Dream Sometimes Do Come True

Author: Shawn

   Shawn strapped on his gear and prepared himself for another patrol in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Standing a whopping 6’5” and weighing a chiseled 275 pounds, citizens and hoodlums alike all new Shawn very well. On the mean streets, his nickname was “Big Jack.” Even his fellow officers looked up to him as well. When they got a rough call, they felt at ease when they saw Shawn arrive as their back-up. By no means was he considered one of those types who hid behind his badge either. Shawn could handle the most heated domestic calls and by the time he left, he had the couple back in loving arms. Shawn was a friendly cop who would stop and render assistance to anyone, but the criminals all knew too well that if they challenged him in a violent way, he could answer their call with a violent onslaught! He had proven that talent on many occasion!
   Not only did he have the physique of a chiseled Adonis, Shawn had a downright handsome face to match. His hair was brown and cut in the fashion of a crew cut and his thick mustache always was perfectly trimmed. On the inner police circuit, Shawn was well known as the ladies man. To say the least, he was simply a whore dog. His police shirt fit tight with the sleeves glued to the upper break of his bulging biceps. Not only can he be considered a handsome man, but in his police uniform, he was truly intimidating.
   At this time, Shawn is 29 years of age and lives in his parents home just on the outskirts of the city he was sworn to protect. The home was left to him once both of his parents had become deceased and he now resided in the home, all alone. To match his physical perfection, Shawn also had an impressive weapon he was born with. When erect, his cut cock sprang forth a solid 8 3/4 inches and was almost as thick as a 20 ounce soda can. Naturally, getting women was no problem for Shawn, none at all. However, Shawn did have one dark passion nobody ever had a clue about, and that was he knew he was bisexual.
   During his 29 years, Shawn only had two occasions where he was involved in gay sex, so to speak. He had let two different men give him a blow job, however, he didn’t return the favor. At that time, he felt had he sucked on their cocks, then he would have been gay, or at least, that’s what he had thought. So, he just let them suck his cock, blowing his huge load down their throats, and that was it.
   Shawn’s ultimate true fantasy was that of his neighbor, Billy. Ever since Shawn could remember, he had always looked at Billy differently than he had of others. As Billy grew older, somewhere in his mid-teens, Shawn became even more infatuated. He found himself pounding his cock while dreaming of Billy most nearly all the time. No matter when it was, every time he laid eyes on Billy, his cock would instantly get rock hard. Now that Billy had just turned 18, and was still the spitting image of perfect beauty, Shawn’s desire became ultimately higher.
   Through Shawn’s eyes, Billy was an angel. He stood close to 5’8” tall and weighed a slender 150 pounds. Billy’s hair was jet black, thick at best, and brushed straight back. His eyes were a glistening emerald green and Billy’s eyes lashes were full and perfectly upturned. Billy’s eyebrows were also jet black and carried a medium thickness. To further add to Shawn’s mental note taking, Billy’s small nose only was highlighted by his slender, unblemished, face which possessed the cutest little dimples impaling each smooth cheek.
   It was during the summer time, and while it was his day off, Shawn sat in his recliner, binoculars in hand, cock in fist, and was watching Billy mow the lawn. Billy had his shirt off and Shawn feasted upon his hairless chest, and taunt, muscular stomach. As he peered out the window, he lowered the binoculars to take a look at Billy’s straining legs as he pushed the mower. Shawn could only see a few dark curls as they glistened against the sweat on each of Billy’s shins. It appeared that Billy’s thighs were hairless and they offered a wonderful tan as well.
   At times, Shawn could just make out the small tuft of a small black patch of underarm hair as he continued pounding his pre-cum spewing cock. As he studied the mouth watering features of Billy’s chest and stomach, Shawn kept on taking mental pictures as his eyes marveled at Billy’s tiny, pale pinkish, nipples. Also, to add to Shawn’s voyeur delight, he witnessed Billy’s small inny belly button. Shawn also discovered Billy didn’t have a “goody trail” either. It was all smooth and totally hairless, unlike his own chest hair which was of medium thickness.
   Keeping the binoculars glued to his eyes, Shawn blew his load while he watched Billy bend over and the tight shorts he was wearing displayed the most mind boggling ass any man could ever hope to have. Billy’s butt, in the eyes of Shawn, was solid, yet offered a perfect tear drop bubbly shape. Seeing Billy’s butt made Shawn’s cock erupt, spitting his thick wad of man juice all over his chest and stomach. Shawn pounded his cock into sheer submission while keeping both eyes locked onto Billy.

   Billy’s hero had always been Shawn. Billy and his father would go to the playground and watch Shawn play football and baseball. Back then, most everybody thought Shawn would go on to play professional football or baseball. He was that good! Through Billy’s eyes, Shawn was the pure vision of how a man should look. As he got older, he too adopted Shawn’s street name, referring to Shawn as “Big Jack.”
   Billy always looked forward to hanging around Shawn. Just being next to Shawn, Billy felt safe, and Shawn never spoke down to him due to the age difference either. When Billy was in the eighth grade, he was about to get jumped on by three guys who were in the eleventh grade. Just as he was about to get his butt royally kicked, somebody from the crowd that had gathered shouted, “You fuck with him, Big Jack is gonna fuck with you!” That was all it took for the three guys to tuck their tails and run off. After that day, Billy knew just by being Shawn’s neighbor and friend, he didn’t have to be worried by bullies.
   By no means was Billy a virgin. Ever since he was around 13 years of age, some girl offered to suck his cock. Up to this point in his life, he had gone all the way with a girl at least 15 times or so. Just like Shawn, Billy too, had a dark secret nobody was aware of. Billy was head over heels infatuated with his life long hero, Shawn. He had never done anything with another guy, but he had spent many a night blistering his cock while he dreamed of the man they all called “Big Jack.”
   This day, while covered in sweat, pushing the mower, Billy thought he saw Shawn peering out his window. Each time he pushed the mower in Shawn’s direction, Billy strained his eyes to see if what he thought he saw, he actually did see. A few more passes by, Billy could just barely see the outline of Shawn’s face and the binoculars that were glued to it. Billy by no means took this in a negative, insulting kind of way, instead, he decided to lay a foundation of what he hoped would be a dream come true.
   After the last row of grass had been cut, Billy put the mower away and went inside his house. He lived with his parents who were both at work. He ran into the bathroom, stripping out of his soaking wet shorts, then took a well needed shower. His cock was rock hard as it pointed upwards at a 45 degree angle. Billy stroked his soap covered cock with his left hand while his right fingers were busy cleaning out his butt crack. Billy’s cock throbbed with anticipation as his hand slid over the shaft and helmet shaped cock head. The last time he had measured his cock, Billy figured it to be close to the 6 inch range and was about as thick as an average sized banana.
