A Discovery

Author: mmm

The booze and caffiene had turned from a warm buzz into a slightly annoying
headache in Miles’ psyche. He watched as his live-in girlfriend Mary danced
and ground against a tall blonde that could have been her younger sister.

Club Inferno was at the point of orgasmic rush when the standing room only
crowd began to pump to the beat of a bass heavy industrial rhythm. Miles
watched Mary sliding her slender hips in and out of motion with this blonde
vixen that was beginning to show off her tight stomach. Mary was
sweating..dancing..touching the ribs of this woman that they had just met
upon the falling night.

But you see, even in his druken stupor, Miles was leaning against the south
wall of the dance floor hoping..dreaming that Mary would coax the woman she
danced with to come back to their apartment for a while. Club Inferno was the
premiere goth/fetish club in Hollywood, and it was not uncommon for
adventurous couples to drink, dance and prey upon the wild community of the
open minded. That was the plan for the eve, and although Miles could have
used a nap at this point, the sexually stimulating alcohol were
brimming in his system, and he wanted to satisfy that erection that breathed
with such anticipation between his legs.

The music continued. The sounds pounded in Miles’ ears. The crowd, shrouded
in its blackness and leather accessories, all grooved with unholy intent. He
gazed about the club and saw so many different kinds of people.Some were
familiar faces from the weekends before..Others were so new, and so young. It
was almost as if you could tell who was fresh off the bus from Ohio, in to
see the big city..Miles had known the town for years, now. He was
experienced, but still yearned for that extra something. Same went for Mary,
and that was the reason for even being there in the first place.

For a brief moment, Miles looked about the club in search of flesh. he had
lost sight of Mary for a moment, but when his eyes found her again, she was
being sandwiched between two of the most attractive ladies in the club. The
tall blonde had a friend, and she was to die for! Burgondy hair swayed in
Marys face from the amazon dancing before her. The tall blonde kept reaching
around Mary and holding the hands of her friend as they danced. Mary was in
the middle of this spastic, sexy circle. The more they danced, the more they
explored each other on the dance floor. Hands were feeling and squeezing
lightly in such secretive ways, as though they were all a part of dancing and
had nothing to do with the lust that was captured within.

As the song ended, the dancing women all laughed and gave each other hugs. It
was obvious to Miles that they were talking of him, as all eyes searched and
found him at once after Mary had whispered into their ears. He was excited as
he could be, but wondered if they would find him appealing. Sure, he had the
dress for the night-all in black, his wavy blonde hair covering his left
eyebrow as he gave his best Magnum PI smile- but as they approached, he felt
just a bit unsure of himself after all.

Mary met him with a wet kiss. Her tongue flickered in his mouth, and he could
hear the giggling of the two, tall women that stood behind Mary.

“I’m Lisa” said the redhead, as Mary removed her wet mouth from Miles’. His
cock was pounding. He could feel the drip of precum stain his underwear from
the thoughts he had as he watched his woman get off in public.

“And thats Erika”, said Mary, and the tall blonde went to shake his hand, and
instead grabbed him by the cock.

Miles’ half laughed, and then gave to the ways of pleasure as Erika squeezed
his manhood and found his balls..Mary kissed Lisa as Erika found Miles’ lips
herself. His cock pulsated with no end, and his heart raced as he tasted the
sweetness of this strange womans mouth. She tasted like peaches.

As the two women followed in their Mustang behind Mary and Miles, the two
suprised lovers shared kisses and squeezes of their own, giggling about the
enormous breasts that both of their new found friends possessed. They knew
what was next, and it made their skin crawl with excitement. That feeling of
new flesh. That joy of discovery..

…..Erika closed Miles and Mary’s bathroom door and got herself ready. Lisa
had already taken off her blouse, revealing a purple bra that offset her hair
with its deep tones. Lisa’s breasts were firm and well rounded, with a hint
of her dark, reddish nipples peeking out. She had on a long skirt, but it
removed itself rather quickly as she loosened the strap around the waist. As
her clothing fell to the ground, Mary had turned off the light to the left of
her. All there was now was the shadows upon the wall, and the smell of sweet
skin in the air.

