The Cuckold

Author: Mr. J

I never knew why I was attracted to her in the first place. My name’s Jim, and I’m talking about my wife, Kiki. She was no more than a whore, and I knew it from the beginning. The first time I met her, I was at a bachelor party for one of my friends. Somebody said there was a stripper on the way, and we were eager to see her. I was shocked when she came in; she was gorgeous. About 5’5″, short-cropped black hair, and a beautiful face. She wore a short, tight skirt and stockings, a satin blouse and high heels. She had a man with her-a big man-that looked like a thug; her protector, obviously. He stood silently against a far wall.

Someone started the music and she danced, slowly unbuttoning her blouse and removing it. She had big, luscious, ripe breasts, bulging out of a skimpy bra, and she squeezed them and even held them up and kissed them as she danced. The skirt was next, and she now danced in a thong and thigh-high stockings. She had outstanding legs, and she was a beautiful sight. She discarded the bra, and her full breasts swayed, and she put her hands behind her head, thrusting her breasts into the faces of the spectators.

She slipped off the thong to a roar of approval. Her crotch was clean shaven, and her body was tan all over. She danced in her stockings and heels, sliding her hands up her inner thighs and tracing along her bare slit. When the music stopped, she walked around, totally un-concerned, chatting and flirting. Drunk guys were starting to try to fondle her, and the big guy stepped in.

“If you guys want to touch her, it’s $20,” he said. “If you want to do more than that, it’s $50.” Twenty dollar bills started appearing, and Kiki danced over to them, one by one. She stood in front of them, or between their knees, and they mauled her, squeezing her breasts and her perfect little ass. She threw her head back and laughed as men sucked on her breasts and fingered her slit and ass crack, all under the watchful eye of the bodyguard. She was obviously very aroused. When the twenty dollar bills quit appearing, the bodyguard spoke up again.

“Anybody in for fifty?” he asked. Four of my buddies raised their hands. The first one, my friend Chuck, led the girl down the hall and into a bedroom. They left the door open, and we could all hear her moans and groans as my buddy fucked her. He came out grinning, buckling up his pants, and the next guy went in. From where I was standing I could see her legs wrapped his ass as she rutted on the bed. I don’t know why, but I felt I had to meet this luscious, sexual creature. I watched the next two guys go in and out of the bedroom, and I knew it was now or never.

“Anybody else?” the big man asked. I swallowed hard and raised my hand, my buddies giving me high-fives. She was lying on her back, and when I approached the bed, she smiled and spread her gorgeous legs. I could see sperm oozing from her slit.

“Come on, handsome,” she said. I knelt on the bed, but I wasn’t aroused. She leaned up and undid my pants and pulled them down. She grabbed my flaccid penis.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she cooed, gently fondling me. “Are you one of those guys that just likes to watch?” She laid back down and spread her cunt lips. “Maybe you’d like to suck me,” she said huskily. My eyes were riveted on her wet slit. She smiled and gently pulled me down.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it sweetie? You want to suck my pussy. Come here baby,” she said.
She held my face in her hands and guided my head down to her crotch. I heard myself moaning, and I fastened my mouth to her beautiful slit. She pulled my head into her and I licked, feeling the thick, warm sperm on my tongue.

“Ohhh, baby, yesss,” she moaned. “I love to have my cunt sucked after I’ve been fucked,” she hissed. I licked and sucked her in a frenzy now, my hands under the cheeks of her ass, swallowing the thick juices that filled my mouth.

“Get it all, baby, suck me good,” she said, her hips grinding against my mouth. She gave a little cry and I felt her cunt tighten as she orgasmed. When I kneeled up, I had the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had. She smiled and grabbed my cock and guided me into her, and we had the hottest, most memorable fuck ever. After I came in her, she asked me,

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” And that’s how it started. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her. I called her the next day, and she asked me if I wanted to go to a party, and of course I said yes. It was the same kind of a deal as before; she danced naked and let guys take her to the bedroom. This time though, she had me stand right in the hallway with the bodyguard. He didn’t give a shit-he was getting paid no matter what kind of kinky stuff went on.

I could see perfectly as she spread her legs and took the first man into her. He fucked her for awhile, and she looked me right in the eyes.

“Cum in me baby, oh yeah, cum in me,” and I could see his cock pistoning in her frothy hole. I had a huge erection. Four more guys fucked her, and I watched them all, and each time, as they came in her, she looked at me and said the magic words,
“Cum in me, baby, cum deep in Kiki’s cunt.”

I drove her home and she sat next to me. I couldn’t believe I had this gorgeous creature in my car. She hiked up her skirt and guided my hand to her sopping, sticky crotch. She had left her panties off.

“Do I have treat for you, Jimmy boy,” she whispered in my ear. I felt my erection rising and I jammed on the gas.

When we got to her house we got as far as the front room. She turned to face me.
“Undress me, Jimmy,” she said. My hands shook as I removed her blouse and bra. I sucked on her gorgeous breasts and I could smell other men on her. Different men’s cologne, and the smell of sweat and rut. I licked down her belly, and went to my knees and removed her skirt.

