Easy Going

Author: Steph

She sat across from me in our little cabin staring out the window, watching the countryside fly by. How could she look so peaceful and not be worried about anything? I absolutely hated to take the train. It didn’t help that there was a crash last week. We were going to be on the train for at least eight hours. It was everything I could do just to sit still and the constant rocking was making me sick.

She turned her gaze from the window to me. Her deep green eyes smiling into mine. She’s absolutely beautiful. “Are you ok hon?” She asked. I shrugged trying to make light of it, “Yeah, just peachy keen.” She rose her eyebrow at me “How come I don’t believe you Pam?” She laughed and switched seats, sitting closely to me. Her arms slid around my shoulder and she pulled me close, the smell of her light perfume filled my nose. She gently pulled my face to hers with her other hand and looked me straight in the eyes. “Is there anything I can do to take your mind off this trip? I really hate to see you like this babe.” With that said, she kissed my lips softly. Her delicate touch sent tingles down my spine.

She pulled back and smiled again. She was so sweet, in more ways than one. Her kiss got me thinking about the night before. She was absolutely amazing. She giggled. “Your mind is racing isn’t it?” I smiled and half blushed. “Yes. I can’t stop thinking about last night Katie.” “Mmmm me either babe, me either. You were great, I’ve never felt a knowing tongue before.” She laughed again. “You hear that women know what women want and home court advantage really does help. Man! They weren’t kidding!” We both laughed.

I looked around our little cabin. The only window was at the side and no one could run fast enough to look in. I stood up and locked the door. As I turned to walk back to her she had stood up to meet me. We met in an embrace and kissed deeply. Our tongues swirled over each others, letting our saliva mix. My heart was pounding in my ears as I began to remove her clothes and toss them aside. Our kissing deepened and we slowly lowered ourselves down on the bench seat. She whimpered as she warm skin touched the cool material of the seat. Her nipples were rock hard and I went straight to one.

I pressed my mouth against her breast and sucked her nipple deep into my mouth. My tongue circled around it as I sucked it in further. Her light moans rang in my ears. She had unbuttoned the front of my shirt revealing my small tits. Our skin pressed together, soft and warm. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was and how badly I wanted to taste her again. I worked my way down her slender body, lightly biting along the way. With each bite, she jerked slightly, and then moaned. She loved this.

As I moved past her tummy I could feel her black curly hairs tickle my chin. My mouth watered in anticipation. I slid my hands up to her hips and pressed my face deeper into her pussy. Her wetness coated my face as my tongue explored her folds, searching for her clit. Her clit was so swollen and I could imagine the yearning for release she felt, I had it too, but I wanted to make her cum first. Her moans let me know I had found what I was looking for and I began to stroke her clit firmly with my tongue. As my tongue rolled over her clit her hands slid down to the back of my head and she threaded her fingers into my blonde hair.

Her moans were all I could hear over the thu-thump of the rails. I held onto her hips tightly with both hands as I continued to wiggle my face into her sweetness. Her body began to tense up and her breathing became gaspy. I continued on relentlessly, knowing I was about to make her explode. I swirled my tongue around her clit, gently sucking it into my mouth and releasing it. I slid my middle finger into her tight hole and felt her muscles contract. Her back arched and her body quivered in her climax. I kept up the pace, wanting to push her further over the edge.

I looked up over her hairy mound and watched her tummy rise and fall, her breathing was returning to normal. As soon as I was satisfied that she was content and fully released I moved back up her quivering body, placing delicate kisses on her skin. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as I kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own sweetness in my mouth. Her slick fluid on my face quickly smeared onto her face. Her scent filled the cabin. We both let out soft moans as our tongues danced once again.

She pushed me back and immediately went straight for my pussy. She tossed up my skirt, covering my tummy with the thin fabric. She blew lightly across my lips, making me quiver. She slipped her tongue from her mouth and plunged deep into my growing wetness. The gasp that escaped my mouth turned into a moan quickly. Oh god her tongue felt so incredible against my clit. Before I knew it I was pushing her face deeper into my pussy and rocking my hips against her mouth. I could feel my climax begin to build deep within me, sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

The harder I pushed the more her tongue danced across my clit. To my surprise she penetrated my hole with her finger. She hadn’t done that last night, but oh my God it felt great! I squeezed tightly around her finger as it pumped in and out of my tight pussy. My moans filled the cabin as she brought my closer and closer to cumming.

My body tensed and I held my breath as my climax came on full force. I felt my juices flow freely, coating her mouth and finger. With every breath I moaned, even as my peak subsided. She pulled my dress back down, and with a final kiss upon my hairy lips she covered my pussy and moved up my body. She kissed my tummy and lightly flicked my nipples with her tongue before she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me deeply. Both our juices mixed in our mouths and the scent filled the cabin.

As we lay on the bench seat she looked at me and smiled, “Now, babe, is that better?” We both laughed again and for the next six hours she kept my mind off of the train ride.

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