xena and gabrielle an endless hell

Author: ukitakke

This story came to mind during the more dull hours of my work
and it’s partly inspired by some of the works from a Japanese
manga circle called “crimson comics” so if any of it reads familiar
it’s because it’s properly from one or more of their manga’s.
This also means that I have no ownership of said idea’s I merely used
them for my own enjoyment.(and hopefully your’s to) Furthermore
I wrote this with the intension of a free story
so if you read it at a paid site please ask to remove it for me.

Xena and Gabrielle, an endless hell
part 1

chapter 1
One day after Xena and Gabrielle left the town.

The magistrate of the small town was going through som paperwork
when he heard a knock on his door.
‘Come in’he said.The door opened to to a young guard who was usualy stationed
at the gates.
‘theire back sir’the guard said with a nervous look on his face.
‘already? thats a lot faster then we could have hoped. where are they?’
‘in the infirmary sir’
‘are they injured?’ the magistrate said while he quickly got up to follow the man out
‘not physically , but their both unconcius’
“how is that posible? they left only yesterday”
‘we don’t know sir the doctor says theire body’s show no signs of resistance
or restraint. But theire minds are gone.’
‘WHAT!!’ the old man said in surprise of this news,but the guard merely shruged
to indicate he did not know what it meant.

the town was one of the manny little fishing villages in the aegean sea.
its layout was fairly common,in the sence that it had a square with shops and stores
around it and the houses surrounding that,creating a circle like shape
with a wooden wal on three sides and the harbor on the forth granting acces to the sea.
the barracs that held the infirmary was located in the last ring adjecent to the wall’s
main gate to allow quick defence.
when they entered the smal medical building they saw the two women laying in a bed.
they where obviously alive,as shown by their rithmic breathing, but they had an strange
aura of mental absence around them.
‘what can you tell me doc’
‘nothing more the gaurd already told you,their minds are completely gone and unresponsive
but i have no idea how.’
‘what can do such a thing to such strong minded women in so short a time?’
‘i don’t know my lord but what or whoever it is is verry powerfull to have done it in
such a short time’
‘can you help them?’
‘not until i know what hapened to them, and now nobody is whilling to go out
to find out what’s happening out there’
‘so what now, we wait and pray?’
‘that may be our best hope, yes’

chapter 2
a few hours before the incident

‘i still don’t see why we have to help them.’gabrielle said ‘it’s not like we need the money
and this town is miles out of our route’
‘since when do you complain about our route?’asked xena’but to answer your question,this town
is peaceful,the surroundings nice,and if solving this gives us a chance to relax here, i’m
willing to do this.’
‘right but i still think this is way to easy for us.’
‘perhaps,but consider this a small price to pay for a nice vacation’
‘with you? not a chance there’s bound to happen something wherever you go’ gabrielle said
with mock amusement.
‘oh laugh it of blondie but we can use the time off so either go back and pay for the inn
or help me solve this’
‘fine fine lets just get this over with. though your right about the vacation i just loved the sight
of those beaches.’
‘see i told you we needed this’ xena said as the two walked into the forrest.

after a few hours they came upon a small clearing where they rested and refilled theire water skins
‘have you noticed how quiet this forrest is?’ gabriell asked to her friend
‘yes and i dont like it, it’s almost to quiet.’
as if on que several man dressed in light green clothing apeared out of nowhere to suround them.
xena and gabrielle rushed to theire weapons but one of the men raised a small wand and said
a few strange words.
and the two heroes froze in mid action.
‘what the’ xena thought. her body was completely unresponsive yet she retained all feeling in it,
and was forced to watch helplessly as severall men moved towards gabrielle and tied her hands
and feet with some rope so she was unable to move should the strange spell wore off.
next was xena and the proud warior was quickly bound by her hand and feet though they used
leather straps for her restrainds rather then rope.
and before anny of the two could fully comprehend what whas hapening they where secured and being
draged of towards a cave entrance a few yards away of the clearing.

chapter 3
capturd and marked
a few minutes after they where caught

still under the effect of the strange spell our heroes where taken into a chamber richly furbished with
carpets pillows and some tables to eat of.
hanging from the celing where several sets of chains,the same sort where spread out acros the floor
giving the room a look of an decorated dungeon.
gabrielle watched in helples horror as her friend was being placed under two sets of chains hanging from
the ceiling and as her hands where being cuffed to iron shackels she wondered if she would recieve
a similar treatment.
next xena’s feet where shackled to similar chains on the ground,and with that done one of the men
moved to a handle in the wal and started cranking it.slowly xena’s hand where being pulled up and outward
and the leeway in her feet chains was getting lesser and lesser until it pulled her feet firmly
to the ground giving her a spread-eagle like pose.
as she feared gabrielle was subjected to a similar treatment and soon the two where secured,facing
each-other in a mirrord spread-eagle position.
and with that done came the release of the strange spell.

