Back trails

Author: Landon Dixon

“We ever going to stop to eat?” I asked Jeff, as he maneuvered his bike past me on the narrow trail and quickly sped away.
“Sure!” he shouted back. “Sometime!”
I silently cursed him, tried to pick up the pace. It wasn’t easy. We’d been biking for the better part of the morning and my legs were deader than a Beatles reunion. Of course, I was the one who had convinced Jeff to join me on the back-breaking, leg-stiffening trails of Red Rock National Park. Jeff normally did long-distance biking on the highway, but he’d said that he was game for anything. That’s what I was anxious to find out – if we ever stopped long enough to catch our breath.
He disappeared around a corner of the trail and was lost behind the thick stands of pine and spruce. I groaned, bent over my bike, and put the pedal pushers to the metal. I blindly rounded the corner and Jeff yelled, “‘Bout time!”
I almost careened off the trail and into a tree. He’d been hiding, waiting to scare me. I skidded to a stop on the pine needle-strewn ground. “Hey, I could’ve-”
He was already off down the trail.
Around one, I finally caught up with Jeff on a shale outcrop that overlooked the forest-covered valley. It was the end of the trail. He was sunning himself on the flat rock and drinking from his water bottle. Some of the water trickled down his chin and splashed onto his bronze, hairless chest where he had unzipped his bike shirt. I licked my lips and rode up to him.
“So you finally stopped, huh?”
“Had to,” he responded.
I slowly and painfully climbed off my two-wheel torture device and let it clatter to the stone surface. “I guess my bike just isn’t as fast as yours.”
He grinned. “Yeah, that must be it. Lunch?”
I sat down next to him, my muscles screaming in protest, and sucked on my water bottle like a forty-year-old baby. “There’s an idea,” I said, and watched as he got up and went back to his bike and pulled some plastic containers out of a pack. His ass was firm and round from years of hardcore biking, and his tight, black shorts showed off his glorious butt and his long, tanned, muscular legs. He turned around, and I stared longingly at the hard outline of his cock. His whole body was lean and brown from rugged exercise in the hot sun. His helmet was off, and his short, blonde hair was stuck to his head with sweat. His sky-blue eyes were smiling as he sauntered back to where I lay panting.
I blinked, cleared my throat, and tried to refocus my thoughts onto strategy. “How long have you been a member of the bike club, Jeff?” I asked.
“‘Bout a month. I’m still feeling my way around, you know?”
“Yes. I do,” I replied with a sigh.
He laughed.
I said, “I’ve been part of the club for at least ten years, off and on. It’s always good to get to know new members, though.”
“Yeah, new members are good.”
I choked on some water.
He handed me a peanut butter sandwich. Our fingers touched briefly and I felt my hand and arm tingle. I looked at him hopefully, but he had turned away to put the sandwich container back in his bag.
We ate and drank in silence for about fifteen minutes on the sun-baked rock, then Jeff stood up and unzipped his shirt and pulled it off. Next, he unzipped his pants and tugged those off, as well. My eyes almost fell out of my head, my tongue out of my mouth.
“Mind if I catch some rays?” he said, then spread a beach towel out on the rock and lay down on his back, stark naked.
“No, no! No problem,” I responded, a slight quaver to my voice. This was going faster and better than I’d planned. “Sounds like a good idea.”
He nodded, closed his eyes, and stretched out on the towel. His cock was long and thick, even unaroused, and his balls were covered in a fine, downy coat of blonde fur.
“You’re sure in good shape, Jeff,” I commented. “How old are you again?”
“Twenty-five,” he said. He turned his head and looked at me briefly. “You’re not bad yourself. Could use some work on your tan, though.”
I quickly shucked off my shoes and shirt and shorts, touching myself inappropriately as many times as I thought reasonable, spread out a towel, and lay down next to him. I let the scorching sun soak into my aching muscles – one in particular. Then I pulled a tube of suntan lotion out of my backpack and brainstormed some new contingencies in my rapidly evolving plan. I opened my mouth and was about to ask Jeff if he needed a nice, slow, sensual cream application, in not so many charged words, when he beat me to it.
“I better rub some of that stuff on your back,” he said. “Looks like you burn pretty easy. Wouldn’t want any spontaneous combustion during forest fire season.”
“Yes, right … sure,” I replied.
He stood up and I handed him the tube of lotion. His cock dangled dangerously close to my hungry mouth, and I would have sworn that it was larger and longer than when I had last seen it – about a split-second ago.
I looked up, mumbled, “Uh, sorry … what?”
“You gotta lie down for me to put this stuff on your back.”
“Oh, yes, right. Sorry.” I lay down on the towel face-first, adjusted my swelling cock to a semi-comfortable position, and then prepared for his hands. “Any time – umph!”