As I slipped her stockings down, my hand came very close to her crotch, and I could feel the heat coming from her. Her slit was totally saturated, and she guided my head between her legs.
“It’s all for you, baby, all for you,” and she squatted slightly and my tongue found her slit.

She gasped as I licked the length of her steaming cunt-slit, and she moaned as I sucked. She could feel the other men’s sperm being sucked from her, and I swallowed it all, my face shiny with her juices and the juices of the men that had fucked her.

“Good boy, Jimmy,” she said. She led me to her bedroom and we fucked like crazy. I licked her clean when we were done.

The next morning I lowered my head to her gorgeous pussy, but she stopped me.
“Only when it’s full, Jimmy,” she said, ” and with somebody besides you. I really like you, Jimmy, but that’s the only way you’ll have sex with me. But I’ll let you taste my ass, Jimmy, would you like that, sweetie?” she asked.

I was so infatuated with this gorgeous woman that I would have done anything just to have any part of her. I nodded. She rolled onto her hands and knees, her perfect ass high in the air. I licked her crack, breathing in the musky smell of her ass, and my tongue found her brown hole, and I wetted it and probed the tightness.

“Oh, baby, that’s nice,” she moaned. Her hand was at her slit, massaging her clit, and I got extremely excited. I tried to put my hand to her slit, but she slapped it away, and I concentrated on my licking. I spread her ass cheeks with my thumbs and probed her anus as deeply as I could, my tongue flicking in her hole in time to the rocking of her hips. She moaned loudly and orgasmed on her fingers while I licked and sucked her ass. She rolled onto her back, and I collapsed beside her.

“Oh, but look at you,” she said. My erection was like a flagpole. “Poor baby, ” she cooed.
She took my cock gently in her hand, and my beautiful angel began to stroke me. She stroked my erection with long, soft strokes.

“Cum for mamma,” she said, her hand working over the head of my cock. She felt me tense.
“Open your mouth, baby,” she said. I opened my mouth and she held my cock while I came, squirting my cum up on my chest and into my own face. I opened my eyes, and she was on one elbow, smiling at me. She was still milking my cock, and streams of my cum ran down over her fingers. She put her hand to my mouth, and I sucked my own sperm off of her fingers as she watched. She fed them to me one at a time, and I sucked her fingers clean. With a long fingernail, she scooped up the cum drops on my face, and fed me those, too, and then the larger pools on my chest.

If someone had told me a few days ago that I would eat my own sperm, let alone suck someone else’s sperm from this woman’s cunt, I would have told them they were nuts. She had some kind of hold on me, and I apparently satisfied some need in her. We were married the next day.

On our wedding night, we stayed in a real nice motel. She wore the sexiest outfit I’d ever seen on a woman, and she was turning a lot of heads in the bar, and she flirted with every guy in the room. She wound up sitting at a table with three men. It was fascinating to sit and watch my beautiful wife in action. She flashed a lot of leg and cleavage, obviously naked under her dress, as she gave them an obvious come-on. She looked at me a lot, too. One of the men looked over at me.

“It’s okay,” I heard her say, “he likes to watch,” and they all laughed as they got up from the table. They took her up to their room, and I even rode in the same elevator with them as they pawed my wife. She was kissing one of them passionately while another had his hand up the front of her dress, and the other fondled her breasts. It dawned on me that I had never even kissed her. In the hallway outside their room one of the men asked about me again.

“If he doesn’t go, then I don’t go,” she said. “He’s my husband.” They all looked at me like it was a joke. I just smiled and shrugged.

“It’s true,” I said. I took a chair in a dark corner and watched. They stripped her naked and they made drinks and handed her one. She sipped the drink, looking at me as they pinched her nipples and fingered her slit. The were naked now, and she sat on the edge of the bed and a man put his huge cock in her face. She locked eyes with mine.

“You have to cum inside me” she said, “all of you, either hole, but I’m not swallowing cum tonight.” My cock got hard at the thought of her getting a cock up her ass, and I shuddered at what I would be doing after that.

She straddled a guy, his cock fully up in her. A second guy said,
“I’d do your ass , doll, but we don’t have any grease.”

“Jimmy,” she moaned, “get my ass ready for this man.” My erection made a bulge in my pants, but I got up and lowered my face to her ass. Just inches below my face, a stranger’s cock was fucking my wife’s cunt, and my tongue found her hole and I licked it, wetly and loudly. She was moaning and rocking. The man started to put his cock to her ass. He grabbed my head.

“Here buddy,” he said, “get this wet so I can fuck your wife in the ass.” I was overcome with shame with what I was about to do. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock, leaving the head dripping wet. Then, with my face only inches away, he put it to my wife’s wet anus and pushed it in, and I heard her gasp, and I watched the shaft disappear into her stretched, brown hole. They got a rythym going as they double fucked her, and she was rocking back and forth in lust. She had apparently changed her mind about the cocksucking, as she took the third guy into her mouth, sucking frantically. The guy in her ass shot off first, followed by the guy in her cunt. The guy in her mouth was fucking her face, and I saw her cheeks bulge when he came.

