Brazillian Tour Guide

Author: Tony Davis

Being a Producer of Web content for Adult Websites does has it’s advantages. Now there is the obvious ones, nude guys 2 feet from you getting all worked up and needing help being posed. Models willing to go a little further for a little extra cash and all that, but there are the less obvious ones that present themselves when you least expect it. My trip to brazil to spend some time relaxing and enjoying myself away from the daily grind was one of them. Two weeks in the warm sun, beautiful scenery and the calm of a quiet and laid back country was what I needed to get my focus back, unwind and get back to nature and away from the hustles and bustles of city life.

The first week of my vacation was spent in an organized tour group. Remind me to never do that again. Whining women complaining about their feet being sore and could we stop here to go shopping. I thought the week would never end. There were some good parts and by going with the group it saved me loads of cash but damn, sometimes I am really thankful I learned I was gay early and did not get married. What possesses these dingbats to wear high stiletto heals on a tour of a country like Brazil and who the hell were they trying to impress. The locals would point and giggle and the tourist in the group who had common sense had less than complimentary descriptions for them. I finally got sick of the come-ons by some of them and announced to the group that I was gay. That ended that as well as left me completed isolated for the rest of the week, slight miscalculation on my part but oh well, enough of that. The week ended and my second week was great. I did the things that I wanted to, saw the places we missed because of extended shopping sprees by credit card slinging women and in general just plain relaxed and enjoyed myself.

On my next to last night I was at a local bar having a few drinks and really beginning to dread the fact that in a day and a half I would be heading back to San Diego and the daily grind of gridlock, smog and rude over hurried people all going no where fast. That is where I met Antonio, a local guy who was both intelligent and extremely cute, straight as he informed me immediately but nonetheless cute as hell. I must have had a sign on my forehead that lit saying I wanted to do him or something. I had never had anyone announce quite so quickly his sexual orientation before. After all, it had been almost 3 weeks since I had gotten any ass so maybe the sign was there. I giggled to Antonio on his announcement, “it’s alright man everyone has their faults, mine is I think straight guys are cute I guess.” We both laughed and started talking. He was great, easy to talk with, comfortable with himself and very well versed in everything Brazil. One thing led to another and I was complaining about not really getting into the country and not seeing the not so tourist orientated spots. That is when he made his offer, he was needing cash to pay his bills and I would need a tour guide, he was volunteering, I accepted.

He may have been straight but that did not stop me from looking at him and quite honestly the more I looked the more I had to try and conceal. A day in the country hiking in the heat would be sure to increase the chances of seeing this stud at least with his shirt off. We agreed to meet at my hotel at 5 am to get an early start, shook hands and he left with a final caution not to get to drunk or the day would not be very pleasant. Wise thoughts so heeding his warning, finished my last drink and returned to my hotel turning in early to assure I was well rested for my trip.

Sleep was sporadic at best. I would doze off, think of Antonio and wake with a raging hard on. Finally after the third time of waking up so stiff it hurt I grabbed the lube and my dildo and proceeded to fuck myself silly. Probably was a good idea to get rid of some of the fantasies anyways. Would not look to good if I followed him up the mountain in the morning with my dick sticking straight out. With the cum flying and the next room most likely thinking I was having an orgy I got my dick off in great fashion, cleaned up and fell asleep almost immediately. Funny how that happens, cum flies and eyes close, some scientist ought to do a study on that. It would probably become the number one cure for insomnia.

Four o’clock and the phone rang, “Morning Senior, this is your wake up call.” I vaguely remember saying thanks and dragged my ass from bed to the shower. It had been years since I had been up this early and now I was remembering why. By nature I am not a morning person and I was not liking the fact that I was up before the damn birds. A shower and the fact that I was going to be spending the day with Antonio improved the mood and soon I was whistling away. I was looking for this to be the best day of the trip. I packed all three of my cameras, enough film to produce a documentary let alone take scenic pictures and waited for Antonio to show up.

Now impressed would be an understatement as Antonio showed 15 minutes early in a mood that should be against the law that early in the morning. “What has you so cheerful so early Antonio”, I asked in a kidding way? “Going to make some much needed money. I am always in a good mood when I am making money,” he stated and patted me on the back. “I see you packed like a tourist, should I hire a mule to carry the luggage?” He burst out laughing and I could not help laugh along with him. I explained they were cameras and he shrugged, “you’re carrying em buddy, suit yourself.” With that said he turned, opened the door and motioned for me to follow as if I needed guidance getting from my hotel room. He was half running by the time we hit the lobby and I was beginning to wonder what the hurry was but hey, at his age energy is something they have plenty of. I think he realized that I was not doing so well keeping up and he slowed his pace, waved to the desk clerk and spoke to him in their native language. I have no idea what he told him but the clerk found it hysterical and was still laughing his ass off as we left the hotel.

