Taxi Flashing

Since I was at high school, when I first noticed the boys all trying to see up my skirt and get a glimpse of my knickers, it has been a major turn on ever since. Now at the age of 24 I never fail to exploit a situation, were I can flash my knickers to another member of the public, who shows an interest.

The situation I am about to tell you about, arose one night after I had been out drinking round town with a couple of my friends. By about 3 am we’d had enough and so began to make our ways home. Since my friend Emma lived close by and on the same route home we both shared a taxi.

Sitting sprawled out and half pissed the both of us only wearing short skirts, was position in such a way that this cabbie got an ample eye view all the way up our skirts. I could see him glancing in his mirror and adjusting it, to allow him a better view. I discreetly began to open my legs and hitch my skirt up and allow him a better view. Arriving at Emma’s house about 10 minutes later, I could feel my knickers had got quite moist, whilst putting on my little show.

Emma got out and the cabbie pulled away and we continued on our journey, it was then that I really went to work on this Pantie peeker. I hitch my skirt up so the bulge of my knickers could clearly be seen, through the tight white material of my undies, you could clearly see my cute little camel toe. I slowly began to rub myself through the damp material, letting out a little moan every now and again.

The cabbie could not keep his eyes off me, so I eventually told him to pull over somewhere quiet. Now you horny little man start wanking off while you look at my moist little panties. After a couple of minutes I noticed his body start to jerk with convulsions as he shot his sticky white load everywhere. Just to put the icing on the cake for this guy, I slipped my knickers off and gave them to him, saying I think that he would find more use for them now, than I would. He was really grateful and let me off without having to pay for the fare.

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