The photography session

“I’ll fix the bitch,” thought David as he mounted Elia from behind roughly, popping her Anal cherry with a swift and decisive stroke. 

Elia cried out in pain, but was powerless to do anything to stop the butthole onslaught.

Normally, David didn’t like to fuck his models. After all, it was strictly business with him, and everyone understood that, including his wife.

But this one was different.

Elia was a European-bred model, new to America. She was gorgeous and spunky. She was intelligent, drop-dead beautiful, and she knew it. She was also a world-class cocktease. Elia was one of those women who actually got off on hurting men, as she admitted to David a few days before the photo shoot over lunch.

“I think men are pigs, basically,” she announced.

“Oh really?” replied David, sipping his coffee.

“Yes. Including you, David.”

“But you don’t even know me, Elia!”

“I will do this nude shoot with you because you can get my photos into national men’s magazines. I’ve fucked a lot of photographers, and I might choose to fuck you, too. Just remember that when we shoot, you call the shots. if we screw, I call the shots. But personally I don’t think you’re man enough to handle a woman like me.”

David remembered that conversation as he slammed his balls into her backside, turning it as red as fire.

“How’s this for manhood, huh? How do you like this, Elia, you little bitch!”

During the shoot, when David asked for a pose, Elia had always ignored his instructions and opened her legs or fondled her breasts in different ways than what he needed. He didn’t mind a flaky model who just didn’t get it—he’d dealt with enough of those—Elia was purposely trying to sabotage his shoot. And that meant money. And that pissed him off.

“What the hell are you doing?” He finally cried out. “I’m paying you to take instructions!”

“Keep your money,” she said. “I do what I want.”

Then she laid back, stretching her legs wide. David could see wetness forming at the mouth of her vaginal opening.

“Fuck me, David,” she cooed, suddenly turning from vicious to sexy. “I’m sorry I’m not behaving. I’m just so distracted by you, thinking about how much I want you to make love to me, I can’t concentrate on this shoot right now.”

She was definitely beautiful, and after all, he was only human. As he watched her laying there, one of the world’s most beautiful women offering herself to him, he decided to break his cardinal rule. Just this once.

He stripped naked and moved to her, his dick hard. He moved his hips inside of hers and moved his head down to her nipples to suck on them when suddenly, she lurched forward, knocking him backwards. Elia was now standing over him as he lay on the floor, shocked and confused.

“See?” she said. “Men are pigs. You just proved my theory again.”

“You bitch!” he yelled.

“Surely, you don’t think that little thing between your legs could satisfy me, David. I was just teasing you. Let’s get back to work.”

And that’s when David took her by force, ramming his dick into her ass, taking command of his photo session and her body in one move. After a series of poop-chute poundings, David realized that Elia was actually liking this humiliation.

“Oh, sweetheart, oh David don’t stop,” she screamed. That only inspired him to force his shaft into her ass deeper and deeper. “Oh, God, I love it, David!”

After David came inside her ass, the two took a shower and began making love like they’d been together for years. She sat on top of him, rotating her hips around his penis, driving him to heights of passion he never knew he could reach. And she had finally calmed down, gently and passionately responding to his every move and making a few of her own. they spent the afternoon fucking and sucking each other until they were spent–six times, by his count—and the photography session was history.

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