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I walked with pride and self-assurance through United Space Station, Saturn Base One. My high heels clicked on the plastic- coated steel deck, echoing through the passageways, drawing attention to my long, shapely legs and short uniform skirt. It was a day I will never forget, the absolute best day of my long career. I was a tall, sexy, blonde and one of the newest Lieutenants in the fleet. I was so hot I glowed. All heads turned as I passed, male heads in desire, female heads in envy.

As I started to board the CSF Pueblo the sun was coming around Saturn. I stepped out on the catwalk and the sun suddenly struck the space station and lit every porthole from one end to the other in the long, narrow tunnel. It glowed with awesome intensity, lighting my path with dozens of golden beams of light. I considered this a good omen, both for my new assignment and my new career. I had recently been promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to another branch of the service. After sixteen weeks of training, here I stood, hopeful, fresh, and as naive as a Nebraskan farm girl.

I paused at the airlock, saluted aft, then saluted the empty airlock.
“Navigator, CSF Pueblo, arriving,” the automated greeter announced. I looked around expectantly, then frowned and stepped into the ship. Somebody must have known I was coming, the ship was certainly notified or the automatic greeter would not have recognized me. The greeter repeated the message as I stood on the Quarterdeck, waiting.

“Somebody shut that damned thing off!” I heard a drunken voice shout from somewhere in the ship. I was, of course, apprehensive. This was not the greeting I had expected. After all, I was considered a very sexy lady by most of the young officers in the ward room. Being ignored was not one of my strong suits.

“He… hello?” I called to the ship at large. I listened, but heard only the hum of machinery.
“Well fuck you too,” I growled and slung my bag firmly over my shoulder. I went down the main passageway looking for signs on the doors. The Captain’s was the first and the biggest, of course, followed by several unmarked cabins. I went to the end cabin, knocked, then entered when nobody answered. It was empty. The first thing I did was to scrawl “navigator” on a piece of tape and slap it on my door, then I proceeded to unpack and shower.

Before dropping off to sleep I changed the combination on the cabin safe and put my most valuable items inside. I inspected the safe for tampering, as I had been taught in my recent training, then closed the safe and spun the dial.

When I awoke, we were underway.
I shot out of bed, put on a new uniform and ran for the bridge with my orders under my arm. I was shocked at what I found. In the first place, on a ship this size there should have been a crew of 17 to 24 people on board. What I found on the bridge was one dirty, unkempt old man, and a nervous, possibly insane girl who looked far older than she should have. As I entered the nearly empty bridge, they both turned. The old man glared, the girl looked frightened.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing on my ship?” the old man shouted. I had my hand half way up for a salute, but I dropped it in disgust.
“I’m the new Navigator, are you the Captain?”
“Damned right I am, and I do my own navigating.”

“Not any more,” I said absently as I stared at the very strange girl. Neither of them were in uniform. She looked dirty and greasy, as if she were trying to make herself less attractive. In my opinion she wasn’t all that great in the first place.
“Why are you getting underway without a crew?” I demanded.
“Shut up and sit down,” he turned and roared.
“Lieutenant Emily Henson, CSF, reporting as ordered,” I gave my very best salute. I would not let one dirty old man, pretending to be a starship captain, intimidate me.
“Get her the hell off my bridge, Zeller, before I space her.”
The girl shot to her feet and dragged me off the bridge. She looked behind her to make sure the captain wasn’t looking, then bent close.
“What are you doing here?” she practically screamed.
“What do you mean, what am I doing here? And who are you, by the way?”
“Petty Officer First Class Linda Zeller, supply and provisions officer,” she whispered harshly. Didn’t anybody get my messages?”
“What messages?”
“The… the messages I’ve been sending all over Spacecom,” she whispered vehemently. “Didn’t anybody get at least one?”

“I couldn’t tell you, Zeller. Now what’s this all about?”
“The captain’s insane and the engineer is a sadistic pig, that’s what it’s about. I told Spacecom not to send a woman here. You’ll be raped and probably tortured,” she whispered, painfully crushing my arm in her grip. “It get’s worse every time we go out. He’ll kill us all this time, I know he will.”
“I doubt that.”

“Have you looked around? Everybody else has transferred off. They won’t let me go and won’t let me talk to anybody on the outside. They say I’m needed to perpetuate the species,” she said with a snarl. “So I’ve been slipping my official reports into everything that leaves this ship.”
“Zeller, is this your idea of a sick joke? Things like this just don’t happen in the Combined Space Fleet.”

“They do, sister, believe me,” she said with an insane laugh. “Well one good thing will come of this. As long as your around,” she stepped back and looked me over from head to toe, “they’ll leave me alone. You’re fresh meat honey,” she said disdainfully.
“I think you’re forgetting yourself, Zeller.”