   Once he finished showering, Billy dried himself off. Knowing his parents wouldn’t be home in at least four more hours, Billy scurried through his underwear drawer. He finally found the one pair of underwear he had been looking for. It was the skimpiest bikini underwear he owned and it was of a fish net fashion and white in color. It was also a thong bikini and as Billy slid it up his legs, a soft chill danced about his back as the thin line slid in between his butt crack, nestling tenderly against his bung hole.
   Billy took a second to take a look at himself in the mirror. Just as he wanted, anyone who dare to look at his cock could clearly see it through the fish net material. Billy’s right hand trembled as he opened his front door. He wasn’t afraid of anyone seeing him other than Shawn due to the fact that their homes couldn’t be seen by any passerby’s. Once the door opened, Billy’s legs began to tremble as he stepped out onto his front porch, in broad day light. With just his eye popping and cock revealing underwear on, and nothing else, Billy began watering the plants. As he did so, he kept on secretly trying to see if Shawn was back at the window.
   In about five heart pounding minutes, Billy saw Shawn’s face and the binoculars pressing up against the window. By now, Billy was doing everything within his horny power to not get an erection. He decided he would give Shawn a show, a show that if everything went as planned, he would get to see Big Jack’s little Jack! Billy intentionally bent way over, pausing for a few seconds in order to let Shawn stare at his butt. Not trying to be a narcissist, but Billy knew he has a very appealing and definitely shapely derrière. Billy paraded around the front yard, taking his sweet time putting on a sexy show while watering all the various plants and flowers.

   Shawn by no means was missing any part of this show. Though he had already busted one enormous nut, his right hand was steadily stroking his fat cock frantically while keeping both eyes zeroed in on Billy and his every movement. Shawn could clearly see the outline of Billy’s sleeping cock as it rested directly on top of his nuggets. Shawn tried in vain, but he couldn’t make out the details of Billy’s balls no matter how hard he strained his eyes.
   As he sat there, stroking his throbbing meat, Shawn decided to do something else. Basically, he couldn’t stand it any longer, so he decided to get a closer birds eye view of Billy and his cock hardening, mouth watering, body. Shawn put on a pair of worn out blue jean shorts and flip flops and walked out the door. His footsteps carried him within a few short feet from where Billy and his near nude body was standing. While Shawn’s eyes fell upon Billy’s tanned solid body, Billy’s eyes feasted upon the heaving chiseled chest of Shawn.
   Billy was the first to speak, “Hey Big Jack, what’s up?” Shawn took in a deep breath after listening to Billy’s pure angelic soft voice, then replied, “Nothing much. Just seeing what your plans are for today. I’m off today and was thinking of working out a little, but other than that, I don’t have anything else planned.” Billy smiled while absorbing the total physical awe of belonging to Shawn, then angelically replied, “Yeah, I cut the grass earlier and I don’t have anything planned either. Just finishing up watering my mom’s plants.”
   Shawn’s eyes targeted the creamy flesh of Billy’s cock as it freely flopped over those juicy tender nuggets. This time, being up close, Shawn judged Billy’s balls to be about the size of pecans. Billy managed to see precisely where Shawn’s eyes were looking at, and deciding once more to offer his hero another view, Billy turned around and bent over offering Shawn a clear shot of his outstretched butt. Nobody had to question where Shawn’s skilled eyes rested on at this very moment. As his eyes locked onto the tanned stretched flesh of Billy’s butt, Shawn could just barely see the outline of his tiny bung hole and the little black hairs that danced preciously up and down Billy’s tiny crack. Shawn’s cock throbbed severely wanting desperately to free itself from the shorts.
   While Billy was still bent over, he asked, “So, would you like to hang out together today?” Just hearing Billy’s soft voice sent a shiver of electricity shooting up and down Shawn’s spine as he replied, “Yeah, yeah that would be cool.” After a short pause, Shawn spoke, “We can go to my house and hang out.” Billy, still with his butt hiked up in the air for Shawn to look at if he wanted to, replied, “That would be awesome. I guess I should go inside first and change clothes.” Shawn immediately blurted out, “No, no. You’re fine just the way you are, and besides, it will only be the two of us at my house. You may as well be comfortable.”
   Billy stood up and walked over to shut off the water. Shawn’s eyes followed him like a starving hawk, noting how Billy’s tight little butt flexed upon his every footstep. Shawn took the time to look at his own hand and guessed that he could easily cover both of Billy’s tanned butt cheeks easily with just one hand. As Billy was making his way back to Shawn, Billy’s eyes marveled upon the huge basket of his hero. The bulge inside Shawn’s shorts already displayed the story, and Billy knew that even in his fantasies, he may have underestimated the true size of Shawn’s cock.
   Inside Shawn’s home, the two sat on the sofa while Billy was flipping through some channels on the television. While Billy was doing that, Shawn was busy straining his eyes to see more of Billy’s soft cock. He could make out the head of Billy’s cock, noting that Billy was actually uncircumcised. Shawn could now see the foreskin as it covered the little cock head. Knowing this, only intrigued Shawn that much more.
   A short time had passed and Billy excused himself to go pee. No sooner had Billy walked out of the room, almost as if drawn in by a commercial magnetic device, Shawn’s face buried itself in the exact spot in which Billy had been seated in. Inhaling deeply, Shawn’s nostrils fought against reality to offer some form of aroma, but nothing could be obtained except the smell of the sofa cushion itself. After a few more desperate sniffs, Shawn sat back up in the upright position and waited for Billy to return.
   Once Billy returned, and was seated back into his original position, the two began talking. Mostly, it was Billy who asked a lot of questions about police work and Shawn eagerly supplied the answers. Billy asked Shawn about the use of the handcuffs, but instead of answering Billy, Shawn decided to demonstrate the handcuffing procedure on Billy, giving him first hand knowledge of his own question. Shawn had Billy stand up with Billy’s back facing him. Shawn quickly applied the handcuffs, locking Billy’s wrists behind his back. Shawn stepped closer in behind Billy where his crotch came in direct contact with Billy’s retrained hands. Shawn’s lips immediately parted as his nostrils flared capturing the sweet fragrance spewing from Billy’s hair.
   The bulge his hand came in contact with was as hard as a brick, forcing Billy’s own cock to spring into life. Billy peered down and saw his cock as it freed itself, poking out of the top of his skimpy thong underwear, showing off for the whole world to see, better yet, for Shawn to see! And Shawn did see and he was now drooling over the spectacular sight. The foreskin still completely covered Billy’s cock head, but Shawn could clearly see the thickness and length of Billy’s creamy colored cock.
   With his mind racing rapidly, Shawn, unintentionally kept brushing his bulging cock upon Billy’s hands as he maneuvered his hulk like body from one side of Billy to the other. Billy intentionally opened his hands to get a better feel of the monstrous cock trapped inside of Shawn’s shorts. Though both had reached this level of action, neither had a clue on how to go about getting things started. Shawn played like he was a cop while Billy played being the criminal. In both of their horny minds, both Shawn and Billy wanted things to escalate to the next level, but neither had the mindset to make the first move.
