A good date will never leave you behind

Author: Cecilia

David was driving Tracy home from dinner. The two of them had been dating for months off and on. It was more of a close friendship than anything but all that was about to change.

They pulled up to her house around eleven. As they kissed one another goodnight and held one another close, Tracy invited him in.

David could feel the warmth of her body, knowing what it was she wanted and accepted the invitation. But the invitation would come a lot sooner than he expected. He was taken by the hand straight up to her bedroom with Tracy letting her long blue dress drop from her shoulders and crumple on the floor as soon as the door closed.

Tracy looked over her shoulder to David’s shocked expression. She didn’t say a word at all and casually walked over to the bed lying back with an innocent smile shining up to him. She rolled over onto her belly and whispered for him to join her and spend the night.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouse, his clothes were cast aside in almost no time flat. His body held snugly against hers. He placed a gentle kiss to the back of her neck, scratching his fingers down along her back.

Her lust was quickly becoming far too much for her to endure. She wanted him in one way and one way only. She turned her back to him and reached to his cock, wrapping her fingers around him with one hand and stretching that tight little pucker of hers with her other fingertip.

For a slow moving relationship, the nitro kicked in hard and fast. He wrapped his arm around Tracy massaging his fingertip over her quivering little bud of a clit. This was a moment he had spent the past few months fantasizing about. And now here it was all coming true right there for him. He plunged his fingers into the juicy depths of her pussy and brought them to his shaft to help ease in what was to come in the next few moments.

Tracy’s cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as she felt her body entered. But the penetration she desperately wanted would take a little time. She dipped her fingers as well into the flowing river of her sex and slickened her ass just enough. At once, she impaled herself onto his cock with only a slight wince of pain from the initial widening of her small hole to make way for the thickness of that cock.

David pushed forward, laying beside Tracy and holding both arms around her now. Carefully pushing his shaft within the tight confines of her anal passage. He nibbled his teeth along the tender flesh of the back of her neck with his now free fingers, playing along the delicacy of her soaked over clit. If this was to be his first time with her, he was damn sure going to make it as pleasurable as he could for his lover. Again, his finger plunged into Tracy’s searing pool, pulling out his honey soaked fingers and bringing the delightful taste to her lips.

Tracy greedily lapped the sweet juices from DavidТs fingertips, suckling them clean as she felt his monster of a cock fill her and massage her insides in exactly the same way she had imagined since she had met him. Her body trembled at the feelings that flooded through her body, pumping herself onto him as the juices of her sweet sex dripped and helped to lubricate the two of them.

They stayed on their sides, relaxing for the moment in the pleasure’s warmth of one another’s bodies and basking in the tingles of lust that rippled over their skin. Him with his cock imbedded in the warmth of her body and her with her depths filled in the bliss of his thick cocks gyrations.

Tracy reached over across the bed to a toy she had hidden. A small white vibrator, In the heat of her uncontrolled lust, she pulled DavidТs fingers out of the way and thrust the toy within herself, turning it on to full blast. She let out a deep wail of her pleasured fury, letting the warm sensations ripple down her body.

David could feel the odd sensations as well. To him, it felt like his cock was surrounded by the delicate warmth of a vibrating body. He reflexively pumped his cock into her with more force, unable to conceive of the warm sensations that were sent through his body by the magic of this simple toy.

Tracy cringed in not pain but euphoric pleasure. She clutched tightly to one of the pillows as she held that vibrator within herself. Her body shook, feeling what would be the end, closing in fast upon her. The controlled shivers turned to deep pumps back onto her loverТs thick cock. Those thrusts turned to an epileptic seizure of an orgasm and shook her body down to her very bones.

David held tightly around Tracy’s waist, riding her through her orgasm while letting his fingers massage deeply at her spasming clit. He clenched his teeth tightly, whispering of his soon to come fate into Tracy’s ear.

She begged for him and in not but a moment, his seed was sent deeply into Tracy’s tight pucker to coat her insides and fill her body with the warm delight of fullness and oneness with Dave. When she could not handle anymore, she fell over onto her belly, pulling free from his cock and watching up to him with a delighted grin of her utter contentment.

David lay with her, holding her in warm comfort and eased his eyes closed. He and his date slowly drifted off to sleep for the night. The two, finally bringing their dating life to a crescendo in the form of the love for each other that they had been holding back and keeping quiet for the months prior.

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