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A huge orange sun glowed in the iron gray sky above a small, jungle-shrouded planet. Three planets shadowed the weak light of the dying sun, spreading around it like stepping stones, or the spread of a winning hand in a poker game. A gentle breeze ruffled the umbrella-like canopy in the top of a 600 foot tall tree. It was the only movement in the alien landscape. No birds, no animals, no insects intruded on the botanical beauty of the landscape. All was quiet until…

Two space suit enclosed figures pushed through the underbrush and paused in the clearing. They stopped and looked around, while viewing their surrounding through the all-seeing eyes of their instruments. Their orange suits added sparkling color to an otherwise drab environment. The suits were marked with tags named Emily and Carson.

“It looks like a typical M class to me,” a young female voice said. She turned so the reflection cleared from her face plate, and a beautiful young face, framed in blonde hair appeared in the plastic window. “The big difference is the lack of chlorophyll. Still, I think the quarantine can be lifted, if we exercise a little caution,” Emily said authoritatively.

“You’re right about the chlorophyll,” a young man said as he surveyed the foliage around them. “I wonder how they convert light into energy.”

“Maybe they don’t. Maybe it’s an oceanic type of environment. Possibly microscopic life draws energy from the sun, and these plants draw energy from that life.”
“Far-fetched,” Carson laughed.

“Yeah? Well explain why the sap in these plants looks like blood. Also explain the complete lack of insect and animal life. Every planet we’ve ever visited has had animal life of one sort or another. The water here is full of life. So why didn’t it migrate to the land?”
“Because… because… because it did, but something on land ate it?” Carson said anxiously.
“Exactly. Let’s get back to the ship before it eats us. We can continue our investigation from the safety of the ship.”
“All right, but I can’t blame anything for wishing to eat you,” he laughed. “I’ve considered it myself, from time to time.”

“Luckily you didn’t pursue that thought and you’re still alive. Our expedition needed a micro-biologist.”
Carson humped and looked at his instruments. “That way,” he said as they reached a familiar tree the size of the Seattle Space Needle. “How can such a hot little bitch, be so damned cold?” he giggled.

“I’m not cold, just choosey.”
“Ouch, that hurts.”
“Good, keep your dick in your pants.”
“Speaking of that, I need to take a piss. Do you think I could break quarantine long enough to drain the lizard?”
“Drain the lizard!” Emily said in disdain. “That’s so fucking colonial.”
“That’s me, Carson the colonial clown. So what do you think?”
“I have to pee too. Sure, let’s chance it. The ship is a long way off, and I don’t want to smell urine for the next two hours.”

“Agreed,” Carson said, turning away and unsealing his suit. It took him several minutes to unseal the bottom portion of his suit and drop it around his ankles. He sighed in relief as urine shot from the end of his cock. He was suddenly distracted by a squirting sound behind him. He turned to see a perfect, golden ass spraying urine into the sand between her legs.

“Shit, couldn’t you do that out of sight?” Carson groaned. “That’s the hottest ass I’ve seen in months.”
“Regulations,” she reminded him, “we don’t lose sight of each other under any circumstances.”
“My God you are beautiful,” he said, totally enthralled by her golden ass, gleaming in the dim sunlight.
“A random assembly of commonly similar human appendages. Now turn away, I have to eliminate.”
“Can’t you say “take a shit,” like everyone else?”
“Shut up and turn around.”
“Yessa massa, I’s turnin,” he said, shuffling in the sand as he turned.
“You are such an asshole,” she groaned.
“Yeah, I know. While you’re doing it, I might as well… TAKE A SHIT TOO!” he said, shouting the words.

Each did their business. Neither noticed the fact that long tentacles of what appeared to be tree roots, crept closer in the sparse grass. As was customary with the creeping plants, they first sought the heat which had attracted them, then they coiled around whatever appendage they found touching the ground. In this case it was Emily’s naked legs and stocking covered feet. The bottom of her suit lay several feet away. She barely felt the first touch of the tree roots, and even when she did she attributed the touch to her movements, not that of the roots. In a moment it was too late, they had encircled her ankles. She looked down in surprise.
“I seem to be caught,” she laughed, looking back at Carson.