Once in his car I asked what he had told the clerk and he winked. “I told him we would be back around dusk and for him to have your bath drawn cause you were going to need it.” He started laughing all over again and once again his laughter was contagious. He was just plain fun to be around, that and his looks weren’t hard on the eyes either. He had on a tank top that was tight enough so that I could see his nipples standing out and a pair of jeans that showed off a bulge that was making me drool. Shit, why did he have to be straight? If he was gay we never would of made it out of my room and though I still may have needed a bath it would not be from hiking I assure you. Oh well, can’t have everything and I really did want to see some of this beautiful country.

It took about 45 minutes to get to where we were to hike and the scenery was more than worth the time. It was incredible and I could not wait to get to the top of the mountain, well he called it a hill but it looked like a mountain to me. The drive had been good too, we had talked about everything, him and his life, me and being gay and everything in between. He was so easy to talk with and he never once seemed the least bit bothered by my occasional glance at the bulging crotch of his. I did try to keep it to a minimum out of respect for the fact that he was straight but hey I am human ya know. The hike up took about 4 hours and sweet lord I thought I had found paradise. The day was perfect with a few whispy white clouds. You could see forever and the water was crystal blue. I would have loved to build a cabin and live there forever. I took out my cameras and clicked away for an hour taking a shot here and a shot there while Antonio kicked back and waited for me to finish.

Finally finishing I re-packed the cameras and let him know I was ready when he was. He slowly got up, patted me on the back and smiled a smile that melted me. “Now this is Brazil my friend, not the shops, not the towns, restaurants and hotels, this is the beauty of Brazil and now you will have it with you forever. I put my hand on his shoulder turned him to me and gave him a hug. “Thanks Antonio, this day has made the whole trip a huge success and be sure I will do it again.” I am not sure whether the hug had made him uncomfortable or if he knew we needed to head down, but he pulled away quickly. “I am sorry Antonio, there was nothing meant by that, it is just how I show people I like them and appreciate them.” “No problem” he said “Just don’t want it getting dark before we get down to the bottom. After all I am sure you are going to want to take some more pictures of the water and the rocks close up.” With that he turned and we headed down the same way we had come up.

I am not sure when all of the questions started but on the way down Antonio was asking about what I did for work so I told him. He looked at me sort of funny and then kept walking. A little further down the hill he asked again, “you mean you take pictures of guys taking their clothes off and playing with themselves?” “Yup, that is what I do then I sell the pictures to people who make websites and magazines”, I answered. “Hmmm that sounds weird, how much do they get paid to do that”, he asked as if his curiosity was getting the better of him. “It depends on a lot of things Antonio, you know how much they are willing to do, if they get off and things like that” I answered. He stopped looked like he was going to say something and then turned to head down the hill some more. The rest of the way down Antonio was unusually quiet, like he was thinking or upset. “Is something wrong Antonio, did I upset you”, I asked. “No, just thinking, that is all. We are almost all the way down, are you going to take some pictures when we get there”, he asked with a hopeful look. I told him that I would really like to if it was not too late and he told me that we would have plenty of time.

Not long after that we had reached the bottom, but not where we had started. With all the questions and talking I had not even noticed that he had taken a different route down that brought us to the coast. It was beautiful with lots of rocks and a great view of the water. “Antonio this is so beautiful, I could take pictures of this all day”, I stated half asking for permission. “Go ahead, take your time, I don’t have any plans and after all you paid for a day of guiding and the day is not over by any means yet.” With that said I unpacked my cameras once again and started taking pictures. I happened to look over at Antonio, sitting on a rock, gazing out over the water and I felt my knees go weak, quietly turned and snapped a picture of him. He smiled, looked at me and with the cutest smile, what he had been thinking about all the way down the hill came out. “Hey, what would you pay me to take my clothes off for you”, he asked, pulling his shirt up a little, teasing me. “Depends, Antonio, you going to get off or just take your clothes off”, teasing back. “How bout we meet in the middle, I will play with myself and get it hard, but getting off I do in private, that is a private thing”, he stated as a matter of fact as if he were talking about the weather. It was then that I realized he was serious and not just teasing me, he had stood up, pulled his shirt up and looked at me as if for approval. “I really need the money and well after spending all day with you, I trust you not to try and hurt me”, stating it with a grimace like something had not gone right at some point with someone. “I would never hurt anyone, I am a professional, I take pictures for a living and I respect the people posing, it is not easy and I know that.” He seemed to relax and looked at me with questioning look.