xena was the first who noticed that the spell was over and she let of a staccato if insults and curses
that normaly never whould have left her mouth in her friends presence.
when she realised that she could use her body normaly again gabrielle to strarted to shout and yell at
the men drawing strange looks from xena.
‘what? you think that all those years with you havent thaught me anny of your words or insults?’
before she could react however a soft but powerfull voice spoke from behind her.
‘these are strong willed victims,lord chronos will be pleased when we break them’
‘mark them with the runes of abstention,around their head and their groin’
two man walked up towards each of their bound victims and quickly striped them of all their cloths
leaving them naked and vulnerable to whatever the men whould do to them.
one of the men picked up a bowl of red ink and a sharp needle and noded to his compagnion,who
held gabrielle’s head in a firm grasp.
xena was enradged as she saw her friend being tatoed with some strange looking symbols.
starting at her left temple the man moved slowly in a clockwise manner around her head all the while
placing the mysterious markings. after what seemed like an eternity the man was done and a small circular
tatoo surrounded her head over her forehead, past her temples acroos the back of her head and then back
the other side towards her forehead.
then another man came over and the two assistants held her hips,the third men then walked back towards
the table and picked up a new bowl of ink and a new needle.the next set of runes was started one inch
above her pussy the circled to her right down towards her inner legs,between them, up over her ass,
circled to the other side over her ass-crack and wend the same way down on the other side to meet up
back above her pussy copleting the marking and thus the strange ritual.
this was done with xena as well and after a few hours the two women where adorned with strange looking
tatoos around their head and nether region.
‘wonderfull’came the calm voice from behind xena.’now lets test them shall we?’

chapter 4
the test
several hours after their capture

whitout further warning xena and gabrielle’s mouth where stuffed with a piece of cloth drenched in some
strange fluid, and a small rope was tied around their mouth to enshure that it stayed in.
the faceless voice than walked into their view revealing a man in his mid 50’s dressed in simmilar
clothes as the rest but with more details. everything about him screamed “high priest” to the two bound
ladies, and indeed did the man revealed two short wands of the same making as the one they saw outside.
the man shot a small bolt of blue energy towards xena and gabrielle,and as they screamed they saw
helpless how the bolts hit them full in their chest.
after a few seconds gabrielle saw how the markings on xena’s body turned from red to blue and then slowly
started to fade,when se looked down to her crotch she saw that the same was hapening to her and after
a few moments their tatoos where gone.
“you may begin” the old man said to one of his subordinates who dutifuly moved towards xena.
xena gave a muffled cry as the man slowly and lightly began to stroke her body starting at the top of
her back and,using only his finger tops, slowly moved up and down her entire body.down her back and then
to the front of her belly just above where the tatoo used to be,and up across her trained stomach.
when he reached the underside of her breasts the man moved towards her arms trailing around her breasts
only slightly touching the sides.
during this xena trashed wildly in her chains,but it was to no avail as the iron chains where to strong
and all she acomplished was some shaking motions of her body that only aided the man caressing her body.
after a few minutes of this the man moved his atention to her breasts and when he started to slowly cup
and knead her sensetive breasts xena couldnt supress a cry of pleasure.to her shock xena realised
that her entire body was shivering with lust and desire of what the man was doing to her.
‘i see the tonic is starting to work’ said the priest ‘this will make sure that you thoroughly experience
and enjoy what where doing to you. plus, as a side effect, it will also ensure that you reach orgasm
without fail should you normaly do so. so its useless to try and resist it’
as if on que her body began to shiver and she felt her muscles tighten in the throws of an aproaching
‘comming from this alone? you must be extremely sensitive to have such an powerful orgasm,but…
no, not yet.’and on a signal from the priest the man stoped caressing xena’s body and steped away.
like a electric current turned off, xena’s entire body,wich was tightend in the throws of pasion, suddenly
relaxed and unable to suport her,her legs gave way and she hang panting heavily into her chains.
after a few moments she led out a cry of frustration as she was never denied and orgasm,in fact she
was never denied annything.
‘now for the other one’ the old man said ‘give her some rest bofore we continue’

