Green Eyed Monster – The Boyfriend Trap

Author: Maximillian Excaliber

Green Eyed Monster – The Boyfriend Trap
By Maximillian_Excaliber


“If you wanted to fuck her in the first place, why the hell did you hook up with me?” Robin Bell yelled at Sam Rogers, her boyfriend, as she began packing her belongings into her suitcase.

She had just returned to their apartment to find him in bed with Brandy, the apartment complex’s resident slut and her next-door neighbor.

“It just happened, Robin!” Sam tried to explain.

“What do you mean ‘IT JUST HAPPENED?’” she asked him.

“Tell me how you ‘JUST HAPPENED’ to end up on our bed, with your dick in her ass. Let me guess, Brandy ‘JUST HAPPENED’ to come over while I was gone and said to you innocently, ‘Sam, would you please give me a proctologic exam with your dick?'”

Busted, Sam just stood there in silent resignation to the fact that nothing he could say was going to help.

She didn’t even wait for his response. She just picked up her bag and walked out of the apartment, slamming the door on her way out.

Chapter One – “Sam And Brandy Get caught

With nowhere else to go, she went to the apartment of her friend Jack Morris and knocked on the door.

When Jack opened the door, it was to find Robin standing there, crying, with suitcase in hand.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?” Jack asked, in rapid succession.

Robin dropped the bag and wrapped her arms around her friend. Crying into his shoulder as she said, “He was fucking her!”

Puzzled, Jack enquired, “Who was fucking whom?”

Robin cried some more and then choked out, “Sam! I came home early from work and he was fucking Brandy right there in our bedroom.”

Having never been this close to his friend, Jack awkwardly put his arms around Robin and held her, as he muttered to himself, “God, I hope he used a condom.”

After a few minutes, when she had stopped crying, he picked up her bag and brought it inside, closing the door after him. Not being able to think of anything else to say, he asked her, “Have you had dinner yet? You might feel a little better if you have something to eat?”

“Eat?! I can’t eat at a time like this. I don’t even have a place to stay,” she said to him.

Wanting to help his friend, he told her, “If you want, you can use the hide-a-bed couch until you can find an apartment of your own.”

“You’d do that for me?” she asked and she could tell from the look in his eyes that he had no intention of taking advantage of the situation.

With a hurt look on his face, he said, “Of course! What are friends for?”

Forgetting her pain for a second, Robin felt embarrassed for having questioned her friend and she began to wonder why she had never noticed before how genuinely Jack cared about her.

He ordered pizza, they ate and they spent the rest of the night talking. Whenever she would bring up Sam, Jack would always manage to steer the conversation away to some other subject.

When they weren’t working, they actually spent quite a bit of time together. He seemed to be going out of his way to keep her busy.

After she realized that Jack wasn’t making a play for her, it dawned on her what he had been doing. He had simply been trying to keep her mind occupied, so that she wouldn’t dwell on the breakup. It had worked! She hadn’t thought about Sam or Brandy in days.

Chapter Two – “Robin Sees The Truth”

It had been three months since the breakup and she was still sleeping on the couch in his apartment. He had never asked her about finding a place of her own and she had become quite comfortable living there.

She had begun to see a side of her friend, little things about him that she had not noticed before, like the fact that he would always put whatever spare change he had into a collection jar for one charity or another when he could.

Once, she was really surprised when, late one night, they went to Wal-mart to buy a DVD that was on sale. It had been almost freezing outside when they got there and standing in front of the store, smoking a cigarette, was one of the store’s employees. The woman had no jacket on and was obviously cold. As he walked to the store entrance, he detoured over to her, took off his jacket, handed it to the woman and said, “I’m getting cold just looking at you, just leave it at the register when you’re done with it.” Then, he walked away before the woman could say anything.

Robin asked him if he knew the woman and he said, “Nope, never seen her before.”

She knew he didn’t smoke and said to him, “Aren’t you worried about the cigarette smell?”

