Break In

Karen went to the couch and started undressing. “I just took
a shower,” she said with a nervous smile. She began unbuttoning
her blouse. When Steve watched in anticipation, she turned half
away. He sat at the dining room table and realized that he was
shaking again, but this time from anticipation. He couldn’t
believe his luck. Finally, he would get what he had been lusting
after for all these years. And not only that, but they would do
Martha, so he could remember each time he made love. It was the
biggest turn-on he could think of, knowing that a woman had been
between her legs before.

Linda came padding back from the bathroom, now stripped down
to her panties and bra. She watched Karen undressing, then
reached behind her back and undid her bra. She casually tossed
it over next to Karen’s clothes. Karen took off her own bra and
stood with her arms across her chest. Linda giggled and pushed
her panties down by two thumbs in her waistband. Karen
reluctantly followed her example.

Steve sat transfixed by the sight of so much young female
flesh. The whole scene seemed unreal. He glanced from the long
haired beauty, back to the really cute blonde. He swallowed
several times, with his heart trying to beat out of his

“You girls are so beautiful,” he said with an excited
“Yeah, we are, aren’t we,” Linda said with a smile. “Your
wife ain’t bad either, I’ve seen her in a short skirt bending
over to get groceries out of the trunk. It made my nipples

“I rarely notice any more,” Steve said honestly. But she was
right, Martha had been awesomely beautiful when they got married,
and she was still a good looking woman, even at 35.

“Let’s do this before I lose my nerve,” Karen said. She was
still standing with her arms across her chest. Linda was
standing with complete unconcern and composure. Despite the
circumstances Steve was beginning to like and admire her. She
was cute, sassy, and looked so delicious. He couldn’t wait to
sample her sweetmeats. Or the dark beauty standing next to her
for that matter.

“Right,” Steve said breathlessly, “come on,” he motioned them
forward. Linda stepped out immediately, Karen followed
reluctantly. Steve hushed them and closed the door so only the
night light showed in the room.

Martha’s light brown hair was scattered across her pillow.
She was sleeping facing her side of the room. Steven motioned
for the girls to stand back in the dark area by the door, then
crawled up on the bed. He put one hand across Martha’s body and
bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Sweetheart, I’m horny. Roll over on your back,” he said and
moved back. Martha slowly rolled over on her back with her eyes
still closed. Steve lifted her silky nightgown and pulled her
panties down, as he had a hundred times before. Martha lifted up
slightly to assist him, but Steve was not worried, he knew she
was asleep. How many times had he made love to Martha in her
sleep? Most of the time, in fact. She said it gave her great
dreams. Well this experience would give him the great dreams, if
everything went well.

Steve tossed the white panties on the floor and motioned
Linda and Karen forward. Linda crawled up on the bed without
hesitation. Steve suddenly realized that Linda had made love to
a woman before, otherwise even she would have been more hesitant.
She didn’t hesitate in the least, she laid full length between
Martha’s legs and gently pushed the filmy nightgown up to her
abdomen, revealing the neatly trimmed brown triangle of hair and
the bare pussy below. She kissed Martha’s inner thigh and Martha
sighed and smiled. Linda kissed the other thigh, only an inch
from Martha’s pussy, then bent down and sniffed Martha’s sex.
She placed her puckered lips against Martha’s pussy and kissed it
gently, then began licking methodically.

The liquid sound of Linda’s tongue in Martha’s pussy was the
only sound in the room. Steve looked at Karen, standing
uncertainly at the end of the bed, and slid off the bed to join
“Go ahead,” he urged, looking at Linda’s inviting ass and
spread legs.”
“I… I can’t,” Karen whispered earnestly.
“Would you like me to get you hot first?”
“Please,” she begged, knowing that she couldn’t go through
with it otherwise.
“Ok. Just kneel here at the end of the bed, with your face
close to Linda’s sweet little ass. I’ll lay on the floor
underneath you and eat you. If you feel like doing her, go
ahead. If not, try to finger her until she comes. Ok?”
“Ok, thanks.”
“Are you a virgin?”
“No, why?”
“Because I want to do you from behind in a little while.
That way I can watch you if you do Linda, and I can watch her do
my wife.”
“Ok. I am getting a little horny, watching Linda do your
wife,” she reluctantly admitted.
“Me too,” Steve smiled and placed her hand on his raging
“Oh, it’s… it’s big,” she swallowed nervously.
“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow. You can handle it, believe
“I guess. I kind of wish I could see it, I’ve never seen a
grown man before.”
“You can look all you want when we go back in the living
room, ok?”
“Ok,” she smiled sweetly. She was so beautiful that Steve’s
heart went out to her. But he was so horny that he needed her to
go through with it. He also needed her to finish her task for
Linda’s sake. If she didn’t their friendship would definitely
end tonight.
“Ok, sweetie, down on the end of the bed. I’ll lay on the
floor beneath you.”