   While still handcuffed, Billy cleared his throat, then asked, “Big Jack, what if there was drugs involved? Let’s say you had just busted me and took me in. What do you do when you get the guy back to the police station?” Shawn’s legs were awesomely weak and his voice cracked as he replied, “If there’s any kind of drugs involved, we got to give them a strip search before taking them down to jail.”
   Taking a brief second to think about it, Shawn blurted out, “Heck, it’s just me and you here and I’ll just go ahead and show you how we do it!” Before Billy knew what to say, his skimpy thong bikini briefs were sliding down his legs. Shawn was behind Billy as the underwear slid over both of Billy’s gloriously tanned butt cheeks. Unable to resist, Shawn inched his face within a fraction of an inch at Billy’s crack and began inhaling for dear life. The only aroma Shawn could detect was that of a mild coconut fragrance.
   Once Billy’s underwear was down at his ankles, Billy unconsciously stepped out of them. Shawn had Billy look straight ahead as he bent down and retrieved Billy’s underwear. For no known reason to Shawn, but he found himself greedily sniffing the thonged material that had been creasing Billy’s crack. The aroma greeting his air filled lungs was a mixture of musk and coconut. The concoction was enough to make Shawn’s mind spin even more frantically, sending him into more of a sexual frenzied state of being.
   Shawn gathered his thoughts and inched his hulking frame in front of Billy. The first thing that caught Shawn’s attention was the way Billy’s mouth watering cock presented itself. It throbbed upwards at a good 45 degree angle. Shawn was no stranger at seeing an uncut cock, but in all of his fantasies about Billy, he had imagined Billy’s cock being cut. The uncut cocks he had seen, all belonged to prisoners who were being strip searched after being charged with drugs.
   The sac holding Billy’s pecan sized nuts tightly held the tender nuggets close to the base of Billy’s rock hard cock. Shawn could see the sparse tiny hairs that littered the tight sac. Billy’s pubic hair was either neatly trimmed or he just began growing pubic hairs. The hairs themselves covering Billy’s pubic area was a meager half an inch wide and a half an inch in length. In Shawn’s eyes, Billy was a sculpture of pure angelic perfection.
   Shawn spoke, “Normally, we have the prisoners do this, but since you are already handcuffed, I’ll go ahead and do it.” Lightning bolts crashed throughout every square inch of Billy’s body as he felt Shawn’s hand softly grace his cum filled balls. While holding both of Billy’s balls in his right hand, Shawn hoarsely whispered, “We have to check them in case a prisoner is hiding some paraphernalia.” The balls rolling freely in his hand sent chills racing up and down Shawn’s spine. They felt like they were created from pure silk. Other than his own, this was Shawn’s first time at holding another man’s balls in his hand, and they felt absolutely, positively, great!
   Billy stood there while Shawn began using both hands to softly caress (search) his nuggets. Billy’s body began trembling and his cock throbbed harshly with his every heartbeat. The sight of Billy’s dancing cock didn’t go unnoticed by Shawn either. While playing with Billy’s balls, Shawn used his right index finger to softly stroke Billy’s taint area. Billy instinctively arched himself upon his toes as the finger slid freely, sending his already trembling body into a feverish pitch.
   Shawn’s taint roaming finger felt the tiny hairs leading up to Billy’s most secretive possession, that being, his butt hole. Once again, Shawn cleared his throat and spoke, “When we have a prisoner who is uncut, we have to have them slide the foreskin back to ensure that nothing had been hidden in that area.” Now, shock wave after shock wave rumbled over Billy’s body as he felt Shawn’s hand grace his aching cock. As his hand closed over the upwards section of Billy’s shaft, Shawn couldn’t help not to notice the silk like feeling as well as the chunk of steel now gracing his hand.
   With very little effort, Shawn gingerly pulled Billy’s foreskin back, revealing the head of his cock. The head was a dark pinkish color bordering a purplish tint and was oozing pre-cum by the second. It wasn’t any larger than the shaft, offering more of a torpedo shaped cock. Shawn’s eyes widened at the tiny piss slit as it gaped open, spewing out pre-cum that was now falling upon his fingers. Subconsciously, Shawn had begun a slow jerking motion as his eyes feasted upon what he figured to be close to six inches of pure perfection. Though Shawn didn’t realize what his hand was doing, Billy on the other hand felt it.
   Billy’s thin lips parted and a soft elegant moan spewed forth, wringing sharply within the parameters of Shawn’s ears. Shawn looked into Billy’s eyes and saw that he had them tightly closed and his precious little mouth was slightly open. Shawn squeezed his hand a little upon Billy’s cock and watched Billy as he softly moaned once more. As he squeezed again, a droplet of pre-cum oozed upon his finger. By now, pure unadulterated thoughts began rapidly erupting inside of Shawn’s head. Without having a clear thought process, Shawn raised the finger which contained a glob of Billy’s pre-cum and inserted it into his mouth. To Shawn’s inexperienced surprise, Billy’s pre-cum tasted pretty good. It was gooey, and slippery, but just offered a mild taste that Shawn simply couldn’t describe.
   After the initial taste, Shawn squeezed Billy’s cock a few more times, each time scooping up the liquid and shoving it into his mouth. Still, Shawn could not describe the strange flavor awakening his taste buds. None the less, the strange gooey substance spewing from Billy’s magnificent cock was becoming addicting. The more Shawn tasted, the more he craved!
   Billy, on the other hand, didn’t want this to stop. He had no clue that Shawn was sipping on his pre-cum, but at this point, he actually didn’t care. The large hand stroking his cock was doing something extremely magical within his inner being. This wasn’t the first hand that fell upon his cock, but this was the first time a man’s hand touched him, but more so, it was Big Jack’s hand!
   Shawn had played with Billy’s cock to the point Billy was getting dangerously close to blowing a load. Hearing Billy cry out that he was close, Shawn removed his hand from Billy’s cock. Shawn just simply froze in position while entranced at the vision of Billy’s pulsating masterpiece. His mouth watered furiously, desperately wanting more of Billy’s pre-cum. Shawn’s eyes widened as he watched the foreskin slide graciously back over Billy’s perfectly designed mushroom shaped cock head.
   Taking the bull by the horns, Shawn held onto Billy’s right shoulder as he guided Billy over towards the recliner. Billy was now facing the recliner as Shawn said, “We have to check one more area for paraphernalia.” Billy’s body easily followed Shawn’s guidance as he found himself burying his head in the cushion of the recliner. Shawn politely kicked Billy’s legs outwards, spreading his muscular butt cheeks in the process. With Billy now in the position Shawn wanted, Shawn stood in behind Billy and began processing all the intricate qualities that Billy’s spread ass offered. The fine little hairs sparsely littered the tiny crack and several of the dark hairs gathered directly around the pinkish opening of Billy’s tiny asshole.
