

Sharon noticed that Eric’s penis, having been well lubricated by the liquid on the vibrator, began to glisten from head to base. At the same time, she hoped that nobody was noticing how hard her nipples were becoming.

“Don’t move Honey.” Ms. White said to Eric as she removed the bottle of lubricant from her pocket and began soaking once again the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’. As she did, excess liquid began running down onto Eric’s balls.

“Time to hop in the saddle Lover!” The voluptuous felon said to Eric. Then she added, “Get on your knees between her legs missionary style.” And then turning to Sharon, she said, “Spread them wide Princess!”

Eric just stood there until he felt something poking him in the back and realized that it was the pistol Mr. Black had been holding. Face still red, Eric climbed slowly onto the mattresses. Sharon, knowing that they had no choice in the matter, spread her knees apart opening her legs for him to climb into position. As he did so, Eric made sure that his penis was lying atop of Sharon’s pelvis and the bottom of the rabbit was not touching her.

“Now, I want each of you to put your right arm over each other’s left shoulder and you left arm under each others right shoulder and embrace.” Ms. White instructed.

As he did as he was told, Eric noticed that Sharon’s very hard nipples were poking him in the chest. He also noticed that his dick was beginning to tingle pleasantly from the liquid coating it.

Placing the bottle of lube in the box on the floor, the vivacious villain then got onto the mattress and secured the handcuffs they were wearing around their free wrists so that they were now locked in their embrace. Then she wrapped the bungee cord around her captives and secured one end to the other. The cord holding them together, while tight, was not painful to either of them but left very little room to move.

Moving to the end of the bed at which their legs were, the buxom robber noticed that Eric was trying to keep the toy from touching Sharon. Not satisfied with that, Ms. White pushed his ass with both hands shoving him forward until the bottom of the rabbit was lodged in at mouth of Sharon’s pussy. While not penetrating her, the top was resting right on Sharon’s clit. This caused liquid from the device to run onto Sharon’s clit and between her pussy lips.

Feeling Sharon start at the contact and seeing the embarrassment now on her face, Eric whispered to Sharon under a low breath, “I’m sorry”.

“It’s not your fault Eric.” Sharon responded having realized that the situation had to be just as difficult for him as it was for her.

The next thing they heard was the voice of Ms. White saying, “OK Princess, wrap your legs around your boyfriend and make him feel welcome.”

Cursing the woman under her breath, Sharon raised her knees and wrapped her legs over Eric’s. The next thing she felt was her ankles being pulled towards each other, her knees were bent even more causing her legs to open wider. When her ankles hit his ass, the rabbit penetrated slightly into the mouth of her pussy causing some of the ‘Tingling Personal Lubricant’ to begin trickling slowly into the depths of her pussy.

“Don’t move Princess!” came the voice of the female felon.

Sharon then felt something being tape to one of her ankles. After that, she felt something else being taped to the other one.

Ms. White got up and walked around to look down at Sharon and said to her, “Just to keep you informed of the situation Princess, I’ve just taped the remote control to your left ankle. Wedged in the battery compartment of the remote is one end of a slip of cardboard preventing the batteries from making contact with the remote. The other end of the slip of cardboard is taped to your right ankle. The dials on the remote control for both vibrators are turned on and set to the maximum level. If you move too much, the cardboard will come out completing the circuit. I hope you both get the picture! If you don’t, move around a little, you will!”

Then she removed the last two bungee cords from the box and hooked one end of each cord onto the handholds on the side of the mattress. The female felon next said, “Mr. Black, push the other side up and hold it there.”

When he had done so, she pushed one of the bungee cords to him and said while pointing to one of the handholds on his side of the mattress, “Run this through that handhold and hand it back to me.”

After Mr. Black had handed her back the end of the bungee cord, Ms. White pulled hard raising her side of the mattress until the fastener on the cord reached again the handhold on her side and then hooked it into place. Then the robbers fastened the other bungee cord similarly.

When the two bandits were done, Eric and Sharon were sandwiched into the mattress tightly. They could not move either left or right, with the ends effectively closed off and about a three wide foot opening at the top.

At that point, Ms. White called to them, “Well Princess, you finally got him where you want him and he can’t get away from you either. What are you going to do about it? Maybe now you will learn how to act like a real woman. Even if you haven’t got the guts to take advantage of the situation, all you have to do if you get bored Princess is just spread your legs a bit and you will get an idea of how much fun a woman can have with a man between her legs. By the way, don’t waste your time yelling for help, no one will hear you this time of night. Scream in ecstasy if you want though, it won’t bother us a bit.”

