Who actually likes English class?

Author: Mike

I was sitting in yet another boring as hell English class. Seriously, why do I need to read Chaucer? Is that necessary for anything I will do in my life? As much as I try to convince myself the answer to those questions are yes, I still can’t get interested in what he talked about in 1400 a.d.

However, there were two things jiggling at the front of the classroom that I was very interested in. Those would be the breasts of my incredibly hot English teacher, Evelyn. Now before you get creeped out (or excited if that does it for you), this isn’t one of those milf stories, ok? Technically calling her a professor is incorrect. She works at my college as a graduate student and teaches as part of the program, but I still call her a professor out of habit. Now that that is out of the way, lets move on with my experience with her.

Evelyn was 25 I think, 5 years older than me at least. She was tall for a girl, about 6′ 2″, which was great for me because I was really tall for a guy. Plus, she had legs that went on forever. Her course had started in the winter unfortunately so I had to wait until it warmed up before she started wearing her skirts and low cut shirts, but it was completely worth it. She had a bit of a bigger butt than was usual for someone her weight, but the way it wiggled as she walked around the class just set me on fire regardless. She had long, dark red hair that went around her lower back if she wore it down, thought she rarely did in class. Finally we come to the center of my attention today, her breasts. Wearing a low v-neck shirt (which had some weird name that only woman actually know) her chest was open for eyes to marvel at, especially when she would lean it to help, and my eyes were certainly marveling.

Unfortunately as I said before, the whole class was not quite as captivating as the woman standing at the front talking about God knows what that Chaucer said, so I admit that I was probably staring a little more than was safe at this point.

“Michael,” she said. My eyes flicked up and saw her own looking straight at me.”What do you think about what I just said?”

I stared dumbfounded at her. All I could manage to squeak out was “It was very interesting.” Needless to say everyone started laughing, including Evelyn surprisingly.

“Well since we were moving on anyways, I’ll let that go this time. But next time try to dig in a little deeper than just how interesting my thoughts are,” she said walking away. Instantly that little voice went off in my head. No not the little one that says when you’re doing something you shouldn’t, the voice that says “I’ll dig in as deeply as you want as long as you buy dinner first”. Yeah, that voice.

“Now remember,”she went on,” your rough drafts need to be finished by Saturday. Also remember that I require a one-on-one meeting sometime before then to discuss what your paper will be about and how it’s coming along, so make your appointments.” Everyone packed up as time ran out and started leaving. I decided to talk to Evelyn instead.

“Hey Evelyn, I’m sorry about the lack of attention today.” She giggled.

“O it’s alright. I know that not everyone can stay focused all the time. Just don’t let it happen to often, alright? Now how is your paper coming along?” I think my silence said more than intended. “Really? That tough?” she said, her eyebrows raising.

“Yeah unfortunately. I just can’t find anything to write about in these stories. They all seem so distant when I read them. That conference should probably come sooner rather than later for me” I said hopefully. trying to get as much time with her as possible.

“O yeah of course, I’m free later on today. Say, 3:00 you swing by my office.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said happily. I turned to go and saw that everyone had left, grabbed my bag and started walking towards the door.

“Remember Michael,” she said behind me “Chaucer may be boring, but if you don’t pay more attention I might just have to start wearing higher shirts and we both know you don’t want that.”

I swirled around with embarrassment likely emblazoned on my face and looked at her. This time she did not laugh, she just looked at me with that “Boo-yah” face and smiled.

“I’ll see you later,” I said and walked out of the room as quickly as possible.


3:00. I had to face her. Even though I felt more scared to see her than I would be to lose a limb, it had to happen. She was a professor. Just that.

I walked into the little office on the third floor and there sat Evelyn, still wearing that sexy skirt and the revealing shirt that had caused me all these problems. I smiled. Or at least I tried to smile. From the look Evelyn gave me, I’m not totally sure what exactly my face looked like, but it was entertaining to say the least.

“Hey Michael. Come on in and sit down.” I did of course. “So you have trouble with Chaucer,” she said getting straight to the point.

