Last night with my wife

Author: jay

As I lay in bed last night watching a movie with my wife my eyes began to drift away towards her. There she was laying at the foot of the bed watching the movie. The curves of her back pronounced as she arched her back to view the TV.

More than once I enjoyed the view of her plump round shaped butt. Last night was no different. Her legs were covered by her pj’s but I could tell she had nothing between them and her soft skin. Nothing to keep me from touching her.

As the images of her naked body ran through my mind I felt my dick move. It slowly twitched as I could feel the throbbing of blood rushing into my shaft and up to the ever swelling head. I felt the skin that surrounds my shaft being stretched as the edge of its head uncovered itself from the flesh of my ridged rod.

Slowly my cock became fully erect under the sheets. I love it when my member becomes so large. The soft sheets outlining the bulging sex under them as every vein became viewable through the thin wall of flexible skin. My head swollen to its full size of an inch and half with its purple base.

I watched her body as the tip of my dick was teased by the moving of the sheets upon it. Every thought of what I would do to her holes with my stiff sex organ sent pleasure to my mind and cock. As my senses became stronger I just knew it was her pussy I could smell. How I desired to mix the warm cum of my cock with her juices.

The sheet above my cock became wet with my precum as I reached down to grasp the base of my shaft. I held firmly as my hands ran up the length of my member. My body became hot as my breath slowed. My wife lay there unknowing I was jacking off to her.

I gasped a little as my fingers snapped over the ridge of my head and back down again. You could see my motions through the sheets as I masturbated my hard dick. I felt every bump and ridge of my member. Softly rubbing over the whole area from time to time to stop from Cumming.

Every time I felt the hot pressure of my cum rise I would stop to fondle my ball sack and base of my cock. The rough shaven skin of my sack tingled with every touch. I knew I had to have her.

I uncovered myself to move towards her. My now exposed member wanting to taste her pussy. I would not take no for an answer. My hand reached to touch her topless back as I held back from pressing my dick onto her.

She had been unaware the whole time what I was doing. But I would soon let her know. My right hand caressing her skin gently as I leaned over her back. My mouth close enough to her neck she could feel and hear my shallow breath.

I moved her silky long hair away from the tender skin of her vulnerable neck. My cock begging for action as I still stroked on it, yet my mind knowing I had to entice her. I pressed my lips to her skin just below and behind the earlobe. Still close I noticed chill bumps on her body forming.

Once more I kissed her neck. With waves of pleasure going through my swollen penis I could not withhold from tasting her skin. My mouth pressed down on her neck as I drew her skin inside to my tong. She could feel the blood rushing to her pussy as I heard a moan.

My mouth still longing for her taste I sucked upon her ear. The longer I continued the more aroused she became. Finally I felt her hand reach for my cock. Grabbing my rod she began to take over my strokes. First slowly feeling every inch.

She moaned as I nibbled on her ear and she asked “What are you wanting to do with that thing?” Her question was my approval to take her body! So I stopped her from turning over and made her lay face down.

With a quick bite on her butt I grabbed her pj’s and forced them off of her. My cock grew even more lustful as I looked at her naked butt and pussy. It was time for me to enjoy the pleasures of my wife.

I moved over her back with my dick just brushing the crevice between here erotic butt. My mouth still kissing her neck the whole time as she moaned and begged for my hot and hard cock to be inside her.

I placed my hands over hers and held them as I whispered “I’m gona screw your tight little pussy.” into her ear. I felt her pelvis rise up forcing my cock between the folds of her butt. The mounds of flesh moving upon the head of my cock sending chills to my body.

“Uhhh, Yeah baby, screw my little pussy with that big dick.” Is all she could say as I lowered myself over her. I felt the wetness of her cunt moisten the tip of my dick as out juices mixed. The fire between our legs now raging.

Her pussy spread open as the head of my sex entered her. I felt her body shake as she moaned for joy. Every inch of me slowly was being pushed into her from behind. My cock hitting her g-spot with every thrust.

I could feel my dick tighten as I enjoyed moving in and out faster each time. Every move made her scream as I held her hands in place while her body was being subjected to my sexual desire. Her swollen clit was teased by the slap of my sack each time I pushed into her hole.

Her back arched forcing her cunt to move up for my dick as I could feel her pussy quake. She shuttered as I continued now more easily to pump her from behind with my close to cumming cock. her first orgasm for the night came violently.

“It feels so good” I told her while dominating her body in that position. My penis sliding in and out now with all of her cum covering me. I looked down at the view of her jiggling butt as my cock demanded I continue.

Finally I began to thrust even deeper into her pussy shaft as she came a second time. It pushed me over the edge as I knew I could no longer hold back. The rush of my cum moving through my shaft was like a volcano. It busted forth from my head deep into her cunt as I violently shook inside her.

My cum mixed with hers last night. I will never forget how it felt to ride my wife from behind. I hope she wants to do it again. I know she said she enjoyed it.

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