Clarissa’s Cleavage

Author: Dan

I landed myself a woman that most regular guys would run screaming from. Her name is Clarissa and she is one whopper of a big woman, just the way I like them! Fat and all that! Mmmm dayum!

Yeah, most guys would call me a freak because I dig picking up chicks at the local bingo hall. But for a guy that’s looking for a huge hunk of lovin’, it’s just the place to find them! I run around the bingo hall, selling bingo cards to some of the heftiest gals around, scouting for massive tits as I make my rounds, checking for rings when they hand me their money.

Then I saw her, sucking on a soda, hand in the air flagging me down for a jackpot card, her massive jugs heaving with each wave of her *ringless* hand and baby! I saw the light! She was massive, she was pretty, and once I stood over her and looked down into that mountainous cleavage, I knew, without a doubt, that I had to make that lady mine.

She fell for the flirting and even laughed at my stupid old jokes, but in no time, with very little persuasion, my charm had bagged me a date with Clarissa and I was feeling on top of the world.

I took her out to dinner, for some nice one on one conversation. She was magnificent, funny and by the way she would flirt and crinkle up that podgy little nose, I knew that she was really interested in me too. But, I kept up with my mannerisms and tried to keep the thought of jumping her bones in the back of my mind, figuring that she probably wouldn’t consider anything like that with me until after the 2nd or 3rd date. Boy was I wrong!

After a nice dinner, good movie and a stop at the local dairy for a soft serve cone, I took Clarissa home and did the gentleman thing by walking her to the front door. “It’s been fun Ben”, Clarissa said, crinkling her nose and tipping her head to the side. “Sure has Clarissa, I really enjoyed my time with you tonight. I’d like to see more of you, if that’s ok with you?” I replied, hoping with all my guts that she would say yes. “I’d love for you to see more of me”, she replied, and pecked my cheek with a soft kiss. “Would you like to come in for a coffee or soda Ben?” she asked… and of course I obliged!

Inside her spacious apartment, Clarissa guided me to the couch and disappeared for a while, saying that she was going to fix some coffee, but the vision I saw when she came back into the living room, damned near sent my nuts blasting through the ceiling.

There she was, in nothing but an oversized purple satin bathrobe, tied loosely at the waist. “How much more did you want to see of me Ben?” she spoke teasingly, me swallowing back hard in total disbelief of my fucking great luck!

“Oh baby! I’ll see as much as you want to show!” I piped up, my eyes damned near bugging out of my head.

Clarissa dimmed the lights and put some sexy music on, then swayed herself across the floor until she was right in front of me. Bending over, she pushed her deep cleavage toward my face, pulling back her robe to expose more and more of her incredibly massive melons. Moving her body seductively, Clarissa teased me like a stripper, pressing my face between her tits, swaying in rhythm to the seductive music and of course, I couldn’t resist the urge to place a huge wet lick right up the valley of her magnificent bosoms.

I was breathless in heavy hanging heaven, when Clarissa stood up and let the robe fall off of her shoulders and onto the floor. Goddamn! Her tits were monstrous, her thighs thunderous and that big beautiful dough-like belly begged for me to dive right onto it and shove my tongue deep into it’s cavernous navel!

Clarissa squealed with delight, delighted that I liked what I saw and lifted her apron of a fat roll to give me a bird’s eye view of her incredibly meaty strawberry blonde carpeted pussy. Turning her around, I sat her on the couch and burrowed my way between her thighs to that humongous pussy pie, where I started devouring it, sucking, licking, tonguing my way deep into the thick folds of her gash until, barely able to breathe, I tongued her clit and cunt hole until my face with slick with pussy juice.

Clarissa rocked her massive ass all over that couch and my tongue followed her lead, going deep into her hot hole as she fucked my face nearly to unconsciousness. I reached up and grabbed her massive tits, squeezing them, as my mouth feasted on the huge pussy buffet before me. Grabbing my head, Clarissa pushed me hard to her, I needed air, but I couldn’t stop now! She was thrusting her ass off of the couch, rocking that pussy in a wild frenzy to cum until she grabbed her knees, threw her legs up into the air and screamed for me to fuck her!

Unleashing my firm soldier, I wanked until it was rock hard and slammed it into her steaming cunt and pumped her full of my throbbing meat. She was panting, I was grunting, drenched cunt and hard cock causing thunder-like fuck farts that echoed around the room. She locked her legs around my waist and with power driving thrusts, bucked like a bronco in the most explosive orgasm I have ever encountered.

Still panting, Clarissa pressed her massive tits together, “fuck my tits Ben. Fuck my tits like you did my pussy”

Straddling her big belly, my cock slipped like silk between Clarissa’s cleavage and I started humping away, she pressing her massive boobs around my cock like a huge warm vagina. As if fucking her incredible tits wasn’t good enough, Clarissa licked at the head of my cock, each time it poked out from between her boobs, and then she puckered her lips and started sucking on it too. I had all I could do to keep myself from blowing my load too early… it felt so fucking good!

My cock squeaked between her tits as she sucked me harder and harder, her tongue doing little dances across the head of my cock, she stopping every now and again to talk dirty to me, “That’s it baby, fuck my tits, fuck them hard baby, fuck my great big tits” High on top of mount Clarissa, I braced for the big one.

I hammered my cock so fast and hard and digging my heels into the couch, I grabbed onto that massive set of knockers and in a cross between a gurgle and a howl, I bellowed “Bingoooooooooooooooooooooooo! ” and in a torrential blast of cum, blew my load all over Clarissa’s face and hair.

Watching in total satisfaction as she licked my cum from her lips and chin, I couldn’t help but mark a mental notch for the night I conquered Clarissa’s Cleavage, and I was sure it wasn’t going to be the last.

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