“Huh?” he turned in alarm. “By what?”
“Tree roots,” she chuckled.
“You are slow.”
“Actually, I am very stuck, and they are not all that slow. In fact, they are very fast and stealthy. Shit, Carson, get this fucker off me!” she said in an ever-increasing shout. She found both feet solidly entangled by strong roots. Carson tried to turn, and found one of his own feet snagged by roots.
“What the fuck?” he laughed nervously.

“Carson, this isn’t a joke. One of those damned limbs is trying to get inside my pussy.”
“Who the fuck wouldn’t?” he joked, pulling on his own root-enshrouded foot. “This is damned embarrassing,” he said, getting more frantic.

“Did you bring a weapon, or a molecular cutter?” she asked. Normally she was vocally against carrying such instruments of destruction, but at the moment she leaned more toward self-preservation.

“No, damit, nobody carries weapons around you, you hypocritical bitch. Now I wish that I had. My desire to please you, the original silver plated “we don’t need to carry weapons in a peaceful expedition” bitch, may kill us both.”

Emily watched as the root began to bend, then sat up like a snake about to strike. And like the snake, it suddenly did strike. She felt the softened, slimy end shoot up her pussy. The force of the strike knocked her down. With a woof of expelled air, she looked up at the pale gray sky above her. The next thing she felt was a second tentacle snaking up her ass. The tentacle up her ass began to pump out shit. It was not exactly uncomfortable, just different.

She suddenly found that she was paralyzed. She could still feel the lower half of her body, but she could not move it. She could feel the tentacle inside her pussy enlarging to fill every crack and void. As it finished it began to pulse. This was not unpleasant at all, in fact it was extremely pleasant.

It seemed to gently rock inside her. She felt her pussy and ass heating up. She unconsciously pushed her ass toward the roots, meeting their thrusts with thrusts of her own. Roots or not, they felt good. In fact they were very good lovers. She believed part of the wonderful feeling could be attributed to chemicals in the root itself. It seemed to be well-adapted to large animal life. They knew just where to probe and feed, and now to stimulate an orgasm as well. She felt her orgasm beginning to heat up. As her pussy secreted more juices, and generated more heat, she felt the tentacle growing more excited. It generated great heat, and excitement inside her pussy. In no time at all she felt her first orgasm explode. Her entire lower body was on fire now. The tentacles seemed to be generating some type of aphrodisiac. She was more excited than ever before in her life. She was suddenly frightened as the second methodical pumping attack began on her loins.
“Carson, this thing is fucking me to death and I can’t move. Get me out of here.”

“I’m trying,” he said, panting from behind her. “I have a small knife.”
“Then use it, you moron.”
“Try calling the base camp,” he panted as he sawed on a root. He sawed through the tough roots one bundle at a time, until it jerked back and withered, shooting blood from the severed ends. He half expected to hear a scream, but there was only silence around them.
“Did you call yet?” he panted.
“No, damit.”
“Why not?”
“Because I am not going to call in people to see me like this. I’d rather die.”

“See what?” Carson was stunned into amazement. He turned to find Emily, sexily naked from the waist down, being pumped by excited root-like tentacles. It was the sexist thing he’d ever seen. He forced the roots around his ankle to turn enough to face toward her. He squatted on the ground and watched. She was panting and pumping her pussy against the tentacle. It was obvious that she was enjoying it. Carson grabbed the waistband of his suit and began pulling it on, so the same couldn’t happen to him.

“Are… are you enjoying this?” she asked sarcastically as she turned to see him watching her pump her pussy against the tentacles. Feeling suddenly exhausted, she closed her eyes and leaned back, allowing the tentacles to do all the work. Somehow, they had learned the art of lovemaking to a high degree. Emily began to suspect that she now knew what had killed off the animal life. They had died as she would, fucking a greedy, lecherous parasitical plant that would milk her of all her bodily fluids, and leave her shriveled body to rot in the dirt.

