Author: Cecilia

I run an advertising agency and I hire models for print and commercial advertising. My business is my life, which is cool by me. It feeds me, clothes me, entertains me and gets me all the pussy I want. Lots of pussy. Lots of pretty young pussy that will do anything to be a cover girl. Absolutely anything. I think some of them would kill their dear beloved grandmother for a part. So what’s so bad about giving up a little bit of ass instead of killing grandma? I have to remember to be careful. In this business models as young as 12 and 13 dress up like they are 18 and they would kill Grandma too. Until you get proof of age, look but don’t touch.

I’m working alone with the models today. The only other guy in the office is my business partner Mike who handles the business/accounting end. Today I’m working on the De Milo fragrance account and I need to audition girls privately for the “shoot.” Of course just because a girl is right for the “shoot” doesn’t mean she’s right for the shoot. Mike is always needling me that I use my business to get laid. I don’t see any problem with that, and I never let sex affect my decision-making. Besides, I like to believe that they are attracted to me. I’m 40 years old, 6’2 with salt and pepper hair and at 200 lbs. I’m athletic and fit. Mike is 35, 5’9″ and about 170 and equally fit with blond hair but he doesn’t play around. He’s happily married to a gorgeous woman and is usually out of here by 5PM but tonight he’s working on the quarterly taxes.

The first model to show up is Marlee. She’s 19 a gorgeous brunette with almost waist length hair and endlessly long legs. I greet her in my office. She’s wearing patent leather knee boots with a miniskirt and a bare midriff peasant blouse. She hands me her portfolio and I put it on my desk while I have her take a seat in front of my desk. I open her portfolio and see a lot of nice shots taken from a photographer but not a lot of advertising.

“I see you’re a new face, you don’t have a lot of experience” I tell her.

“No, I don’t have very much experience but I think I could pick it up quickly.”

“I’m going to have to test you. I am going to give you the script for the ad and you’re going to have to convince me that you can make me believe you can carry it off.”

I pick up the script, walk in front of her, and sit on the edge of my desk with my legs spread. My erection is clear through my pants. I hand her the script. She reads the script.

“Now act out the script and make me believe it,” I tell her.

She reads the script, looks up to me, and says “With De Milo I know how to make my man feel good”.

“That sounds a little dry. As a consumer I’m not convinced” I say as I fold my arms.

“With De Milo I know how to make my man feel good” she says as she starts swaying and caressing her breasts.

“That’s better. I see that you can make yourself feel good but how do I know you can make a man feel good” and I rub my crotch.

Marlee looks up at me and reaches out and starts rubbing my crotch “With De Milo I know how to make my man feel good” she says.

“Now I’m beginning to believe you. How good can you make your man feel?”

She starts unbuckling my belt and pulls my pants and boxer shorts down. Now my nine inches are freed from its confines and is pointing right at her. She pulls her peasant blouse off and unhooks her black lace bra revealing a pair of model perfect 34Bs. She cups one of her breasts in her hand and puts my staff up to it and starts jerking me off into her soft titty. It felt really good sliding into that tit and it looked beautiful but I want more out of her.

“Is that the best that De Milo can do for a guy?” I say as I put my hand behind her head.

She gets the hint and opens her mouth and starts sucking on my shaft. I love the feel of a hot wet mouth. I love fucking cunt, fucking ass, getting blown. They’re all great in their own way but getting head, that hot wet feeling can’t be beat unless I’m plowing into an ass or fucking a virgin. She’s going up and down but she’s a little inexperienced and starts to gag. I’m holding her head, pumping in and out of her mouth, and grabbing her firm tits at the same time. I want to see that ass and I slide my hand up her skirt and pull her panties down. She has the most incredible smooth fuckable butt.

“I want to do something else. I want to fuck your ass,” I tell her.

“I’ve never done that before” she said.

I took her hand, brought her over to the other side of my desk, and bent her over. She was trembling.

“I want to see how much you want this part.”

I pulled her panties down and put some KY jelly on my hand and started rubbing it on my cock as I fingered her tight pucker. I love it when a girl has never done it before and I’m her first time. I slip one, two and then three fingers up her hole. When I’m certain she’s ready I take my cock and start shoving it up her bum hole. She tenses up causing her tight ass to cling even tighter around my hard cock.

“Just relax, it won’t hurt if you just relax your muscles. I can tell you’re going to be a big successful model.”

I’m all the way in and I start fuck her ass harder and harder.

She’s squirming a little bit under me but I can tell she can take it. I reach under and start playing with her clit making her wet and juicy. Pound into the soft buns and tight virgin ass and proves to be too much for me and I erupt into a river of cum up her ass spurting over and over again as I slam my cock all the way up her asshole. I pull out, get a paper towel out of the drawer, and wipe my dick off. I hand her another one to wipe herself and point her to the bathroom.

“That was good. I’ll let your agent know what I think,” I tell her.

“You mean I didn’t get the part?” she asked.

“Look I have to finish interviewing everybody.”

She was good. But I don’t know if she’s right for the part.

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