Tomorrow’s World #1

Author: Steve Nelson

Chapter 3 I Meet a Dream

I watched the sun rise from the window of the Medical Center and through the Great Dome of the city 4 times before I felt able to get around by myself. My strength is returning fast thanks to the marvelous nutrient compounds that these lovely people are giving me.

And the rise in health and strength that my cock has received is astounding, not to mention the Beautiful nurses that have helped me, with toiletry and showering. I’ve wanted to just reach out and have a big taste of their lovely big tits for days now.
Vin has come for a visit today, this is my first Official visit.

My interview with Vin:
Vin arrived and formally said; “My name is Administrator Vin Male147A. We already know you are Arthur, Director of Rock Mesa Lab in what used to be called Arizona. That’s good enough for us, you see Arthur we don’t use lettered names and Titles for most of us here in our society. It is more efficient we feel to use the address connected with the sex of the occupant for identification. We don’t like putting one individual above others with cumbersome and sometimes demeaning social titles. We want to foster a feeling of equality in our society from Council members to Garden workers. We are all Important to the happiness of each other.”

“Well you’ve already answered some of my first questions, now I’ve got several thousand more,” I said. “Not to worry, you’ve got your whole life ahead to ask them in, but let me get to the good news for you. I am to inform you of the thoughts and wishes of our Ruling Council;
1)We feel that Director Arthur is a valuable link to us in discovering our past and therefore upon satisfactory completion of tests, which we have already done with your stay here in Medical, you will be allowed to go out and begin a new life as a member of our society.

2)I am directed to give you every aid in doing just that.”

“What tests were these you’ve talked about?” I asked. “Various blood tests and tissue samples have been taken as well as brain scans have been done while you were under sedation at the very start.” Said Vin. “And what were your results may I ask?” I said. “Excellent across the board,” said Vin. “The tests revealed that you carry no dangerous diseases and your brain patterns indicate no violent behaviors. And all that means is that we hope you will join and become a productive member of our society.” “Sounds fine by me,” I said. “You don’t have much of a choice anyway,” said Vin. “You see outside of our protective Dome of this and others of our cities, there really isn’t much left of the world you came from.” “Bluntly put, it’s not safe out there.” Vin gestured with his hand.

“Well how do we proceed?” I asked. “I’ve sure enjoyed what I’ve seen of the Lovely nurses here at the Medical Center.”
Vin Paused and smiled, “I have a treat for you then.” He stepped to the door and came back in a moment with an Extremely Lovely Woman in toe! “Arthur I want you to meet, ‘Female401E’.” “She will be your assigned companion to help you through your transition to our, or ‘your’ new way of life. She will explain our customs and laws and help you get settled in. Understand now, she is not your slave or your servant. Female 401E is a Qualified nurse and I’m now getting to the best part.” Vin pulled out of the small brief case he carried a Gold chain with white number plate, the plate read ‘Male501E’. “This is your new name. From now on you are officially known as ‘Male501E,’ “ said Vin. “Male501E, I believe you’ll be happy to know that Female401E is your downstairs neighbor.”

Vin now left, leaving also a wrist device as well and a huge grin on his face as he went. Now I was alone with Female401E.

Chapter 4 Female401E

“I am very pleased to meet you,” I said. “Please don’t be too formal,” she said. “I am Female401E. I am here to help you with everything you may need. I’ll be by your side always unless you tell me to go away.”
“Are you kidding?” I said. “I don’t think I’d tell you to go away if I live to be 100,” I said.

“My name is Female401E,” she said in her sweet voice. “Now let me help you with your name tag.” 401E came around behind me and hooked the name tag and chain around my neck and straightened it nicely in front just as hers was and all others I’d seen. “There now, this must stay on you at all times. It is water proof and nothing can damage it. Also, this is your Wrist Com.” She put the wrist communicator on my right wrist. “This Wrist Com is also water proof and it can do many things, such as open the door to your own apartment, communicate with others, give the time, date, calculate and more…” “You can take it off from time to time if you wish but you may get yourself locked out if you’re not careful.” “Would you be coming to my rescue if I did?” I asked. “Silly Male501E,” she said. “I don’t think you’ll need rescuing.” “Your Wrist Com gives an electronic signal saying to all doors and other devices that you are Male501E.”

“Your new apartment is our first destination for today.” She said. “Do you feel up to it?” “Lead on Honey, I’m sticking with you!”
“Please, my name is Female401E!” she said. “Ok, sorry, but the number part sounds to me so Official and unfriendly. How about, ‘My Female’?” I said. “Just, ‘Female,’ she said, as I am not yours.” “Ok deal, ‘Female’ it is then.” I said.
“Male501E you must understand it is my job to help you learn and adjust to our ways, to make them your ways.” “Ok and I have an adjustment for you then,” I said with a smile. “When we’re together you just call me ‘Male’, OK?” She thought a moment then said, “Ok we have a deal, ‘Male’.”

I sat back on the hospital bed and gazed at her. She wanted to speak again but I shushed her. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” I said. “You remind me of a lovely ‘Female’ I saw in a publication, back in the 20th century. Your eyes are simply delicious. I feel I will melt when I look at you. You are about 4’ 2” am I right?” “Yes Male.” She said. “And I just love that beautiful bronze skin tone you have.” “Everyone here has about the same skin tone, a little darker or a little lighter in some cases.” She said. “And the size of your tits is what they used to call 34DDD I think.” “My how Lovely!” I said again. “You are slim with nicely rounded hips and your Ass is just Gorgeous!” “Is your pussy hot and wet?” I asked. “Believe me Male, it has been since I came into this room,” she said. With legs and delicate feet to match I knew why Vin had that grin on his face as he left.
“Now male are you through enjoying my body?” she asked. “Never!” I said.

Female401E began to speak again in her sweet voice. “First I want to help you with what you’ll see when we exit the Medical Center. You will see females mounted on males as they go about their business. It is customary for a female to mount a male for trips here and there. Females do not do a lot of walking in our society they simply mount a male if one is handy. A female will not approach you and asked to mount you because I will be by your side holding your hand. This is a sign that you are ‘With Me.’ Also you are not in physical shape yet for females to be mounting you for travel anywhere.”

“As you’ve seen I am sure, the males here are incredibly strong in the legs and arms and of course you may also notice how large and strong the male’s cocks are. The average males cock in our world is about 14”, unless the male has recently ejaculated, in which case the male will be down to around 9” for about 30 minutes. Then the male will become erect again and ready for use. Do you understand what I am saying so far Male?” she asked. “Yes Ma’am!” I said. “Female!” she said. “Yes Female.” I said.
“Ok, you’ll also see couples from time to time along the way and on the commuter trams making love. An approving look is appropriate, Do Not stare. You see in our society, beauty and love and making love are life long desires we all have. Love and making love is what our society is all about. It is what we’ve been Genetically Engineered to do. We celebrate Healthy living and Sex. It is our way.”
“No worries Female, I understand and agree fully!”
“Now I want to get to know you better Male, before your cock grows as large as the other males. I am intrigued by your small 6” size.” With that statement she began to give me a Fabulously Wonderful blow job!

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