Peeking At The Neighbors

Author: Wave

My husband and I live in a nice neighborhood, but the houses are fairly close. Our next door neighbors are a young, very attractive couple named Nate and Barb, who have a habit of having sex with their windows open. We like to keep our windows open too, so we are usually treated to a little performance from them just about every night. We feel pretty safe assuming that they are exhibitionists, because on many occasions they leave their lights on and the curtains open, and we can see right into their bedroom.

At first, we tried to mind our own business, but that became increasingly hard to do. We found that their active sex life was beginning to have a positive effect on our sex life as well. Many times we would watch them through their window, then have mind blowing sex of our own. I did yearn to have a better view though. I convinced my husband one night to sneak outside with me and peek through the open window for a better look.

We quietly snuck outside and kneeled below the window. We could see them kissing and undressing and fondling each other. Nate was behind Barb, reaching around and tweaking her nipples nicely. She had her arm behind her and I could see that she was rubbing his cock through his jeans. Nate kept kissing Barb’s neck and fondling her firm tits. Soon, his hand found it’s way down to her pink, silk thong panties. He slid his fingers into the panties and started playing with her clit. I could see she was really enjoying it. My own pussy was getting quite wet. I felt my husbands cock through his jeans and found it to be rock hard. Barb stepped out of her panties and I could see she had a hairless pussy, except for a tiny patch of short hair right above her pussy lips. Barb was now totally naked and Nate was fully clothed. We could hear Barb say “I want you to lick my pussy” and Nate didn’t argue. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide open and put her finger on her clit, saying “right here.”

Nate appeared to be a master of cunnilingus. My own pussy was throbbing to be licked by now. My husband started to finger me, which really got me squirming. Nate stood up and we could see Barbs pussy juice glistening all over his face. Barb got up off the bed and began to kiss Nate passionately as if trying to taste her own juice. Then, she began to undress Nate, leaving a trail of kisses all the way from his neck down to his stomach. She unzipped his pants and I saw that Nate was not wearing any underwear. His long, thick cock just flopped right out and I could see that, close up, it was more magnificent than I had ever realized. Barb began to suck it with fervor and I could not blame her, because it was a beautiful cock. She alternated licking and sucking and stroking his cock, and it stood at full attention for her.

My husband and I moved slightly to the side of the window, where we could stand up and look in from an angle. I unzipped my husbands pants and let his rigid cock out. It was standing straight up and dying to be stroked. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around to the front and started stroking him the way I have seen him stroke himself many times. He reached his arm behind him and dipped a finger up into my hot, creamy pussy. I had a very hard time keeping quiet. Watching Barb suck Nate and being finger fucked and stroking a rock hard cock at the same time was just too good to be true.

Barb got on her knees at the edge of the bed, and Nate gave her a few nice long licks between her pussy lips before he put his swollen cock into her. She let out a load moan as he slowly slid his cock into her and and continued moaning with each stroke he gave her. He occasionally would pull his cock out and rub the head around her pussy lips. This drove her wild and she would be begging him to put it back in.

By now, my husband had moved around behind me and slid his cock between my thighs, rubbing my pussy lips with it. It was all I could do to keep quiet. Nate then flipped Barb over onto her back and pulled her legs up over her shoulders and started fucking her hard. The muscles in his ass were flexing and he was grinding into her as hard as could. She was squeezing her nipples while he pounded her. Soon, she let out an amazing squeel and arched her back up while she climaxed. Then, Nate pulled out and came all over her pussy. He bent down and lapped some of up afterwards, which really turned me on.

We needed to fuck so bad by this time that we tried to quietly sneak back into our own yard. When were about 15 feet away, we heard Nate say “have a nice night guys.” We were totally busted! I could not believe it, they must have known we were there the whole time! They put on a good show, that’s for sure. But back to business, I needed to be fucked even more now, knowing we were caught just made me hornier. My husband was stroking his cock like crazy, so I got the idea that he was as eager as I was for a good fuck.

We went into our bedroom, opened the curtains, turned on the light, and decided to let Barb and Nate watch us. I stood my husband right in front of the window and started sucking his cock as I had never done before. I was stroking, sucking, biting, licking, and within a few minutes he blew his wad in my mouth and I gobbled it up, every drop.

He then told me to get on my knees on the bed and he started licking my pussy and asshole. He pulled the dildo we have under our mattress out and started sliding it in and out of me too. He had another huge hard on within a few minutes. He quickly brought me to orgasm with that dildo and he lapped up every bit of my pussy juice and cum. Now he was really ready to fuck and so was I, especially knowing we were being watched.

First, he laid down on the bed and told me to get on. I rode that cock with passion and he was sucking my nipples the whole time. Then, we flipped over doggy style and he pounded me with that huge cock, pumping faster and faster. I could feel the the head of his cock massage my clit with every stroke and, before you know it, I was cumming all over again. For a nice finish, he pulled his cock out and sprayed his hot cum all over my back and ass. We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, knowing we had given our neighbors an equally good show.

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