Break In

Author: Sch

Steve Morrison awoke to a sound resembling a giggle which, of
course, was impossible at two o’clock in the morning. They had
no kids so it must have been part of a fleeting dream or

The next sound was clearly tapping on the front door. He
glanced at Martha, she was sleeping, which was no great surprise.
She had once slept through a 4.5 earthquake and refused to
believe there was an quake until she saw it on the news. Nothing
woke Martha short of 10 minutes of shaking and prodding, not even

He considered waking her to tell her that he had heard a
noise, then growled in disgust and drew the .38 pistol from the
night stand. Trying to still his shaking hand, he crept from the
bedroom in his double-wide trailer and entered the living

Every shadow was deep and ominous, every noise raised the
hairs on the back of his neck. He swallowed nervously with his
hand on the light switch, then slowly withdrew it.

He stood for a moment looking around, then heard a noise
again. Yes, it was the front, but not the door it was the
window. He squinted at the curtain for some indication of who
was outside, but the only streetlight in the neighborhood was at
the back of the house. He couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly the
windows thumped slightly and gently slid aside. Steve was
breathing harshly now, not sure if he should shout at the
burglar, or wait for him to enter.

His mind raced at the possibilities. The thief could have a
gun, and there could be several of them. If he was killed they
would certainly kill Martha too. She would never know what hit
her. Of course he could simply open fire now, but the law
frowned on people shooting a thief while he was still outside.
Why? Steve had no earthly idea, probably because they had never
been in his position.

Steve grabbed the pistol in both hands to keep it from
shaking so badly and slid down the wall until he was squatting on
the floor. His knees were too weak to stand. He had never been
so frightened in his life. Then it happened, the curtain moved
aside and one body entered the room. In a moment a second
followed and Steve was suddenly outnumbered.

“Open the door so we can get out fast,” a harsh voice
whispered in the darkness. Steve squinted in the direction of
the voice, but the people were now shrouded in shadows. He was
surprised that they couldn’t hear his terrified breathing coming
from his side of the room. It was loud in his own ears.

He wanted to just open fire and end the suspense once and for
all, but what if he didn’t kill them? What if he didn’t hit
anything at all. Then they would be armed and he wouldn’t. And
suppose he needed more ammo? Why didn’t he think to bring

He heard the click of the deadbolt, then the doorknob
rattled. In a moment a small light came on and shined around the
far side of the room. Steve was too terrified to speak out, but
he knew they would find him soon. He had to do something.
The sound of a gun being cocked was horrifyingly loud. Steve
realized it was his pistol, he had pulled back the hammer.
“Freeze or your dead meat,” he finally whispered. He couldn’t
believe he’d said that, it was like something out of a bad movie.
But it was all he could think of at the time.

“Shit!” a voice said and the light was flashed in his
“Drop the light or die!” he said, rather proud of his new
line. Could they see how terrified he was? Probably not from
that distance. Should he shoot now? They might be lining up
their own guns at him while the light was in his eyes.
“Shit, mister, don’t shoot,” a distinctively female voice
whispered as the light suddenly shined on the ceiling.
“Oh God, I can’t believe this,” another female said.
“Girls?” Steve asked in relieved wonder.

“No shit,” a voice said from the dark. Steve stood and
flipped on the light. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only
were they girls, but he knew them. They only lived about half a
mile away in the next trailer park. Both were in their late
teens or early twenties. They used to walk by his house every
day until they graduated. Hell, t
hey had even talked to Martha a
few times on the way by.
“What the hell are you doing?” he realized how stupid the
question was after he asked it.
“We came to clean?” the black-haired girl said with a shrug
and a frightened smile.
“This is a fucking nightmare,” the cute blonde said. She
dropped a pillow case on the floor and slid down to sit on the

“What I mean is why should you steal? You’re both young and
beautiful, you sure as hell don’t look like thieves.”
The blonde gave a grunt of disgust. “Because we’re young and
pretty, but we’re also hungry and can’t find jobs. It came down
to stealing, starving, or selling pussy. I don’t plan on selling
my pussy for food and dying of aids.”
Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t
believe any of it.

