The Maid

Author: Sch

Maria, will you come in here please.”

Maria slipped the flowers into the vase, picked up the debris
and hurried in to see Mrs Williams. She dropped the debris in
the trash on the way by a can, and laid the scissors on the
hallway table. She was surprised to see both Mr and Mrs Williams
standing in the library. Mrs Williams was seated, Mr Williams
was standing beside her with an arm over the chair. Maria
briefly thought what a wonderful family portrait that would make.
Then she noticed the scowl on Mrs Williams face. That wasn’t
good, both had bent over backwards to make her feel welcome.
Neither had muttered so much as a harsh word since she arrived
from Juarez three weeks earlier.

“Yes,” Maria said nervously.
“Maria, I thought we specified “no boys” when you started
here. You agreed to that, didn’t you?”

“Sure, no boys,” Maria nodded quickly. She thought it was a
silly rule, but she knew nobody in the United States anyway, so
it was a small hardship. She was only allowed to date boys when
she went home to Mexico City on vacation.

“Then why was there a vulgar looking man here asking for
you?” Mrs Williams continued.

“A man? I know of no man. I know nobody here.”
“Nevertheless, a man was here. I believe that if you want to
keep your job, you must be punished. Do you agree?”

Maria didn’t know what form of punishment they had in mind,
she was too old to spank and could not afford to take a cut in
pay. Her family in Mexico City needed it. Of course she could
return to the employment office in Juarez and wait for another
year for another position. No, that was out of the question.

Maria had an advantage which got her hired much sooner than
her companions, she had studied English in school, then picked up
as much English as she could from the soldiers visiting Juarez
nightly. She even lived with a soldier for several months until
he transferred. Now she still had an accent, but she could be
easily understood.

“I don’t want punishment,” Maria finally decided. “I will
return to Juarez.
“Really?” Maria had the satisfaction of seeing the surprise
on their faces.

“I will pack immediately,” she said, starting to turn away.
“I’m afraid not,” Mr Williams strode forward and grabbed
Maria’s arm. He held it tightly, bringing Maria back in front of
the chair. “We insist that you take your punishment like a good
girl. Afterwards we will raise your pay,” Mr Williams said,
lowering Maria to her knees in front of Mrs Williams.

“That hurts,” Maria cried as she was thrown to her knees.
“Not as much as it will,” Mrs Williams said. “You are going
to get a spanking. You have been very naughty.”
Maria was pushed forward until her face was thrust into the
lap of Mrs Williams. It was hard to breath with her face in the
cloth of her long dress, but Mrs Williams held her firmly by her
long hair so she couldn’t move.

Mr Williams moved around behind Maria and lifted her knee
length skirt, throwing it over her back. He stared at the black
socks, black shoes and white panties for a moment, then took a
bamboo switch and held it aloft. He raised it higher and brought
it down across Maria’s soft ass. It cracked with a whack,
bringing a muffled scream from Maria. Mrs Williams held the
struggling girl in her lap as her husband raised the stick a
second time. It roared through the air and came down across
Maria’s tender thighs. Maria screamed and lunged again. A dark
red welt appeared where the whip had struck.

“Three more,” Mrs Williams said firmly. Maria struggled
again, but Mrs Williams had a firm hold on her hair. She
couldn’t pull free without pulling her hair out by the roots.
“These damned panties are in the way,” Mr Williams said from
behind her.

“Then take them off,” Mrs Williams said. Maria was utterly
humiliated when she felt the panties being ripped down, until
they fell to her knees. Her perfect, lightly-tanned bare ass
stood gleaming in the dim light of the library. Mr Williams
whistled in appreciation. Mrs Williams gave him a cautionary
grunt and motioned for him to continue. He raised the switch
again, and brought it down across her dewy cheeks. Part of the
switch came into contact with Maria’s bare pussy and she screamed
long and hard into Mrs Williams crotch.

“You want him to stop now?” Mrs Williams asked harshly.
“Oh yes, please stop,” she cried as Mrs Williams allowed her
to lift her face.
“Will you do anything I tell you to do?”
“Yes, anything.”
“Then I want you to eat me.”
“What?” Maria sobbed, looking up at Mrs Williams to make sure
she heard her right.
“You heard me. I want you to eat my pussy. Lama mi
“No,” Maria shook her head slowly, a look of disgust on her
“Continue, Arnold,” Mrs Williams said with a slow smile.
“Certainly,” he said enthusiastically.
“No! Wait! I will do it,” Maria said with a tortured look
on her face. “No more whipping, please.”
“Excellent,” Mrs Williams said with a satisfied look. “Oh,
did I mention that Mr Williams is going to fuck you from behind
while you eat me? Perhaps I overlooked that, but no matter.”
“But seĀ¤ora, only my husband…”
“Are you arguing with me?” Mrs Williams demanded.
“No ma’am,” Maria said humbly.