He had simply responded, “Nobody should ever go cold. Besides, the jacket can be washed.”

Sure enough, his jacket was waiting for him at the register on the way out. The woman he had loaned it to had made the cashier promise to thank him for her.

She lay awake one night, unable to sleep. Her mind was trying to make sense out of his behavior. He was kind to her, but then, he was kind to everyone. He had been generous with her; but then again, he was also generous with everyone else and; while he had never said it, his actions showed his genuine affection for her.

There was one other thing that Robin had noticed. Once in a while, when he thought she wasn’t looking, she would catch him stealing little glances at her and she could swear that just before he would turn away in embarrassment, he had a look of contentment on his face.

What puzzled her most was why he had never made a play for her? Then she hit on it. It was that look of contentment on his face when he looked at her. She knew that look.

Why hadn’t she realized it before, she thought to herself. She had seen it before on her parents faces and she finally realized that only one thing causes that look on someone’s face: LOVE! He was in love with her!

It didn’t make sense. If he loved her, why had he not told her so? What could possibly keep him from telling her that?

Then it occurred to her, he was afraid to tell her. But why, why was he afraid? Of course, how could she be so blind? She thought to herself, he would rather love her as a friend, than risk losing her if she rejected him as a lover. And in that instant, she knew that unless she made the first move, he would never tell her he loved her, for she realized that she too had grown to love him.

She was herself afraid that if she went to him and confessed her feelings, he might think that she was doing so from some misguided sense of obligation to him for his kindness, or perhaps just from the loneliness of being on the rebound after her breakup. No, she thought, she would have to come up with a way to convince him that she really loved and wanted him.

Her mind struggled for sleepless hours, until she finally came up with a plan and she vowed to put it into action the next day.

Chapter Three – “A Little Payback”

The following day, when both had returned home from work, she acted.

He was about to start dinner for them, when she walked into the kitchen and said to him, “Jack,” she waited until he looked up, then continued, “You’ve been so good to me and I really appreciate it but…” she hesitated as if she did not know how to continue.

“What do you need Robin? You can ask me anything. I’ll do it for you,” he said to her.

She knew he would say those very words and was counting on it.

“I’ve been trying to get over Sam, but every time I turn around, I am just being reminded of what he and that slut did and it just pisses me off more,” She lied. “I guess I really let him get to me,” She added.

“What can I do to help?” he asked.

“Maybe, if I got a little payback I could move past this,” she replied.

“Well, honey, I’d break his legs for you but you know he’s really not worth it don’t you?” he said, more as a statement than a question.

“No, your right. Not that I haven’t thought of it,” she smiled and then continued, “No, I had something a little less violent in mind.”

And with that, she began to tell him the plan she wanted him to hear, “You know that Sam has always been a very jealous person.” He nodded.

“And Brandy, along with being the complex’s biggest slut, is also its biggest gossip.” She paused, “Well I want to use her to make him jealous.”

“You’re not going to sleep with her are you? I didn’t know you went that way,” he said to her, surprised.

“No, you’re right. Besides, I wouldn’t give her the pleasure,” she answered, then continued, “I intend to let her think I am seeing someone else. The first thing she will do is go to Sam and tell him. He will get jealous and eventually ask me about it. When he does, I will deny it. But, no matter what I say, the Green Eyed Monster will take a big bite out of his ass and chew for a while. He won’t know if she was lying or not. It ought to fuck with his head for a while, before he finally figures out the truth.”

Jack looked at her for a moment before saying, “I’m confused, if you’re not going to use Brandy to make him jealous, who are you going to use?”

“You?” she said to him questioningly, and then added, “That is if you don’t mind?”

He suddenly looked very uncomfortable when he said, “Okay. If it will help you move past this.”

But, she already knew that he would. Not because it would give him an excuse to get closer to her, but because he loved her enough to help her, even though it would be painful for him to do so.