   Shawn slid to his knees, keeping both eyes zeroed in on Billy’s almost microscopic bung hole. Once again, for whatever the reason, Shawn inched his face as close to Billy’s butt cheeks as humanly possible without actually touching them, and began deeply inhaling. The aroma firing into his lungs was that of a mild musk mixed with a fresh scent of coconut. Trying to regain control of himself, and the situation too, Shawn’s voice cracked as he whispered, “Just keep still. I’m gonna touch your anus with my finger and this might tickle a bit.” Billy’s mid was already swarming with never before felt pleasure and when he felt the light touch gingerly dance across his butt hole, Billy’s vocal chords spewed a chorus of delightful moans.
   Behind Billy, Shawn wasn’t exactly using his finger to dig at Billy’s butt hole, in all reality, it was his tongue. Shawn used his tongue to stab at the tiny orifice while using both thumbs to hook the inner crack area and spread Billy’s cheeks a bit wider for a much better access. Shawn was no stranger when it came to eating an ass, but this was his first time dining on a man’s butt. And this butt his tongue was now lapping at was Billy’s grade A delicious ass.
   Each time Shawn stabbed at Billy’s love chute entrance, more feelings of wild erotic emotions filled his head with all sorts of wonderful thoughts. He truly wanted everything Billy and his perfect body could offer, even to the point that Shawn now wanted to taste Billy’s sperm straight from the source. As his tongue tenderly swabbed at Billy’s tiny puckering pucker hole, Shawn now wanted to feel what it would be like to have his cock up this very tasty and mystifying glory chute.
   Within a very short time, Shawn had stopped lapping at Billy’s asshole and now had helped Billy stand on two very wobbly legs. Using the key, Shawn unlocked the handcuffs and allowed Billy to go free. Standing in the center of the living room, Billy not once considered the fact that he was still naked as the day he was born. Shawn stood next to him and took mental pictures while still relishing in the after taste of the overall deliciousness of Billy’s tight little ass.
   Neither man knew exactly what to say, but both didn’t want this to end either. Billy cleared his throat, then softly said, “You know, this don’t seem fair. I’m naked and you’re not!” Once Billy made that statement, he sat back down on the sofa, keeping both watery eyes locked onto the hulking figure standing just a few short feet in front of him. Shawn smiled, then replied, “Well, I can fix that!” With the flip of his finger, Shawn unbuttoned the top button and slid the zipper down. Using his thumbs, Shawn hooked the inside of his shorts and yanked them all the way down.
   When Shawn’s cock popped out of its confinement, Billy’s mouth fell wide open as he quickly realized that he had been severely mistaken about the size of Big Jack’s cock. Billy witnessed first hand as he peered upon the bulbous mushroom cock head, noting that it was larger than the already thicker than thick shaft. The beast jutted straight out from Shawn’s muscular frame with just a slight downwards arch somewhere in the lengthy middle.
   The words flew out of Billy’s mouth before he even thought about saying anything, “Holy shit Shawn, that’s one huge mother fucker! Good God man, you actually fuck women with that monster?” Shawn was taking a seat next to Billy, on Billy’s right side, as he blurted out, “I was born with it, so to me, it’s really not all that big, and yeah, I fuck a lot of women. Some of them just want to suck it, but I do have my fair share wanting to come back for seconds and thirds.”
   Billy gulped hard, still entranced at the intimidating sight of Shawn’s one eyed erect monstrous cock, then inquisitively asked, “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass with that thing?” Shawn forced out a chuckle, then replied, “Yeah, a few times!” Billy spoke out once more, “If I was a woman, I’d almost have to be drunk to take that big mother fucker up the ass. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my asshole is way too small for something the size of that to go up it!” Shawn fired back, “Billy, you’d be surprised as to how large your asshole will open up. Besides, as good looking as you are, and having that shapely ass, I’m more surprised that some guy hadn’t already stretched you out a bit.” Billy shot back, “Well, I’ve never been with a guy and the closest I’ve ever come to having something up my butt was when the doctor gave me an examination and stuck his finger back there. Other than that, that was it, except I did have one girl who tongued my asshole once.”
   Thinking of a response, Shawn sat there keeping his eyes on Billy’s foreskin covered erection. Billy couldn’t take his eyes off of Shawn’s cock either. After a brief silence, Shawn said, “I bet you got a lot of girls who just love to suck your cock, and swallow your sperm too.” Billy smiled, then replied, “No, not really. I’ve had a few of them who tried to swallow, but most of them just spit it out. Some would only suck me for a few seconds than wanted me to go ahead and fuck em.” Shawn quickly stated, “I don’t know why they just wouldn’t go ahead and swallow.” Billy shot back, “When I cum, I’m not what you could call a shooter. Mine just sorts of dribbles out, but when I do cum, I sure do cum a lot though.” Asking yet another question, Shawn asked, “Have you ever tasted your own cum?” Billy said, “Yeah a few times. To me, it’s not all that bad, but then again, it’s my own shit.”
   Billy looked at Shawn then asked, “What about you? Have you ever tasted your own sperm? Are you a shooter or a dribbler?” Shawn smiled, then offered, “Yeah, I’ve tasted it a few times, and just like you, it wasn’t all that bad. When I cum, depending on the mood, I guess I’m a shooter. Just like you, I cum a lot! Most of the time, when I shoot, the majority of the women who swallow my shit can’t swallow all of it.” Before he knew what he had said, Billy’s mouth opened and the words just flew, “Now, that’s a fucking waste!”
   Shawn heard what Billy had just said, but wasn’t quite sure whether or not if what he had heard was what Billy had just said. Shawn, getting hornier by the second, spoke out, “Billy, I know you said you’ve never done anything with another guy, but have you ever thought about it? I mean, if everything was right, do you think you could actually have sex with a guy?” Billy, eyes still fixated on Shawn’s monstrous cock, took a second before replying, “I don’t know. I guess there’s always a first time for everything!” Keeping the battery of questioning alive, Billy asked, “What about you? Would you do something with another guy?” Shawn fired back, “Yeah, probably, but only if I knew him. I mean as long as we could keep it a secret, that’s why I said I would have to know him.” Billy whispered, “Me too!”
   The two sat there side by side, each trying to figure a way to get the other to make some form of a willing advancement. After all, both were naked and both were sporting erections. Both wanted the same thing, but neither knew how to let the other know of their perspective desires. Billy even questioned the possibility of taking Shawn’s enormous cock up his ass. That only took a few short lived seconds to realize that there was no way something that large, something that thick, would even fit into something so small. Billy couldn’t even visualize having Shawn’s cock plow away at his ass, but he was visualizing sucking on that impressive monster.
