Dark Room Teacher

A dialogue script for a medium length porn movie

T:Hello, Jason. Come in! This room is completely dark but you know who I am because you can smell me, my perfume, my hair. Am I right?

J: Yes, I do, Miss Teeger.

T: Do you know why I asked you to come here?

J: No, yes, not really, you want to tell me something, I think.

T: What would I want to tell you in the middle of the night that I cannot tell you after class?

J: Well, yeah, I don’t know but I came because I like you, Miss Teeger.

T: I know, and I know that you think of me when you are alone, that you want me, and that you don’t have much experience with girls, am I right?

J: Yeah, I guess not, Miss Teeger.

T: I could tell when I invited you for a slow dance at the gym last Friday. God, were you ever obvious when you tried to find out whether I was wearing a bra by fumbling around on my back, and you got hard when you found out I was not. Don’t say no, I could feel it, because I did not let you turn sideways. I enjoy the feeling of a hard cock pressing against me if it is from the right man. Anyway, you stare at my breasts all the time in class, and you should be able to know I am bra-less by the the way they bounce when i walk quickly.

J: I am sorry, Miss Teeger, I did not…

T: Don’t be sorry, it’s ok, you are polite, and sensitive, and that’s why I like you also, Jason. And I tell you something, I did not wear any panties either, I never do. What do you think of that?

J: I don’t know, maybe you like the feeling of the air flowing through your skirt.

T: See, that’s what I mean, you are sensitive, and you have some imagination, which a lot of your horny buddies don’t have. Are you horny now, Jason?

J: Yeah, a little bit, the way you talk so different from school, and the room dark and all that.

T: Well, let me tell you, I am a little horny myself. I have my fingers between my pussy lips and they are already a little wet, just thinking of what we are going to do together.

J: What … what are we…

T: Take off your clothes, Jason, it is warm in here, and I feel funny being the only naked person in the room. Don’t be shy, I cannot see you any better than you can see me.

J: So, how can we…, I mean, how can we …

T: Not so quick, young man. You can play with yourself a little while we talk, just stroke lightly, play with your testicles, but don’t go all the way, understood? Are all your clothes off? You have your hand around your penis?

J: Yes, I am, I mean yes I have, Miss Teeger.

T: Good! Now, I have a flashlight on a stand on the table, I can adjust it, and I will point it at my lips, Can you see them? Do you like them?

J: Yes, I can, they are beautiful, and…and.. they are sexy.

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