Virgin Minus One

Author: Ramo Kye

“At least kiss it, will ya?” Jan and I were in her dorm room, top station in a bunk bed. It was small room, barely enough space for the bunk bed, two desks, a small fridge and hot plate. Politely, her roommate had left us alone vowing to knock before she returned.

I’d gotten Jan’s shirt off, her breasts were large and round with nipples to match. Her body was so thin that the large breasts made her look top heavy. She sat up in the bed, swept her long blonde hair to the side, and began rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. She didn’t help as I undid my pants and slipped them down, allowing my dick to pop out.

“Kiss it, Jan.”

“I don’t know how to do that. You know.” She touched my staff with a couple fingers.

“I’m tired of just hand jobs.”

“Kenny, we promised we’d wait until we were married.” She yanked too hard, making a painful screech exit my lips. Her strokes were more gentle then, aided by some pre-semen that she rubbed into my cock’s head. As I was about to cum, she leaned over and kissed the shaft’s underside. She caught my load in her hand, then sat there motionless, holding my jism as though it were on a serving tray.

“I need a towel.” She said.

We’d only been in college for a few months, and had barely adjusted from our lives back home – a scant forty miles away. Jan and I had been going together since high school, when we were 16. Three years now.

We’d promised that we’d marry after college graduation – as virgins. In fact, we hadn’t done any more than kissed each other until we were both eighteen. Our sex lives stepped up a little after that. Shit, I was a guy. I needed some relief now and then. Jan had gotten pretty good at hand jobs and dry humping through our clothes. But it was no longer enough for me.

We were dressed and respectable when her roommate returned. I kissed Jan good night, but then decided to hit a party that a girl in my chemistry class had invited me to. It was the dumbest mistake I’d made in my life.


“I was drunk,” was the only excuse I had, “It was a party. I was drunk. I barely remember it at all.”

Jan and I were in her dorm room, the afternoon after the party that I’d gone solo to. As I paced the floor, three short steps one way, three short steps back, she sat on the top bunk. She kept an economics text book on her lap, occasionally pretending to read it through her damp eyes.

“We promised each other Kenny.” Her voice crackled with contained emotion.

“I’m sorry, Jan. I wish it didn’t happen. I love you.” I put my hand on her knee. Immediately, she threw it off. I couldn’t blame her for being mad. We’d spent three years together being prudes. And I blew it all in one night. At one party. With one girl who’s name I didn’t even know.

“If you loved me, you’d have waited. Like I’ve waited.” She was crying now, both eyes sending thin trails of dew down her cheeks.

“How can I fix this? How can I make it right?” I thought I might cry too. She threw a stuffed rabbit at me. It bounced off my head and landed on top of the papers scattered across one of the desks. “I have a few bucks. Let’s go out. I’ll buy you pizza.”

“Pizza? Fucking pizza? You get laid and I get pizza?” I think she was faking. If there was one thing I knew about Jan, it was that she loved pizza. Maybe even more than she loved me.


I could only afford one soft drink and two slices of plain pizza. We shared the drink, but I let her have both slices. She’d stopped crying now. Had to, as we sat in a small, ethnic pizza joint just outside the college’s sprawling property. She’d dressed quickly in a thin blue dress and a pair of jogging sneakers.

“Maybe I should get laid.” She said, matter-of-factly, as she chewed the tip of her second slice.

“Do you think we’re ready for that?” I tried to contain my excitement. I was delighted that my transgression might actually turn out to be, physically, a good thing.

She dropped the pizza slice to the plate. “Not by you, you idiot. By someone else. Like you did.” Her wide eyes nearly sprout flames.

“Jan, please don’t think that way.” Her talk made me feel worse than before. The thought of another man in her, before me, made me sick.

“It’s only fair,” she finalized.

“Who? Who do you want to do it with?”

She thought for a few moments. Finished her pizza.

“No one. Anyone. Anywhere. I just want us to be even again.” I could tell there was no sense in my arguing with her. If she decided to go through with it, I knew I couldn’t stop her unless I locked her in a secure basement.

We finished up our drink and left the place. In the parking lot, Jan tugged on my sleeve. “I know that guy.” She pointed to a student walking along the roadside. He was taller than me, dark complexion, with a fifties slicked-back hair style. He had a pack strapped to his back, was carrying a suitcase in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. “He’s in my Sociology class,” she explained.

“Ted!” She called out and waved. The guy stopped, looked at us, and dropped his baggage, looking entirely put out for the bother. Jan stepped ahead quickly, leaving me to trail behind.

She introduced us and we shook hands. His were sweaty.

“So where you going, Ted?” Jan asked. He looked a little embarrassed.

“I have to drop out. Get back home. I’ll miss this place, but I got a great job offer.”

“Walking home?” I questioned.

“No, to the bus station. A few miles down the street.”

“We’ll give you a ride!” Jan popped and it was agreed. We chatted on the way to my car. But it was obvious that Jan was utterly nervous. She mixed words and faked way too many laughs. But I made a decision as we walked. I loved Jan. I wanted to stay with her. And if she were going to lose it to someone else, hell, it may as well be a guy who lived far away and who we’d probably never see again.

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