Author: mmm

My name is Cheri, I live my life in lace and satin. I have always loved the way those materials feel
against my soft skin. I have shoulder length red hair and bright green eyes. My friends used to call me Charles but about 12 years ago i had this epiphany that i felt out of place as a man and one night
while I was out at a club with some friends, I realized that being a woman felt… I don’t know, right,
to me I guess.

It’s been a long road but I’m so much happier now.

The first time anyone ever found out I had a dick after that was about 10 years ago. I went to a new
doctor for some antibiotics for some throat thing that had been bothering me for a couple weeks. I guess
maybe the doctor had talked about me or something, I’m not really sure, but the next thing I knew the male
nurse was in the room with me, looking at me kind of funny. I asked if something was wrong and he snapped
out of it. He leaned close and asked me if “it” was true. I knew what he was talking about but I played dumb.
I thought it would be kinda funny to hear this.

He got all whispery and pointed down to his crotch. I almost giggled. Then he goes “Is it true you have a dick?”

I looked directly at him and told him he should put his hands down my pants and find out. I don’t know what
came over me. I had seen the same nurse looking at me ever since i started going to that office. I had even
thought he was pretty cute. Buzzed brown hair and really nice blue eyes. The kind you could get lost in. Anyway,
he looked at me for a second like he couldn’t even speak. I just smiled at him.

All of a sudden he walks toward the door. I thought he was leaving, I even remember thinking to myself
“Oops, you sure screwed that one up.” But then he did something that shocked me. He LOCKED THE DOOR.

I got hard in like one second flat. I love the way my dick feels rubbing against my pretty panties. I had to
resist the urge to rub myself through my skirt right then. He comes over to me and it was like he read my mind.
He puts his palm over my skirt and starts swishing it over my dick. Almost like he was trying to buff it. His eyes
got really wide. I don’t know if he really believed that I had had one up until that moment. Then I see him get all
red and he asks me all quiet if he could “see it.”

I lifted my skirt up and he just stared. My panties were white and you could see the head of my dick and a
little wet spot where my pre-cum had soaked through. I licked my lips and told him that he could touch it.
I made a really big show of sliding my panties down my silky thighs and made my dick dance a little. I reached down and rubbed it a little and he snapped out of it.

It was so cute, sweat breaking out on his upper lip. And then he reaches down and cups my balls. I made sure
to moan and wiggle my pretty little ass so he knew i liked it.

He was trance-like. He started stroking my cock but he kept mumbling about how pretty I was. His face kept getting closer and closer as he gently slid my rod up and down in his fist. I was enjoying the hell out of it too.
I could feel his breath on my dick and I got even harder. It hit his lips then. I wasn’t really sure what he would
do so I helped him. I was too into it for him to stop, I pushed his head down just a fraction. I was sitting on the
table so he didn’t have to bend too far, and he started sucking me. It felt fabulous.

Every time he took his mouth off my dick he would tell me what a pretty girl I am.

My head fell back and I just pumped him down onto my dick by his head and pressed myself deeper.
I was so turned on that I didn’t want to stop, but i wanted this man, so I kind of tapped him so he would stop.
He looked at me all confused, his eyes looked so sexy all cloudy and turned on like that. I whispered that
I wanted him to fuck me. He smiled, I could see this chage come over him. He was suddenly very sure he
wanted me. Very confident.

He walked across the room and grabbed some lube, the kind a doctor uses for an ultrasound and came back
to me. He told me to get on my knees on the little square trash can. He left my clothes on, just pulled my skirt
up around my waist and licked my asshole while I was bent over with my hands on the wall. I almost shot my
load right there. He licked my asshole for a while and then I felt him stop. I turned around to see why and I saw
him lubing up this huge dick. He must have been at least 8 inches.

I turned around and braced myself against the wall. He was gentle though, as he slid his monster cock into my
ass. He pushed each inch in slowly and fucked in and out for a while. He started getting worked up. ( my ass
must have been so tight ) He started pounding into me harder, he was whispering in my ear that I was his pretty
girl and all of a sudden his arms wrapped around me and he was jerking my dick. It was indescribable, that
feeling. He made me feel so sexy. he fucked me that way for a while, jacking on my cock, pounding into my
tight ass, whispering into my ear. I told him I was gonna cum and he asked me to wait for him, then he squeezed
my balls so I wouldn’t be able to climax. He rammed his dick all the way into my ass three or four more times and then he let go of my balls. I could feel him cumming into my ass it was so damn hot.

My cum hit the wall and splashed onto my face. He just kept fucking me and grunting as he came and then it
was over. There was a knock at the door and we both hurried to tidy ourselves up. He kissed my cheek and
licked some of my cum off and opened the door. I was left breathless and looking well fucked. The doctor
MUST have wondered what the heck had happened, but he stayed quiet and didn’t ask.

I still go back to see that Doctor to this very day, and the nurse always gives me a very thorough examaming
before anyone else comes in, if you know what I mean.


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