Tablitha and Mark (Part 2)

Author: Cecilia

Mark laid his palm flat against her underbelly, his fingers extending down to the top of her mound. He began rubbing tenderly against it, finding her swelling clit, rolling his fingers across it all the while deepening the kiss. Tablitha quivered slightly and felt goose bumps rise over her skin. Her heart began to race as she felt his fingers find her swollen clit.

Mark pushed his fingertips deep into her red curly hair, rubbing into her clit feverishly. He forced himself to break off their intense kiss, aching to taste her sweet juices. He trailed kisses down over her jaw line, to the side of her neck, his tongue dipping out, tracing down her skin slowly. Tablitha slid her hands over his shoulders and to his upper back, lightly kneading the flesh. Her clit was throbbing, aching in anticipation. She loved his touch and lost herself in it. Soon she felt a familiar stirring begin deep within her. Her moans growing louder as her breath becomes gaspy.

Mark moaned softly against her skin as he felt her body react to his touch. His lips trailed down her upper chest slowly. Rolling his tongue out he tasted her sweet skin. He used the tip of his tongue to tease her erect nipples as his fingertips circled against her clit, pushing inward against her. Her body was completely at his will, her heart raced as she begins to rock her hips against his hand, her clit rubbing against his finger. Mark ‘s eyes lifted up to hers, giving her nipple a tender suckle before trailing his lips down her tummy. He lowered himself in between her slender thighs and wrapped his arms under them. Laying his fingertips on either side of her hairy mound, his tongue trailed slowly down her soft skin, teasing over her belly button.

Tablitha looked down at him, smiling, her body aching for release, she slid her fingers into his hair. Mark bit his lower lip as it brushed over the top of her bush, feeling her sweet juices coat against his chin. He dropped his head just a little as his fingers spread her folds apart, exposing her swollen clit and flicked his tongue out slowly. He so enjoyed teasing her, making her squirm under him. Tablitha whimpered as she felt his tongue touch her clit. She tilted her head back, her long, dark red hair spilling over her shoulders and closed her eyes. Mark Сs tongue entrapped her clit, pulling it between his lips as they puckered around it, suckling softly.

Feeling her body react to his teasing tongue he gave a gentle nibble with his teeth and moaned softly as he tasted her sweet juices. Tablitha began to quiver all over, her heart racing, her stirring getting much more intense. She began to grind her hips against his face. Mark nursed against her clit, pinning it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, his moans escaping from his lips, vibrating against her. He extended his index finger, teasing it against her opening, pushing inward, filling her canal slowly. Tablitha squeezed against his finger, her hips rocking in a steady rhythm, her fingers pushing his face gently into her pussy. She could feel her climax beginning to peak.

Mark moaned loudly, feeling her clit swelling between his lips as he nursed harder. He twisted his finger a little as it pushed deeper against her walls. As he felt her sweetness tighten around his finger he began to nibble lightly on her engorged clit. Tablitha gasped for air as her climax peaked, moaning with every breath, squeezed tightly against her finger, her body shuddered and jerked, then tensed as her climax went full bore. Her moans were so loud she was almost screaming, her chest heaving with every breath.

Mark moaned against her wetness as he felt her sweet juices spill from deep within. He extended his tongue down to her hood, tasting her sweet juices as they spilled out. His finger continued to rock back and forth rhythmically. Tablitha slowed her rocking hips, and looked down at him smiling, her chest still heaving. Mark smiled up at her, his lips nursing hard against her clit as they pull back hesitantly. He slipped his tongue out, letting his nose slide through her thick pubic hair. Tablitha moaned lightly as she bent at the waist. She bit her lower lip, eyeing his lips, wanting to taste herself. Mark kissed softly upward from between her thighs, his eyes never leaving hers, tasting her sweet skin, his tongue teasing out against her underbelly, his hands cupping softly against her waist.

Tablitha giggled as he teased his way up her body. Mark chuckled, as his body rose over top of her slowly. As he felt her breasts press against his chest, he pressed his lips to hers, sealing against them. They let their tongues become one, slowly dancing in each otherТs mouths, as she tasted herself still on his tongue. Tablitha moaned into his kiss, tasting her sweet juices mixed in his mouth, her hands resting lightly on his lower back.

Mark sighed deeply, his body shaking over top of her. He opened his eyes to lock into hers still tasting her sweet lips against his. He pulled away from her face, his heart still beating wildly. He licked his lips, her taste still thick upon them. Mark slid over her body and laid against her side, his hand draped over her still erect breasts. They turn their heads and once again get lost in each other’s eyes. So completely worn out, their chests heaving, their mouths dry from exertion; they hold each other tightly on the disheveled bed and drift off to sleep.

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