Eric noticed that Sharon’s face turned bright red with embarrassment as she tried to look away from him.

And with that, Eric and Sharon heard the sounds of footsteps going away from them.

Chapter Six – “Tickling Her Fancy”

For several minutes Eric and Sharon just lay there in silence unmoving. Each tried not to look at the other for fear of embarrassing themselves more. All the while the tingling in Eric’s dick was getting stronger and ever so often it would actually throb of its own volition.

Even though she felt it happen, Sharon said nothing as her mind was becoming occupied by the fact that her clit had suddenly become both inflamed and extremely sensitive. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mouth of her pussy was beginning to tingle slightly. But the worst thing was that the inside of her pussy was becoming very warm, moist and tingly. As the tingling became stronger, she began to squirm her hips gently under Eric as she realized that her pussy desperately wanted to be rubbed both inside and out.

Eric looked down at her with a puzzled look on his face and said to her, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t help it! That damn thing is beginning to tickle me!” She lied, not wanting him to know what was actually happening. Then added, “Can you pull back a bit and pull it off of me?”

Eric pulled back a couple of inches. When he did, the rabbit pulled out of her but the base of his cock rubbed right onto Sharon’s inflamed clit causing her to jerk her pussy upward suddenly as a jolt of pleasure was sent through her body.

Involuntarily, she grasped him tightly in her arms. This simply caused him to be pulled back into his original position and the ‘Wonderful Rabbit’ to become again lodged in the mouth of Sharon’s pussy.

“Sorry, I’ll try again.” he said and tried a few more times only to get the same result each time.

After the last attempt, Sharon realized that her juices were now flowing heavily from her pussy and what he was doing was not going to work.

She said to Eric, “Maybe of you pull up and back hard, then push forward while I rotate my hips up, I can push it up between us?”

What Sharon didn’t know was that the attempts had been having a similar effect on Eric and his dick was tingling more and more with each attempt he had made. He was glad to try something different for fear that too many more attempts like that and he might loose control.

“Say when.” he said to her.

She waited a second and then said, “On three. One…two…three!”

As Eric lifted up as much as he could and pulled back hard, Sharon rotated her hips downward hoping to catch the oncoming bottom vibrator of the rabbit on top of her pelvis and push it out of the way. However, things did not go quite as expected. While Eric did lift up enough to pull both his penis and the rabbit from contact with Sharon’s pussy, the head of his prick rubbed on Sharon’s clit just before coming back another inch barely clearing her pussy. Thinking that the contact on her clit had been the bottom of the rabbit, Sharon rotated her hips upward in an attempt to ‘catch’ it and move it out of the way. Eric, then believing that there was enough space between them to move the rabbit out of the way, angled his prick upward and thrust rapidly forward.

What neither of them knew was that the head of his prick was perfectly lined up with the entrance of Sharon’s pussy. Without warning, Sharon felt Eric’s prick suddenly plunge deeply into her warm soaking wet pussy. When it could penetrate her no further, the top rabbit on the vibrator laid snuggly upon her extremely sensitive clit and the bottom vibrator rested at the entrance of her anus.

“Ohh shit!” she gasped as her pussy spasmed around his prick causing her to hold him in her arms even more tightly than before.

Even though the feeling of her pussy was exquisite, Eric began to apologize to her immediately, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. I’ll pull it out!” And with that, he began to withdraw his prick rapidly from her sending a jolt of pleasure through both of them.

When his prick was pulled out with the head just resting poised at the entrance of her pussy, Sharon once more angled her pelvis upward. This time though, it was his dick she was trying to push up onto her torso as he began to thrust upward.

Eric pulled further back to make sure that he was fully out of her before trying to raise himself even higher than he had the first time. As he did, his ass pushed against Sharon’s ankles. Thinking that her ankles were about to be pulled apart and the vibrator activated, Sharon locked them together and pulled Eric’s ass toward her in an attempt to keep the cardboard from coming out of the remote. At that very moment, Eric had just started to thrust forward only to find that Sharon’s legs were pulling him back into her warm inviting pussy.