“Yeah. Like I said earlier, I just can’t see anything worth writing about when I read his stories.” She looked at me for a moment.

“Michael,” she said suddenly,” have you ever seen a cross-dressing comedian?”

“Uhh..um..what?” I said in total confusion.

“Well have you?”

“Not that I can remember, and I feel like I would remember that” I laughed hesitantly ‘What the fuck is going on?’ I thought to myself.

“Now that’s totally unacceptable. We’ll have to watch it, you would really enjoy this guy. Or uh..well I guess girl is more appropriate,” she smiled and turned to her computer. She opened up a video on youtube of what looked to be a 60 year old woman on a dark stage. ‘What the hell?’ I thought ‘Was this already open, waiting for me?’

I couldn’t really think about it at the time though because I have to admit, he was really funny. It was some British guy that I had never heard of before, but was obviously well known over seas. I watched him up on stage, a bit too closely actually. I watched him so close that I didn’t notice Evelyn rolling back and sitting right next to me, but trust me I noticed after a few seconds. I could smell her first. My head shot over and saw her not watching the video, but watching me. Her eyes were searching my face, looking for something. She just stared at me for about 15 seconds and I had to fight with every muscle in my body to not look down her shirt as she stared at me.

Suddenly, she leaned forward and her mouth found mine, locked together there in her office. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I could feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I gave into her slippery tongue in my mouth. She pulled back. Sitting up straight in her chair, she looked like a totally different person; scared, ashamed.

I couldn’t even formulate a thought. I was so confused by the speed of what just happened that I sat in the same position that she had kissed me in with my mouth open. Finally my senses jolted back me and I sat back too, staring at her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “That wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I shouldn’t have done that too you…” Her voice trailed off as she sat there staring down.

“Are you kidding me?!” I practically yelled. “I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks!” She smiled weakly, almost like she was forcing it out.

“I know you have. And I don’t regret kissing you, I just regret that you feel this way for someone like me. I feel like I’ve abused my power over you.”

“No no no no no. You haven’t done anything like that! I completely wanted this” I said truthfully. “Besides what do you mean someone like you? A teacher? Because you aren’t that much older than me.”

“No I don’t mean a teacher….” she said quietly again.

“Well then..what?” I said and moved a little closer. She looked up at me and gave me that same searching look. As if defeated, she sighed, stood up and closed the door. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a zipper being undone and her skirt falling to the floor.

‘Could this really be happening?’ I thought to myself. ‘I don’t know if I’ll actually know what do to right now.’

I watched as Evelyn turned around and I saw something…astonishing. I followed her smooth legs with my eyes and eventually rested them on the cock in between her legs. Wait, what?! A cock?! The shock must have shown on my face because the fear and shame showed on hers again. But regardless of shock, it couldn’t be denied that it was there. Hanging in between those long legs I had fantasized about so much was something I had never thought to find there. A 9 inch, veiny cock. Behind it hung two egg sized testicles and a big bush of dark red pubic hair. She looked as though she were about to cry.

“This is what I meant by ‘someone like me’. I’m a transexual,” she said with her head still down.

“Yes I can see that quite clearly now,” I responded.

She waited there for a few seconds then finally squeaked out “You can leave whenever you want…”

I sat in a situation I had never dreamed of. My English teacher had just kissed me, then revealed she had a dick bigger than mine. All the while the video of the cross dressing comedian played in the background with sounds of laughter filling the room. I sat there staring at Evelyn’s veiny cock and could only feel one thing; horny. I had no idea why, but the sight of that cock hanging between Evelyn’s long sexy legs…set me on fire. I made many quick decisions sitting there, the most important decision being there was no way in hell I was leaving this room.

I stood and walked over to the laptop. With a few short clicks the laptop went quiet and the comedian on the screen lost his British accent, along with all sound completely. I then walked over to my professor standing there next to the doorway and lifted her eyes to mine. Without saying a word I slid down to my knees in front of her. When I looked up at her face I saw three distinct emotions flash through. First, obviously, came intense surprise. Then I saw what was unmistakeably hope pass through her and last I saw the ravenous desires of pent up sexual needs grip her.