He squirted cool lotion on me from on high, then sat down on my bare ass. He obviously didn’t mess around with formalities. I felt his heavy cock and balls on my ass cheeks, and I groaned. He was just a few inches away from entry point, hopefully. He rubbed the lotion into my skin with his large, hard hands, and my cock flooded with blood.
I got all warm and drowsy as his strong hands kneaded me, dug into me, rubbed away my concerns. Cum tickled my balls, but I didn’t want to waste in on a beach towel. I plotted my move, then casually raised my head in prelude to casually turning over so that he could take care of the muscles on my front side. He roughly pushed me back down.
“Not done yet,” he said.
I grunted impatiently, then gasped when he scooched further down my body and glooped a dollop of lotion right onto my sensitive ass. Holy shit! I lost all semblances of planning and thought when he vigorously rubbed my butt cheeks – and slithered a finger inside of my ass!
“Sorry, man,” he said, in a warm, liquid voice.
“No, no! That’s … okay,” I said, in a dry, cracked voice.
“Yeah?” He slid his finger all the way up my ass, the lotion acting as lube.
“Yeah,” I breathed. His finger felt right at home in my butt. I groaned in joy when I felt a second one boldly move in with the first.
He started finger-fucking my ass, slowly at first, then faster and faster and faster, until his fingers were flying in and out of my burning asshole. “This what you had planned when you asked me to go biking?” he said.
“Planned?” I murmured. My head was swimming with the heat and the smell of him, the frenzied ass pounding he was dishing out. Everything had gone hot and hazy. My cock was a raging hard-on, and tingled erotically every time his fingers drilled deep inside of me. “I think I’m going to cum!” I cried, suddenly realizing that the blistering combination of the young man’s fingers and the fresh air had turned me hyper-sensitive – uncontrollable.
“Not yet,” he replied. He pulled his fingers out of my flaming ass in the nick of time and left behind an aching emptiness that could only be filled by his cock. Instead, he flipped me over on my back and stared down at my engorged, ready-to-erupt penis.
I stared back up, awestruck, at his own huge member. His cock was incredibly thick and heavy-looking, and oh so long – at least nine inches of gorgeous, glistening manhood. It was pointed, arrow-straight, right at me. “Jesus,” I whispered reverentially.
He rubbed his hands on the towel, then began pulling his cock, stroking it slowly and sensuously. “Still hungry?” he asked.
I swallowed hard and said, “Yes.”
“You think you can eat everything I give you?”
I wetted my lips with a swollen tongue. “Yes,” I said again, doubtful, but more than ready and willing to try.
He quickly positioned himself so that his big cock shaded my mouth from the blazing sun. He steered it against my lips and I tentatively kissed it. His body rippled with the sensation of my lips on his dick and he groaned. My tongue snaked out and licked underneath the giant hood of his monster cock, tasted his slit.
“Yeah,” he moaned. “suck me off.”
I slapped his cockhead back and forth with my tongue, then opened my mouth further and swallowed it. His knees were pinning my arms to the ground, so I couldn’t use my hands, but my mouth was just as talented with a man’s cock as any pair of hands. I sucked up and down on his dickhead, swirling my tongue all over the smooth surface of the tip of his cock.
“I want more,” I mouthed from around his manhood.
My voice vibrated through his golden body via his cock, and he threw back his head and rubbed his muscled chest and groaned. “Yeah, baby,” he breathed. “Have as much as you want.”
He leaned forward and his huge dick started to slide down my throat. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and relaxed my throat muscles as much as I could. I had swallowed a good many cocks in my day, but none quite as big as this monster.
“Yeah!” he cried, as his dick glided into my mouth and down my throat. He pulled at his big, brown nipples, and watched in stunned amazement as I deep-throated him.
I gagged only slightly as his mammoth cock touched the back of my throat and beyond. Breath whistled out of my nose, and his huge organ kept coming and coming and coming, filling me up, packing my mouth and throat. Finally, I felt his heavy balls touch my chin and I knew that I had ingested his entire unbelievable length. I shoved out my tongue and lapped at his balls.
He quivered like his dick had been plugged into an electrical socket. He must have never experienced anyone with my expertise before, because it was only a minute or so into my sword-swallowing when he looked at me wildly and yelled, “I’m gonna cum, baby! Can you take it!?”
I nodded my head as best I could and winked.
He stared, bewildered, at his buried cock and my happy face, and the erotic pressure was way too much for him. He let out an astonished cry and I felt his body and cock jerk, and then cum rocketed down my throat. Hot, thick, young man cum.
“Fuck, yeah!” he screamed, his ecstatic voice bouncing off the searing rock surfaces of the valley rim. He rained white-hot jets of jism down my throat, over and over and over again. His hard body shone damp and dazzling in the relentless sun, as his torso was jerked to and fro with the shattering impact of his orgasm.
