First Time

Author: mmm

For as long as I can remember, I’ve preferred my chicks with dicks. There’s something about
a sexy babe with perfect makeup and hair and a cock that just turns me on. Maybe that makes
me a pervert – I don’t care!

I remember I was just out of high school, 18, the first time I made it with a tranny. She was just
gorgeous – an adult film star named Dani. I saw her at the store. She had red hair and long legs, and I recognized her from a couple movie boxes. I was nervous, but I went over to her and
introduced myself and told her I thought she was beautiful. I was sort of blushing and mum-
bling, and she thought my shyness was cute. The next thing I know, we’re at her apartment.

I was nervous, and had never even gotten laid before. I had jacked off a lot, but I thought about
real women when I shot my load. But Dani sure looked and seemed like a real woman, and
she had brought me back to her place. When she started kissing me, I didn’t even have to
think about it – I slipped my tongue in her warm mouth!

It was heaven! She started sucking on my tongue and I felt my dick getting even harder.
She started squeezing my butt and I started feeling hers back. It was firm and round and
very exciting. Very womanly and warm. I searched the inside of her mouth with my tongue
as I felt her buttocks with my hands.

As I held Dani, I could feel her perfect breasts pushing against me. After a while, I wanted
to feel them in my hands. I started to pull off her blouse, but I had never done that before
and I was clumsy. She pulled it off for me as my face burned with embarrassment.

When I saw her gorgeous tits, I forgot all about being embarrassed, though. They
were big and round and looked as good as any magazine model’s. I cupped one in
each hand and gently squeezed. Then captured my mouth and filled it with her

I let her tongue wander as I squeezed her boobs and experimented by tweaking
the nipples. They hardened with excitement, which excited me. I squeezed one,
and she moaned. Then the other. She rubbed against me. I could feel her hard
cock under her skirt, and that just excited me even more. I leaned down and
flicked one nipple with my tongue – she wriggled and moaned even more. I began
sucking on her nipples, first softly, then harder and harder as she made all sorts
of sexy sounds, wriggling against my erection.

Then I kissed her again, my confidence growing with my horniness and with Dani’s
obvious excitement. Her mouth was sweet and hot, and I began to wonder how it would
feel if she gave me a blowjob. My cock felt trapped in my pants, but just then, this
beautiful porn star reached down, unzipped my pants and took out my dick.

She made a purring sound and slid down to take me in her mouth. I guess you
learn a lot making porno movies – I never even fantasized anything could feel this
good. Dani didn’t tease, she sucked me all the way into her mouth, all the way
to the root. I kept my hands on those beautiful shemale titties while she sucked
my cock like a perfect machine. In and out, all the way down to the balls she went.
I watched her beautiful face as she took my cock, squeezing her boobs. What a
turn-on! My cock disappearing between those sculpted, famous lips.

Finally my need to see her naked overcame my last shyness. “I’d like to see
all of you” I murmured, pulling her to her feet.

Dani looked at me flirtateously and pulled off her skirt. She had some sexy
little thing on for underwear, which she took off. I watched this private strip
tease with my hand on my cock, rubbing and stroking as she exposed every
inch of that hot body.

Her legs were slender and very firm. Her boobs were big, round and full. Her
waist was tiny and her butt was sooo found and hard. She was like every man’s
dream girl… and her cock was small but perfect, maybe 5 inches long, and hard
as hell! I’m not sure why, but looking at that girlcock on that perfect body made
me even harder. I wanted to touch it. I pulled her back down and stroked her cock
as I stroked my own. I looked at her gorgeous face as I teased her weiner.

I had never done the “normal” circle jerk thing with my buddies – never seen
another cock hard. Didn’t really care. But somehow, on this ultra chick body,
Dani’s cock made me so excited…

“Do you want to fuck me?” she murmured mischeivously.

How could I not want to fuck, my first fuck, this beautiful willing woman?
She lay down on her back and put her legs on my shoulders. She found some
lube and got my dick nice and slippery, rubbing it on and making me ready.
Then she pointed it toward her anus and I pushed forward gently.

As I slid into that tight, hot hole, she stroked her penis. I pushed all the way
into her ass, and it felt better than I dreamed it could. I began pulling out a little,
then slamming my cock back in. I didn’t want to hurt her, but she loved it!
She moved on my cock as she jacked off her own. I started going a little faster,
out and in, pounding her tiny asshole. The harder I fucked her, the more she
seemed to like it.

I was ready to cum – so ready – and began really jamming her butt, slapping
my balls against her as I ass-fucked her. I reached down and began squeezing
her tits, hard, and she moaned and begged me “Harder” so I did. I wanted her
to really feel everything I was doing to her.

She moaned and her hand moved very fast on her shemale cock. And I began shooting
my load, filling her tight asshole with my hot jizz. I felt spasm after spasm of my orgasm.
She began to cum, as well, spewing thick whitish liquid as I filled her rectum with every
pent-up drop of cum that I had.

Afterward, she washed me gently, and sent me on my way, but I visited her a few
more times, always watched her videos, and I’ve been a Chick-With-Dick man
ever since!

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