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A huge 1,000 passenger shuttle roared down the runway and up the gently curving ramp carved from Mt. Wilson until it lifted off, flickering through the clouds in intermittent colors of the rainbow, disappearing into the dark sky above the city. It would dock within moments at one of the many space stations circling overhead, then return with a thousand returning passengers. The occurrence was so common that few people even looked up during a launch.

Lines of lighted traffic crisscrossed the massive city known as Western, encompassing the entire western end of the United States. At least twice a day a vehicle would fall from the sky, so the traffic lanes were precisely drawn to cross only uninhabited or poorly inhabited parts of town. As in the past, the wealthy were protected from disaster.

In the middle of all this wealth stood a gleaming glass pyramid called New Genova, it’s top disappeared well up into the clouds. This housed many of the city’s wealthy. Inside it’s structure were miles of living quarters stacked precisely to form the walls of the pyramid, surrounding 400 square miles of “city within a city”. Many generations had been born, lived, and died inside the walls of New Genova without ever having set a foot outside. Homeless sought shelter inside such structures, where they became lost in the masses of streets and parks, and lived out their lives in comparative temperature-controlled comfort. Several such complexes were constructed after disasters, both manmade and natural, destroyed many of the towering buildings constructed during the 20th century.

The very top of the tower had been turned into an observatory. It had once been a huge single apartment, but wars had been fought over the possession of this apartment and the authorities were forced to lease only the second level to the public. Even these 20 apartments were highly sought-after, and it was rumored that murder had been used to make an apartment become vacant in a timely manner. So, it was universally understood that the bravest and wealthiest person on Earth occupied apartment number one in the New Genova living complex.
Apartment number one was currently occupied by the richest woman in the known universe, Fiona Campbell. She hurried between her semi-transparent walls filled with moving blobs of color. Her ceiling was composed of an erie projection of the dark airless space around her. Some found this view frightening, she found it exhilarating. Much of her furniture was semi- transparent to match the walls. It shimmered occasionally changing into a dimly seen sheen of gold, blue, or yellow. The floor seemed to be composed of raw earth and lawn, but this too was a projection. At midnight the floor would turn into a lake. As Fiona whisked into the dining room, she glanced at the floating table top.

Fiona walked briskly around the dinning room table. She placed her hands on her hips as she surveyed the setting. The sweet breads filled one corner, hors d’oeuvre on the other, and one section was entirely devoted to drinks. In the center stood a 3 foot square box, covered with a black silk sheet. Although it did not go with the rest of the precisely purchased and placed expensive settings, it thrilled her to look at it. She smiled fondly at the box, then swirled and hurried to her bedroom.

Finona stripped down naked and stepped into her power-wash. She slid her head into the helmet, made sure her hair was all bundled inside, then set the controls for a 30 second wash. She was briefly struck by flower-scented soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly from all directions. Meanwhile, her hair was subjected to a barrage of different waters and chemicals. Several seconds later the roar of the drying cycle whipped the water off her naked body, and sucked her hair into a withering living mass of drying hair. She giggled slightly. When the machine grew silent she pulled her head down and out. In a few short minutes she picked her new dress from the mail order display and waited as it was delivered to her express slot.

It had taken her 5 1/2 minutes from start to finish. All she needed now was to brush her teeth and dress. She paused in front of the wall-sized mirror. She turned from one side to the other, admiring her naked perfect body in the computer enhanced reflection. She briefly lifted each breast and let it fall. Yup, absolutely perfect, and most of it was natural. She wet her index fingers and used them to stimulate her nipples. Each stood at proud attention under even the briefest stimulation.

She faced the mirror and spread her legs. The small tuft of hair was cute and unchanging. She had used laser electrolysis to removed all the unwanted hair permanently, making the skin around her pussy bright and baby smooth. She reached down and cupped her own pussy, gasping at the brief contact. She slid a finger inside her pussy and stimulated her clit. Her body reacted violently. Although she made it a point to have sex once a week, as the Surgeon General recommended, her body still reacted as if she were hard up. Maybe that was because she was so young. She had heard that a body reacts differently once you turn 30.

“Don Jaron and Mona Beffler are at the door,” a soft but forceful male voice said from all around her. It was her house.

“Allow them to enter, make them at home in the living room.”
“Very well. Should I begin security scans of the premises while your guests are here tonight?”
“No,” she roared, upset by the thought that her house didn’t trust her guests, some of the most prestigious people in Manhattan. People who had fought and clawed their way to the top, people who would do anything to stay there.

“Yes,” she said with a sly smile. “But make your security passive and lie if anybody asks if you are recording. Oh, and don’t let them anywhere near the dinning room,” she added as she grabbed her dress. She wouldn’t need underwear, it wasn’t that kind of a party.
“Defensive weaponry is activated,” it intoned.