Miles held Mary’s arms as he stood behind her. She had always fantasized
about being helpless, being subdued..but she knew that with Miles being the
one to hold her, that she would be safe. Mary’s soft, perky D cups shined
thru her white concert tee, and Lisa advanced.

The three of them shared kisses as Miles held Mary’s arms. Lisa pulled the
two of them closer and Miles could feel the fabric of Lisa’s T back against
his wandering fingers. Lisa’s DD’s were pushing up against Mary’s erect
nipples. Miles’ cock was almost bursting from his pants. Mary could feel his
hard prick grinding in her ass, but then as she opened her eyes and looked
down, she could see what was poking her from the front.

Lisa had an enormous cock! The dark skin of the thick, shaved penis poked out
of the soft underwear that she..he?..had been wearing..Lisa pushed and pumped
against Mary’s wet pussy, and although she now knew that she was in the
company of a she male, she did not seem to mind.

As Miles kissed the back of Mary’s neck, he could feel her begin to slide
down to her knees. What he saw next was not what he expected! Lisa had this
huge, thick cock, and Mary was in position to take of the drip that came from
the head of this giant cock.

Miles thought that he would be considered small in comparison to such a
monster cock, but he did not care, as his most wild fantasies were happening
in front of his very eyes. Instead of even questioning it, he commanded Mary..

suck it..Suck her big cock

With those words, Mary devoured Lisa. Her pink lips opened and closed around
the sweet 8 inches of thickness that this buxom redhead had offered her.
Mary’s tongue suckled and licked the meat, and as she slurped and sucked on
the large, red balls, Miles pushed her head deeper on the swollen masterpiece
that hung between Lisa’s legs. Lisa kissed Miles with such passion, her ruby
red lipstick smeared madly upon his lips. Not once was it a question for
either of them as to what they were doing.It was the best of both worlds, as
they say..The greener grass, as in The grass is always greener on “the other
side”. It was true!

The bathroom door opened and Erika emerged, in a big way! Standing there
totally nude, was this gorgeous she male. What a beautiful, friendly face.
Big, pouting lips and two breasts that were obviosuly implants, but they
looked good enough to write mother about. Down below was this 9 inch, hard as
a rock cock! Erika stroked it feverishly, and as her red nailpolish shined
from her painted nails, a translucent shine came from the tip of her cock.

Miles knew it was his turn now. He fell to his knees and watched Mary
continue to allow Lisa to fuck her mouth with this monster rod. Mary’s hands
were squeezing the tightened ballsac of Lisa, and her tongue was gliding up
and down the huge shaft as she pulled at the base of the dick.

“Do it just like that”, said Erika..”Suck me like your woman sucks my bitch”..

Miles closed his eyes and allowed Erika to find his waiting mouth. His hands
searched her soft, feminine body. Her ass was so tight, so soft and smooth.
She had the sweetest body, and the biggest cock! He opened his eyes after not
feeling or tasting anything, and looked up at Erika. Her penis was just next
to his lips when she said, ” That’s better. I would like you to watch”

Her voice was very tender, like his girlfriend’s. He felt like he could trust
her, and with that, grabbed the beautiful cock in front of him and began to
kiss the swollen head. He licked a taste of the honey from the tip and began
to suck upon the woman’s wholeness. There were slurping sounds mixed with
moans and the slapping of lustful lips for the next 10 minutes.

At the height of the forbidden passion, Mary and Miles grabbed onto the cock
of the woman that their mate was sucking upon, stroking and pulling at the
throbbing dicks in each others mouths. In a glorious moment of climax, each
shemale exploded, shooting a rich, white, creamy spray upon the faces of Mary
and Miles. Their faces were coated with the sticky sweetness of each woman’s
cock. When mary was all done with her dessert, Miles was still licking and
tasting. She began to kiss him and lick with her man, but soon it was too
much for Erika, and they had to put their equipment away.

After the two new friends left for their own home, Mary and Miles had a
wonderful night of sex, and speculated on what might happen next week at Club

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