I was sitting on the other bed, and I watched the man pull out of her ass, and then watched her lift her leg, the other cock plopping out of her cunt. She rolled off the bed and stepped over to me. I could see that her mouth was full of sperm, and she tilted my head back, a small stream of the cum dripping from between her lips and landing on my lips. I opened my mouth and she let the load flow out of her mouth and into mine. Then she kissed me, a long passionate kiss, our tongues rolling in each other’s mouths, lubricated with warm sperm, and I was ecstatic that I finally got to kiss my darling wife.

She laid back on the bed.
“Now, Jimmy,” she said. “If you want to fuck me, it’s now.” I couldn’t get my pants down fast enough, and I sunk into her silky cunt.

“Do you feel another man’s sperm in there, baby?” she asked. She was stroking my hair,
“Can you tell that another man just fucked me, Jimmy?” Her words excited me, and I ejaculated, almost crying with the joy of being able to be inside her.

“Now clean my pussy, Jimmy,” she said. I immediately got between her legs and sucked her hot slit, sucking a mouthful of warm sperm into my mouth.

“Now kiss me,” she said, and again I got to kiss my wife, and again we swapped sperm back and forth. I sucked her cunt until I couldn’t draw anymore sperm from her, then she held my face as I licked her clit, and she orgasmed beneath me. I started to move to her ass, but she stopped me.

“I’ll feed you that back in our room.” she said. She sat up and slipped her dress back on. The men had been watching the show. The guy that had been in my wife’s ass asked,
“Hey, can he clean me off, too?” She looked at me.

“Do it Jimmy,” she said. I went to my knees and held his cock in my hand. I had never imagined this ever happening. I held it to my mouth, and I could smell the ass-smell; her ass though, my beautiful angel’s ass. She stood behind me, stroking my hair.

“Do it, Jimmy,” she whispered. “Clean the cock that came out of my ass.” I put my lips around it and could taste her, and I swirled my tongue to get more of her. I licked and sucked his whole penis until it was clean.

“Hey, he could be a pretty fair cocksucker with a little practice,” the man said. Then the man that had been in her pussy was standing there, and I cleaned his cock, too; Kiki standing next to me, stroking my head.

When we got down to our room we stripped, and she had me lie on the bed. She squatted over my face, her back to me, and she positioned her asshole over my mouth. I held her beautiful ass cheeks and licked the hole. I felt her tighten her stomach muscles and a blob of sperm was squeezed into my mouth. I wormed my tongue into her, wanting more, and another glob came out of her ass with a farting sound, and I sucked her with mounting lust. As she squatted and I sucked her ass, she stroked my cock until I came, and she again fed the sperm to me.

We definitely had a weird relationship. I never got to kiss my wife unless she had another man’s sperm in her mouth, and I never got to fuck her unless someone had been there just before. Well, sometimes she’d have me suck another guy’s cum out of her, and then she’d let me fuck her, and then I had to suck my own sperm out of her, too. But never just me and her…never. She never sucked my cock, but I saw her suck dozens of other guys. If I got too excited, she would jack me off. What this boiled down to was that I was a willing partner in her fucking other guys so I could get my share.

I got mad one night and told her that I was her husband and I deserved to have normal sex with her if I wanted to. She left and didn’t come back for 18 hours. When she got home, I fell on my knees, begging forgiveness. She straddled my chest and fed me sperm from her cunt and ass for hours. That night she let me penetrate her ass for the first time, and while I was in her, she told me that I was the eighth cock to be in her ass since she’d been gone. Then she fed my cum back to me.

It was hopeless, and I knew that if I wanted to keep her, and ever get a chance to be with her at all, I had to go along with it. I also knew that I got a perverse pleasure from the things she made me do, and she knew it too.

One night, four guys were getting ready to gang-bang her while I watched, as usual. She announced, to my shock, that anybody that wanted to fuck her had to agree to cum in my mouth. Now, I’m not gay, and I have no desire to be with a man sexually. But when she’s involved, and when the cock has been in the body I worship, Christ, I’d do anything. I had to lie on the bed, my face close to her ass, and the men pulled out of her and inserted their cocks into my mouth, ejaculating while I swallowed. I just figured ‘what the hell, get it right from the source.’ It also provided me a way to kiss my wife, and she kissed me after each guy ejaculated into my mouth.

Lately she’s been refusing to let me go out with her, and I lay awake for hours until she comes home. Then she straddles my chest and feeds me the cum inside her while she tells me how many guys fucked her that night.

Just very recently, she brought some guys home…black guys. They took great delight in fucking the beautiful white woman while her husband was there, and they enjoyed humiliating me, too. I had to suck them before they fucked her and play with my cock while I did it, and I’m ashamed to say that I had a big erection, sucking these big black cocks so they’d be hard enough to fuck my wife. Then they laughed while she fed me the cum from her well-fucked pussy and ass.

She says there’s six of them coming over tonight. I sure hope she lets me fuck her.

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