“Hell yes. You are one beautiful slut. Even you pussy hair glitters gold in the sunlight. I would give anything to eat that pussy of yours.”

“If you get me out of this, you can eat it to your heart’s content!” she screamed as her third orgasm struck her weakening body.

“It’s a deal,” he gasped, pulling on the roots around his foot. He suddenly remembered a pack of matches in his survival kit. He dug into the pocket on the side of his leg. It took only a moment to find the green box and paw it open. He lit his first match and touched it to the roots. The roots seemed to ignore it. He dropped the spent match, gathered up small sticks and grass, and built a pile beneath the bundle of tough roots. This time the fire flared up around the root, it withered, tightened briefly, then released his ankle. It disappeared so quickly into the nearby brush, that he could barely follow it’s progress.

Carson hurried over to Emily, and alternately watched the tentacles sucking her pussy dry, while he built the pile of grass beneath it. He couldn’t help it, he just had to pause and watch.
Emily had her eyes closed. She was thrusting mightily against the tentacles. Her pussy looked wet and delicious in the dim sunlight. He was tempted to bend down and insert a finger. Just a little taste wouldn’t hurt. No, she had promised. He would help. He wanted more than a quick taste. He wanted to eat and fuck that golden little bitch until she couldn’t stand on her own two feet.
“Your promise?” he asked again.

“Huh, what?” she asked. Her eyes flew open in surprise. She looked Carson up and down before she realized that he was free.
“Yeah, sure. Just…” she panted, closing her eyes again.
“Just what?” he asked, wondering how a thundering hardon would show up on the bio readouts back in the ship.

“Just wait a few minutes, until it’s finished,” she begged, the first civil words she had said to him.
“Sure,” he said, first checking his surroundings, then squatting on the sparsely grassed sand. He was safe inside the suit. It was insulated so the plants couldn’t find him. They stalked heat, not movement.

“Oh God yes,” Emily panted, opening her sex clouded eyes and staring at Carson as she pumped against the plant. “I feel so damned sexy,” she gasped, closing her eyes again. She panted in time with each sexy thrust. Her leg muscles bulged with the strain. Her stomach was washboard firm and nicely tanned, beneath the edge of the upper half of her suit. Carson took his life in his hands by lifting the lower edge of her suit with a black gloved hand. Her wonderful breasts appeared, bobbing as she rocked against the loving roots. Her eyes flashed open. He could clearly see her leering smile through the faceplate.

“Like it or not, you are going to fuck me to death once we reach the ship,” she gasped. Her face twisted in passion. Carson moaned, feeling his cock trying to bust a hole through the front of his suit.

“Oh fuck!” Emily moaned, intensifying her attack. The tentacle increased it’s tempo to meet her thrusts. Carson wondered how it knew. Did it have eyes? He stood and turned, surveying he plants around him. They just looked like bushes to him.

“Oh yes!” Emily screamed. She froze. Her face twisted in enjoyment. She licked her rich red lips, then bit her lower lip between her sparkling white teeth. She screamed just once, then fell exhausted on the ground.

“Ok, get me loose,” Emily said, looking up at him. He ducked down and lit the pile of grass. The tentacles immediately withdrew. By pushing the pile of burning grass beneath the roots holding her ankles, they too disappeared. Emily struggled, but could to get to her feet. Carson found her suit and dressed her like a small child. She held on to him as her lower body slowly began to regain it’s strength. He finally helped her to her feet and they began limping toward the ship.
“Don’t tell anyone about this,” she hissed in her suit radio.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I will remember it forever, of course.”
“That’s fine. We can come back here later. Next time, bring a weapon.”
“What! You want to come back?” he asked in horror.
“Damned right. That was the best fuck of my life.”

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