“Ahh Fuck!” Sharon cried in pleasure as she again found Eric’s dick buried hilt deep into her once again spasming pussy and the top vibrator resting on her sensitive clit.

Astonished by her actions but unsure of her intent, Eric said to her, “Are you?”

“You almost pulled my ankles apart!” She replied quickly. She was hoping that he had not noticed just how soaking wet she really was. The pleasure was so intense that even though neither of them had wanted it to happen this way she was tempted to fuck him.

But he had noticed how wet she was. Still he looked her directly in the eyes and even though he inwardly wished she had done it on purpose said to her, “Oh, sorry. I’ll be more careful this time.” And with that, he began pulling out of her once more sending another jolt of pleasure through both of them.

“Ahh, Get it right this time!” she said to him as he was pulling out. Without thinking, she added “I can’t take much more of this!”

He had pulled his prick out and the head was resting in the mouth of her pussy. It literally throbbed up and down in the mouth of her pussy sending a powerful jolt of pleasure to her clit with each contact it made. He paused for a second and said to her, “Ready?”

She rotated her pussy under him again and then nodded affirmatively. This time she decided not to rise up but instead push down as hard as she could and let his prick slide upward onto her pelvis. Instead, as his prick made contact with her clit, the force of her pushing down on it sent such a stCarlog jolt to it that her pelvis jerked up unexpectedly. When it did, he entered her even deeper than before and the head of his prick rubbed her g-spot causing her pussy to spasm and grip his prick like a warm wet glove.

They both lay there holding each other tightly for several seconds as her spasming pussy massaged his prick over and over again.

Sharon was tired of trying to fight the situation they were in. She could end the months of mounting frustration that had been made worse each day by his lack of response to the signals she had been sending him. At that moment, she didn’t care why he had not responded to her advances because she could tell from the way his body was reacting that he wanted her as badly as she did him. Sharon realized that the female robber was right and she finally did have Eric right where she had wanted him all along.

“Oh, FUCK IT!” Sharon said in resignation, her mind and body was now filled with an uncontrollable desire that she no longer wished to fight as she began to move her pelvis slowly. She moaned in ecstasy as her pussy began grinding around his prick rubbing and her clit was tantalized by the rabbit vibrator.

Eric closed his eyes as the wonderful feeling of her pussy now massaging his cock entranced him. The feeling of her pussy moving around him was now sending him in ecstasy towards a powerful orgasm.

fuck me baby!” Sharon said between moans with a lusty tone in her voice.

This time, there was no doubt in his mind about her intentions. Secure in the knowledge that she wanted him; Eric began slow short strokes into and out of her pussy in rhythm with her movements.

“Oh God, Yes!” She said with each contact of the rabbit onto her clit.

Her moans became louder as he began to quicken his pace, each time pulling out farther than before. When he pulled all but the head of his cock out of her, Sharon, consumed in lust and forgetting about the remote control strapped to her ankle, lowered her legs locking them behind his so that she could pull him deeper into her. When she did, the cardboard pulled out of the remote control activating both vibrators and causing his prick to begin vibrating as it reentered her. The extreme pleasure that suddenly began caused them both to cry out loudly.

“YES! OH, FUCK YES!” Sharon screamed when the top vibrator on the rabbit made contact with her clit while his now vibrating dick massaged her g-spot sending her into the throws of orgasm. She writhed and spasmed under him as her quivering pussy tried to pull every bit of pleasure it could from his dick.

As wave after wave of orgasm wracked Sharon’s body, Eric began driving his prick into her frantically until, after a just a few strokes, he buried himself into her as the most powerful orgasm of his life struck him. Her orgasm was made even stronger by the bottom rabbit tickling her anus.

She had just come down from her first orgasm and was riding a building wave towards another when Eric buried himself in her and emptied his loins into her body. He was holding her tightly to him as his whole body was totally consumed by wave after wave of intense pleasure. His prick seemed to vibrate even stronger as it pulsed against her g-spot sending her into an even more powerful orgasm than before. Using her powerful legs, like a succubus she held him tightly into her as she rolled her pussy around his cock trying to pull every bit of pleasure from him as if it would feed her own orgasm and make it last longer.

As her orgasm began to diminish, she placed her mouth onto his and thrust her tongue deeply into his mouth giving him the most passionate kiss he had ever had. When the kiss was broken he placed his mouth upon her left breast and devoured it like a starving man. She moaned once gain as they began their dance of love anew.