“Call the cops and get it over with,” the cute blonde said,
leaning back against the hearth.
“If you go to jail any chance at a normal life will be over,”
Steve said as he moved to the phone. “What a fucking waste,” he
said, looking at them again with a shake of his head.
“Hey mister, maybe we can work something out,” the black-
haired girl said with a shaky smile. The blonde glanced up at
her, then quickly at Steve with a hopeful look. It took Steve a
moment understand what they were driving at, then his eyes

“We have a hell of a lot to offer, I would be more than
willing,” the cute blonde said. She looked Steve over from head
to toe, then smiled. “What about it? We do anything and you
forget you ever saw us?”

“Holy shit,” Steve breathed. He glanced at the bedroom, then
back at the two girls. He was nearly forty and never considered
screwing a young teen again. For him, that part of his life was
over. Now he was being offered every man’s dream, right there in
his living room. And the best part was, he had them over a
barrel, he could demand anything he wanted and they would do

“Maybe,” he said thoughtfully. “But it would have to be
something really spectacular. Otherwise I’ll just call the cops
and go back to bed.”
“Anything,” the black-haired girl said with a toss of her
head. Her answer was definitely a challenge.
“You name it and we’ll do it, as long as you promise to
forget you ever saw us,” the cute blonde said as she stood.
“Yeah, what do you have in mind mister Morrison?” the blonde
asked while unbuttoning her shirt.

“No, not here,” Steven said, glancing at the bedroom. “I
have a guest bedroom at the other end of the house… wait a
minute,” he glanced at the bedroom door again and a sly smile lit
his face. “I know exactly what I want.”
Steve looked the blonde over carefully and nodded. She had
short hair, similar to his, and a skinny body. In the dark she
could be mistaken for him, under the blankets.
“Have you ever eaten another woman?” he asked the blonde.
“No,” she glanced at the black-haired girl, then back at
Steve with a significant glance.
“Well this will be your first time then. I want you to eat
my wife while she’s asleep. I do it all the time, she never
wakes up until her orgasm, then she just moans and goes back to
sleep again.”
“Me? No way!”

“You know the alternative,” he said, looking at the phone.
The blonde gave him a desperate look, then glanced at her friend.
Steve realized that she might be willing, but she was afraid of
what her friend would think or say.
“You,” he pointed at the black-haired beauty, “will eat her
while she’s eating my wife.”
“I can’t eat Linda, she’s my best friend,” the black-haired
girl said.

“Look girls,” Steve slipped the pistol into the pocket of his
pajamas, “this is the only chance I’ll get at this. It’s been my
dream for my entire life to watch two girls making love. Now
I’ve got my chance. What we need to do is to promise each other
that what happens tonight never leaves this room. That goes for
me and each of you. Understand Linda?” he asked the cute blonde.
She nodded. “And you…”

“Karen,” the black-haired girl said hopelessly.
“And you Karen?”
“I suppose. But how can you guarantee that you won’t tell on
us later?”
“Tell what? That I made you eat my wife while she was
asleep? Get serious. How long do you think my marriage would
last if anyone found out?”
“Do you want to try, Linda?” Karen asked hopefully.
“I can try, but I’m no lesbian. I’m not guaranteeing I can
go through with it.”

“Same here. You couldn’t get us drunk first, could you?”
“It would take too long, and I don’t think you’d find it all
that disgusting. Almost every girl tries it at least once, this
is your chance,” Steve said as he cracked the door and looked in
the bedroom. Martha had not moved.
“Ok girls, get undressed. If you need to wash… anything,
the other bathroom is down there. I’m not worried about you
running off, since I know where you live and your prints are all
over the house.”
“You’re a real gentleman,” Linda said as she headed toward
the bathroom.

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