gabrielle watched what how the man molested her friend and to her suprise found that she was becomming
aroused by the scene before her.however when a man started to give her the same attention she nontheless
started to strugle and tried to move away from his touch.
‘its useless girl’ the priest said ‘you might as well give in and try to enjoy what we do to you’
gabrielle was no stranger to sex,in one of the manny days or even weeks that she traveled without
xena she sometimes explored the mysterious side of sex ,both with men and woman, and as such, knew
full well what was happening to her and her friend. the fact that they stoped shortly before xena could
climax was also something she noticed with curiosity,for why would they denie someone that wonderfull
however all thought about xena where erased as the man started to move his hands over her body in a
similar way as they did with xena,and by the time he started to touch her small breasts she was panting
and sweating heavily as she was far less experienced in handeling this then her friend.
by now xena had recovered enough to stand and watched as the man tormented her friend with his hands and
soon she recognized the telltale signs that gabrielle to would climax.she saw how the man moved his hands
from gabrielle’s breasts to her nipples and slowly started to pinch and twist them,drawing cries of
pain and pleasure from her gaged mouth.
gabrielle slowly started to cry and sob as tears started to well in her eyes for her limited expirience
with love and sex could never prepare her for what the man was doing to her and just when gabrielle
thaught they could’nt do annything more to increase her arousal the man moved one of his hands away
from her breast and down her stomach towards her pussy.
she yelped in shock as the man entered a finger in her slit and slowly started to move it in and out.
this added sensation almost pushed her over the brink and she started to spasm in atempts to stop what
was obviously hapening to her.
but it was useless, and after a few strokes the hand that was invading her pussy moved out and started to
massage her clit,wich was firm and errect after everything that happend,this was to much for the blond
women to handle and her body thightend and arched in what would be her most powerfull orgasm yet…
‘would be’,for just when she was reaching her climax xena saw the priest make a gesture and the man
stoped and took a step back.gabrielle cried in shock as the man stoped and her boddy suddenly fel
limp leaving her dangling in the chains in a similar fashion as she’s seen xena.

after a few seconds xena heard her friend cry,overwhelmed by what hapened to her.
‘did you enjoy the show?’the priest asked. ‘i hope so because this will continue untill you are begging
for us to make you cum. now shall we do to you what we just did to your friend?’
and with this he motioned the man behind xena to continue his fondeling of her body.
the man started with her breasts this time carfully cupping and kneading them as he did bevore,
after a few moments he moved to her nipples wich where now stiff and large, a result of the tonic and the
undergoing of her molestation, when he pinched them xena let out a cry of pleasure that drew gabrielle
from her stupor.
when she looked up she saw the man carefully,almost lovingly, pinch and twist xena’s nipples after a few
moments the man moved his hands down towards xena’s pussy and gabrielle watched as he put two fingers
of one hand in her slit and pinched her clit with the other.
xena’s body was coverd in a small layer of sweat and since her body was still sensitive from the earlier
treatmend she was already feeling an orgasm aproaching.
the man then started to slowly move his fingers around in her pussy, and at the same time stimulate her clit.
this went on for several minutes and soon xena’s panting filled the room.when she was just about to
cum again when the old man, who watched her behavior carefuly, saw that xena would soon come and he gave
a new motion to the molester and the man changed his speed to keep the already ecstatic woman
on the brink of an orgasm.

meanwhile gabrielle was so captivated by the sight in front of her that she didnt noticed that the man
behind her moved back to continue his assault on her body.
she yelped in surprise when the man inserted two fingers in her pussy as wel and started to massage her
clit at the same time,giving her already senstive pussy an enormous stimulant.
the man carefuly moved around in her pussy with his fingers until he felt that he had hit a special spot.
he then started to rub that spot and at the same time increased the presure he exerted on her clit.
this drove gabrielle almost insane as she never had experienced such a thing during sex,and she felt
that she could’nt keep this up much longer.
meanwhile xena was slowly losing controle of her mind as she was kept on the brink of orgasm for all those
minutes,she looked to her friend who was also experiencing an ordeal that could only lead to an orgasm.
after a few more minutes of stimulating her neter regions gabrielle gave up all hope of resisting what
the man did, and surrendered to the pleasure. the moment she did,the last bariers of her body gave way and
she was pushed over the edge and again her entire body arched and spasmed in her bounds as she yet again
reached an orgasm.
‘keep her there you fool don’t let her come just yet i want them to endure this as long as posible’
‘what’ xena thaught ‘but she cant take much more then this can’t you see that.’ but all concern about her
friend where pushed back when xena once again was overtaken by the feeling of an orgasm but,as before,
the expert motions of the man kept her from cumming.
her cry of frustration drew the atention of the priest.”soon my dear,soon ill allow you to cum. try all
you like in the mean time,but my brother is very skilled at what he does so you will have a hard time
to climax as long as you are in his hands”