Linda was going at Martha’s pussy. She seemed to be really
enjoying herself. Each slender hand was resting on one of
Martha’s thighs, her cute little face was lapping eagerly in
Martha’s crotch, while she laid with her knees bent, legs up in
the air, bouncing them slightly as she ate. She almost looked
like she was watching TV or doing her homework.

Steve wanted to dive right into that perfect little ass, but
he had something more important and just as inviting to do.
Karen was positioned between Linda’s legs now. She moved her
face closer to Karen’s ass and sniffed experimentally, then
turned her head to watch Steve. He nodded and laid on the floor
behind her, then slid underneath as she lifted her ass off the
floor. He took a moment to savor the pure beauty and pleasant
smell before he touched those velvety lips for the first

He pressed his lips gently against the warm pussy and sucked
as he shoved his tongue inside her. He moaned in pleasure at the
first luscious taste of the young black-haired girl. He had not
tasted anything so delicious since he and Margaret dated, almost
fifteen years before. Nothing tasted as delicious as a virginal
teen, NOTHING? He almost came in his pajamas. While the
fragrant juices filled his mouth, he looked up at the small, firm
tits above his face, pressed against the bed. He realized that
Karen was finally eating Linda. He could tell by the way she
rode his face and moved above him. He wanted to watch in the
worst kind of way, but first he had to bring Karen to orgasm.

Steve knew that unlike men, women remained hot and horny
after they came. Once he finished Karen, he could watch or
participate wherever he wanted. His main concern was watching
Martha getting eaten. He wanted to watch, savor the site, and
remember it forever. Every time he looked at her pussy he wanted
to remember that Linda had been there. He wanted to remember
Linda’s lips against Martha’s wet pussy lips, her tongue up her

Steve realized that he was being brutally ridden by Karen as
she started her orgasm. He pressed his tongue against her little
bud and worked it brutally, making Karen pant and moan into
Linda’s bare pussy. Karen finally pulled her mouth off Linda’s
pussy and rested her nose in the crack of Linda’s ass as she came
repeatedly on Steve’s mouth. She restrained her screams of joy,
biting her lip brutally as the tongue worked up inside her.
Finally, unable to take any more, she raise up and Steve pulled
out, standing reluctantly behind Karen.

The first thing he saw was Martha staring at him with a half-
smile in her eyes.
“Oh shit,” Steve said hopelessly.
“Shhhh,” Linda warned, then saw Steve looking at Martha.
Linda looked up with a sheepish smile.
“Linda, why are you eating my pussy?” Martha asked
“Because your husband told me too, Misses Morrison.”
“Why would you do that, Steven?”

“Ahhh… It seemed like a good idea, at the time, dear.”
“It’s a very pleasant surprise, I must admit. Linda, since
you are down there anyway, can you finish me please?”
“Sure Misses Morrison. You taste really great,” Linda said
enthusiastically and sealed her mouth over Martha’s pussy.
Martha closed her eyes, bit her lip and moaned. Steve couldn’t
take it any more. He had a huge painful hard-on that needed to
sink into a deliciously warm hole. And Karen’s inviting little
ass was sticking out in just the right position. He knelt behind
her, placed his hands on her bare back and pressed his penis
against her pussy. It was very wet after a good eating and he
had no problem sliding into her wet mound. She stiffened and
moaned, melting across Linda’s legs as Steve slowly pressed his
meat farther inside her than she had ever felt anything before.

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