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, it was apparent that someone had hurt this beautiful person in the past and well professionalism went straight out to see. “Let me ask you Antonio, how much money do you need and for what if you don’t mind me asking?” He shuffled around a bit, as if he was embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed Antonio, I want to help, just tell me. I only want to know it is not for drugs or something like that, I don’t support things like that.” He stammered, looked away and quietly spoke, “I need 400 dollars for rent, I lost my job a few weeks ago and if I don’t have it by today the lady is going to throw me out. I don’t have any where else to go so I need to pay the rent.” I walked up to him, put my arm on his shoulder, look straight into his eyes, smiled. “Well then Mr. Model we only have 2 hours of good light so I suggest we get going.” He spun around damn near knocking me over and gave me a hug that took my breath away. I pushed back a little, “easy there killer, ya know I do need to breath, that camera can’t go click by itself.” He laughed and smiled and went back to his rock like he had already picked out the location, a great job at it I might add.

Antonio was a natural, needed little to no instruction and unfortunately for this cameraman never once needed to be shown a pose. He was natural and smooth in his movements, seductive in his stripping and bold when he was nude. He knew or at least seemed to know what people would want to see, what poses were good when and how to use the environment to accomplish them. I was astounded how bold he had become, from the shy and very timid tour guide of a while ago to very worthy nude model. He would do some poses and then look at me like I was slowing him down. At one point he hollered, “Hey you with the camera and the hard on you want to get the show going you know the sun is not going to stay up there all day.” He then roared with laughter and pointed to my tented shorts, bragging how he made two of me which I was soon to find was not far from the truth.

As the shoot went on it was clear that he was enjoying himself, he got completely hard without any effort at all and I am really surprised that he was able to last as long as he did. Finally he told me I had to stop shooting, that he needed to cum. Now this was the balls if you ask me, when he had told me that getting off was a private thing I took that to mean that he would not do that in front of me, no he just meant I could not film it. I begged, I reasoned, I offered more money but no way was he budging he would not let pictures of that happen. I finally gave in and set the camera down, sulking and moping knowing I was surely to miss the hottest shots of the day. Then with a serious look and a sense of urgency he asked something I could never have been prepared for. “Not only that Mr. Camera Man, how are you going to be able to take pictures of me cumming If you are over here helping me?” I damn near broke a leg trying to clear a rock to get to him, nearing a dead run to make sure I did not miss out on what I expected to be the sweetest load that I had ever seen or as I was hoping tasted.

I got to him in seconds though it felt like a lifetime, he pulled me to him, kissing me with a passion I could not believe, touching me so gently I thought I was going to die and all the while keeping his cock rock hard. “I guess now would be a good time to tell you that I am gay too, right”, smiling like a cat that ate the canary. The rest of the encounter is burned into my mind, his youthful innocence, if you call 19 youthful, his experience as if he had been making love to men for years and the sincerity in which he went about it. He was gentle yet strong, passionate yet standoffish, strong yet so vulnerable. Lust was gone, I knew that I was in love completely. He was everything a guy could want and so much more. As in keeping with his privacy issue you will have to use your imagination. I will tell you this much, the time between the camera being turned off and us heading to my hotel was long lasting and more exhausting then the hike up and down the hill. You can fill in the blank period of time to your satisfaction.

On the way back to the hotel we held hands, he would lean over and kiss me, though I protested that he ought to be watching the road, we looked at each other as if we no longer needed to talk to communicate to each other how we felt. It was incredible how close we had become in such a short period of time. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught him wiping away a tear. “What is wrong Antonio, are you sorry that we did that?” I was panic-stricken, I had done the one thing that I had told him I would not do. “I am so sorry, I should of said no” and went to go on but he stopped me. “That is not it at all, I am not at all sorry, I am very glad but I am sorry that you will be leaving me tomorrow, I don’t want you to leave. I think that I am in love with or something like that. At 19 I am not really sure what love is but I know that I like you a lot and that I care about you. If that was not the case, none of this would have happened.”

I was stunned, not sure what to say, I felt the same way and did not want to leave him either. As if someone else was speaking for me it just blurted out, “Then come to the states with me, I have to go back to my work, to my career but as you said you have nothing here so come back with me.” I half expected something along the lines of how he would miss Brazil or something but that is not what happened. Instead, he locked up the brakes, spun the car around and headed in the opposite direction. “Where are we going Antonio?” He smiled, winked and with the sweetest voice yet, “my place baby, need to tell the lady I am moving out and grab my clothes, might as well stay with you tonight and leave for the airport from there don’t you think.” With that I grabbed his hand and held on for all it was worth. I went on vacation and would be going home with a incredible shoot set, the greatest memories and a new lover to boot.

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