My Magic Sex Monkey…Part One

Author: mojoel

My wfe Kelly was in the shower after a long day of shopping yard sales, I was relaxing in the living room examining the little monkey statue I’d bought for $4.
It was only a few inches high, with his left hand reaching dwn around a tiny erect penis. As I rubbed the years of dirt and grim off of him, I discovered his hand actually moved up and down! You can imagine how surprised I was when the little brass statue actually erupted all over my fingers and his eyes opened!!
“You have released my magic” he actually spoke.
“And a little more than that!” I replied!
“Tell me what I can do for you” he then said.
“You mean…like….three wishes?” I asked.
“Much more” the little monkey answered…
“Whatever you desire, I shall grant or you, all you hav to do is make me cum, and ask”
I sat back a few moments and the gears started grinding away in my head! I head my wife moaning from the feel of hot water cascading over her body in the shower, and I smiled.
“My wife wants me to be more dominant in our sex lives” I explained…
“When I say NAKED, I want her to be naked…when I say POSE, I want her to assume whatever position I tell her to, when I say HOLD, I want her unble to move, unable to speak, unable to resist anything I do, unil I say RELEASE”
“Make me cum” the monkey said then
“And it shall be done”
I moved the monkeys hand up and down on his little brass cock and in a few minutes, he erupted again! I made a few more quick wishes before I heard the water in the shower stp.