When I saw that last face I looked back down at the cock now hanging in front of my face. I smiled at the thought going through my head and decided I would tease her. I continued to lower my head all the way to her knees and started kissing my way up her inner thighs. As I got higher I stopped a few seconds at every spot to suck on her beautiful legs and could feel her tingle a little bit each time. To my great happiness I looked up to see the once soft cock now quickly hardening above my head and beyond that I saw the face of my professor, her eyes closed in silent pleasure and her mouth half open breathing deeply.

I pretended like I hadn’t noticed anything and closed my eyes again. By now my head was stuck firmly in between her legs and her testicles rested on my cheek, the hair tickling my skin. But again just to tease her I paid them no attention and continued sucking on her thigh right underneath her cock. I heard a rustling and out of curiosity opened up my eyes only to see Evelyn’s amazing breasts fall out of her shirt as she slid it over her head.

‘I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra’ I thought to myself triumphantly.

She looked down at me, kneeling in between her legs.

“How long are you going to tease me?” she said with a sly smile on her face. “As good as that feels you know it isn’t what I want.”

I kept sucking for a few seconds then backed away. I had to shift backwards a little to make sure I was far enough away from her cock, which I might add had now grown to be about an amazing 11 inches. I smiled at my work on her legs and looked up at her with the best angel smile I could muster.

“Me a tease? What are you talking about Evelyn?” I returned her sly smile. She put her hands on her now naked hips and looked at me with fake anger.

“Like hell you don’t,” she said. “Just look what you’ve done to my little friend.”

“Your friend isn’t little by any stretch of the imagination,” I interjected. A smile crept onto her face.

“Well that may be true, but the fact of the matter still remains that you’ve gotten my lit…well, my friend all excited and ready to play. How are you going to deal with this situation,” she asked sarcastically.

“Hmmm.” My hand slid in between her legs where my mouth had been and started working its way up. “How could I ever fix such a BIG problem?” She giggled and smiled as I stressed big. My hand had now reached right where my mouth had stopped. “I mean there are many things that I MIGHT do, but what would work best?” I decided to stop teasing so much and flipped my hand over, cupping her testicles. The contact lit up her face with pleasure and as I began squeezing and fondling her balls she started that heavy breathing again.

“Well you can do whatever you want as far as I’m concerned,” she said in gasps through her breathing. That sent chills down my spine and I decided to stop teasing her completely. I wrapped my hand around her hard cock and started gently rubbing up and down her shaft. At first I didn’t say anything while I jerked her off, instead I really looked at and inspected the big piece of meat I had in my grasp. I sized it right over 11 inches and thick too. Not too thick, a good healthy thick. It tilted up just a little and the head was dark pink and looked so soft. Again I noticed the trimmed, yet full, dark red bush of pubic surrounding her testicles like it was a guardian. That was fine with me because what those big balls held inside was indeed a treasure.

She didn’t complain that I stopped talking for a bit, content to feeling my hand slide up and down her hot organ for the moment. Finally I dropped all pretenses and leaned in, about an inch from her cock.

“Well I guess there might have been something I had in mind to help us both out. After all I’m awful hungry all of a sudden. And you seem to have some delicious meat, as long as you don’t feel you’re abusing your power,” I winked at her. I was so close that the breath of my words fell on her cock, hot and sensual. She looked down to see what I suspect she had wanted the whole time. I was on my knees before her, slowly massaging her cock and now I had closed my eyes and left my mouth open and ready for her entry.

“Well, if I wasn’t abusing my power when I kissed you, I absolutely will be when I fuck your face.” I laughed but didn’t open my eyes.

“You said when, not if,” I said teasingly. I then felt her hand land on top of my head and slide to the back.

