Cyber Lezzies I – Eating Meg

Author: Dan

Sharing an apartment with my roomy Maxine not only helped me to financially make ends meet, but having her here has helped me to discover more of my sexual side and to experiment with the pleasures of intimacy with another woman.

Maxine is a tomboyish, athletic but very pretty and outgoing type of person. Shaving her head for cancer, competing with the best on a rowing team, nothing stands in her way and she is always game to try something new. Taking Maxine on as a roomy has given my life more than I had ever imagined possible, and believe me, it’s all been good.

As a winter storm raged outside our upper apartment window, I had worried all afternoon about Maxine and hoped that she would exercise extra caution as she made her way home from work. The northeastern bearing down on us was expected to dump three foot of snow and the news broadcasts were already reporting minor accidents on some of the busiest streets in the city. I smiled with relief when her key jiggled in the lock and she lumbered in declaring, “It’s colder than a witch’s tit out there Meg!” “And how would you know how cold a witch’s tit is Max?” I shouted up from behind my computer monitor. Maxine just laughed, as she always does, so quick on the funny sayings, so short on the quick comebacks.

I lowered my eyes to the screen again, reading the hot chat room text as it was typed out before me. I was right in the middle of a hot lesbian scene, receiving some hot virtual tongue action, but I typed quickly that my roomy had just gotten home and that I had to leave. I had always been bi-curious, but never had the real life experience of being with another woman and even though they were just words on my screen, I always walked away soaking wet and wondering what it would really be like.

Oblivious to the fact that Maxine had come into my room and was reading over my shoulder, I kept reading the hot text scrolling across my screen, but the text that came on the screen next were enough to make me blush. “Why don’t you have your roomy eat you like I am eating you?” I squeezed my thighs together and typed out, “Oh no, I don’t think that Maxine would ever do something like that. She doesn’t come across as the type of person who would want to be with another woman, let alone her roomy”

I jumped and blushed hard as Maxine rested her hands on my shoulders and started to massage them softly. I went to close out the chat when she took my hand and removed it from my mouse. “Uh Uh, leave it as it is Meg, I want you to be able to tell them how good it feels to have your pussy eaten by me” Maxine then reached down and typed out into the chat room, “Meg’s roomy here and you can consider this sexy thing’s pussy as good as eaten”

The chat room stood still for a bit until Kitty, my online lesbian partner typed out, “Yeah Maxine, eat her good. I want to know how delicious her pussy really is and finger her Maxine; Meg loves it when I am fingering her pussy as I suck on her clit. Eat her good for me Maxine and make her tell us how she feels while you’re doing it”

Maxine typed out a quick, “You got it babe ;-)”, then got down on her knees and crawled between my legs, leaving me room to spread and my hands access to the keyboard to fill Kitty on what was happening and how I was feeling.

Maxine ran her hands up the insides of my thighs and I bit down on my lower lip out of nervousness. Continuing to run them across the tops of my thighs and down my hips, Maxine paused to give a few pats, “Lift your ass sweetie, so I can take off your pants” I raised my ass from the chair and Maxine slid my pants and panties down and tossed them to the side. “Now, put your legs over the arms of the chair for me sweetie and tell Kitty what’s happening”, Maxine urged, while pulling my ass closer to the edge of the chair, her fingers already tracing my hot hair covered love triangle.


drapes my legs over the arms of the chair and Maxine pulls my ass closer to the edge of the seat. She is tracing my pussy with her fingers and it feels so hot. Oh god she’s licking me now. She’s licking my pussy lips. Oh it feels so good

that’s it Meg, just go with it babe. Let her eat you the way that I eat you

Maxine gave long licks up my pussy lips and tickled my curly pubic hair with her tongue. My body was a mass of shivers and I started to squirm in my seat. “Lift your top sweetie, play with your nipples while I eat your pussy”, Maxine paused to say, before going back down on my honey hole that was just aching to be eaten. I lifted my top and started to play with my nipples, pinching and tugging them between my fingertips. “Mmmmmmm, your pussy is so good sweetie, it’s so sweet and wet. Tell Kitty how good your pussy is”


Maxine is licking my pussy. It is so sweet and wet and I am so fucking horny. Oh gawd, she’s sticking her tongue inside of my cunt. She’s fucking me with her tongue. Oh gawd it feels so fucking good!

yeah babe, you taste so good. My tongue wants to suck your pussy dry. Enjoy it babe, I am going to eat you until you cum

my pussy’s so hot Kitty. She’s sucking my pussy with her tongue. I want her to lick my clit Kitty. I wish she would lick my clit

in time babe, you must be fucked first. I am fucking you with my tongue, then I will fuck you with my fingers and suck on your clit. Let her fuck you babe, let her tongue fuck you for me…

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