Etta Rose’s

Author: SWeathers

Although it was warm out, it was at the end of October and the trees on the Cumberland mountains looked like the swirling, crystal colors in blown glass; a mixture of yellows, blues and purples. The sky a deep blue with wisp of clouds intermingled like dry brush strokes on a porous canvas.
My girlfriend at the time was named Caz, I loved her because she was innovative when it came to our sex lives. She knew, what I liked and how to make it memorable. This day would be no different.
Caz was blonde haired with big, beautiful, blue eyes very innocent looking which belied the nympho maniac that she truly was and enjoyed being. She, was between five seven and five nine and weighed one-hundred and thirty five pounds—-soaking wet. She was a cheerleader in high school and after graduation had always watched what she ate and exercised often keeping her girlish figure not to mention a great ass!
I was off from work one day and Caz stopped by and said, “come on I want to take you somewhere, go put something comfortable on.”
I put on my favorite jeans and a old t-shirt with my black, faded, worn and sleeveless Karate Gi top and tennis shoes.
We were enjoying the weather and the buena vista the day had to offer and had just past a favorite park of ours called Chain Rock.

Chain Rock is a place on Pine mountain in the Cumberlands that at it’s top has a huge boulder that is secured there with a heavy duty chain to keep it from smashing into the small town of Pineville below, should it ever start plummeting down the mountain.
Along, the road below is a waterfall and the water falls from thirty or forty feet up the side of the mountain directly in front of where US 119 and 25E comes to a “T,” in the road. There under the waterfall was a gorgeous young woman with a long slim build in a black bikini showering under the falls in full view of everyone at the intersection. She seemed to be oblivious to the traffic around her and was immersed in taking her shower.

As we drove closer she came up on her tip toes as she rinsed her long, black hair that fell to the middle of her back that she was holding in both hands and pulled to a pony tail while raising her alluring face to catch the cool mountain water sliding down the wet rocks of the falls.
Her breasts were not large but were well rounded, young and firm and in proportion to the rest of her body. As she stretched to catch the water her abdominal muscles were taunt and so defined, they looked as if they were drawn on. Her ass was perfect in every detail and her well tanned thighs highlighted her impeccable calves and white feet.

“Hey!” Caz said, playfully hitting me when she noticed I was checking her out. I just shook my head and laughed.
We drove for thirty more minutes up into the mountains. Pulling onto a dirt driveway we past an old gate that once use to block the rugged drive. Slowly, rounding another curve we pulled up in front of a antiquated house with chickens in the yard and pigs in the lot beside the tumble down, red faded barn that stood by the pasture to the left of the old house.
A heavy set, dark haired woman wearing an apron was in the yard as we pulled up. When she saw her niece Caz driving the car she smiled and waved. We all said our hellos and Caz introduced me to her aunt Etta Rose.

“I’m going to take him and show him the property out back,” Caz said to her aunt.
I grabbed the twelve pack out of the car and followed her as we set out across the lawn.

“Where’re we going,” I asked.

“Not far….I just want you to see something,” Caz said.
We walked about one-hundred yards over a rolling hill to the side of the mountain top. There was an old stone fence with a huge pin oak tree there.

“Why don’t you go over there and sit against that tree,” she offered.

“O.k.,” I replied, knowing she was up to something.
As I set down by the old oak, I turned to see what Caz was doing and she was picking up the beers I had set down for us.
Across the worn down grass of the pasture, I could see the side of Pine mountain as it followed the road we came up on snaking off into the distance as far as the eye could see against the Autumn sky. It reminded me of when I was a young boy and dad would take me hunting at my granddad’s farm—-Caz knew, that this scene on top of Pine mountain was being burned into my brain and I would never forget it….what could ever be better than this? I thought.

Caz brought me a beer and set down beside me.

“This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever saw, thank you,” I said, to her.

“Shhhh,” Caz said, as she reached over and unzipped my pants—I was about to find out what could be better than this.
I watched as she unzipped and pulled my dick out of my pants and began to jack-off my stiffening cock. She looked up at me with those azure eyes just for a moment and said……..“Don’t watch me, look over there,” she said, pointing towards the mountains.
I turned my head back to the mountainous view and began searching closely now for minute details that I could include in this memory I would never forget——-her mouth and throat took the full length of my cock—I moaned—-she squeezed my balls; my cock got rock hard. Her warm, wet, sucking mouth came back up my cock and she tried to force her tongue down my piss whole—it was driving me crazy—she began to bob her head up and down on my fiery dick. I placed my left hand on the back of her head and guided her down again as I closed my eyes and rested my head against the old, oak tree—she deep throated me over and over.
I could smell the shampoo of her hair, the trees, the sweet autumn air and the cool, dry earth that we sat on.
She licked and sucked until I came in her mouth as I watched a stream of my glistening sperm coming out of the corner of her mouth; mixing with her saliva causing a spermy froth that ran down my nut sack and rested on my balls.
As the last spasm of ejaculation left my softening cock, a vast feeling of melancholy came over my soul and I thought, “I’ll never be in this spot, this young, doing this—-ever again. Then I smiled and thought, in my memory—I can always come back to this spot and be this young—–doing this, anytime I choose—what a great day it was Thank you! Caz”

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