   The longer they sat there in silence, the hornier both men grew. Their cocks danced in unison with their every heartbeat, each wanting the other to make the first move. Billy finally broke the silence, now tossing caution in the wind, he angelically whispered, “Big Jack, let me ask you something? It’s really kind of personal, but I’d like to know what you think. Here it goes! What do you think of me? I mean, I know we are both guys and all, but deep down, what do you see when you see me?”
   Shawn didn’t dare hesitate as the words gracefully flowed from his lips, “Billy, when I see you, I see someone very special. From your gorgeous looks to your perfect body, I see a guy anyone would be truly lucky just to be near. Shit, if I was your girlfriend, I’d be sucking that (Shawn was pointing at Billy’s cock) beauty every fucking day, many times a day until the day I died. Just to go one more step further, if I was your girlfriend, I’d be tongue fucking that sweet ass of yours all the time too! You wanted to know, and that’s just the way I feel when I see you. Fuck it, that’s the way I feel when I think about you, which fucking lately, has been all the fucking time!”
   With a more serious facial expression, Billy softly announced, “But your not my girlfriend, you’re another guy. Being that you are a guy, would you still do everything you just said?” Shawn took in a deep breath, then hoarsely replied, “Yes, yes I would Billy. I’d have sex with you faster than a fucking heartbeat. I don’t know why, but for some fucked up reason, I’ve fantasized about you for a long time now. I sit in that damn recliner and spy on you all the time. I watch you cut the grass, wash the car, and everything else for that matter.”
   Billy placed his right hand on Shawn’s muscular left thigh, then eagerly stated, “Thanks, and since we are being totally honest, I’ve been fantasizing about you as well. I saw you earlier this morning looking at me with your binoculars. That’s why I cleaned up and wore those underwear. Big Jack, let’s not play the question game any longer. Let’s make our dreams come true! So, what do you say?”
   Shawn didn’t speak a word, but he did roll his body to his left side and smacked his lips over Billy’s lips. Their tongues instinctively dove into the other’s hot, moist mouth, and began their tender exploration. Shawn’s large left hand cupped the back of Billy’s head as he drove his tongue madly inside Billy’s mouth, swabbing up Billy’s saliva and moaning in triumph at the minty fresh taste.
   Billy’s left hand slid from the rippling muscles bulging from Shawn chest and landed directly onto Shawn’s throbbing cock. Stretching his fingers, Billy wasn’t able to touch them together as the palm of his hand felt the velvety soft texture of Shawn’s solid steel cock. The hand that was now softly massaging his cock sent goose bumps all over Shawn’s large hulking body.
   Only the slurps from their lips and the moans spewing from the sides of their mouths could be heard as both men were now lost in fulfilling a dream that neither thought would ever be possible. Shawn was lost in a total daze as his tongue frolicked inside Billy’s minty flavored mouth. By far, this was the best kiss he had ever had the privilege and honor of experiencing. Billy was also thinking the very same thing as his tongue probed the fiery depths of Shawn’s mouth.
   The two men fondled and kissed one another for a lengthy 15 minutes before their lips parted and their eyes locked onto one another. Parting his quivering lips, Shawn whispered, “You are so gorgeous!” Billy softly whispered, “Thank you Big Jack!” Shawn stood up, followed by Billy. Billy followed Shawn into his bedroom where they stood by the bed and began passionately kissing while their hands roamed the other’s body softly, yet wildly.
   Once again, their lips parted and Shawn asked, “So, what would you like to do?” Billy smiled then angelically whispered, “Why don’t you be the cop and I’ll be the criminal!” With that being said, Shawn hoisted Billy up and slung him onto the center of the bed, on his back, with Billy’s head facing the headboard. Shawn walked over to the closet and retrieved his police tote bag. Unzipping the leather bag, Shawn retrieved two sets of handcuffs. Walking over to the other side of the bed, Shawn latched onto Billy’s right wrist, slapped the handcuffs on him, then attached the other opening upon the post at the corner of the bed. Shawn repeated this process with Billy’s left wrist and now both of Billy’s wrists were outstretched to his sides and extended his arms above his head. To say the least, Billy found this to be surprisingly exciting.
   Shawn leaned down and began using his tongue to caress each of Billy’s tiny erect nipples, sending Billy’s vocal chords into overdrive. While Shawn kissed, nibbled, and sucked each of Billy’s nipples, his left hand was busy cupping Billy’s balls and softly stroking Billy’s throbbing erection. Shawn’s right hand was softly stroking Billy’s hair as his mouth and tongue began its slow descending motion in a more southerly direction.
   Billy’s body shivered and shook as Big Jack’s tongue performed magic on his body. Shawn licked and sucked Billy’s sides, then used his tongue to travel over the rippling muscles of Billy’s stomach area. Shawn inched his large frame down the bed and now came face to face with Billy’s pulsating foreskin covered erection. Having no more need for concern, Shawn’s mouth opened and Billy’s cock began sliding between Shawn’s lips until Shawn now had his nose buried into Billy’s soft pubic hair.
   His first cock and Shawn quickly discovered there was absolutely nothing to it. In fact, the cock inside his mouth ignited some inner trigger setting his soul on fire and now Shawn couldn’t get enough of Billy’s cock. As his lips slid up and down on the silk like texture of Billy’s shaft, Shawn’s tongue maneuvered itself to where it now slid under the foreskin and was now exploring the head of Billy’s cock. The initial taste almost caused Shawn to gag when he realized it was a mixture of sweat, piss, and pre-cum, but as he continued on, the taste of this new found mixture became rather addicting.
   Shawn continued his passionate oral assault upon Billy’s cock, only taking the time to properly bathe both of Billy’s pecan sized nuggets with his ravishing tongue, then went back to work on Billy’s achingly hard cock. In all reality, Shawn was experimenting and he had no clue as to the delirious pleasures he was giving Billy. Billy was shouting and screaming as he felt his cum boil close to the top, then Shawn would stop and so would his cum. Shawn enjoyed having Billy’s cock sliding in between his lips. He loved the way he was able to have both of Billy’s cum makers inside his mouth and use his tongue to swarm all around and over them. But, Shawn was becoming intoxicated at the aroma firing into his lungs that was spewing from Billy’s body. It was a soft musky odor mixed with a light coconut aroma that was driving Shawn into a sexual madness.
   Billy was bucking his hips, driving his hard cock in and out of Shawn’s mouth a mile a minute. The middle finger on Shawn’s left hand gently rode on the very outer edge of Billy’s tiny asshole as his mouth increased the pressure on Billy’s humping cock. Billy was biting his lips and slinging his head from side to side as the pleasures building up within his body grew to a feverish all time high. Shawn let some of his saliva dribble onto his middle finger and reapplied it back on the outer edge of Billy’s bung hole. Billy was driving his hips up and down rapidly and Shawn was doing all he could do to keep his mouth on Billy’s cock.