Mrs Williams pushed Maria away and hiked her own long dress
up. She raised up momentarily to slide off her panties, then
settled the dress again with the hem pulled up to her knees.
Maria watched with a stricken look, waiting for her instructions.
She received none. Mr Williams pushed her forward into Mrs
Williams’ lap without a word.

Maria hesitantly raised the bundle of cloth in Mrs Williams’
lap and let it fall over her head. In the dimness of the cloth
tent formed by the dress, she looked at the ivory white thighs on
both sides of her face. She loved Mrs Williams a great deal, but
not like this. She had never…

“Hurry up, damit, my pussy is on fire.”
Maria move closer to Mrs Williams’ pussy and looked at it
hesitantly. Before she could move Mr Williams pushed her
forward. Her face struck Mrs Williams pussy, twisting Maria’s
neck and hurting Mrs Williams.

“Careful,” Mrs Williams growled.
“You husband pushed me.”
Maria felt her short skirt being flipped up on her back
again. As she prepared for more pain, she suddenly felt Mr
Williams licking her shapely ass.
“Arnold, what the hell are you doing?” Mrs Williams demanded.
“Getting her in the mood.”
“Get your hands off her.”
“Fuck you. Shut the hell up and get eaten you overpriced

Maria’s eyes widened in the dim light of the cloth tent. She
had never heard one harsh word from either of them, but now they
were swearing like sailors. And they were cussing at each other.
This was totally unheard of.

Maria’s pussy was on fire. Mr williams’ tongue was probing
deeply inside her vulnerable slit, creating a fire in the entire
lower half of her body. Her knees were weak, her tits were even
burning. She suddenly realized that she wanted to taste Mrs
Williams. The pussy looked very inviting. Even though she had
never dreamed of tasting another woman, she was horny enough to
do anything. She sniffed and detected a faint smell of lilacs.

She closed her eyes and surged forward to kiss Mrs williams’
pussy. She stopped to taste the slight dew that had formed on
the hot lips. It tasted something like salty olive oil.
Actually it wasn’t a bad taste, just different. With the fire
building ever higher in her pussy, Maria began licking Mrs
Williams’ pussy like a dog. She didn’t know exactly how to do
it, but she was doing her best.

As Mr Williams’ tongue struck her sensitive clit, Maria
realized that Mrs Williams might like her clit licked too. Maria
immediately pursed her lips around the clit, sucked gently, and
fenced with the little bud, with the tip of her tongue. Mrs
Williams went wild.

“You can stop now, Arnold, she’s eating me like a good little

“Ok, but she tastes damned awful good,” he said reluctantly.
Mr Williams stood briefly and dropped his pants and underwear on
the floor. With his rock-hard penis sticking out in front of him
like a rhino’s horn, he knelt behind Maria and grabbed her firm,
young ass cheeks. Squeezing them gently, he leaned forward and
touched her sensitive pussy with his prick. Grabbing the seven
inch long member he slid it up and down in Maria’s pussy until it
was well lubricated, then slammed his prick forward, impaling her
helpless upturned ass with his meat.

“Oh damned, she’s a tight little bitch,” Mr Williams groaned.
“Ow, it hurts,” Maria screamed into Mrs Williams’ pussy.

“What did I tell you?” Mr Williams said in satisfaction.
“She’s as tight as you were before we married, you money grabbing
little slut,” he said to his wife.

“Fuck you. If you like her so much you keep her,” Mrs
Williams said, gasping sharply.

“Thanks, I will,” he said, slamming his hips hard against
Maria’s ass. “Oh shit, her pussy is grabbing me like a monkey
grabbing a banana. It’s too bad you don’t have a prick so you
can get a piece of this, whore.”

“It’s too bad you don’t have a big one, you trashy asshole.”
Maria tried to shut out the vulgarity and concentrate on
pleasing Mrs Williams. She planned to escape from their horrid
house after the humiliation was over, but to do that she had to
do her best to please the lady. It was her only chance.
“Eat me good, slut,” Mrs Williams hissed.

“Pull up your dress so I can watch,” Mr Williams grunted. He
was pumping Maria’s poor ass for all it was worth. She felt so
good, so virginal.
“Fuck you, you’ve seen enough.”