“Goddamn it!” he shouted, as shockwaves convulsed his body and he bucked like cowboy on a raging bull. Then he leaned forward, tremors rippling through him as his great cock spurted for the final time, his eyes closed, warm, salty sweat pelting down onto my grateful face.
I slowly disgorged his massive cock from my throat and mouth, inch by sopping wet inch. He opened his lust-filmed eyes and stared unbelieving at the sight of his spent cock creeping out of my mouth like a snake uncoiling. He leaned back and the last of his wasted dick tumbled out of my mouth and flopped onto my chest.
“Man … you’re good,” he said, trying to catch his breath.
I licked my lips, swallowed some left-over cum, and said, “Now, let’s see if you’re a good man.”
“I want to fuck you in the ass,” I told him directly. Once you’ve swallowed a guy’s cock, there’s no need for subtleties anymore.
“Only had to ask,” he replied with a grin.
He slowly got up and stood on shaky legs. Then he stumbled over to his towel, lay down on his stomach, and reached back and spread his ass with his hands. His asshole looked pink and tender and inviting.
I scrambled to my feet, snatched up the tube of suntan lotion, and squirted it all over him. “Let’s loosen you up a bit first,” I said, rubbing the lotion into his muscular back.
“Anything,” he said, dropping his arms to his sides.
I rubbed and caressed his sun-kissed body for what seemed an eternity, reveling in the feel of his hot, hard, and willing flesh. My hands massaged his neck, his shoulders, his back, his legs. He groaned when I lifted his left foot and sucked briefly on his toes, rubbed the soles of his feet. When his entire body was a damp, shiny brown, I returned to the one place I hadn’t yet touched – his ass.
I wiped my hands on the towel, and then lovingly began to caress and fondle his buttocks. They were hard and soft at the same time, as golden brown as the rest of him, pliant to my touch. I kneaded his beautiful ass until he moaned softly and said, “Fuck me.”
“I will,” I promised, my hands gripping both of his cheeks. I spread his butt open and bent down and dipped my tongue into his asshole.
“Jesus!” he cried, as his body shuddered with the sensation of my wet, pink tongue in his ass.
I spread him wider, lapped at his pucker, the inside of his cheeks, bit into his ass. I spread his butt as wide open as I could, then shoved my tongue deep into his warm, inviting hole. His body rippled with joy. I plundered his ass with my tongue – tongue-fucked him ravenously, ferociously.
Then I reluctantly lifted my head from his butt. “You want my cock in your ass!?” I yelled at him.
“Fuck, yeah!” he screamed back, chewing the towel.
“You got it,” I grunted, slathering his steaming ass with suntan lotion. I gripped my dick and steered it towards his glory hole. “Spread ’em,” I instructed.
He reached back and frantically tried to spread his ass cheeks. His hands slipped, however, and I grew impatient and told him to stick his ass in the air, which he did with breathtaking results. The vision of his young, tight, sun-burnished ass offered up for the taking, my swollen cock poised only an inch away, all set in the midst of a picturesque, sprawling wilderness, was truly a sight to behold. I stopped to smell the roses only so long, then eased my straining dick into his tight ass.
“Here it comes,” I told him, gritting my teeth as the pressure mounted.
“Fuck me in the ass!” was his response.
I leaned over top of him, guided my rock-hard seven inches slowly and surely up his ass. Then he pushed back into me, and my cock plunged all the way inside. “Yes,” I moaned, the hot, tight sensation of his love tunnel sending sexual shockwaves crashing through my body. I placed my hands on either side of him and began pounding his ass with powerful thrusts of my hips. I built the tempo up and up and up, until I was banging his ass like a drum, using all of the strength I could muster. My cock slid in and out of his ass, his cheeks bouncing in unison to my thumping.
“God, that feels good,” he moaned, his voice muffled by the towel, and jerky from my pumping.
I redoubled my efforts, and grunted with satisfaction as I pushed deep into his sweet ass, penetrating his very sexual core with my throbbing cock. My head started to spin, and the only sounds were our grunting and groaning, the wind in the trees, and the sharp smack of my balls against that golden boy’s ass as I recklessly plowed into him.
I felt a tell-tale tightening of my balls and knew that I was ready to blow my load. I shook my head free of sweat and grunted, “Where do you want it?”
“In my ass!” he shouted without hesitation.
Just in time. Muscles seized up all over my body as I shoved my cock as far into his butt vise as I could, and then I was rocked by an orgasm that shook the very foundations of my soul. Cum sprayed out of my fiery cock and gushed into his ass, my body jerking in mind-blowing ecstasy. I spasmed again and again, pouring white-hot cum deep into Jeff’s ass, over and over again.
“God almighty!” I cried. My flaming cock shot yet another stream of cum into my fuck-friend’s ass, then I collapsed on top of him, drained of energy, spent of semen.
We lay together under the burning sun for what seemed forever, my body draped over his, my cock snug in his ass, my plans of seduction complete.

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