   The scream pouring from Billy’s twitching and contorting mouth told Shawn explicitly what was about to happen. Billy had just dropped his hip back onto the bed, but this time, Shawn’s left middle finger was sucked into the vibrant heat of Billy’s anal canal. Feeling Shawn’s large finger dive deeply and sharply into his rectum forced Billy to arch his lower body high into the air using his feet just as the flood gates to his mind boggling orgasm erupted.
   Shawn’s lips securely locked Billy’s cock into his mouth and he now could feel the large globs of Billy’s cum as it began pouring out of his piss slit and onto his shovel like tongue. In some weird way, just knowing that he had Billy’s cum pouring into his mouth excited Shawn to no end. The hot slippery goo filling the insides of his mouth was certainly something different, but Shawn knew he had to sample Billy’s sperm, he just had to! Shawn gulped and the first ample amount of Billy’s thick cream was now trickling down his throat. The taste wasn’t what he had figured it to be. It had a mild trace of salt, but other than that, it didn’t have much of a taste at all. Shawn began moaning as he swallowed more and more of Billy’s thick gooey sperm.
   Billy was lost within his own gyrating orgasm as his cock produced what he felt an endless supply of his sperm. Just when he thought he was close to dumping the last bit, his cock twitched, sending his body into a frantic seizure like motion, and more sperm came bubbling out. The finger filling his ass was also doing something to aide in his body bucking orgasm.
   Shawn swallowed all of Billy’s sperm the young gorgeous Adonis could produce and Shawn inwardly craved more. Billy had no more cream to produce, at least at this time, but Shawn still kept his mouth, and the milking pressure, fastened to Billy’s still very hard cock. His finger inside Billy’s ass felt like it was being slow cooked and the coiling grip that was attacking his finger gave Shawn the impression that it was trapped in the vice like grips of a pissed of python.
   A brief time later, Shawn had to use a bit of strength to retrieve his finger from Billy’s ass. Once it was all the way out, Shawn stole the chance to give it a few good whiffs. With his mouth still on Billy’s cock, Shawn captured the fragrance blistering off his finger. It wasn’t a foul odor, but it was an aroma that was quite strange to the hulking cop. Shawn took in a few more whiffs, then resumed sucking Billy’s cock in a more frantic manner.
   Billy ultimately began pleading for Shawn to remove his mouth from his super extra sensitive cock. With a lot of reluctancy, Shawn slid his lips from Billy’s cock, offering a tender kiss directly upon the tiny piss slit that had just offered him something so very special, and delicious too.
   Shawn looked into Billy’s eyes which at this time were tightly closed. Billy’s breathing was rapid and his stomach muscles rippled with every angelic breath. Shawn positioned himself on top of Billy’s chest, facing Billy. He placed a pillow behind Billy’s head and when Billy opened his eyes, his eyes came face to face with the massive one eyed beast. Seeing the pre-cum pump out of the gaping piss slit, Billy extended his tongue and quickly began shoveling the slippery substance into his mouth. Now, it was Billy’s turn to moan as the taste of his hero ignited his own inner being.
   Billy opened his mouth wide as Shawn slid the massive cock head into his mouth. Billy’s mouth immediately became bloated and he did all he could do to restrain from using his teeth. Shawn held his cock with his right hand as Billy fought against the odds to get more than just the huge cock head into his already filled mouth. He did gag a few times, but quickly made the necessary adjustment and Shawn was able to get all of his cock head into Billy’s fiery hot mouth.
   As Shawn slid his cock back and forth, he slung his head backwards as to the sensation his balls gave him as they slid upon Billy’s smooth chest. Feeling and knowing that Billy had his cock in his mouth sent Shawn’s body into a trembling rage. He had to caution himself as to not force his cock into Billy’s mouth and allow him to take what he could at his own pace. The moment at hand was more than Shawn could bare and his cock took him by surprise as it suddenly exploded, sending massive jets of thick cum flying into Billy’s mouth. Billy couldn’t help to not feel the violent force as the jets of sperm streams rocketed into his mouth, striking the roof of his mouth with thunderous results.
   With his mouth already filled with Shawn’s thick bulbous cock head, Billy swallowed and a huge portion of Shawn’s sperm slid down his throat. Shawn’s sperm mixed with his own saliva forced Billy to grunt and groan as more of Shawn’s thick slippery goo fell down his throat. Much to Billy’s delirious delight, Shawn’s cum didn’t have much of a taste at all and soon Billy began gulping down the thick cream as fast as it was being tossed up. Shawn himself was too caught up in his own orgasm, realizing he had never pumped so much sperm out ever before. His right hand pumped his cock and sperm chunks oozed out into Billy’s mouth by what felt like gallons.
   Finally, Shawn’s massive beast slipped into a semi flaccid state. As he began inching his body backwards, Billy’s hard cock shot up against his asshole, nearly penetrating Shawn in the process. The sudden sharp pain stemming from his asshole quickly traveled up to his brain. Within a few short seconds, the pain went away, thus giving Shawn another idea he had never considered.
   He eased himself off of the bed and went back to his closet. Billy’s eyes watched Shawn’s every movement, and since he was still handcuffed to the bed posts, following Shawn with his eyes was all he could do. Shawn returned back to the bed, but this time he had a towel and a bottle of lubrication. Seeing these two items, Billy’s eyes shot wide open and now he was fearing that Shawn was getting ready to ram his ass with that huge fucking cock of his. For whatever reason, Billy’s mouth did open, however, he was unable to speak.
   Shawn poured the slippery substance all over Billy’s cock, then began stroking Billy’s cock up and down. Billy was grunting, groaning, and moaning as his cock was being pumped ever so ferociously. Shawn straddled Billy’s body, once again, facing Billy and his gorgeous face, still keeping one hand busy stroking Billy’s now slippery hard cock. Placing the towel by his right side, Shawn used his left hand to guide Billy’s cock up to his virgin asshole. Up until now, only a finger from some women and a doctor had ever explored his anal regions, but for whatever the reason, Shawn felt as though he just had to have Billy’s precious cock up his ass.
   Holding Billy’s cock in place, Shawn inched his ass backwards until he felt the cock head pressing against his asshole. Holding his breath, Shawn sat down and quickly yelled as Billy’s cock head slid painfully into his anal canal. Billy screamed too as he felt the anal muscles converge upon his cock and the searing heat immediately began baking the flesh right off of his cock. Biting his lips, Shawn eased back some more, taking another inch or so up his virgin rectum. Billy tried to remain still, but his feet drove his lower body upwards, sending his cock all the way up Shawn’s anal canal. Shawn screamed as Billy’s cock shot up his ass, sending waves of tormenting pain crashing throughout every square inch of his muscular body.
   In brief, the gut wrenching pain eased off and Shawn began to hump his hips back and forth while clamping down on his anal muscles. Billy was now timing Shawn’s rhythm, driving his cock upwards as Shawn was sending his ass backwards. Shawn’s body shook violently as this new never before sensation completely overwhelmed him. In Shawn’s eyes, he somehow felt as though he had conquered a battle, having Billy’s cock rooting away inside his ass.