by now gabrielle was crying in her gag and tears streamed down her face as she continued to be stroked
on her most sensetive spots as the minutes whent by she must have had the chance to cum a few times but
the skilled hands of the man kept her on the brink of a powerfull orgasm all that time. slowing his pace
when she would cum and speeding it up when she was recovered enough.
‘please end this’ she thought ‘i can’t take this anny longer’
through a tearstaind vision she saw the man behind xena give a nod to the priest.
‘very well, release them of there agony’ the old man said
the two man assaulting xena and gabrielle than sped up there motions sending new waves of pleasure
through their body’s .
in their state it didn’t took long for them to reach their breaking point,and gabrielle saw xena’s body
tense up and arch in what would be a very powerfull orgasm.
but she never saw it hapening herself as she was then overwhelmed by the increased pleasure comming from
her pussy and clit,and she to tightend her body almost to the breaking point in the throws of her orgasm.
she heard xena scream and was barely able to look over to her friend and saw that the markings around
her pussy where glowing in a blue light.

xena’s body was overtaken by wave and wave of pleasure as her body was finaly able to orgasm,and like
a bottle being uncorked it hit her with a force she never experienced slowly but shurely the full force
of her orgasm hit her being ,and she screamed in her gag as she finaly came after all those minutes of
relentless torment.
but just as her body would feel the sensation of complete satisfaction and relief that came with an orgasm
she felt the felling suddenly stop,leaving her in an highly aroused state,with the desire to cum remaining
but without the feelings and tensions that whent with it.
‘no’ xena thought ‘this cant be hapening’ but then she looked up an saw gabrielle going through
the same thing, and she to noticed the markings on her lower body glowing.

at the same time xena went trough her orgasm so did gabrielle,and to the young blond,this was like
nothing she had ever experienced.
her entire body tensed to the point where she thought that it would surly break and she felt a pleasure
in her mind that was driving her insane. again and again her boddy convulsed from he sensation of such
a powerfull orgasm and she screamed in her gag from pleasure as the waves finaly pushed her over the edge
and she came.
but like with xena ,gabrielle’s orgasm suddenly stoped short of her reaching its usual moment
of satisfaction and relief leaving her panting in a highly aroused state,still with the urge to come
but, as with xena, her body was no longer able.

chapter 5
several minutes after their test

‘excelent’ said the priest ‘the runes seem to work perfectly and the first of manny orgasms is now traped
in their body’s’
xena and gabrielle, barely recoverd from their ordeal,listened in shock to what the man said.
‘from now on your body’s can no longer be satisfied from reaching an orgasm, whenever you feel like
cumming these marks will prevent you from reaching a climax.’
‘but that is not all, since your body’s wern’t satisfied by an orgasm you remain to be aroused and
sensetive to what ever stimuly there is aplied to your body,increasing its sensetivity everytime you
reach orgasm.’ the priest walked between the two bound women as he said this and they followed him with
a mixture of hatred and lust in their eyes.
‘but because of the mark you can’t cum so everytime you should climax the mark prevents this and you will
loose all feelings to climax again.’
the priest took gabrielle’s head in his hands and turned her eyes towards his.
‘oh yes before i forget, your body still thinks that it had an orgasm so everytime an orgasm is prevented
you body thinks that it came, with all the results this would normaly have’
‘for the sensations in you body might disapear,but as you might feel,your mind still longs to cum.’
gabrielle gave a cry of fear as the meaning of his words sank in.
‘never alowed to cum but always wanting to. and on top of it the longer they continued their torment the
easyer it would come to make them cum.’
xena to realised this for she started to scream in her gag and pull on her chains.
‘yes i know, they all react like that at first, but rest asured soon you have other things on your minds
than hating me. now rest, in a few hours we will test the one around your head’
with that the priest led his men out of the room leaving our two heroes helpless in their chains

the last thing xena thought before she fell asleep was that the man would be right,
already she felt the tonics work continue to increase her arousal and she still felt the frustration of
being denied such a powerfull orgasm.
across from her gabrielle hang motionless in her chains,crying softly in her gag only partly aware that
she to felt unsatisfied from her earlyer orgasm.

to be continued

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