“O it’s not a question of ‘if’ anymore,” she said. At the same time I felt a push on my head as I went forward. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and Evelyn’s cock filled my mouth completely. She kept pushing and I relished the taste of her cock on my tongue mixed with the pre-cum oozing out of her already. I closed my mouth tightly around her meat, not willing to ever let it go. Finally her cock reached the back of my throat and began its slide out. When the head reached the front of my mouth again my tongue made circles around the rim and then licked and probed energetically at the hole on the end of her dick.

I felt her surge forward again and wondered how much of her cock I was really taking into my mouth. I had never blown anyone before so I couldn’t imagine it was much, but it felt amazing. Everytime it slide down into my throat I felt my body shiver in pleasure and delight. I let go of her cock, my mouth had started running into my hand, and returned it to her balls. I again fondled her testicles as she swayed her hips, pushing her massive cock into my willing throat over and over again.

I chanced to look up and saw why Evelyn wasn’t moaning while she fucked me. While one hand was grasped, now very firmly, onto the back of my head forcing me forward in time with her hips, the other hand had grabbed one of her breasts and brought the big pink tit to her mouth. Her own mouth was greedily sucking on her tit while mine was greedily sucking on her cock.

‘Well,’ I thought,’ if she is going to use her other hand, I might as well use mine.’ So I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a hold of her other tit, massaging it along with her balls. Whenever I would pinch her nipple I squeezed her balls as well. At this she could not control herself and let out small gasps and moans of pleasure. I think the nipple and testicle play sent her over the edge. By now her rhythmic fucking of my mouth had started to produce quite a bit of salty pre-cum and her cock was a stiff as a board.

She let go of her tit and placed her second hand on top of my head, really starting to fuck me now. There was no movement by my head anymore, only the increasing intensity of her hips. Her hands were used only to hold my head in place so she could fuck my mouth easier. Suddenly I saw an idea dawn on her face and she looked down at me.

“Michael I need you to do something,” she said breathlessly. I moaned and nodded slightly in response. “I need you to back up, ok? Don’t stand up and don’t you dare let my cock leave your mouth, just back up.”

‘There is absolutely no way I’m letting your cock leave my mouth until you fill me up,’ I thought. I did as I was told of course and started backing up on my knees. I had no idea why I was, but at this point I would do anything she commanded. Without slowing her pace she walked forward with me still sucking her off. After a few feet I could feel that I had hit the wall, literally. I noticed that she had backed me into the corner of her office and let go of my head. Instead Evelyn placed both hands on the walls to hold herself up and forced (I use forced here loosely because as I said, I was hers to command) my head back into the corner, holding it there.

When my head was in position I felt her give a great push and plowed her delicious cock deeper into my throat than I thought possible. Inch after inch disappeared into my mouth and slid over my tongue and down my throat. Over and over she plowed it down and eventually my throat loosened and granted her cock full access, just as I had granted her full access. I could now feel her meat deep inside me and her pubic hairs up underneath my nose. Whenever she pushed in, I would get a nose full of that big bush and breath it in deeply.

My own desires were running out of control and I decided to give my hands something to do while my mouth was so well entertained. I slid them up over her plump ass and reached once again the start of all this lust, her breasts. My fingers found her hard nipples and began massaging and pinching them. We sat there in this time of intense lust and moaned together. Well I sat there, and she stood over top of me holding all the power, all the strength in this situation. Each time Evelyn thrust her cock a little bit harder and each time she would increase her speed. With sweat glistening over her body Evelyn rammed her cock deep into my happy throat, and she began to talk to me.

“Michael I want you to take everything I give. Can you do that? Can I do that? Can I fill you up with my cum? I want you to swallow everything I pour into you.” I moaned in ecstasy at the thought of drinking her cum. I wanted so much to be her cum dumpster. She smiled at this and raised her head toward the ceiling. She bent lower and began thrusting her hips as fast as she could. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her inside my mouth and thought about the glorious reward I would get sliding down my throat very soon.

“Michael it’s going to come very soon. I need to feel you swallow down my cum into your stomach. I need my cum inside you!” She moaned the last part as she ravenously fucked my mouth, her hips working furiously now.