Her heart ached from having to deceive him. And the ache was made worse with the knowledge of the pain it would cause him to have to pretend to be the very thing he wanted most but felt he could never be. Seeing the look on his face, she vowed never to cause him pain again.

And so, without knowing what Robin actually had in mind, Jack agreed that the next day they would become lovers.

Chapter Four – “Brandy Walks In”

“Here she comes. Make it look good!” Robin told Jack as she wrapped her arms around him.

They had been standing at the doorway to his apartment for about ten minutes, waiting for Brandy to pass by on the way to work.

Robin took the initiative and kissed Jack passionately. She continued to kiss him even though she knew that Brandy had passed them by. Blushing, Jack broke the kiss saying, “She’s gone now.”

Robin had noticed that Jack had just begun developing a hard-on when he had broken off the kiss.
The next day after work, Jack was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when Robin opened the door to the apartment. She hurriedly entered the apartment and said, “Quick, pull out the bed! We don’t have much time, she’ll be here in half an hour!” Robin told Jack as she walked in the door.

Robin had stopped by Brandy’s apartment long enough to leave a note on her door. In the note, she had told Brandy that she did not hold her responsible for what had happened. Robin also told Brandy that she did not want to lose her as a friend and asked Brandy to come by when she got off work.

Before entering the apartment, Robin had placed a note on the door to his apartment telling Brandy that she was in the shower and to knock three times and then wait ten seconds before entering.

Jack looked at her confused and said, “What? Who will be here in half an hour?”

“Brandy! I left her a note asking her to come by when she got off work. Now hurry up and help me pull the bed out. When she gets here, I want her to find us in bed together,” she told him.

But he just stood there staring at her with a look of dismay on his face.

“You said you’d help me. You’re not backing out on me are you?” she asked.

His mind was racing. It was all happening too fast for him to think and he said, “No. I told you I’d help you and I will. I just didn’t know you had this in mind.”

And he stood up and helped her pull out the bed and make it up. Then he looked at her and said, “Now what?”

“Now, we both get undressed, silly,” she said to him and began removing her clothes.

He had disrobed to his underwear when he stopped and stared at her. She was already down to her underwear and was about to take off her bra when he said to her, “What are you doing? Why do we have to be naked? I thought we’d be under the sheets.”

She could hear the nervousness in his voice and said to him, “Of course we do, she won’t believe it if she sees the seams from our underwear through the sheets.”

And with that, she removed her bra, freeing her firm round breasts for him to see and revealing the beautiful rich tanlines that her bra and panties had concealed. But she didn’t give him long to look at them, for next she removed her panties, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

He looked away in embarrassment and she could see why; he was quickly developing an erection.

Then she said to him reassuringly, “Don’t worry about that. It’s perfectly natural under the circumstances. Look, I’ll get on top so you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing accidents, okay?”

And without waiting for him to reply she pushed him backwards onto the bed and said, , “We’ve got to hurry; she’ll be here any minute!”

Before he had time to think, Robin wasted climbed into the bed on top of him. Her heart was beating a thousand times a minute as she straddled him with her legs. Her now moistening pussy was directly on his pelvis.

Leaning forward on one hand, one breast almost into his mouth, she used her other hand to pull the sheet up just enough to cover her ass. Then she put the hand she had used to pull up the sheet forward and leaned on it. When she did, her hard nipples were pressed into his chest.

Nervously, he looked up at her and said, “Now what?”

“Now, we wait,” she said to him.

He lay there, frozen, afraid to move. Finally, she said to him, “Jack, are you just going to lay there like that when she comes into the room?”

She could see he didn’t know how to respond and said to him, “Look, Honey, if you lay here like this when she walks through that door, she will never believe we are making love. Try to relax, Honey. Just put your arms around me and hold me the way you would if I were your girlfriend. It’s okay, I won’t bite you.”

His hands shaking, he reached up and gently put his arms around her waist.

“There, now,” she said to him, “I told you, I wouldn’t bite.”