“Hey, fuck you,” she said and turned away, going back to her seat on the bridge. At a loss, I turned and made my way back to the cabin. As the door slid open I noticed immediately that somebody had gone through my stuff. Since there were only four of us on board, it was easy to figure out who it was. I checked the safe first, and found everything intact. I slid a “saturday night companion” into my breast pocket, then smoothed down the pocket so it wouldn’t show. Feeling a little more secure, I turned and looked at my room. He had been going through my underwear. I was sure there were some missing.

I put everything back in it’s place then went over to the wall console and pressed the “communicate” button.
“Ship, this is Navigator Henson. My special ID is XPAPXSF-S6. I want this communication to be personal and secret. Do you recognize my identification?”

“Noted and recognized,” the ship reported in an unemotional voice.
“Good. Report who was in my room during my absence and record it for future reference.”
“Chief Engineer Commander Ronald Crafton Jr. entered your room at 0801 hours. He inventoried the contents of your locker, then departed at 0812.”

“Thank you. I am now going to confront the chief engineer about his pilfering. I want the entire encounter recorded.”
I spun out of my room and turned, going aft. Engineering was easy to find, it was the last door at the end of the passageway. I slammed the door open, surprising the chief engineer at his desk. He quickly slid something into a drawer and slammed the drawer shut. He gave me a sleazy smile and I knew I was in trouble. There was an insane, possessive look in his eyes that frightened and revolted me.

“You go in my cabin again, and I’ll cut your balls off mister,” I said without preamble.
There was a flicker of doubt in his eyes, then the greedy look returned. “There must be some mistake,” he said calmly.
“No mistake, except the one you made. Don’t do it again.”
I turned away and saw a flicker of movement beside me. I spun around and found Crafton at a non- regulation control panel. He looked up in surprise.

“Routine maintenance,” he said with a slick smile. I studied the panel critically for a moment, then spun and left Engineering. I had gone thirty feet down the darkened passageway before I felt a tingle against my skin and I was suddenly jerked off my feet by a restraining field. I crashed painfully into the left wall, with my feet dangling six inches above the deck. I couldn’t move. The field had caught me around the chest and waist. If it had been six inches higher, I would have smothered to death.

I was frozen in the field, looking straight ahead and slightly up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the emergency hatch closing off the front of the ship. It closed with a loud clang. There was no way for the Captain and Zeller to help me now, even if they wanted too. With the restraining field tight against my chin, I couldn’t yell for help anyway.

“Well, Miss sugar britches, what do you have to say now?” the Engineer’s voice came from my left. When he wandered into my view he was holding a pair of my favorite panties up against his nose as he calmly surveyed my helpless body. With my feet free I kicked at him. My shoe went flying past his face. He didn’t even blink.

“Oh, in a hurry to get started, are you?” he asked as he glanced down at my bare legs. “Calm down, sweet thing, this is a one year voyage. We have all the time in the world,” he said with a dirty smile. “I’ve never had a blonde before, I’ve always wondered if they taste like vanilla or butterscotch. Any thoughts on that matter? No?”

I glared at him, unable to speak. He stepped forward and put a hand on my leg. I felt him slowly sliding my skirt up to my crotch.

“Hum, looks delicious, I’d put my money on butterscotch,” he said. I wished desperately to be able to get my hand on the miniature laser in my breast pocket, but my arms were pinned to the wall. I couldn’t even talk, otherwise I would order the ship to give assistance. I knew this was well- planned. He’d obviously done this before, if he had a projector hidden inside the wall ahead of time.

“That is one sexy little skirt you’re wearing,” he said as he stood so I could see him again. I glared at his bald, sweaty head and hawk nose. I wanted to get back at him so badly, but I was absolutely helpless. I was free from the waist down, but there was little I could do, other than possibly getting my legs around his neck and strangling him to death. As I considered this possibility he suddenly grabbed my skirt and ripped it down off my feet. My heart jumped into my throat as I felt the cool air against my legs and thighs. I could practically feel his dirty eyes devouring my body. His hands grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down with a jerk. I kicked, but missed him again. When my panties were off he roughly grabbed my right leg and pulled it aside. I felt wires being wrapped around it. I struggled, but his grip was like iron on my leg. In a moment my leg was restrained. He made several grabs for my other, wildly flailing leg and finally held it in both hands. He pried it aside and I could feel him twisting wires around that ankle. Now I was helpless. When I tried to struggle, the wires dug deeply into my legs. I couldn’t even cry.

I suddenly felt a full lipped kiss on the soft skin of my pussy. My insides tightened in revulsion.
“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere,” he said, wagging a finger in my face. I wanted to tell him all the horrible things I would do to him when… if I got lose. But I could only glare my hatred at him. He didn’t care.