“Do what I told you or I’ll slap the shit out of you, bitch.”
Maria saw light appear as Mrs Williams gathered up the cloth
of her dress and held it up by her waist. Maria was actually
enjoying herself now that her pussy had stretched to accommodate
Mr Williams thick penis. Maria enjoyed the feeling of Mrs
Williams’ soft thighs against her cheeks, and the way the lady’s
pubic hair tickled her nose. Even Mrs Williams’ pubic hair
smelled fresh and clean. Maria believed that she probably had a
special pubic hair shampoo, and she was right.

The warmth between Mrs Williams’ legs was incredible, as was
the clean smell of pussy and lilacs. Maria’s face was wet from
pussy juice. It helped her face slide smoothly up and down as
she lapped the lady’s moist slit. The pink flesh, steamy
moisture, and wonderful aroma were very erotic. Maria would
never forget them, even if the rest of the experience was
frightening and painful.

“Shit, I’m coming,” Mrs Williams yelled. She didn’t have to
worry about the neighbors, because they owned the entire
neighborhood. There was nobody else around for miles.

“Damit, I’m coming too. Watching you two sluts is just too
much,” Mr Williams said, then gasped as his prick began unloading
it’s thick white cream inside Maria’s quivering pussy. She too
began to cum, but she was not going to advertise it. She came
with quiet restraint, while Mr and Mrs Williams screamed and cried
out. In moments it was over.

Mr Williams pulled out first so he could lay on the thick
carpet and rest his tired legs. Then Maria backed up slightly
and looked up at Mrs Williams. Mrs Williams used her dress to
wipe Maria’s face, then pulled her to her feet to share a
passionate kiss. Maria was embarrassed by the cum dripping down
her leg. She clenched her pussy tightly to hold it inside.
“Don’t you hate when men fill you with that stuff and just
roll over to sleep?” Mrs Williams seemed to be sympathetic.
“Yes,” Maria said simply.
“I’ll tell you what, he put it there, make him get rid of
“Make him lick it out, of course.”
“Hey, wait a minute,” Mr Williams held up his hands, but Mrs
Williams reached down and grabbed a handful of hair. Before he
could move she shoved Maria forward and pressed her down. Maria
knelt over Mr Williams upturned face and squatted on his mouth.
It took several minutes before she felt his tongue slide up
inside her. Maria looked up at Mrs Williams for approval, but
the lady was gone. Maria looked around and found Mrs Williams
kneeling beside Mr Williams’ legs, giving him a blowjob. His
prick was hard and throbbing again, which explained his sudden
interest in Maria’s pussy. She knew a man had to be hot to do
such a disgusting thing.

While Mrs Williams sucked him thoroughly, Mr Williams poised
two fingers at the entrance to her pussy and thrust them inside.
Mrs Williams squealed, but continued the blowjob without missing
a stroke. When Mr Williams was done sucking Maria clean, he used
his tongue and lips on the rest of her pussy, giving her a good
eating. The whole thing was so disgusting and erotic that Maria
couldn’t believe that any of it had happened. She turned her
head to find Mrs Williams now naked, riding Mr Williams throbbing
prick. Rather that trying to rise up and down on the prick, Mrs
Williams was carefully sliding forward and back. She was
thoroughly enjoying herself.

Maria was the first to be aware of an impending orgasm. She
clenched her pussy and tried to hold her breath to make it last
longer, but she exploded without warning. Thrusting her pussy
forward and back on Mr Williams’ face, she felt his tongue slide
up inside her so she was fucking his tongue like Mrs Williams was
fucking his prick. Maria gasped and massaged her tits until the
orgasm was over. With a squeal she lifted off Mr Williams eager
tongue so her sensitive pussy could relax.

“Oh shit, here I go again,” Mrs Williams gasped. She began
riding up and down on his prick so he would come at the same
time. She knew riding forward and back was a way to extend his
orgasm. Now she wanted to see his face twisted in pleasure as
his cock shot it’s load between her open legs. It took only

“Shit, shit, shit,” Mr Williams gasped. He groaned and
bucked under Mrs Williams until they both collapsed on the floor.
Maria laid on the floor beside them and smiled.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Maria said, looking at
the naked woman next to her.
“It’s our annual outing. Once a year we cut lose with
whichever maid we employ. This year it happened to be you. So
how did you like it?”
“I didn’t like spanking too well, but the rest was ok.”
“Will you stay with us?”
“You mentioned a pay raise?”

“We double your pay, give you an annual bonus of five
thousand dollars, and severance pay of ten thousand dollars
whenever you decide to leave. Oh, you get two weeks vacation in
the summer and two more in the winter. So how about it?”
“Wow,” Maria said, looking from one to the other. “Well, I
have dishes to do, so I’d better get at them.”

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