Kelly came out wrapped in a towel seconds later, I just looked at her and said NAKED. she stared at me a second, then I said POSE. again she stared at me…then she mumbled…
“I…I can’t move!”
I raised her fingers to her delicate nipples and told her to squeeze. When she did, I told her to squeeze harder! I watched her little nubs flatten between her fingers and she grunted..
“OWWWWWW….It hurts!”
I tried to explain the power of the monkey but Kelly didn’t believe me, until I asked her why she was squeezing her nipples so hard! I told her to release her right nipple and start fingering herself. she glared at me almost angrily, and dropped her right hand to her pussy!!
“The monkey has given me the power to properly control you” I explained…
“I cannot do anything to harm you, and I cannot make you do anything you really don’t want to do”
Kelly stared at me as the heat between her legs grew to a slow simmer…I could hear how we she was, and my cock began to grow in my pants.
“I can also make you cum” I said to her…
“Whenever I want…or I can keep you from cumming as long as I want”
“Can….you….make me…cum?…..NOW?” she gasped…
“Do you want to cum my little slave?” I said with a big smile.
Kelly tossed her head back and her mouth opened wide….a long loud moan filled the room and she trembled wildly as her orgasm rocked her body!! I watched her for a full minute…Kelly was gasping and shaking uncontrollably.
“I hope you don’t mind” I chuckled…
“I sort of…..tripled…the intensity of your normal orgasms…every time you cum now it’ll probably feel like a bomb ging off inside you…I love to watch you cum!”
“UUUHHHHH!…..UUUHHHHH!…” Kelly could only grunt…
“I….UHHH!…OH!…I….that….OH!…..was…incredible1…OH!…I’m still…shaking!!”
“CUM……again!” I whispered!!
Kellys eyes grew as big as baseballs as a second orgasm hit her like a truck!
“Believe me now?” I asked…
“OH!….YES!….I believe you!”
“Want another orgasm?….i can give you say….half a dozen more?”
“Yes you can” I chuckled…
“And you will…as soon as I get my cock inside you!”
I dropped my pants then and Kelly stared in shock at my naked crotch!!
“I gave myself an upgrade” I said…
“I know you were disappointed at my 6 inch cock… I increased it to 10″, and made it a little thicker…almost doubled, wouldn’t you say?”
“I also gave myself some bigger balls, and when I cum now…you said you liked my cum…I can cum continuously…until I decide to stop”
I moved Kelly to her hands and knees on the coffee table, raised her head up, nuzzled my new monster cock against her trembling lips and told her to open her mouth…WIDE!
“HOLD” I said, and Kelly couldn’t move a muscle! She looked so hot…her mouth gaping open, her eyes almost crossed staring down the length of my new cock. I moved forwards slowly and watched the head of my cock disappear between her soft lips.
“You know how I like it” I reminded her.
“I like it when you deep throat me…balls deep, nice and snug between your tonsils…of course that was with my old cock…that was only 6 inches!”
The look of terror in Kellys eyes was priceless!! Her mouth was instantly tight around my erection, I could feel her jaws being forced wider open and my cock pushing her tongue down as I slid slowly inwards!
“Don’t panic…yet” I groaned…
“You can take it….all of it…you won’t choke, you won’t gag, you won’t suffocate, and you will swallow!!
I took Kellys hed in my hands and gently pulled her towards my belly…it was amazing watching her jaws open, her lips were impossibly tight around my shaft, there were tears roling down her face, but she wasn’t choking like she should have been by then.
“OH….YESSS!….gimme that throat baby!” I groaned!
I had to raise her head up more to get a straight shot down her throat, then I pushed the last couple of inches into her face!! I pulled all the way out, and pushed back in again. As I fucked her delcious mouth and throat, her eyes rolled back into her head and her face turned a soft crimson color.
“Are you ready my love?” I asked after a long 15 minutes…
“Are you ready for your dinner?….because I’m gonna pump you full of cum until you’re ready to burst!!”
Kelly could only look up at me in fear as my first shot exploed in her throat. she didn’t have to swallow it although I cold feel her trying to…it was going straight into her stomach!
I erupted again, over and over…10, 12, 15 times…my balls were like lead weights, and the most incredible orgasm of my life just went on and on and on!
I stopped after almost two minutes. to catch my breath…I was pushing with every musle in my body to pump out my cum…I looked down at Kellys sweat drenched face…and grinned.
Without a word, I started to cum again!! I was grunting with every shot, and so was Kelly!!
My cock was actually swollen from the masive ejaculations, I could feel Kellys teeth on me and realized her jaws coldn’t open any further. I stopped, cumming, and let my cock shrink in her mouth. When I finally pulled out, her mouth hung open and a loud burp escaped her body!
I stood her up and almost laughed when I saw how big her bloated belly was!! Kellys body was coverd in weat from the heat inside her belly. I lowered her to her knees then and returned my cock to her lips.
“Just one more” I whispered…
“This time…DON’T swallow!”
I placd just the head of my cock into her mouth and erupted actually several more times. Her mouth filled and her cheeks bulged,my cum was dripping from her nose. i pulled back and her lips seled, holding around a pint of my cum in her mouth!
I left her there whil I showered…15 minutes later she was still frozen in the living room sweating and begging me with her tired eyes!!
“Remember the fantasy you told me a while back?”I asked her…
“You wanted to be filled with cum, in every hole, until you couldn’t possibly hold anymore…”
“I told you baby, I can’t make ou do anything you really don’t want to do…but I can…do this!!”
I put Kelly on her hands and knees then and lubed up her asshole!! she was grunting wildly as I pushed into her ass, fucked her for about 20 minutes, then announced I was going to cum!!
Again I came until I was too tired to give her anymore!..I rested for about a minute and let her think I was done, then I started to cum again! Over almost 10 minutes, I pumped an easy quart of cum into her ass!! I pulled out and whispered to her….
“One more time sweetheart”
I pushed into her pussy and her whole body began to tremble. I gave her about 10 strokes and ordered her to cum! She reacted like she was being electrocuted! Kelly was cramping up so much from her orgasm, the cum started leaking from her ass!
“HOLD IT!” I ordered!
I fucked her a few more minutes and ordered her to cum again as I erupted into her pussy!! Once we both stopped shaking and grunting and cumming…Ipulled out and led her strugglin to even walk into the back yard!
From the big tree out back, I tied her standing on her tiptoes and stood back to admire her sweating, quivering, bloated and gurgling body! What I saw, was normally physically impossible!…nobody could produce that much cum, nobody could hold that much cum, and nobody could love anyone as much as I could right there and then.
“CUM” I ordered her, and I watched her exhausted body explode in another orgasm.
“When I give you he next command” I said…
“I want you to hold everything you have inside you, without leaking…for one minute….if you do that, I’ll let you down, if you don’t I’ll leave you here overnight and make you cum every 10 minutes until morning!!”
“RELEASE” I said.
She tried, she crie and egged and really tried but less than 30 seconds later the cum came oozing out of her pussy, then her ass, and she bagan to pee!! I watched her suffering, and draining and hanging, totally worn out.
“I should beat your ass!” I grunted…
“And leave you here for the flies and mosquitos!”
Kelly looked at me with tears running down her face….and my cum running down her long sexy legs.
“YES SIR” was all she said!!
I untied her, and carried her, still dripping and oozing and sweaty, to bed. As she slept…I returned to the monkey and jerked him off again!
“OK my magic friend” I said…..
“Lets see what we can do to her tomorrow!!!

Thanx for Reading…chapter 2 soon…mojoel

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