“No, stupid, don’t make me come in there and slap you, I said passive security. Just tell them to stay out, if they wander near the box.”
“Defensive weaponry is deactivated,” it said with an equal amount of dispassion. If an AI controlled house could feel regret, it would certainly regret this decision later. But to an unfeeling mass of human brain cells without hormones, it was just another command.

“Jill Carnes and Freda Henson are at the door,” the computer said as she slid into her semi-transparent red dress.

“Just take care of it,” she shouted through the material of the dress. The dress suddenly slid into place. It was a form-fitting party dress made to go on in the traditional way, but to be taken off by force. It WAS that kind of a party.

She admired her figure in the mirror once more, then skipped out of the bedroom. There were seven guests when she entered the living room. Five women… all bi, and two men. They looked absolutely delicious, Fiona thought as she looked around with a little shiver of excitement. So much human flesh, and so little time to explore it. Of course humans were not the source of her inspiration tonight.

“Welcome,” she gasped, looking from one to the other as she made her rounds and shook hands. She kissed the two women which she knew well. She would get to know the other’s later. Most were the important people on the party “A” list.
“Is it true?” the second man, Matthew St. Johns asked.
“Is what true?” she asked innocently.
“You know, the fairy thing,” he said with a significant look.

“Did you hear that?” Jill asked Mona. “He refers to Alluvian Honey Fairies as, “that fairy thing”.
“Oh Jill, you are so wrong,” Fiona said, putting an arm around her waist and leading her into the dinning room. “Alluvia is a protected planet. Anyone caught with an Alluvian Honey Fairy will be subjected to the death penalty, not to mention the cost of transporting them. No, these are… facsimiles.”

“Yeah, right,” Jill said, kissing Fiona on the cheek, while sliding a hand down from her shoulder to her breast, which bounced so alluringly within the transparent red dress.
“If anyone is asked, that’s what you will say,” she said, pointing at each guest in turn until everyone nodded. “Swear,” she said again. “I’m too young to die over something so stupid,” she said.

They all swore, secretly knowing that the second wealthiest woman in the universe would never be subject to normal laws, but they would certainly be subjected to her wrath, if she found out they reported her.
“Ok, if everyone…”

“Oh look!” Mona shouted. She pointed at a small nine inch long arm which snaked out of the cloth and grabbed a cookie. The arm and cookie disappeared in flash.

“The little sneaks,” Fiona roared, looking over the sweet breads which rested near the cage. Some had cost her a thousand credits per cookie, they could only be baked in the weightlessness of space. She served only the best. She found several thousand credits of sweet breads missing.
“Damn them,” she hissed under her breath. She grabbed the cover and yanked it off the cage. She had five females and one male inside. The male was purchased in case she decided to breed them. The females were the only ones who produced honey.

At the moment the five females huddled in one corner, sharing the cookie, while the male stood defiantly with his hands on his hips in the other corner facing her. He had stolen the cookie, she could tell by the leather band on his tiny forearm.

“You try that again, you little bastard, and I’ll twist your fucking head off,” she hissed, pointing a finger at him. A smile twisted his tiny face. She howled in outrage.

“I can’t see their wings,” Latoya said, shifting from one side to the other.
“They are very clear, with a just a touch of gold,” Fiona said, suddenly distracted. “Once you handle one, you will see that they lay in the middle of their backs.”
“How much did they cost you?” Don asked in a straightforward manner.
“Seven hundred billion credits, plus the ship,” she said, swallowing quickly. “No captain wanted to risk their own ship. I had to supply one.”
“Who had the balls to fly it?”
“Why?” she asked, suddenly suspicious.
“Hey, no,” he said, raising his hands. “Just asking?”
“I noticed. Don’t do it again,” she threatened, displaying her notorious French/Irish temper.
“Hey, Fiona,” Jill called. “Where are the goodies?”
Fiona looked at the food-ladened table and laughed. “That’s not enough for you?”
“You know what I mean, you little bitch,” she said.
“In the drawer behind you,” Fiona said with a smirk.
“Look, see, I told you!” Jill shrieked, holding up an odd looking dildo. She displayed it proudly all around. “One billion credits each,” she intoned solemnly.
“It’s just a fucking dildo,” Mat said dispassionately.
“Like hell,” Fiona said, grabbing it out of Jill’s hand and pushing it toward Mat. “It’s a Sensarator.”
“No! Really?” he asked, suddenly interested. “But these cost…” he let his words trail off. Things which cost a fortune were routine for Fiona. She never bought anything less.
“How do you turn it on?” Jill asked, grabbing it back out of Mat’s hand.
“It’s automatic,” Fiona said, grabbing a second one. “You insert it in any orifice but your mouth. The reason is, the internal dildo expands and can actually suffocate you. It fills up all available space.”
“I can have a real cock,” Jill said to Mona. “Want me to fuck you?”
“I don’t understand the excitement,” Mona said with a skeptical smile.
“It… you feel it,” Jill exclaimed. “I have a dildo on the outside, I fuck you with it, and on the inside I feel every little tickle. It fills me up and stimulates all my nerve endings. Do you understand?”
“I guess.”
“Here, take it,” Jill said, pushing the dildo toward Mona. Mona held the internal half of the dildo. It pulsed in her hand, filling every void.
“Ready?” Jill asked.
“Sure,” Mona said dispassionately. Jill ran a finger tip down the length of the dildo.
“Oh, oh, ha ha ha,” Mona screamed, dropping the dildo, shaking her hand in the air. “That tickles.”
“When you put it inside you, it feels like a real cock,” Jill gasped, trying to make her understand. “It’s not just a dildo, it stimulates all of your internal nerve endings. The same applies to an anal fuck. I can slide it inside my ass and feel ever little bit of it, if you slide it inside yourself. It’s unbelievable,” she gasped. The crowd laughed at her enthusiasm.