I thought I’d been there for hours, but it was probably only a few minutes. I heard a clink of metal as footsteps approached from the rear of the ship. In a moment he was back, leering and holding up a rope and pulley for me to see.

“This will feel better on those delicate legs of yours, won’t it?” he asked, as if waiting for an answer. He was out of my view for several minutes, then I felt him tying the rope around my ankle. Mercifully, he took the horrible wires off my leg. I felt the circulation starting to return to my foot with agonizing tingles of renewed life. The sound of a squeaky pulley led to my leg being pulled up and out. In a moment I was pinned with my legs spread wide open. It took him only a few more minutes to rig the same for my other leg.

“There, that’s much more efficient, right?” he seemed proud of his work. There was a loud knock on the emergency hatch. A look of irritation crossed his face as he went to the hatch and palmed the switch just enough to see out.
“What do you want?” he asked in a gruff voice.
“I wanted to see you do her,” I almost died with relief when I heard Zeller’s voice. She wouldn’t let this evil man get away with this. Not after she’d been through it herself.
“I don’t want an audience, I want privacy,” he shouted and started to close the door.
“What if I do her while you watch?” Zeller said enticingly.
“You’d eat her and let me watch?”
“For hours, if you want.”
“This ain’t no trick, is it?”
“Absolutely not. She treated me like shit and I want to humiliate her. Have you got her up on the wall?” Zeller’s face suddenly peeked through the hatch. I glared at her, but Zeller only winked.
“Get your split tail in here,” Crafton said, opening the door. Zeller skipped inside and approached me. She started to whisper something when my eyes went to Crafton, who was coming up behind her.

“She looks good,” Zeller said with her hands clasped behind her back. “How long’s she been up there?”
“About half an hour. Well, get at it girl.”

“Ok,” Zeller said with a quick smile. She approached me and disappeared as she knelt out of sight. I struggled to pull my legs free, but the ropes cut deeply into my ankles, so I stopped.
“Oh, man. She looks so sweet,” Zeller said enthusiastically.
“She is, taste her,” Crafton said greedily.

I felt Zeller’s hands on my inner thighs. In wide-eyed horror I felt her breath against the sensitive skin of my pussy, then she made full contact with her warm lips. She pressed them firmly up against my pussy and kissed, then her tongue dipped lightly between my soft, wet folds and flickered here and there for a moment teasing my pussy unmercifully. She was creating a fire in my belly. My inside churned in response to her gentle kiss. I had never been eaten by a woman before, but I certainly wanted to be finished by Zeller before they let me down. I could feel the juices dripping from my pussy, down to the crack of my ass. I was so hot. Her tongue slither back and forth, as it worked it’s way from the top of my mound, to the deep wet hole at the bottom. The tongue snaked in and out rapidly, then licked it’s way around my outer lips.

Zeller pressed her puckered lips against my vulva and sucked, relieving me of some of my abundant juices. Suddenly, she pulled away.
“She is so delicious,” Zeller said with a gusty sigh.
“See. I told you,” Crafton said as if he’d invented my pussy himself.
“Can you change the ropes so they go around her knees? I want to lift them so I can get at here ass.”
“Me and you both, girl. Just a minute.”
The ropes were moved up to my knees. At first I thought I would be split apart, until my knees suddenly sagged and my legs flew up in the air. If I wasn’t embarrassed enough before, laying pinned against the wall with my ass hanging out certainly made it worse. I felt like dying.
“Oh yes,” Zeller said enthusiastically. I felt one firm hand on each of my ass cheeks, and her tongue touched my asshole. The fire in my loins was suddenly joined by one in my stomach as her tongue probed my ass, looking for a way in.”
“Oh, this is too wonderful,” Crafton said, rubbing himself. “Hike up your skirt, young lady, I’m doing you in the ass while you eat hers.”

One hand left my ass as she quickly pulled her skirt up over her own back. Then it returned and she began probing my asshole in earnest. I could feel my asshole weakening under her persistent attack. Little by little it wiggled it’s way up inside me. I felt so uncomfortable, and so turned on. When the tongue won it’s way inside me, an unbelievable fire spread through my bowels. I was SO sensitive inside, I could feel everything it did to me. As disgusting as it was, I actually enjoyed having that girls tongue shoved up my ass. I could feel every bit of her face pressed against me down there. Her cheeks were mashed against my ass cheeks, her nose was pressing into me, just below my vulva. Half an inch higher and it would have fit nicely inside my pussy. Thinking of this I stretched my lower body until her nose slid inside. I rode it while her tongue still managed to ream me out. It brought some relief until she finally pulled her nose out so she could breath.

