T*Girl at the Bus Stop

Author: mmm

The radio was loud and the top was down when I first saw her.

She looked so beautiful sitting there at the bus stop.I remember her legs, they were long and tan and clad in silky smooth thigh highs. Her skirt shifted when she crossed her legs and I could see the garters clinging to her tan skin. She turned her head and smiled at me while I waited for the light. Her eyes were so bright. I think they were green, maybe blue. Every movement she made seemed to beckon me. As if she was calling me to her.

I couldn’t help but stare at her tits – they were fabulous. A car behind me honked. shattering my reverie. The light had been green and I didn’t even notice. She laughed at me; I couldn’t hear it but I had the strongest urge to.

That was when I made my decision.

I turned the wheel sharply and drove into the gas station just behind her. I turned off the engine and hopped out of my Mustang. I walked up behind her and leaned down. She still hadn’t noticed me ,I guess, so I whispered into her ear, “Need a ride?”

She wasn’t even startled. She turned to me with her eyes sparkling and said “Sure, let’s go.”

I didn’t expect that. I offered her my elbow and when she touched my arm it felt like electric sparks. My cock lifted it’s head in response and I mentally willed it down. She must have noticed though, because she licked her lips and grinned like an imp.

“Where ya goin’?” I asked her, tryin to shift the focus. She gave me a funny look and said ” Anywhere you are I guess.”

We were at the car then, and I opened the door for her. She made an extra show of getting into the car and crossing her long legs. I slammed her door shut and got in on the other side. She pulled her hair up into this bun thing. I don’t know why but seeing her neck all white and graceful really turned me on. I cleared my throat and started the engine. It roared to life and she gave me a wicked smile.

We sped off down the street. It was quiet for a few minutes and then I broke the silence. “I don’t have a destination in mind” I told her almost nervously. She told me not to worry about it, just to keep driving.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her legs. My dick was now raging in my underwear. She uncrossed them and said to me, “Do you like them?” with a pointed look to the tent of my pants.

I felt bold for some reason. “Yeah,” I told her. “but I’d like them more wrapped around my head.” She didn’t respond to that at all.

We were driving a few more minutes when I felt her hand on my cock. I almost jumped out of my skin. She just smiled at me and told me to keep driving. It was like I was under her spell, she instructed me to unzip my pants and I did. Her hand was cool and soft against my hard cock. My hips moved up to give her access to my full 7 inches. I was trying to concentrate on driving but she was driving me crazy, her hand sliding up and down on my shaft.

I turned onto a quieter street so I wouldn’t have to pay as much attention to the other drivers. I moved one of my hands to her thigh but she took it away. “No, don’t,” she said. “not yet.”

I didn’t know what she had planned but I didn’t want her to stop massaging my dick so I put my hand back on the steering wheel. Next thing I know, her red lips are encircling my cock. I almost slammed the brakes on, my legs went so stiff. She looked up at me with those glittering eyes and asked, “Does this feel good?” I groaned and bit out “Oh yeah.”

Her head went back down and I could feel her throat muscles tickling the tip of my rod as she deep throated me. She was the best head I ever got. She kept sucking for like ten minutes. All I could hear were her groans and slurping as she took my dick all the way down her throat. Her hands strayed downwards to play with my balls. I put one hand down her shirt and this time she didn’t stop me.

Her tits were so firm and big. I was playing with her nipples when I felt them familiar tingle that I get when I’m about to cum. “I’m close” I barely managed to get those words out. She pulled off my cock with a pop. “Pull over,” she said. “I want you in me.”

I pulled over in front of someone’s house and pulled the handle on the seat to slide it all the way back. She left her skirt on, she just straddled me and moved forward towards me. She fed me one lucious tit with one hand and adjusted my dick with the other. It was then that I felt her cock against my stomach. I don’t how it was possible but I got ten times harder.

There was not a chance to say anything. One minute I felt her pulsing rod there against me and the next minute I was sliding into her tight ass hole. She sat down on my pole and ground her hips down. I could feel her balls hit my thighs. I thrust upward into her ass and bit her nipple hard at the same time. She moaned and I grew another half inch.

I was bucking against her now, her cock was rubbing between her stomach where she had lifted her shirt and mine. She was about 6 inches and hard as a rock. I reached down between us and rubbed the head with my fingertip while I fucked her against the steering wheel. She was wild. Bouncing up and down on my dick and moaning in this deep, throaty, sensual voice. I moved closer to her body to sandwich her dick between us and I drove up into her ass again and again.

I felt her cumming a split second before me. The heat of her cock spurting against my stomach drove me over the edge. I pounded my way up into her as deep as I could and spilled my hot cum into her ass. Then she was kissing me, her tongue invading my mouth, her lips on mine. I felt my dick stir inside her again when I heard a honk.

I pulled up my zipper and she pulled down her skirt and I took her to the busstop.

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