The Weekend with Natalie Pt.1

Author: Mike

I am a straight guy, but for years I’ve had an obsession with shemales. I’ve never been able to get them out of my head, but I’ve also never met one. That is, until Natalie. I knew Natalie for a few months since she lived in my dorm and we always hung out in my room with my two roommates. I was a sophomore and she was a freshman, but good lord was she amazing. She had brown hair, brown eyes, a nice full butt and simply gorgeous breasts.

Natalie had always been flirtatious with me, but never openly around other people. But one Friday a bunch of us were going out to a dance club and Natalie came with us. Naturally she looked amazing and as soon as I saw her the fantasies in my head just went crazy. She smiled at me in a way I had never seen before and it sent a little chill down my spine and through my dick. As the night went on we were all dancing and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off Natalie. She wasn’t stupid, she knew I was staring and she decided to act on it. She took me over to a corner of the dance floor and started dancing with me.

“Michael” she whispered to me” I know you’ve been staring at me, thinking about me, and I know what you want to do to me.”

“No I really don’t think you do” I said back.

“O really” she smiled and eyed me. “Well how about this?” She grabbed my hand and slid it down to her crotch where I felt it. The first time I felt her cock. I just stared at her and smiled. She wasted no time and led me out of the bar out to the parking lot practically jogging. Before I knew it we were back at our dorm and she led me up to her room. When she closed and locked the door behind me I couldn’t resist anymore. I got down on my knees and started kissing up her thigh as she unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor, almost landing on my head. I laughed and backed up a little to look at her completely naked body. It was everything I fantasized of. Her breasts looked even better naked in front of me, but I only glanced at those. I knelt there with my mouth wide open staring at her cock. Even soft it was at least 8 inches long with a pair of hairy balls dangling underneath. She giggled at the look on my face and walked towards me slowly.

“Well since you don’t seem to be able to speak, let me help you. You want to suck me off don’t you?” I nodded slowly not looking up at her. “You want to drink my cum also correct?” Again I nodded “But, in order to do that I have to be hard first. So that means, you want to suck on my balls right?” I looked up at her and smiled but still didn’t move. She smiled also as she finally reached where I was kneeling, her cock almost stuck to my face. She giggled again and pulled her cock out of the way while leaning my head back. I opened my mouth willingly and felt her balls drop into my mouth and her cock fall onto my face. I started swirling her sweet balls in my mouth with my tongue and instantly I could feel her tingling body shiver from the pleasure. She moaned a little and her cock began to grow and grow until it was long and hard from my work.

“Please” I said with her balls still in my mouth “please let me suck on it. I want to feel your hard on down my throat.” She took my head in her hands and let her balls fall out of my mouth as I backed away. Her cock slid down my face until it was level with my mouth, pressing on my lips.

“Open up you little whore” she said “My cock wants to play with you.” I did as I was told and let her cock fill my mouth. It was so warm and delicious as it slid all the way into the back of my throat, gliding over my tongue. She began to fuck my mouth slowly, swaying her hips and moaning in pleasure. She talked to me as she fucked my mouth saying things like “take everything Michael, take it all. I’ve been thinking about this for so long and your gonna take everything I give you down that throat of yours. O my god you feel so good. I could fuck you for hours.” I moaned when she said that part to let her know that I was more than willing to suck on her cock for as long as she desired. She laughed again at my moan and for a brief moment I opened my eyes and looked at her. She finished laughing and looked down at me and I knew all that pent up sexual desire was coursing through her right now. She tightened her grip around my head and I wrapped my arms around her legs and grabbed a hold of her ass. She began thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I closed my eyes again and gave into the pleasure of finally having her cock inside my mouth.

Finally I felt it. The surge ran through her cock and I felt her cum spilling into my mouth, hot and delicious.

swallow all of it Michael” she moaned. “I want to know that my load is inside of you.” I responded by taking her deeper into my mouth so she could feel me swallow it down. Eventually she finished and I cleaned off all the cum I could from her cock. She sat down on the couch and I came over and laid my head down on her lap looking up at her face, even though I could barely see it past her breasts. Her still hard cock lay on my face again and I licked and nibbled the head while she talked.

She sighed “I always knew you would enjoy this.”

“Well then why in the world did you wait so long to tell me?” I said. She smiled down at me and petted my head.

“I waited because I knew once I had you I wouldn’t be able to stop, and my roommate is gone for the weekend” She laughed and gave me the same strange smile that she did in the club. Only then did I understand what it meant…..

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