Peeping Tom

Author: Cecilia

She had just gotten home from work and was feeling really revved up. Her married co-worker’s face still fresh in her mind. “God if only I could fuck him once,” she thought. She noticed him checking her out a time or two, their eyes had met and she’d quickly turn away, blushing. She tossed her purse on the counter top and kicked off her high-heeled shoes as she headed straight for her bedroom. She quickly undressed, throwing her clothes throughout her room.

She stood in front of her full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. As she looked at her fit naturally tanned body she marveled at the way her long dark hair framed her body, she could see the yearning for him in her dark brown eyes. As she thought of him again she caught movement out of the corner of her eye from the big bay window, almost as if someone was there trying to hide. She dismissed that thought, even though she never closed her blinds, a person would have to go out of their way to see into them. She’d masturbated many times in front of the windows and never saw anyone. She shrugged her shoulders to herself and climbed up onto her bed, the comforter cool against her naked skin.

On her hands and knees she crawled to the middle of her bed and bent her elbows causing her nipples to graze against the cool fabric. She felt shivers go down her spine as her dark nipples hardened against the comforter. She slid her tummy against the bed as she pushed up with her arms, her almost completely shaved mound rubbing against the bed spread. She bent her knees and brought her little feet up almost touching the back of her head as she arched her back. She slid her hand under her tummy, her fingertips rubbing against her skin and her ass lifting into the air slightly.

Her fingertips reached her black patch of bush and she felt herself moisten. She easily slid her middle finger in between her lips. Her pussy was so wet, letting her finger slip to her hole with almost no effort. She felt her body quiver as she began to grind her hips against her hand and her middle finger toying with her hole as it rested full length against her swollen clit. She moaned lightly as squeezed her ass tightly, bringing her hips down against her hand and the bed. Her thrusts became harder and her middle finger penetrated her tight pussy.

She flexed her inner pussy walls around her finger as she slid in deep within, her moaning grow louder with each thrust and her breathing becoming more gaspy. She wiggled her middle finger and her index finger against her clit as she grinded against her hand. Unknown to her, there really was someone in the window, Josh had been watching everything and his cock was pressing firmly against his slacks. He had already begun to stroke the shaft through the material as he watched Cecilia fuck her hand. He slid his hand up to his zipped and pulled it down, exposing his boxers. His hand slipped into the loose waistband and found his waiting, throbbing cock.

His strokes were slow and steady at first as he watched Cecilia’s tight ass move up and down, knowing her fingers were plunging deep into her hairy pussy. He pressed his body against the hard brick and grabbed the windowsill as he stroked his thick cock. Her moans were growing louder as her thrusts against her hand became faster. She rolled over onto her back, her legs spread wide in front of the window, and she brought her free hand to her breast. As she pushed her breast up wards to lick her hard nipple she saw Josh in the window. She jumped and at first wanted to hide, but she noticed the look in his eyes and knew he was enjoying her show.

She reached up and grabbed a pillow, slid it under her head so she could keep an eye on Josh as she played for him. Cecilia brought her wet middle finger to her lips and wrapped them around it, slowly sucking it into her mouth. She slid her finger out to the tip then sucked slowly back in, making sure Josh was watching her. Josh’s strokes had become faster since she noticed him there, and the fact that she was wanting to play with him through the window completely made his head swim. He watched as she guided her hand down to her pussy.

She slipped her fingers of one hand over her lips and spread them apart, revealing her pink swollen clit and her juicy hole. With her other hand she began to play with her clit, flicking her fingers around it and teasing her hole with her middle finger. He moaned as he watched her perform for him, his cock swelling as he thought of his hand as her tight wet pussy. She moaned as she heard his, knowing that he was watching her and was obviously masturbating too was nearly enough to push her over the edge, but she wanted to play with him a bit. She knew this would probably be the closest she would get to fuck him, so she wanted him to remember it.

Her middle finger worked her pussy hole, bringing out completely then shoving it back in, moaning as her pussy was filled. She spread her legs apart further, as far as she could get them, then brought a hand up to her breast and began to massage and roll the nipple between her fingers as she pulled it up to her awaiting mouth. Her tongue slid from between her lips and flicked hungrily at her hard nipple. She wrapped her lips around her areola and sucked it into her hot mouth.

Josh heard the sucking sounds through the crack in the window, his hand pumping feverishly around his cock and he felt the familiar warmth travel up his shaft. Her middle finger continued to fuck her hole as it rubbed against her clit, she squeezed hard against it and began to moan loudly, almost screaming Josh’s name. He joined in her moaning, saying her name as his climax peaked, he felt the hot cum explode from his cock and dribble down to his hand.

He continued to stroke until his cock was completely milked. He leaned forward as he noticed how close she was to cumming; putting his mouth to the opening of the window he moaned her name softly. Cecilia heard Josh’s moans and began to quiver, her body tensed as her climax peaked, her hips thrust against her finger and her moaning came with every breath. As her climax subsided, her body relaxed and she looked up at the window. Josh blew her a kiss, quickly zipped his pants, turned away and left. She lay there on her bed recovering and thought about what work would be like tomorrow.

Rating: 5

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