Breakfast In Bed

Author: Cecilia

He arranges the bed tray just right. Bacon, pancakes, eggs and a buttered biscuit on a plate, a glass of orange juice, a small pitcher of syrup all arranged strategically on the tray. He picks up the tray and carries it very carefully down the hall to the bedroom. Opening the door with his foot, he smiles when he sees her still sleeping in the bed. He walks over to the side of the bed, and sets the tray down on the floor. Sitting on the bed next to her, he gently strokes her hair until she starts to wake up.

Smiling, he tells her he has a surprise for her. She smiles back and sits up in bed, letting the bed covers fall off of her naked body. Pausing for a second, he takes in the sight of her beauty and is flooded with memories of last night. He then reaches down, and picks up the bed tray, and presents her with her breakfast in bed. He tells her that after last night, she’s going to need her strength for what he has in store for her today.

Eyeing him curiously, she begins to eat her breakfast. Just as she starts to sip her orange juice, Dopey, the big black lab that shares the apartment with them, bounds onto the bed, and runs right into the bed tray. The wooden tray flies forward, spraying her breakfast, and her juice, all over her slender naked body.

He grabs the dog and tosses him out of the room and closes the door. He turns and looks at his lovely wife, who is looking at the food that has been spilled all over her in shock.

Chuckling, he walks over to the bed and sits down. Watching her eyes, he dips his finger into her navel, pulls out a few drops of syrup, and raises his finger to his mouth and licks it off. Seeing her fascination, he then wipes some egg yolk off of her belly, and tastes that as well. He realizes that tasting her breakfast from her skin is causing his body to react in ways he didn’t expect.

Standing up, he removes his robe to proudly display his raging hard on. She looks at him and smiles, and takes the overturned bed tray off of her chest, and lays it down on the floor. When she removes the bed tray, he can see that the orange juice, as well as butter, and syrup, has spilled down her waist, and ran down between her legs.

Hungry, he moves to the edge of the bed, and approaches her from her tiny feet, spreading her legs as he goes. Licking her thigh, he can taste the sweet, sticky syrup, mixed with the butter a little higher up. Licking his lips, he looks towards her patch of black hair, and longs to drink the orange juice that has collected there. Lowering his head, he dunks his face in between her legs, and starts to lap up the tangy orange juice from her crotch. She moans softly and spreads her legs wider, allowing him to smell her womanly juices mixing with the orange juice. Burying his face in her crotch, he begins to lick her pussy hungrily, lapping up both her juices and the pulpy orange juice that has run down near her clit.

Having cleaned up all of her juices, he raises his head and looks her over from below. Syrup was smeared all over her belly. She had a biscuit plopped right between her beautiful small breasts, with butter somehow smeared across each of her nipples. Her neck was covered in more of the juice of the Florida fruit. Her face has splatters of egg on it. He notices grease trails across the left side of her ribs, where the bacon had slid down her sexy body to rest on the bed.

Breakfast in bed just took on a new meaning for him, and he’d never been hungrier. Sliding his body up hers, slipping along the fluids, the goo, the grease, he met her mouth with his, hungrily kissing her, while rubbing his hands wherever he could get them, sliding the food everywhere, greasing them both up. He laid his body down on top of hers, and felt the food between them as he grinded and slid his manly body all along hers.

Positioning himself perfectly, he slid his greased up manhood into her wet, sticky crack. Feelings the eggs slide around between their bellies, he maneuvered his way deep inside her. Bracing himself up on his arms, he lifted his body up some. A waft of aromas reached up to him, filling his senses with the smells of all his favorite foods. He reached down with his mouth and picked up the biscuit that had been squished between them, and fed it to her, while moving his stiff cock in and out of her orange juice filled cunt.

As he began to pump her full of long, hard strokes, he could feel the food slopping around under him, hear the syrup squirting out from between their now sweaty bodies, smell each of the different foods he’d so carefully prepared for her. Just as he was nearing orgasm, she pulled away and told him to lie on his back.

Gasping from the cold liquids soaking in the sheets, he lay down on his back and wrapped his fingers around her sticky waist as she mounted him. Looking up at her, he giggled to himself when he saw what a mess she was. Her skin was yellow in spots from the egg yolk, brown in others from the syrup, there was still butter on her nipples, and orange juice pulp everywhere. Definitely not what you would see any other Asian woman wearing. He reached up and rubbed the butter into her tits as she bounced up and down on him. Every time she came pounding down on his groin, he would watch as food slid further down her body, or as particles of pancakes flew off in one direction or another, often landing on his face, where he would lick them up. Holding her tits, he began to squeeze them in time with her pumping, gently pinching her nipples here and there, until he could feel her climax mounting, making her pussy tighter around his shaft, continuing to bang him for all she could.

The exploded together in one big mess, crying out together, making the dog howl on the other side of the door.

Exhausted, she collapsed on him with a wet splat, and started giggling quietly. She then looked up at him, and announced she was hungry and would like the rest of her breakfast on the dining room table.

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