   After a few minutes of Shawn riding Billy’s cock, Shawn leaned forward and planted his lips onto Billy’s moist lips. Shawn was on his knees and Billy began to slam his cock in and out of Shawn’s muscle clamping asshole like a runaway locomotive. Their tongues collided as their flesh striking flesh echoed off the walls. With Billy’s pile driving cock hammering away at his ass, and with Billy’s tongue swirling away inside his mouth, Shawn became lost in a world he had never before experienced. On the other side of the track, Billy had never had his cock in a place that was so hot, or so tight before. He could feel Shawn’s anal muscles as they latched onto his thrusting cock each time he slammed it in and each time he yanked it out.
   Nearly twenty minutes had passed when Billy felt his cum pump out of his ass humping cock. Their mouths were still locked as one and all Billy could do was moan as his orgasm felt like it had traveled from his toes and was now splitting his piss slit in half in order to free itself. Billy didn’t skip a beat as he frantically slammed his cum relinquishing cock in and out of Shawn’s ass faster than a rapid heartbeat. Shawn did feel Billy’s cock expand and he did feel the heat piping from Billy’s dribbling cum. His own body shook violently as Billy slammed his hammering cock like a mad man offering no subtle remorse.
   In time, Billy had fucked Shawn’s ass until his own cock became defiantly limp. With that in mind, as Shawn slid his body forward just a tad, Billy’s limp cock plopped out of the tight anal chamber. Shawn eased himself off of Billy’s body and collapsed right next to Billy on Billy’s right side. Shawn’s mind was steadily spinning as his breathing was frantic and out of control. Laying there, Shawn quickly discovered that his asshole felt ever so void of Billy’s cock. He knew right then that he just had to have some more cock up his ass.
   As the two lay there, Billy couldn’t help not to notice Shawn’s twitching hard cock. Now, he was beginning to wonder what it would feel like to have Shawn’s cock plowing his ass. He wondered if he would be able to take the pain. He saw the pain in Shawn’s eyes as his slender cock worked its way up his ass, however, Shawn’s cock was way longer and a hell of a lot thicker. He wondered if he could take it. Billy was curious to know what type of feeling his ass would give him once he got all of that fucking monster up his ass. He had reached the point that he was no longer curious. Billy’s mind told himself that he had to find out first hand about everything, including the pain that he knew would come, but regardless of the pain, the pleasures that could possibly derive from having Shawn’s abnormally large and thick cock pile driving his ass into total oblivion.
   Shawn’s breathing was returning to normal as Billy rolled his head to his right, looking into Shawn’s eyes, softly whispering, “Please fuck me! I just got to feel you inside me!” Shawn shook his head without saying a word, then eased his body off of the bed. Digging around inside his police tote bag, Shawn returned back to the bed holding two sets of ankle irons, saying, “I’m still the cop and you’re still my prisoner!” Shawn placed the cuff around Billy’s right ankle, then forced Billy’s right leg beyond his head as he attached the other opening to the bed post which restrained Billy’s right wrist. Then, Shawn restrained Billy’s left ankle in the same manner, joining his left hand.
   Shawn then placed a large pillow under the small of Billy’s back, just at the crease where Billy’s ass crack started. Seeing this angel in this position, zeroing in on that little pink orifice, Shawn simply couldn’t resist driving his tongue directly into Billy’s asshole. Using his thumbs, Shawn forced the tight butt cheeks outwards a bit more, allowing his tongue to dive deeper into Billy’s churning bowels. Billy was almost yelling at the top of his lungs as Shawn’s tongue twirled and twisted deep within his anal canal.
   Billy had his ass dined on for a solid thirty or so minutes before Shawn removed his tongue. Tears of pure pleasure steam rolled out of the corners of each of Billy’s entrancing eyes. Shawn applied a generous amount of the lubricant onto the fingers of his right hand. Easing it in, Shawn slid his index finger up Billy’s magical anal kingdom. In time, Shawn added a second, then a third. Though his anal walls were being considerably stretched, Billy was lost in the pleasures of having his ass thoroughly toyed with. When the fourth finger was added, Billy screamed at the top of his lungs as the gut pounding burning sensation tore through him like a silver bullet.
   It took a lot of undying patience on Shawn’s part, but Billy was enjoying the four fingers sprawling inside his ass chamber. Shawn was enjoying it too as he moaned each time he felt Billy’s ass muscles lock onto his fingers. However, Shawn wanted to feel his cock inside that very same chamber. Taking his time, Shawn managed to retrieve his fingers. They glistened from the lubricant as he took the time to inspect them. By no means did they offer a hint of being “dirty”, so to speak.
   Shawn poured the slippery lubricant all over his cock, using his right hand to ensure that every thick inch had the lubricant on it. Standing on his knees, inching himself forward, Shawn now had his thick cock head pressing against Billy’s already sealed asshole. Just as he was about to apply a steady pressure, Billy cried out, “Shawn, Big Jack, please promise me that no matter what I say, you wont pull it out!” Shawn eagerly replied, “I promise!”
   Before Shawn even applied pressure, Billy was already biting his lips and his body submitted itself into a violent seizure like shaking. Billy forced the back of his head into the soft pillow as he felt the giant knob press against his asshole. Shawn held onto his thick cock with his right hand, applying a constant steady pressure. Billy’s teeth left his lips as his mouth shot wide open and his vocal chords strained to release his audible tones as Shawn’s massive cock head pried its way passed his overly stretched asshole. The initial crushing pressure of Billy’s asshole entrance clamped down on his cock head becoming quite painful, so Shawn pushed forward, driving his entire cock head past the anal lips and into the fiery searing realm of Billy’s anal canal.
   Billy’s entire body wreaked of insurmountable, never before felt, pain. It truly felt like a telephone pole that was on fire was being shoved up his ass. The tears his eyes now released could not be mistaken for tears of joy. They were tears of the pain that was now wreaking havoc and hell upon his entire body.
   Shawn did his utmost best to go slow and it hurt him severely to see such an angel in this much pain. Keeping to his promise, Shawn held his cock in place, although Billy screamed numerous times to pull it out. Billy screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttssssssss soooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!”
   By this point, Shawn had just his cock head and about a half an inch inside Billy’s anal chamber. Shawn eased more of his cock into Billy, and Billy cried out again. With each pressing inch, more tears fell from Billy’s eyes. Billy thought he was literally going to die from the pain and now he had wished he would have never made Shawn promise him not to pull it out, no matter what. He didn’t know just how much more of this he could take before he would either die, or pass out. Either way, Billy madly wanted this never before felt pain to go away.