Chapter Seven – “Sexual Harassment?”

The sound of the vibrators humming was drowned out for a minute by footsteps coming closer. Then, Sharon could see a hand unfastening the bungee cords holding the mattress around them. When it opened, Ms. White stood at the foot of the mattress looking down at them.

Seeing Eric’s prick still buried deeply in Sharon, the female villain smiled and said, “Well, you finally got him didn’t you?”

Then, Ms. White walked toward them, unfastened the bungee cord from around their waists, and placed a key in both Eric’s and Sharon’s right hands. As the two criminals began walking away, she said to them, “I’m sure you won’t mind if we don’t stick around until you both get free. Ta, Ta, Lovers.”

Sharon was the first to get her handcuffs off. When she had finished, she extracted her arms from his and placed her hands behind her head. Since she was enjoying the feeling of her clit still being vibrated by the rabbit, Sharon was gently rocking her pussy on his semi-flaccid penis. She looked up at Eric, who was still struggling with his handcuffs, and said, “By the way, exactly what is it she whispered to you?”

He stopped trying to get out of the handcuffs, looked down at her in confusion and said to her, “What?”

“To get you hard! What did she say?” Sharon explained.

Catching on, he said to her, “Oh, that! She said for me to imagine you on top of me fucking me like there was no tomorrow.” Finding hard to concentrate with her pussy massaging his dick, he started once again removing his handcuffs.

She looked at him for a second and just as he got his handcuffs off said to him, “Really? And you got hard that fast, huh?”

But before he could respond, she locked her left leg behind his right leg and while holding his right arm immobile with her left arm, rolled him over onto his back following him until she was straddling him. All the while, she held his penis tightly in her pussy.

Smiling, she said to him, “Well, after tonight, you won’t have to imagine.” With that, she grabbed his hands and placed them squarely on her breast as she began riding him as if he was her own personal love toy.

Having run down the batteries on the rabbit and needing a rest, an hour and a half later they lay facing each other on the mattress. As he was gently stroking her from thigh to breast with the palm of his hand while she was affectionately running the fingers of one hand through his hair, she turned to him and asked, “Why didn’t you ever make a play for me? Wasn’t I sending you enough signals? What more did I have to do, rape you in the men’s room?”

“Sexual harassment.” he responded to her.

She looked at him in shock and said, “What?”

“Well, we work here all by ourselves at night. No one would have believed me if I got accused of something. When you showed up the first night dressed to kill and then every night after that, I couldn’t figure out whether you just liked to dress that way, were sending me signals or were just setting me up for a lawsuit. But you really out did yourself tonight! I couldn’t stand it any more and had already decided to risk it and ask you out when all this happened.”

She thought about if for a second and then said, “Oh well, at this point I didn’t want the preliminaries anyway?”


After they’d cleaned up and gotten dressed, Eric and Sharon called their boss, Mr. Johnston, to tell him what had happened. They were somewhat surprised when he told them not to call the police or do anything until he got there.

Upon his arrival, they all went to his office where Eric and Sharon recanted the story of the night’s events, leaving out the more intimate details of course!

He told them to show him in the database what crates the robbers had taken. He turned white as a ghost upon learning what items were missing. After the shock wore off, he got up from his chair, went to the safe in the corner of the office, opened it and took something out. When he turned around, he was holding a large stack of bills in each hand. He held out his hands towards them and said, “Here is $10,000 a piece. Listen to me very carefully… this never happened! We were not robbed! Nothing was taken! Nobody was here! Got me?”

Eric and Sharon looked at each other for a moment and then nodded in unison signaling their understanding and took the money from him.

Relieved, Mr. Johnston added, “Good! Also, you’ve both just got a five-dollar an hour raise. I reward loyalty! Now take the rest of the night off. I’ll clean up any mess here.”

Walking out arm-in-arm, Sharon turned to Eric and asked, “Hey, what did you ever do with that rabbit thing and the bottle of lube?”

“Their both in my pocket.” Eric said nonchalantly.

Smiling, she looked at him and said, “Your place or mine?”

“Well, now that you mention it, why don’t we get the best suite we can find and order room service in the morning?” Eric said as he moved his hand down the back of her shorts to cup her ass, then added, “By the way that whole men’s room thing sounds kind of interesting.”

Her response was to turn toward him and kiss him passionately on the mouth.

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