I continued massaging her tits and finally I felt it. Her hips buckled forward and stayed locked there, her cock stuck down inside my throat. Then I felt the warm stream of cum shooting out of her magnificent cock as Evelyn was hit with a massive orgasm. I began to swallow it down as fast as possible like the good little cum-dump I wanted her to think of me as. The orgasm made her body shiver and shake as she unloaded stream after stream of cum into my throat and felt it contract to send the cum down in my stomach each time.

After about three loads into my mouth she backed out quickly. I could feel the big veins sliding over my lips and her huge head, lost inside my mouth for nearly twenty minutes, pop out covered in cum. But she wasn’t done yet. She grabbed her cock and aimed it straight at my face.

“Quickly,” she gasped,”close your mouth. I want to spread my seed all over your face.” I clamped it shut tightly, closed my eyes and felt her unload more hot cum onto my face. Two more streams covered my face in her juice. Finally with one last buckle she dropped to her knees in front of me, exhausted. She grabbed my head and started licking her own cum off my face. When she had gotten it all our lips locked again and she poured her cum and her tongue into my mouth. I swallowed the last bit of cum Evelyn gave me and we sat there kissing on the floor. For how long we kissed I don’t know.

Evelyn backed away for a moment and I realized that my hands were still grasping firmly both her breasts. She didn’t seem to mind, but I removed them anyway so I could see them. I, for the first time, took a good look at the breasts that had led to so much happiness.

‘They’re big’ was my fist thought. I know simple, right? But that’s the first thing came to mind. They were at least D-cups with big pink nipples, soft and delicate.

‘I bet they’re delicious’ was my second thought. But I had no time to find out. Evelyn caught her breath and stood up. Her now semi-erect cock was floating in front of my face and she had the look of delight that someone has when they know they have all the power. I was fairly confident now that Evelyn viewed me exactly as I wanted to her too; a willing cum-dump. If I wasn’t sure before, I was sure after what she said next.

“Be a dear and clean it off Michael,” she said in her best teacher voice. I laughed and leaned forward, licking from shaft to tip to get all the cum off.

“Yes ma’am. If you couldn’t guess, this was the best conference I’ve ever had,” I said teasingly.

“O it won’t be the best you’ve had for long. There’s no way I’m giving you up now,” she smiled down at me as I licked her cock. I laughed back and kept licking.

“Well there’s definitely nowhere else I’d rather be than on my knees in front of you, meat in mouth.”

“O sweety,” she laughed,” Your gonna be in more positions than you can count. You need a lot of work with your paper. We’ll have to schedule conferences as much as possible.” I smiled back up at her and stood up, her cock clean as a whistle.

“Conferences sound good to me, although this one didn’t help me get ideas for writing my paper,” I said sarcastically.

“Michael, as long as I’m fucking you, you’ve got an A in this class.” She gave me a big seductive grin.

“Are you blackmailing me Evelyn?”

“Now that’s not at all what I’m saying,” her grin grew wider. She guided my hand to her cock and I felt it stiffening again. “What I’m saying is you better get back down there before my cock gets to cold out in this open air. It needs a nice warm throat to sleep in and it likes yours so very much.” I smiled widely back at her. She placed her hand back on my head and gently pushed me down to the floor in front of her massive, delicious cock. She looked at it and saw it wasn’t fully erect yet.

“Hmmm,” she thought out loud. “I think you better get my big balls inside that mouth of yours to stiffen up our friend here. What do you think?” In response I rolled my head back and opened my mouth again. Evelyn grinned with fiendish delight at my obedience and walked over top of me, letting her balls fall into my mouth. I closed tight around them and my tongue went to work on her sweet and salty balls

As I kneeled there underneath my English professor with her balls secured firmly in my mouth and my tongue fondling them in ways a hand never could, I thought that although this was the last thing I thought would happen in this meeting, it was by far also the best. I smiled and continued my work on my incredibly sexy English professor’s testicles.

Ahhhh Evelyn…..

Rating: 5

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