Break In

Just as she was about to scream for him to stop, his hips came
into contact with her firm ass. She whimpered slightly as the
huge prick began sliding in and out, slowly and methodically. In
a moment she returned to Linda’s inviting little ass, licking and
sucking on the little pouch presented so incitingly.
It was hard to concentrate on eating Linda when the massive
piece of meat was filling her ass, clear to her abdomen.
“Oh Karen, you are so hot and tight,” Steve gasped

“Easy dear, don’t forget me,” Martha reminded him, then
reached down to hold Linda’s face tight against her seething
pussy. She felt the tongue delving up inside her and withered on
the long, slender piece of meat. It was so fantastic, so erotic,
seeing an absolutely perfect little doll eating her mound. She
had fantasized about such things a thousand times, but would have
never had the nerve to go through with it. Now, by some miracle,
Steven had convinced the two most beautiful teens in the
neighborhood to join them in bed. What a surprise. What a
wonderful, magical fucking surprise.
“I’m going to come in your mouth,” Martha sighed, gasping for

“Go ahead, Misses Morrison, I’m ready,” Linda paused just
long enough to respond, then began bathing the luscious mature
pussy with long, firm strokes. Martha’s ass raised up off the
bed each time her tongue sliced through her mound. The sweet
pussy had juiced up her face until it slid easily through the
older woman’s crotch. Her pussy was so hot it radiated heat
against her face. Linda had been eating for over fifteen
minutes, while Martha was both sleeping and awake, and she would
have a really big come. She firmly grabbed each leg to hold it
in place and pressed her puckered lips over the clit. She sucked
it between her lips and nursed on it while her tongue pressed and
rotated the little bud. Martha screamed and arched her back up
off the bed. She began grunting like a wild animal in time with
each humping stroke of her crotch. Linda rode out the brutal
assault on her face, trying to keep her mouth in firm contact
with the wild woman.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Martha panted over and over, a little
louder each time. She ended with a long, drawn out scream of
pleasure, mashing her sex against Linda’s sweet blonde face.
Linda held her mouth in place, watching with a smile in her eyes.
What a wonderful sight. She had made the beautiful older woman
explode. She felt very powerful and extremely sexy.

The fire in her loins was about to explode, now that she
could relax and enjoy her girlfriends mouthings. Linda knew it
was hard to her to reach her pussy while lying on her stomach, so
she gently turned over and laid with the back of her neck
cushioned on Martha’s pelvis. Now she could watch her best
friend eat her hot little box, and watch her get banged at the
same time. Now that she had easy access, Karen began munching on
Linda’s box with enthusiasm. She licked through the folds
repeatedly. Her head bobbed with each stroke, her mouth mashed
against Linda’s sex each time Steve slammed his huge prick into
her tiny pussy.

Linda knew that Karen had only been with one or two other
boys, and since Linda had also been screwed by them she knew they
weren’t much. Both boys were small and thin. Steve had a huge
manly prick that split Karen’s tiny pussy, making her feel every
inch of it. Linda spread her legs wider and watched Karen
sucking on her mound. She had one hand on each inner thigh, her
eyes were closed and an expression of lust made her look even
more beautiful than usual. Linda had fantasized about getting
between Karen’s sweet little legs, but she had never imagined
having Karen between hers. She planned to take full advantage of
it in the future.

Karen’s tongue seemed to be snaking around inside her
everywhere at one. She suddenly puckered her lips and sucked
gently. Linda could hear the slurping sound of Karen milking her
pussy. It was so stimulating. Her loins burned with a deep
inner fire. She felt the liquid passion building to a climax.
She closed her eyes and moaned as Karen’s tongue probed deep
inside her, tongue fucking her briskly with small little strokes.
She turned her face slightly and pressed her lips against
Martha’s smooth inner thigh and sucked gently.

Martha reached down and gently smoothed Linda’s short blonde
hair, waiting for the lovely girl to come. Although coming in
the little girl’s mouth had been wonderful, she wanted to taste
at least one of the beautiful teens before they left. She had
not done anything like this since college. She watched Steve
slapping his thighs against Karen’s skinny little ass. His face
was screwed up in pleasure. His eyes were closed and face tipped
down as he concentrated on his building orgasm.

Suddenly Steve began to come. He was immediately joined by
Linda, so poor Karen was receiving a beating from both ends at
once. She rode out the attack, keeping a firm grip on Linda’s
thighs while Linda mashed her sex against her mouth. Linda
suddenly closed her legs around Karen’s head, trapping her
between her legs while she came.

Steve came hard and fast, as usual. He started grunting in a
ever-louder series of little moans, then groaned long and loud as
he shot his thick come into Karen’s little pussy. When he was
done he wilted over her back. The viciousness of his passion was
enough to belatedly start Karen’s own orgasm. She screamed into
Linda’s pussy as wave after wave of boiling spasms racked her
little body. It took her several minutes to recover from her
second orgasm, then she moved so both Linda and Martha could
change positions. Martha was very relieved, she was getting a
cramp from laying in the same position too long.

Steve crawled up on the bed and kissed Martha soundly, while
the two teens sat watching. When they finally broke off the
kiss, Martha licked her lips and looked at Karen.
“You taste good, girl. Come up here and kiss me.”
Karen crawled up on the bed and kissed her without
hesitation. Steve watched, beginning to feel a hard-on starting
again. He had never seen Martha like this. It made her look
much more sexy and desirable.

“Ummm, that’s good,” Martha whispered in Karen’s face. “Your
turn,” she motioned Linda to sit on the other side of her. They
kissed for a long time, exchanging tongues and caresses. Martha
broke the kiss breathlessly, then smiled at the cute little
“You did me real good. I appreciate it. I’m dying to try
you, just as soon as I get my strength back.”
“I can’t wait,” Linda smiled brightly.
“Are you girls spending the night, or do you have to go
soon?” Martha asked, looking from one to the other. Both girls
turned and looked at Steve. Steve colored as Martha gave him a
questioning look.
“It’s up to your girls, whatever you want to do,” he said
“What kind of arrangement did you make with them,

“Why… well they needed money, so I offered to help them out
in exchange for this little favor. There was no…”
“We have been dying to try something new,” Linda took over
smoothly. “Steven offered to let us join you two and he’d help
us out until we got back on our feet again.”
“You need help out,” Martha laughed, “I’ve seen that dump you
girls live in. Why don’t we move you girls into the spare
bedroom until you get back on your feet. Then you won’t have to
pay rent or food. We can help you find jobs, if that’s what you
want. Steven knows practically everybody around here.”
Steve gulped convulsively and nodded until his neck hurt.
Martha squinted at him and raised a finger.

“That doesn’t mean you can just dip your wick whenever you
feel like it Steven. Nothing happens unless you and I are both
there. Understand?”
“Sure, Martha, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Fine. Then it’s all settled. Can four of us sleep in a
king sized bed?” she asked, looking at the girls, and then
measuring the bed with her eyes.
“We can sure try,” Linda said enthusiastically. “I get
Steven’s side.”
“Fine by me,” Karen said, snuggling close to Martha. It was
a tight fit, but they all made it.
“Night Steven,” Martha said as she turned off the light.
“Shhhh, I’m saying my prayers,” he whispered.
It looks to me like they’ve already been answered,” Martha said
as she kissed Karen passionately.
“Hey, don’t touch that until I’m done” Steven suddenly
said from his side of the bed.
“Ok, I’m done,” he said.
Linda giggled in the darkness.

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