The Sexy Hangwoman

Author: JailGirl

Andrea Fuller has become totally fed up with her secretarial job. She’s tired of the B.S. and she’s tired of being a part time waitress for her pot bellied boss and his ogling eyes. She’s a hot looking 24 year old dirty blonde with an hour glass figure topped with a 24 D rack. She feels the world is passing her by and she wants to do something exciting. She’s yearns for a career change and has looked at everything from private investigator to airline pilot. One day she notices an ad that catches her attention. It’s an ad placed by the state prison for a new executioner. Hmm, I wonder?. She immediately places a call to the prison and speaks to the warden. ” Yes my dear we are looking for an new executioner, the last one got himself stone drunk and hit a tree on his way to the hanging, but why are YOU answering this ad, I mean, you are a woman”. ” Yes warden I am, is there any reason why a woman can’t be an executioner?”. The warden doesn’t quite know what to make of it. he wonders if this might be a crank call . ” Well my dear other than yourself we’ve had no response so if you’d like to come in for an interview that’ll be fine”. Andrea arranges to meet warden Jennings the following day. When she walks into his office he can barely believe his eyes. Expecting a mean and scruffy bowlegged woman with a ring of blubber around her waist he’s astounded at the sight of the sexy 24 year old abe sitting in front of him with her shapely legs crossed under a tight skirt and 3 inch spikes. After a a bried get to know each other chat the warden asks her when she can start. ” Well I suppose I can start right away warden but I must tell you that I have absolutely no experience. Hmm, that could be a problem, we have a prisoner who is supposed to go to the gallows day after tomorrow and the execution cannot be postponed, not much time to learn the ropes” ” Well actually I have had some experience with ropes warden, I often tie up my boyfriend before I fuck him and in all times I’ve done so he’s never been able to free himself, you see, I used to be a girl scout” The warden leans back in his swivel chair and throws his arms in the air. ” Perfect, the rest you will learn as you go along, let me show you the execution chamber”. After Andrea is shown around she goes home a reads all she can find on the fine art of hanging . ” Hmm, nothing to it really she tells herself, after I’ve strung up a dozen or so I should have it down pat. The following day she meets 34 year old Dave Lansing,the man she’ll be hanging the next morning. One of the guards has brought in a weigh scale and Andrea instructs Dave to stand on the scale as she takes notes. Lansing can’t believe his eyes. ” YOU are the new Hangman?” ” Actually I prefer HangWOMAN”. ” Yeah okay but I’ve never heard of a female hangman before, how much experience have you had?”. ” Oh lots, don’t worry. Dave Lansing weighs in at 203 pounds and stands 6.1. According to her crash course in the fina art of hanging she decides on a 6 foot drop. The following day at 9 a.m a nervous Dave Lansing hears footsteps coming. These footsteps are unlike any he’s heard before at the prison. CLICK CLICK CLICK. As the burly guard opens the celldoor Dave anxiety is momentarily eased as he stares at the shapely legs in the clicking high heels. ” Good morning Dave, sleep well ?”. ” No, I didn’t sleep at all I’m so nervous” ” Well I suppose that’s understandable, so, do you have any last request?”. ” Can I have a cigarette?”. ” You really shouldn’ Dave, smoking is very bad for your health, how about a shot of whiskey instead ?” ” Yeah okay, a shot of whiskey”. Andrea sends the guard to get the whiskey and tells him to bring 2 glasses. ” Oh, you’re gonna join me are you ?”. Sure Dave, think it’s important that we get to know each other a little first don’t you ?”. ” Absolutely, I mean, I’m in no hurry”. It only takes a moment for Dave to kill the first glass so Andrea pours him a second while she gulps down her own. After 2 more glasses Dave turns to her and says, I’m starting to get the impression that you’re more nervous about this than I am’ ” Well dave, I feel that I should be honest with you, you’re my first”. ” Oh,well thanks for being up front with me”. By now Dave is half in the bag and Andrea isn’t far behind.” Dave raises his glass and says, “here’s the best looking Hangman there ever was”. Andrea raises her glass and says, ” Thats HangWOMAN darling” ” Oops, my mistake”. ” Now Andrea you’ve been really sweet so far, any chance I can ask you for another teeny weeny request?”. ” Well I don’t know Dave, that all depends”. ” Well I was wondering if we can send the guards away and maybe you and I can have a quick romp in the hay”.” Hmm, I’m afraid not Dave, but perhaps there’ something else I can do for you”. ” What?”. ” I have something in mind for later, but now we really need to get started so stand up and put your hands behind your back “. Dave is a little shakey as he stands up and turns around. Andrea ties his hands and instructs him to follow her to the execution room. As they enter the chamber Andrea tells the guards to wait outside. ” It’s okay, I’ll call you if I need you”. As the guard closes the door Dave suddenly leans over and kisses the sexy Hangwoman on the cheek. ” Hmm, feeling a little frisky are we?”. ” Hey doll, I’ve been walking around with a hard-on since the first time I laid eyes on you, now what was it you had in mind when you said later?”. ” You’ll find out,but first we have to get up on the scaffold. After consuming a half a bottle of whiskey Andrea has to assist him up the thirteen steps to the gallows. As they get to the top Dave suddenly stops in his tracks as he looks at the menacing rope suspending from the heavy crossbeam. ” Oh shit, I almost forgot about that, so you really gonna hang me?”. ” Yes Dave I’m very sorry but I’m afraid I must”. Andrea takes Dave by the arm and gently positions him on the trap. ” Jesus Andrea, where did you learn to tie knots like this? I’ve been trying to work my hands free ever since we left the cell”. ” I used to be with the girl scouts hon”. Andrea picks up a short leather strap from the small corner table and fastens it around Dave’s ankles. Dave Lansing takes a deep breath and says, ” well, I guess this is it huh?”. Andrea smiles and replies, ” no honey, I told you there was something else remember?”. ” Oh yeah, I almost forgot” The big bulge in Dave’s pants hasn’t escaped the Hangwoman’s attention . She slowly unzips his pants and pulls out his hard cock. “mmm, nice, such a waste” Her hand on his throbbing cock feels like heaven to him . She strokes him vigorously as he moans with ecstacy. When she grabs his balls they fill her hand. Finally she goes down on her knees and wraps her warm lips around Dave’s cucumber cock. He’s never experienced anything like this before and by now his mind is a million miles away from what is about to befall him. Andrea keeps working his cock until his cum splatters all over the Hangwoman. As Andrea stands up she asks him, ” How did you like your last request?”. Dave still moaning responds, ” unbelievable , and to think I was worried about this hanging, we should do it again sometime”. Andrea smiles and says, Yes darling we should, now be a good boy and stand still” Dave is still savoring the moment as Andrea pulls the black hood over his head and places the noose around his neck. Before she walks off the trap towards the lever she kisses him . Although his face is covered with Dave can feel her luscious lips pressing against . He’s breathing hard as the Hangwoman walks to the lever and takes hold of it with both hands. She takes one last look at her victim and say’s ” bye darling, sleep tight“. She then pushes the lever forward plunging Dave into eternity. The sound of the trapdoor slamming against the structure below is followed by a sharp sound resembling that of a dry twig snapping as the rope goes taut.The unmistakable sound of a cleanly broken neck. Suddenly the whole room becomes quiet except for the creaking rope turning slowly. She looks down and sees Dave’s lifeless body suspending 3 feet above the floor. Andrea loves her newfound profession. The End.

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