Then she said, “Now when she comes in, I want you to kiss me as passionately as you can, really sell it to her.”

She paused as if she were considering something, then she added, “You’re so tense, we better try it before she gets here.”

And with that she leaned slightly forward and kissed him openly on the mouth. He held her tightly when she started using her tongue to explore his mouth.

She could feel his cock spasm several times against the furrow of her pussy. Every so often, it would touch her clit, sending tiny jolts of pleasure through her. When she broke the kiss after a few minutes, her pussy was dripping wet and she felt as if she were on fire.

“If you were my boyfriend, the next thing I would do is kiss you on the neck, like this.”

And she bent forward slightly and began kissing him softly on one side of his neck. Each time, she would rock back just enough for the mouth of her pussy to rub against the head of his cock.

She was breathing heavily when she said to him, “Okay, you try it now. Remember, were just going to put on a show for Brandy.”

More confident now, he placed his mouth onto her neck and began kissing it passionately. For a second, he allowed himself to slip into the illusion that she was actually his girlfriend.

Suddenly, she said to him, “I think I hear her coming. I’m going to start moving now.”

And with that she began moving her hips back and forth, making sure that the mouth of her pussy touched the head of his dick with each movement she made.

They heard a knock on the door and Robin quickly moved her hips just enough to cause the sheet to fall off of her ass exposing them both completely to Brandy when she opened the door.

Jack realized what had happened and said to her, “Robin, the sheet! It’s slid off!”

Hastily, she said to him, “Not enough time to put it back, we just have to improvise!”

Then, as she moved her hips backward and enveloped his shaft with her warm wet pussy, she placed her mouth onto his and began rocking back and forth slowly.

“UMMPH!” he moaned in surprise into Robin’s mouth as she continued riding his cock, while Brandy just stood there in the doorway for several seconds, watching Robin moan in ecstatically as she fucked Jack. After about a minute, she quietly backed out of the door and closed it behind her.

When she was gone, Jack broke their kiss, looked up at Robin and said, “Robin, she’s gone.”

“I know,” Robin responded, as she continued rocking back and forth onto his cock. She could feel the tide of her orgasm rising and began showering his neck once again with kisses.

“You can stop now,” he said to her, not yet understanding what was actually happening.

She raised her head and looked straight into his eyes, as she continued riding him and said, “But I don’t want to. Don’t you see? It was never about them. I love you Jack and I know you love me! Now, are you going to shut up and fuck me or what?”

Suddenly, it became clear to him what she had done and he realized, he no longer had anything to fear. Knowing now that Robin had openly given herself to him, Jack pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, as he thrust himself into her for the first time.

She moaned into his mouth as his hands began gliding up and down her back sensually and he thrust deeply into her.

“YESSS!” she said to him as his body writhed, as each stroke into her taunted her swollen clit, sending her closer to the peak of orgasm.

“FUCK MEEE!” she screamed as he began long slow strokes into her. Each time he would pull out, he would leave only the head of his cock buried in the mouth of her pussy, before plunging back into her again.

Feeling his own orgasm closing, Jack started a series of short rapid thrusts. Each thrust was hitting her G-Spot, causing a stronger wave of pleasure to pulse through her body than the one before.

Without warning, she placed her mouth on his to share a silent scream of ecstasy, as wave after wave of orgasm came crashing upon her.

Abandoning all control, she drove her enflamed clit hard onto his cock and as her pussy gripped him with each spasm that racked her body, her juices flowed around him, as though a dam had burst inside of her.

It was enough to send him over the edge and the eruption sent his seed deeply into her burning pussy. As it did, their tongues met to dance once more passionately.

The tide subsiding for them, they lay there in silence holding each other in their arms.

When it was gone, he looked at her, as she kissed his neck softly and said to her, “I love you.”

Then he caressed her face, pulled her mouth to his and kissed her passionately. And so, their love was born.

The End

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