“I take it you wanted to be born a man,” Mat joked.
“I take it you did too,” Jill snapped, becoming annoyed with him.
“Fiona, can I fuck you?” Jill begged.
“Let’s wait until after the Fairies,” she laughed. “Remember, their honey is intoxicating. It’s supposed to heighten your sexual experience at least ten fold.”
“My God,” Jill whispered. Fiona nodded knowingly. “That’s why these little cuties are so precious,” she cooed at the huddled females. “But he is useless,” she said, stabbing a finger toward the male. He looked like a tiny Indian with his wings furled.

“Use him for a dildo,” Latoya laughed. “I bet when he runs out of air you will get a lot of action out of him.”
“I just might,” Fiona said vindictively, “but knowing him he will try to chew his way out.”
“Ouch,” Latoya said, grabbing her own pussy.
“Ok everyone, let’s begin!” Fiona called. “There are… seven of us, and only 5 females, so we must share.”
“Whoa, whoa,” Mat called, holding up a hand. “I don’t know that I want to suck a little Ferry’s ass for it’s honey,” he said with a twisted face.
“Then why are you here?” Fiona demanded coldly. Her entire demeanor changed as she looked at Mat. He suddenly grew afraid.
“I… I’m with Latoya,” he said hesitantly.
“Then sit down and shut up,” she growled turning back to her fairies.
“You go first,” Latoya said, trying to get back into Fiona’s good graces.
“Oh God, if you knew how much I wanted to sneak a taste,” she said with an exquisite shiver.
“Hey, they’re your fairies,” Latoya shrugged.
“You don’t understand, they enhance the mating urge ten fold. I can’t mate alone,” she giggled.
“Sure you can, I’ve been doing it for years,” Jill laughed
“Try one, I’m dying of suspense!” Mona said, shaking her hands at her sides.
“Ok, these are the straws. Straws are optional, of course,” Fiona said with a laugh. “The honey does come from their ass, as he so descriptively pointed out. But there is a different variety from their little pussies. It’s supposed to be psychedelic.”

“The straws look funny,” Don said, turning one in front of him.
“The ends are rounded so they don’t hurt going in… at least not much. Imagine how it would feel with a normal straw,” she said with a smile.
“So what’s next?” Don asked.
“Grab me a female,” Fiona said. “The door on top,” she pointed as he searched the box. He flipped open the top of the box and reached in.

“I hope they don’t bite,” he said with a smile. His eyes suddenly widened and her jerked his hand out. Blood was running from the back of his hand. He looked at Fiona accusingly, as he nursed his hand.

“That little male bastard did it,” Freda hissed. “I saw him leap forward when Don reached inside. I think he has a knife hidden in his arm band.”
The male looked from one to the other, with a satisfied smirk on his face. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, of course, but her understood the tone of their voices.
“Get me that large twistum,” Fiona said to Mona. Mona picked it up and laid it in her hand. Fiona took it without taking her eyes off the little male. She fed the end into the cage, then pulled it back out so she had one end in each hand. She shoved the twistum inside and caught the little male around the neck. She jerked him against the bars before he could struggle free. After a simple twist, he was cocking, grasping at the twistum and struggling to breath.

“There, that should hold the little bastard. Now, if somebody would be kind enough to get me a fairy?” she growled. Mona handed her a female who struggled in her hands. Out of the cage they looked large, several inches larger than a typical doll.

“Oh, look at that,” Jill cooed as she looked over Fiona’s female. The wings suddenly sprang open and beat gently, to the awe of the crowd. Fiona bent the tiny woman over on the table, with one hand firmly securing her tiny legs, and inserted the straw up her ass. She heard tiny shrieks, like the tinkle of broken glass. By wetting the straw and twisting gently, it slowly slid up the tiny fairy’s ass. The fairy seemed to relax, once the straw was inserted. She struck a waiting pose as Fiona pressed her lips to the straw and sucked gently. Her mouth suddenly filled with the most wonderful confection she had ever tasted. Rather than honey, it tasted more like a coconut flavored corn syrup with a delightful aftertaste. After the first taste she moaned and sucked diligently, until her mouth filled with the Alluvian honey.

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