To my immense pleasure, her full open mouth was applied over my stretched pussy. She nibbled at the fleshy folds on the outer edges of my pussy, then sucked my clit into her mouth. She gasped and pulled away as Crafton suddenly plunged his prick inside her ass.

“Ow, shit, that hurts,” Zeller complained as he began pumping and grunting behind her.
“Not for long, sweetie. Eat that wet pussy until I fill your ass with cum. Then we’ll make her eat it out.”

“Oh, you’re sick,” Zeller said and returned to eating me. I was boiling inside. I had never felt such a fire before in my life, which bothered me, considering the conditions I was being subjected too. I should have felt nothing at all.

Zeller’s mouth opened wide, she pressed her thumbs into the folds of my pussy and spread them far apart, then she pressed her open mouth inside my pussy and began to suck hard, while her tongue lashed my clit. It took seconds for me to build to an orgasm and explode in her mouth. It was so fantastic, at first, but Zeller didn’t stop. She was so engrossed in eating my pussy, and getting fucked in the ass, that she didn’t realize I was coming. As my clit turned super– sensitive, each continued lashing brought me insane pain. It felt like a fire was burning my crotch, and my brain. I wanted to scream and push her face away, but I could only hang there with my eyes bugging out as she withered my insides with a torturous, consuming fire. I felt like I might pass out, but eventually my clit became desensitized enough to endure her attack.

“Oh shit,” Crafton finally said. I could hear him grunting and slapping her bare ass with his thighs, panting louder and louder until he gave a little scream and slammed Zeller forward against me. Zeller stopped eating and laid her cheek against my pussy as Crafton raged and pounded her ass, then wilted across her back.

“Eat me!” Zeller suddenly commanded.
“No way, slut,” he waved her away, totally satisfied. I could have told her that a man never eats pussy after he’s come. Once the adrenalin stops flowing, they lose all sexual urges.
“Then change her so she can eat me!” Zeller said, shaking Crafton as he relaxed on the deck.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind watching that,” Crafton said with relish. “I can drop the field, the ropes will hold her.”

“Hurry, damit, I’m dying here,” Zeller said and pushed him toward engineering.
I heard the slap of bare feet receding in the distance. Zeller suddenly appeared before me.
“I came to help, Lieutenant” she whispered harshly. “When the field drops I’ll untie one leg, you do the other,” she said as she looked toward engineering.
“When you’re lose, hold the bastard, I’m going to kill him,” she said in a growl. I couldn’t have agreed with her more, but even a pervert like Crafton deserved a trial. With all the video footage the ship had made of the incident, Crafton would undoubtedly get the death penalty. But what about Zeller? She was on that footage too. I couldn’t do that to her, if she had really gone through all this to help me.

The field suddenly dropped and I felt myself falling. Zeller grabbed me and lowered me down so I could hold myself off the deck with my hands. She hurried over to my right leg and began untying it. I was almost helpless until she finished. Here I was with each leg tied, my ass plastered against the cold bulkhead, trying not to smash my face against the deck. I could imagine how this would look on video.

“Thanks, Zeller,” I said with a heartfelt sigh.
“I can’t untie his damned knot,” she said in desperation. I felt panic rising in my throat. I watched Zeller trying to undo the knot, but it had been pulled too tight in my struggle to get free. I suddenly remembered the laser, just as the bare footsteps returned.

“Hey, what the fuck?” Crafton yelled and pounded down the passageway. I held myself up with one hand while I fished around in my breast pocket for the miniature laser. I found it just as his feet appeared in front of my face. His hands grabbed at my arm, so I clenched my fist and drove it up into his balls. He gasped, doubled over and fell in front of me. He was still grasping for the laser in my hand when it burned half his face away.

The Captain was taken away wearing dress shoes, white knee-high socks, and boxer shorts. They found him on the bridge that way when S6, military security, my new department, entered to arrest him.

Commander McCarrey agreed to privately view the video to clear Zeller and me of mutiny and murder charges. When he came out he nodded, meaning the tape had been erased. He had an unbelievable hard-on and never looked at me in quite the same way again. And Zeller, my savior? Well I couldn’t let her go unrewarded, especially after the turned-on state she had been left in. When I ordered the ship to return to Saturn, I also ordered Zeller to shower and dress nicely. Then I repaid her for the rest of the trip. I still repay her occasionally, whenever we both get into port.

Zeller’s notes had been received, so many of them that somebody finally took notice. They assigned me to investigate and make arrests. It was my first and most memorable assignment and my very first mutiny. But I have a suspicion that Commander McCarrey kept a copy of that tape, because he still get’s a hard-on whenever he looks at me.

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