Bride’s Black Wedding Gift

“You went out with me to be rebellious, slut!” Derek laughed. “Well, there’s nothing more rebellious than fucking another man on your wedding day!”

Katelyn moaned, squirming back and forth, trying in vain to push the huge head into her pussy.

“Do you, Katelyn, want my cock in your pussy?”

“Please, don’t make me say it! Just fuck me if you want, but don’t make me say that!”

“Tell me what you want, whore, or you don’t get this cock!”

Katelyn cried out in frustration, unable to resist the urge inside her fevered cunt. She looked back at her black lover, completing the obscene mockery of her wedding vows.

“I do! I do want your cock!”


Mrs. White was thankful the organ music was drowning out the sounds from inside the dressing room. What was Katelyn doing in there?

Before her mind could answer her own question, she saw a sight that almost made her faint. John Barton was storming down the hallway, rage contorting his usually handsome face.

“No! John you can’t go back there!”

John looked down on the old woman, his eyes burning.

“I heard that black bastard is back here and I want to talk to him!”

John tried to muscle through, but Mrs. White blocked the way with her pudgy body. She might not be able to stop her daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life, but she could certainly stop it from becoming a huge, social nightmare.

“John, I don’t know what you are talking about! Derek’s not here! But, I do know that it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!”

Derek looked as if he might force his way through, but then his jaw relaxed and his eyes lost their heat.

“You didn’t see him?”

Mrs. White shook her head, unable to conjure up a second lie to her future son-in-law. John turned and walked back down the hallway to the sanctuary. Mrs., White breathed a sigh of relief.


It would have definitely been bad luck if John Barton had entered the dressing room at that moment. He would have seen his beautiful blonde bride bent over the dressing table, her white wedding dress hiked up over her ass, her black ex-boyfriend pounding her furiously from behind.

“Oh, yeah, slut!” God! You’re so fucking tight!”

“You’re soooo big! Fuck! I forgot how good your fucking cock feels!”

Derek grinned as he heard the young blonde in the pure white dress spewing obscenities as he fucked, his pelvis slapping wetly against her ass.

“That’s right, baby! Take that fucking cock! I want you to remember this when you’re with your hubby tonight!”

Derek gripped Katelyn’s white ass with thick black fingers and pulled her back hard against his advancing cock, ramming even deeper into her quivering body. Katelyn groaned as she felt his huge, unprotected cock penetrate deep into her belly. As she felt his huge muscle throb inside of her, she remembered she wasn’t on the pill anymore. She had wanted to start her family with John as soon as possible after the wedding. Now, she might be giving John a black baby!

“Derek…please…don’t cum in my pussy! I’ll swallow it for you, baby! Just don’t cum inside of me!”

“No way, slut! I’m going to give you the a wedding present that keeps on giving!”

Derek doubled his efforts, his cock slamming into the young bride’s cunt with amazing speed and strength. Waves of pleasure burst in her pussy. Katelyn looked in the mirror at her handsome black boyfriend slamming into her wanton body. The white wedding dress seemed woefully inaccurate as she realized she would never be a pure, innocent bride.

Then, Katelyn White could think of nothing else as the pleasure of the rigorous fucking overtook her body. She closed her eyes and gripped the dressing table as intense sensations pounded her pale body into submission.

“Oh! Gawwwd! Derek! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! I’m cummmming!”

“So am I, bitch! I’m going to cum inside you! Gonna’ give you my wedding present. Fuck yeah!”

Derek slammed his cock up to his balls in Katelyn’s sweet white pussy. He moaned as his cock exploded into hot potent seed, spewing into Katelyn’s helpless womb. The young bride shivered in fear and spent desire, held up between Derek’s body and the fragile dressing table.

“Finally, Derek’s cock began to recede and he pulled it out of Katelyn’s body. He sneered down at the abused woman and watched as cum dripped between her swollen cunt lips and down her legs. He pulled up his pants and turned to leave, but not before he offered up a final insult.

“I hope you and John enjoy the gift!”

Mrs. White said nothing as Derek left, ignoring the wink he gave her as he zipped up his jeans. Mrs. White began to breathe again as she watched the black man leave the church.

She stood at the door, wondering if she should go into the room. Finally, she took a deep breath and entered, prepared for anything she might see.

The room was in order, her daughter sitting at the dressing table, attempting to fix her hair, which had come loose from its pins.

“Here, let me help you.”

Mrs. White came up behind her daughter and replaced the pins in her hair. She looked at her daughter’s face in the mirror and wanted to cry at what she saw there, but she had to be strong. After all, there was a wedding to take care of and the day was far from over.

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