   It took a lot of doing, a lot, but Shawn managed to finally bury his entire thick organ up Billy’s mystifying ass. The pain had not yet to subside and all Billy could do was continue on crying and slinging his precious head from side to side. His body was locked into place and his hands and feet were securely restrained. Now, it felt like Shawn’s elephant size cock was doing its best to bust open the top section of his stomach lining. As Billy was slinging his head to and fro, Shawn leaned forward and planted his lips upon Billy’s. Billy’s mouth was already open when their lips met, but at this point, Billy was still enduring the most pain he never imagined humanly possible.
   As Shawn’s tongue traveled his mouth’s interior lining, something inside Billy snapped, and the pain that was so intense, began to quickly subside. Billy’s tongue was now inside Shawn’s mouth as his grunts and groans shot down Shawn’s throat, burying themselves within Shawn’s stomach.
   Shawn began slow inching his cock from the fiery depths of Billy’s bowels, stopping just short of pulling it out all the way, then slowly sliding it all the way back in until his balls squashed up against Billy’s own tightly withdrawn nuggets. Repeating this slow process several times, Shawn began slowly increasing his pace with each thrust. Eventually, Shawn found himself driving his cock in and out of Billy’s ass cavern like a sex starved stallion.
   Billy pried his lips from Shawn’s just to yell, “God, that’s it Shawn! Yessssssssss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” The awesome pleasures now running rapid throughout Billy’s body was a pleasure he never knew existed. The harder Shawn slammed his cock into his ass, the more infinite pleasures Billy experienced. It wasn’t just the fact that his ass was being pummeled by a cock, more so, it was Big Jack’s horse cock rooting away inside him. To Billy, that made everything he had to endure worth it, and now his ass was feeding him with desires and pleasures he never before experienced.
   Shawn hammered his cock in and out of Billy’s ass with a fiery frenzy, grunting and groaning as to the tightness, the fiery heat, and the overall sensation his cock was feeling being inside Billy’s love canal. Shawn had never before felt this type of sensation as to the mind boggling pleasures he was now basking in. With each powerful thrust, Billy retaliated by clamping down on his ass muscles. Each time he did this, his ass sent more pleasure pleasing waves crashing throughout his entire body.
   Shawn’s humping ass was a vision of blur as to the power and speed he was driving his massive cock into Billy’s tight little taunting ass. It was as though he wanted to force his heavy swinging balls into Billy’s tight hole with every thrust. To say the least, Shawn was way out of control and his only thought was to wear Billy’s ass out to perfection. Shawn managed to force his upper body up, keeping his eyes locked onto Billy’s angelic gorgeous face, never once missing a powerful inwards thrust.
   Using his large muscular arms, Shawn wrapped them around Billy’s thighs and began forcing his slender body into his thrusting cock. Billy slung his head from side to side and moaned in glee as to having his once virgin ass now being jack hammered as if tomorrow would never come. As Shawn’s thick cock sunk home once more, something inside Billy caused his body to go into a massive convulsion as his cock began oozing wads of cum all over his pubic region. This did not go unnoticed by Shawn either. Seeing Billy unleash his load, Shawn began violently and frantically slamming his cock into Billy harder than ever.
   Billy was screaming at the top of his lungs as his violent orgasm tore through his body, forcing his mind to rapidly dart from his bucking body. Shawn kept his eyes on Billy’s sperm oozing cock and watched as several large globs slid out of the tiny piss slit and onto Billy’s pubic region forming large puddles. Shawn used his right hand to scoop up some of the freshly spewed cum and quickly began feeding himself. With each taste, Shawn grew into a more frantic and intoxicated state. His fingers dug into Billy’s pubic region and gathered as much of Billy’s cum as his fingers allowed and never hesitated to suck the fresh cream off of his fingers.
   Shawn continued plowing away at Billy’s ass even after Billy’s wild orgasm had somewhat subsided. Thinking of something else, Shawn yanked his rock hard cock out of Billy’s butt, and quickly began using his key to unlock the handcuffs. While Shawn was temporarily busy unlocking the handcuffs, Billy lay there with an empty feeling soaring through his body, beginning with his asshole. His little mouth opened and the words flew out before Billy actually knew what he was saying, “Come on Big Jack, put that cock back in my ass! Fuck me, fuck me like you mean it!”
   With the last ankle being freed, Shawn leaned down and spun Billy over onto his stomach, placing Billy’s face angled towards the large dresser mirror. Billy’s body was still shaking as Shawn used his strength to get Billy into a doggy style position. Billy was looking into the mirror, watching himself and seeing Shawn on his knees inching closer and closer to his hiked up ass. Knowing what was coming, Billy’s hands reached out and latched onto the corner of the mattress. He felt one of Shawn’s large hands grasp his left hip, then Billy felt the giant knob as it pressed against his cock starved asshole.
   Shawn pushed forwards and Billy slid his ass backwards. Billy’s mouth slung open as the giant bulbous head shot inside him. Shawn was less patient this time as he shoved a good five inches into Billy’s anal canal. Billy cried out, but it was he who crammed his ass onto the massively thick fuck pole, impaling himself to the point that Shawn’s large balls pounced upon his own tender nuggets.
   Now, with his entire cock lodged tightly all the way inside Billy’s rectum, Shawn placed his right hand on Billy’s right hip. With his large hands holding Billy’s hips, Shawn began to pound the living hell out of Billy’s ass, and Billy was crying out his sheer bliss as to all that was taking place. Wanting to feel every bit of Shawn’s powerful cock, Billy began timing Shawn’s thrust with backwards thrusts of his own. Shawn would look down and see Billy’s outer ring as it locked itself around his pile driving cock, then look into the mirror to watch Billy’s various facial expressions.
   As Shawn’s cock was being hammered home, Billy began using his right hand to jerk on his own cock. Within seconds, Billy’s once flaccid cock became rock hard and no matter how hard he tried to stifle his moans, they seemed to be getting louder and louder as Shawn’s cock pounded his ass into total submission.
   In time, Shawn began feeling the sensation that he was getting near his ass spraying orgasm, so he began mixing up his anal assault motions. Billy’s right hand was jerking his cock rapidly as he continuously crammed his ass backwards to greet Shawn’s varying thrusts. Dribble slid out of Billy’s mouth and onto the bedding, but he never noticed it. All Billy could notice was the sheer pleasures his body was feeding his dazed brain.
   A few more strokes later, it was Shawn who cried out, “Oh shit, ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit, I’m, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Shawn’s piss slit flew open and large jets of thick cum shot deeply into Billy’s rectum. Billy felt the powerful sperm jets and that was all it took for his own cock to react and begin oozing out his own love juices. Billy used his left hand to capture his cum as both men were lost in their own orgasmic sperm firing world.
   Shawn grunted and cursed as his cock shot out his thick cream like never before. His thrusts became even more violent as he pounded his sperm deeper and deeper into Billy’s anal abyss. A large puddle of sperm had formed into the palm of Billy’s hand and his right and was busy jacking his cock, forcing more thick wads to dribble into his left palm.
   A short while later,

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