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I have been married to Michelle for last one year. It was a really good and hot period of our life. We were of open mind and open sex type people. Even before our marriage when I was dating with her I knew that she was having sex with other guys but I never mind. Even she dated a few of my own friends. Perhaps this type of my openness made her to decide to go for marriage with me. After the marriage our sex life remained open as it was before marriage because we were really to enjoy the life.
One day she told me that we were going to a party at her friend’s house. She told me that everyone there was into swapping, so be prepared. She also said that they were a pretty tight-knit group, so condoms would not be necessary.

We were the last to arrive. There were 4 other couples already there, all in their mid 20’s like us. We each had a few drinks and mingled. Soon, Jen, the host said “who’s up for spin the bottle.” Everyone smiled and sat around in a circle on the floor.

Jen put an empty wine bottle in the middle and said, “Ok here is how it works. Everyone here is straight. Spin the bottle, whoever the bottle points to, you fuck. If it points to a member of the same sex, you fuck their partner.”

This was going to be interesting I thought. All of the ladies looked really hot. However, I really wanted to fuck Michelle’s friend Laura who I had secretly admired for quite a while. Tonight might be my chance to fulfill my dream of fucking her hot pussy.

The bottle spun a couple of times, but hadn’t landed on us yet. It was Michelle’s turn. She spun and it pointed to Joe. Joe was a football player at the local college. 6’4″, 275, very muscular. I could tell Michelle was happy. Now it was my turn, I spun, and I got Jen, the host. Jen was attractive, about 5’5″ 130lbs, with firm a-cup tits blonde hair.

Jen grabbed my hand and led me to the corner of the room. She dropped her skirt and revealed a very nicely trimmed pussy. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss. I soon pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her nice little tits. I leaned down and took one of her hard nipples in my mouth as my hand explored her pussy. Jen undid my pants and dropped to her knees and started to kiss my cock. Then she started to lick the head of my cock which was getting purple and bulbous at that time with the effect of hot and naked sexy bodies all around me. Jen took the head of my cock in his mouth and slowly started to suck my cock. She was really an expert in cock sucking as she was deep throating me and I was at the edge of cumming in her mouth.

I looked over and saw Michelle on her knees; sucking Joe’s cock like there was no tomorrow. What a turn on. She was completely naked on all fours. Soon, Joe actually picked her up and hung her upside down in a 69 position. I watched as he devoured my wife’s pussy while she sucked his cock.

Of course this whole time I was getting incredible head from Jen. I took one more glance around the room. There were naked bodies everywhere. I was looking for Laura, but did not see her.

I moved Jen to a near by chair, knelt between her legs and ate her pussy. It was very juicy and sweet. Next, I stood up and slowly ran my cock up and down her slit. Then, I eased all 7 inches of my cock into her. She wrapped her legs around my back and started to pull my body to her and also sucked my cock with her pussy muscles. I fucked her like this for at least 10 minutes. I then pulled out, and Jen rolled over doggy style. I placed my cock at her ass hole and pushed it once in her ass. She gasped but then her ass muscles adjusted my swollen member in. We fucked for about 5 more minutes and she came hard. Next, I sat in the chair, and she straddled me and started to bounce her pussy over my cock while I took her tit in my mouth and started to suck its nipple. At this position I was having a clear view of MIchelle and Joe.

Joe was fucking her in the missionary position. I watched as all 9 inches of him thrust in and out of her pussy. Michelle had a glazed look in her eyes and I knew she was about to come. Just as she let out a huge scream, Joe pulled out and shot his load all over her tits and face. Michelle grabbed his cock and milked all of her cum into her mouth.

In the meantime, Jen was working her ass and pussy around like a mad woman. It felt amazing. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load deep inside her. She got off of me and I could see my cum running out of her pretty pussy.

we rested in the chair having her in my lap and watched around to see the other couples while they were also at the edge of completing their fuck sessions. After about 10 min I got up and lay Jen in the chair then I went into the kitchen to throw away my empty cup and bumped into Laura. She was still naked and I could see dried cum on her tits. She looked amazing! She is about 5’7″, 145 lbs., 36 D, thick, but not fat at all. She has shoulder length brown hair, and a neat and trim thick brown bush.

I began to flirt with her. I had wanted Laura for a long time. Of course I was a bit tipsy, so I lost some of my inhibitions.
I said: I was really bummed that my bottle didn’t land on you.”

Laura replied “oh really, is Jen that bad?”
I said, “No she’s great, but you are amazing.”

Laura smiled, took my semi erect cock in her hand and said “it’s not too late if you really want to have my pussy.”
With that, I was off to the races. I immediately dropped to my knees and began to lick her pussy. She had very full lips and they seemed to engulf my mouth as I lapped at her clit. Soon Laura was screaming with orgasm. I guess she was loud enough that we attracted Michelle’s attention. Michelle came in and said
“well well, it looks like round 2 has begun. Where is Kevin?” Kevin was Laura’s husband. Michelle went back to the living room to find him.

Laura laid on the kitchen table. I moved up next to her head and put my cock in her mouth and she started to suck my cock. I took my cock out of her mouth and spat on my cock a large amount of saliva and then pushed my cock back in her mouth. She smiled and started to lick my spit from my cock. After I while I again pulled my cock out and then at that time spat in her open mouth. She didn’t mind and engulfed it also. Now she again started to suck my cock. I continued to spit on her face off and on and she was enjoying that fetish thing. I then moved to the end of the table, spread her legs and entered her pussy in a single thrust. I placed her legs over my shoulders and started to fuck her with all my mighty. My cock was going deeper and deeper in her pussy and she was really enjoying it. She was crying with pleasure and then she could not hold it and came. I fucked her in this position for about 10 more minutes until I came deep inside of her. I then licked the dry cum from another man off of her tits. Soon, she was sucking my cock again until I shot a load in her mouth about 20 minutes later.

We regained our composure and went to find Michelle and Kevin. We found them in one corner of the room and they had also just finished as she was sucking the last drops of cum from his cock. They smiled at us. Then we all gathered our clothes and came out. We kissed each other’s wives and I invited them to come at our place to have nice fuck session. They both accepted our invitation and this way our group party gave start to a mini group of ours. Now we have come so close and so fond of each other as we fuck at one or the other’s place every weekend. We even exchange our wives for full week as Michele goes to Kevin’s home and stays there as his wife while Laura stays with me as playing the role of my wife. We are really enjoying our sex life.

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